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ture to consider whether some plan may not be devised by which the State may aid in filling the flats, and completing the road to Willimantic. If the corporation should place its property and franchises in the hands of the Berdell trustees for this purpose, and if the creditors receive for the amounts due them second mortgage bonds authorized to an amount sufficient to cover valid claims, it seems to me that all the commercial results at present available might be secured, and that the income of this as part of the shortest line to New York would give a greater value to the Berdell bonds than any plan which contemplates expenditures west of the Connecticut River. This would be almost exclusively a Massachusetts road, and in the development of local industries would promote ulterior advantages which would serve to diminish the ultimate loss on our scrip.

Farther than this, I suggest that if the bondholders place in the hands of the Berdell trustees, bonds or other means to be applied west of the Connecticut River, the completion of the enterprise might be secured.

Of course, these suggestions involve the voluntary acquiescence of the corporation and the creditors. Refusal on their part would invite, if not compel, foreclosure.

Having always taken a deep interest in the success of this enterprise, and still entertaining a firm faith in its future, I make these suggestions as the best that occur to me, disclaiming at the same time any desire to interfere with the course of the legislature, but with a strong conviction that they furnish the most practical solution of the problem.

Like all public enterprises tending to develop the resources of the State, this company has been generously encouraged by the legislature. The road is of great importance to the Commonwealth and should be speedily completed.

It opens new channels of communication to the Middle States and the West. It brings us into closest connection with our thriving sister States, Rhode Island and Connecticut. It cannot fail to be quite as important to them as to us, and why should they not aid in its completion?

Whether it is profitable to the owners or not, it will add to the wealth of the cities and villages along the route, and to that of our chief city, whose people have furnished so much means to build it.

But, great as are these advantages, they are not to be counted for a moment if the State is to be disgraced by silent acquiescence in the course of deception, peculation and fraud practised by the managers of the company. Massachusetts will no longer be recognized as a leader in educa

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tion, culture and enterprise, and in that spotless integrity in the administration of public affairs which has hitherto made her name stand with high honor among her sister States, if she does not rebuke the misappropriation of public funds and the betrayal of sacred trusts. Our money has been put in peril by others; but let us not suffer them also to put our reputation and honor in jeopardy. Let all applicants for franchise or assistance fully understand that no countenance whatever will be given to deceit, fraud or diversion of funds, by the managers of corporations. The good name of the Commonwealth and the highest interests of society demand that such misconduct, now and hereafter, shall be visited with the severest reprobation.


[In compliance with the 14th section of the 110th chapter of the General Statutes, returns of the following changes of names have been received at the Department of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, as decreed by the several Judges of the Probate Courts, in their respective Counties.]

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