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SHEET. In the absence of classification, rules or ratings in this exception sheet, the classification, rules or ratings of the current issue of Southern Classi. fication, or subsequent issues, and supplements thereto, will apply.

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Agate and Graniteware, boxed. Agate and Granite Stamped

Ware, boxed
Agricultural Implements, L. C.

L., viz.:
Cultivators, K. D.
Diggers, Potato, K. D.
Drills, grain, K. D., packed..
Harrows, N. 0. S., and Har-

row Frames
Mills, burrstone, portable.
Mills, cane, corn, hominy

and sorghum Mills, fanning, S. U.. Same, drums detached and

packed inside of main

frames Same, K. D., flat, packed

or in bundles
Planters, corn and cotton, K.

D., in hundles or boxes.
Rollers, field and road

Scrapers, road and pond.. Ammonia, Sulphate; same as

Fertilizers. Asbestos, packed, L. C. L., 20

per cent. higher than c.

L. rate.
Asbestos, C. L., 20,000 lbs...
Asparagus (packed)



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C. L., 20 per cent. higher

than C. L. rate. Barytes, C. L...

Baskets, wood, splint, with tops

or handles, in bundles of
four with ends placed in

each other, L. C. L..... 1 Baskets, packed, nested, crated,

or in bundles, L. C. L... 6 Battings, or Felts, cotton, or

cotton and jute com

bined, pressed in bales. Batting, N. 0. S... Beans, soy, soya or soja and velvet

Beehives, K. D., crated.
Billets, L. C. L...
Billets (hardwood), viz.:
Red gum, persimmon, dog-

wood, ash, hickory, oak,
poplar, cypress, holly, and
all kinds of hardwood not
named herein, to be ship-
ped as logs and billets in
the round, either for pav.
ing blocks or for other
purposes. See special

Blacking or Dressing, harness,

leather, shoé and glove, in

glass, packed
Blacking or Dressing, harness,

leather, shoe, and glove,

4 Blocks, shuttle, rough, packed

or in sacks, L. C. L.. Blocks, shuitle, rough, C. L... K Boards, cutting, glass, in crates

or bales

B Bags, viz.:

Burlap and gunny, L. C. L. 6 Paper, in bundles or crates, L. C. L...

6 Paper, in boxes Banana Drums, C. L., min.

10,000 lbs.
Bark, tan, in sacks, L. C. L. K
Bark, tan, C. L..
Barrel Material, L. C. L..
Barrels, empty, turpentine, oil,

whiskey and Coca-Cola,
L. C. L.

5 Barrels, Half Barrels and Kegs,

empty, except ale and
beer, L. C. L..



Class. Bobbins or Spools, packed.. 5 Boilers, steam, 30

feet and over, L. C. L...

3 Boilers, steam, under 30 feet,

L. C. L.
Bone, Black, packed, N. 0. S..
Bone and Bone Dust; same as

Bones, Rags, Scrap Iron

mixed, C. L., min. 20,0001



Class. Brick, common pressed and fire, L. C. L.

K Brick, common, C. L... Special Brick, pressed, same as brick,

common; brick common
and pressed, mixed car-
loads, same as special rate

on brick common, C. L. Brick, fire, C. L...

Special Brick, Vitrified, C. L., 60,0001 lbs. minimum

Special Broom Corn and Broom Han

dles, mixed, C. L., 20,000
lbs. minimum

D Broom Corn, C. L., min. wt. 20,000 lbs.

Building Material, wooden,
Building Material, wooden, con-

sisting of the following ar-
ticles in straight or mixed
Window frames, door
frames, mouldings, man-
tels, plain, balusters, base-
boards, casings, porch
newels, columns, scroll
work, stairwork, wainscot-
ing, lumber, rough or
dressed, shingles, laths,
blinds, doors, sash, glazed
or unglazed, per car 20,000

(The above classification will
not apply on straight or
mixed carloads of sash,

doors and blinds only.) Burlaps, packed in bundles or

bales, any quantity




Boxes, ale, beer, porter and

soda water bottle, returned

empty Boxes, cracker, biscuit or

bread Box and Crate Material or

Shooks, wooden, for the manufacture of packing cases or crates (not including cigar box material), L. C. L., same as

Common Lumber, L. C. L. Box and Crate Material or

Shooks, wooden, for the manufacture of packing cases or crates (not including cigar box material), carload, min. 30,000 lbs.; same rate per 100 lbs.

as common lumber. Boxes, fish, empty, L. C. L.... Boxes, fish, empty, C. L., min.

10,000 lbs. Excess 10,000 lbs. 50 per

cent. of Class K. Boxes, mineral water bottle,

returned empty Boxes or Cases, liquor, wooden,

empty, L. C. L...
Same, C. L., min. 10,000

lbs. Boxes, paper, boxed or crated,

C. L., min. 10,000 lbs.. Boxes or Crates, wooden, metal

shingle, returned, L. C. L.

Same, C. L., min. wt.

15,000 lbs.. Boxes, paper, boxed or crated,

L. C. L. Boxes, paper, folded, K. D.,

packed, L. C. L. Bran, shorts, mill and shipstuff,

L. C. L. Bran, shorts, mill and shipstuff,

C. L.




Cake, niter; same as Fertil

izers. Cake, oil; same as Fertilizers. Cake, salt; same as Fertilizers Canned Goods, in boxes, any quantity

5 Carpeting, viz.: Carpet Lining, in boxes or crates

2 Carpet, in rolls, bundles or bales

5 Wood, unfinished, in bundles 36 inches in length or less

4 Wood, N. 0. S., in bundles, boxes or crates

5 Castor Pomace; same as Fer-|

tilizers. Cement, Portland, or Natural,

and cement plaster, in

bbls. or in sacks, L. C. L. K Cement, Portland or Natural,

and cement plaster, in
bbls. or in sacks, C. L....







Sack material
Sheetings, bleached or brown
Stripes, domestic
Teazle cloth
Waste, cotton
Waste, cotton, manufac-

tured Webbing, backband Wicking Yarn, cotton or jute, in boxes or bales, or on beams, wrapped boxed or crated





Cotton, Regins or Linters, in

bales, same as cotton


Class. Charcoal, C. L....

M Cheese, in boxes or casks.

3 Cider, in wood

B Cinders, C. L., min. wt. 30,0001

lbs. Clay, C. L. Clay, fire, C. L. Clay, fire, L. C. L., packed or sacked

K Coal and Coke, C. L., 20 per

cent. less than Class L, per

ton 2,240 lbs.
Coal and Coke, L. C. L., in

sacks or barrels
Coal Tar; see Tar.
Coffee, green, in double sacks./
Coffee, roasted, in double sacks
Coffins, plain, stained or var-|

nished, wrapped and crat-|

2 Confectionery, agreed to be of|

the value of 6 cents per
pound, and so expressed in)

bill of lading, L. C. L..... 5 Concrete Blocks, see stone, ar

tificial or composition, car

Copper Ore; see Ore.
Copper Stills (worm, crated).
Cordage, including all roping

used in putting up mill!

products Corn, in sacks, any quantity.. D Cotton, in bales (Upland). Special Cotton, in bales (Sea Island),

30 per cent. higher than

Cotton Fabrics, in the original

piece, but not finished ar-)
ticles ready for immediatel
use (made wholly of cot-
ton) in rolls, covered with
burlap, or in bales or box-
es, the following ar-

ticles, viz.:
Backbands made of cotton!

Calicoes, Cambrics glazed.
Canton flannels, plain or

Checks, domestic
Cheviots, domestic
Crash, linen or cotton

Ginghams, domestic
Jeans, corset


Cotton Sweepings, Motes andį

Card Strippings, in bales| (refuse of cotton spinning factories, knitting mills or cotton seed oil|

mills), (ship's option).. Cottonseed Hulls, C. L., same

as Cottonseed. Cottonseed Hulls, L. C. L., 20

per cent. higher than

Class L. Cottonseed Oil Cake; see Cake.) Crackers, L. C. L., also meal

and dust Crackers, C. L., also meal and

dust Creosote, pine, not distilled, in

bbls. or iron drums

Class Crossties, C. L. Carboys, empty, crated, com

pletely jacketed, or enclosed

D Disinfectants, L. C. L.. Disinfectants, C. L. Drums (banana) C. L., min.

wt. 10,000 pounds






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Earthenware, Jugware

Stoneware, same in packages named

in bulk packed in excelsior, hay, straw, or similar material, carload minimum

20,000 pounds Earthen Drain Tile or Sewer

Pipe; see Pipe. Envelopes, not stamped, pack

ed, L. C. L.

Same, C. L. Excelsior, packed in bales, C.

L., min. wt. 15,000 lbs..


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but less than 10,000 lbs.,

prepaid Loose or in paper sacks,

lots of 10,000 lbs. or over, prepaid or guar

anteed, L. C. L.... In crates, boxes, or cloth

sacks, prepaid or guar

anteed, L. C. L.. Loose or packed, C. L.,

min. wt. 20,000 lbs.... Note.—Floor Racks, which)

are used for the protection of Bananas, and form a part of the necessary fittings of a car, may be returned to the originall shipping points, via thel route originally shipped, when removed from the ears for carrier's convenience and for the purpose of utilizing the equipment

for other traffic, rates free.! Note.-Caretakers in charge

of carload shipments of Bananas will be passed free where this Classification governs for the purpose of looking after the proper ventilation of cars and otherwise caring for shipments, said caretakers to be returned free to point of origin on passenger

trains within three days after arrival of fruit at destination. Care takers will not be passed with L. C. L. shipments, and not more than one caretaker| with each car, and free) transportation will only bel given to caretakers actually in charge of banana shipments, and will not be allowed on account of fruits and vegetables of|

any other description. Furniture: Chairs, N. 0. S., minimum

8,000 lbs. N. 0. S., all kinds, finished or

in white, minimum 12,000 lbs. ots, K. D., or fol Desks and seats, school, S. U. Desks and seats, K. D., or

folded Mattresses, moss, spring,

wire, straw, shuck, excelsior or cotton


F Fertilizers, C. L.; see Specials

rates. Fertilizers, L. C. L., 20 per

cent. higher than C. L. Fiber, palmetto and pine, in

bales Fiber, pine matting, broom

wood Fire Clay; see Clay. Fish, fresh, packed, prepaid or

guaranteed, L. C. L.. Fish, fresh, prepaid or guar

anteed C. L. Fish, fresh, packed, prepaid. Fish, dry, salted, packed.. Fish, pickled or salted, in bar

rels, half barrels, kegs or

kits Fish Scrap; same as Fertil

izers. Fixtures, Gas, packed Floorings, ceilings, weather

boardings, and all square dressed stock, to be properly classified, L. C. L., 50 per cent. higher than

Class P. Flour, buckwheat Flour, rice; see Rice Flour. Fluor Spar; same as Fertilizers. Forges, portable Fruit, dried, packed, in

sacks, C. L., 20,000 lbs... Fruit, green, viz.: Grapes, packed, prepaid or

guaranteed, L. C. L... Same, C. L., min. wt. 20,000

lbs. Fruit Jars, packed, L. C. L. Fruit, apples, in barrels, actual

weight, L. C. L. Bananas (see Notes): Loose or in paper sacks,

lots of less than 2,000

lbs., prepaid Loose or in paper sacks,

lots of 2,000 lbs. or over,






5 4

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Class. Ginger, in bags or boxes.. Glue, liquid, in glass, boxed. Granite Blocks, rough, L. C. L.I M Granite Blocks, rough, C. L., 25 per cent. less

Class L.
Granite Blocks, slabs, bases and

shafts, dressed, boxed or
crated, otherwise O. R.,
L. C. L.

Granite Blocks, slabs, bases and

shafts, dressed, boxed or
crated, otherwise 0. R., C.
L., 10 per cent. higher than

Class P.
Granite Curbing, C. L., 25 per

cent. less than Class L. Granite and Marble Grave

Stones and Monuments,
packed and prepaid, at op-

tion of initial road
Granite Slabs, rough and pro-

tected, otherwise 0. R., C.
L. 25 per cent. less than

Class L.
Granite Rubble; see Stone.
Gravel, C. L., 40 per cent. less

than Class L.
Grease, axlę, all kinds, L. C. L. 6
Grease, N. 0. S., in barrels or
casks, L. C. L.

5 Gypsum, Land Plaster; same

as Fertilizers.'

1. Each article must be plainly

marked or tagged with the full name of consignee and

destination. 2. Bundles of Bedding and Mat

tresses must be wrapped or securely tied. Household Goods, Sewing Machines, and similar articles must be packed. Trunks filled with Clothing or Personal Effects, when shipped with Household goods, must be boxed or crated. Musical instruments must be boxed. Chests or boxes must be strapped or securely nailed. This does not apply to Household

Goods, C. L. 3. Any agent receiving this

class of freight contrary to the foregoing rules, will be charged 'with such expense (for packing or transportation) as may be necessary to forward goods to

destination without delay. 4. Bills of lading and way-bills

must designate character

and number of packages. 5. These instructions apply to

old and second-hand Furniture, Clothing, Bedding,

etc., not to new articles. 6. In all cases where limitation

of value is expressed in the classification, it must be written out or stamped in full upon bills of lading, and shippers must be required to accept in writing the limitations expressed. Agents must respect this rule and require accept

ance by the shipper. 7. The classification of "House

hold Goods and old Furniture," will not cover shipments of second-hand Furniture, Clothing or other articles shipped by dealers or for sale. Such shipments must be charged for at same rates as new arti

cles. 8. All shipments of Household

Goods in L. C. L. lots must be fully prepaid or guaran

teed. Agreed to be of value of $5

per 100 lbs. in case of loss or damage, and so expressed in bill of lading, L. C. L. (See General Rulel


Hair, cattle, for plastering,

pressed in bales Hair, curled, in bales, and Hair Rope

2 Handles, boxed or crated .. A Handles, broom and broom corn, mixed

А Hatchets, boxed, L. C. L... Hay and Fodder, pressed in

bales, L. C. L.
Hay and Fodder, pressed in

bales, C. L., min. 20,000

K Hay, Fodder, Straw, Shucks

and Husks, pressed in

bales, mixed carloads. K Hogsheads, empty, L. C. L., prepaid

2 Hoofs and Horns; same as Fer

tilizers. Hoop Splits, C. L., per car, 8

cords Hoop Poles, C. L., per car;

same as wood.
Household Goods and Old Fur-

niture, subject to the fol-
lowing rules, viz.:

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