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Copies of standards.

Duty of the County sealer.

Duty of the town sealer.


to procure town standards.

§ 695. The superintendent shall maintain a complete set of copies of the original standards, which shall be used for adjusting county standards, and in no case shall the original standards be used for any other purpose than the adjustment of this set of copies, and for scientific purposes; he shall also maintain such apparatus and fixtures as are necessary in the comparison and adjustment of the county standards.

§ 696. The county sealer shall take charge of the county standards and standard balances, and provide for their safe keeping; provide the town with such standard weights and measures and standard balances as may be wanting, and compare the town standards with those in his possession as often as once in every five years.

§ 697. The town sealer shall take charge and provide for the safe keeping of the town standards, and see that the weights, measures and all apparatus used for determining the quantity of commodities used throughout the town, which are brought to him for that purpose, agree with those standards in his possession.

§ 698. The supervisors of each county shall provide for procuring the proper standards of weights and measures for each of the towns in their respective counties, and at the expense of such towns respectively.

the stand. ards.

§ 699. The state superintendent shall see that Marks upon there are impressed on all the city and county standards the emblem of the United States, the

letters N. Y., and such other device as he shall direct for the particular county; and the county sealers shall see that, in addition to the above device, there is impressed on the town standards such other device as the board of supervisors shall direct for the several towns.

weights and


§700. Whenever the several sealers of the cities, Sealing counties and towns compare weights and measures, and find or make them to correspond with the standards in their possession, they shall seal and mark such weights and measures with the appropriate devices.


§ 701. Each sealer shall be entitled to receive Sealer's for his services, from the owner of the weights or measures sealed:

For sealing and marking every beam, ten cents;

For sealing and marking measures of extension, at the rate of ten cents per yard, not to exceed fifty cents for any one measure;

For sealing and marking every weight, five cents;

For sealing and marking liquid and dry measures, ten cents for each measure. He is also entitled to a reasonable compensation for making weights and measures conform to the standards.

standards to

successor in office.

Delivery of § 702. Whenever the state superintendent resigns, is removed from office, or removes from the city of Albany, or whenever any city, county or town sealer resigns, is removed from office, or removes from the city, county or town in which he was appointed, it is his duty, and in case of the death of such officer it is the duty of his representatives to deliver to his successor in office all the standards in his possession. In case of any neglect to do so the successor may prosecute the person neglecting, and shall recover double the value of such standards as have not been delivered, with double costs, one-half of the damages to be retained by the person so recovering, and the other to be applied to the purchase of such standards as may be required in his office.


weights and

§ 703. If any person uses any weights, measures, measures. beams or other apparatus for determining quantity of commodities, not conformable to the standards of this state, whereby any person is injured or defrauded, he shall be subject to a fine not exceeding five dollars for each offense, to be sued for and collected by the city or town sealer; he shall also be subject to an action, in which the defrauded person shall recover treble damages and costs; and every person keeping any place of traffic in commodities usually sold by weight or measure, shall have his weights and measures compared annually with the standard, under penalty of five dollars for

every neglect, to be recovered by any one who shall prosecute therefor.


§ 704. When any person in this state puts up for False sale any articles in casks or packages, and marks or stamps on such cask or package the weight of its contents, with a view to sell the same, such mark or stamp shall express the true weight thereof, and also the true tare of such cask or package; and if any person knowingly marks or stamps false or short weight, or false tare, on any cask or package, or sells or offers it for sale so marked, he shall forfeit the sum of twenty-five dollars, for every cask or package, to any person aggrieved, and is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Laws of 1857, ch. 725.


§ 705. No surveyor shall give evidence, in any Surveyor's case depending in any court or before arbitrators, respecting his surveys or measurements, unless he makes oath, if required, that the chain or measure used by him was conformable to the standards which were at the time the standards of the state.


Time com. puted by new style.

Leap years.

The year.


SECTION 706. Time computed by new style.

707. Leap years.

708. The year.

709. The month.

710. The week.

711. The day.

The provisions of this chapter, except the last two sections, are from 2 R. S., 1; Ib., 182, § 9.

§ 706. Time is computed according to the Gregorian or new style; and the first day of January, in every year, passed since 1752, or to come, shall be reckoned as the first day of the year.

§ 707. The several years 1900, 2100, 2200, 2300, or any other future hundredth year, of which the year 2000 shall be the first, except only every fourth hundredth year, shall not be deemed leap years, but shall be common years of 365 days; and the years 2000, 2400, 2800, and every other fourth hundredth year, from the year 2000 inclusive, and also every fourth year, except as first above mentioned, which, by usage in this state, is considered a leap year, shall be deemed leap years, consisting of 366 days.

§ 708. The term year means a period of three hundred and sixty-five days; a half-year, one hundred and eighty-two days; a quarter of a year, ninety-one days; and the added day of a leap year

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