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Saves Money for Builders and Owners George Stratford Oakum Co., Jersey City, N.J.


BALDWINSVILLE, N. Y. Since 1864 Builders of Centrifugal Pumps, Hydraulic Dredges, and

Steam Engines


New York, N.Y. 290 Hudson St.


Branch San Francisco, Cal. 585 Mission Street

Manufacturers and Designers for the U. S. Navy

For more than fifty years

Fire Control Interior Communicating Instruments and Elec

trical Equipments Built to Meet Naval Specifications. Originators of Electrical Interior Communication Systems

for Naval and Merchant Ships. Electrical and Mechanical Signal Apparatus. Ships' Complete Electrical Installations Solicited.

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Square-rigger, cruiser or dreadnaught-the type makes little difference. The General Electric Company manufactures electric equipment for any type and size.

G-E propelling machinery drives the “New Mexico;" G-E ship lighting sets are found on hundreds of ships-on the small “coaster" and on the lumbering “tramp."

G-E equipment for marine use

includes the following: Internal Combustion Arc Lamps Wire and Cable Generating Sets


Wiring Devices Steam Engine

Incandescent Telltale

and Arc

Boards Turbo Generators Switchboards Electric Radiators Motors

Meters and Tubular and Mazda Lamps

Instruments Luminous

General Ge Electric


General Office

Schenectady, N.Y.

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10 meet the tremendous demands of industry, the

United States Rubber Company has devoted its en

ergies toward producing a line of mechanical rubber goods complete in every detail and manufactured with due consideration of the conditions of service to be encountered by each product.

These products include a large and diversified line of packngs and gaskets to meet all requirements of marine service, and power plants; hose for every use-air hose, steam hose, acetylene hose, water hose, fire hose, gasoline hose, radiator hose, diving hose, suction hose and twin suction hose; transmission belting, conveyor and elevator belts; insulated wire, rubber tape, plumbers' supplies, hard rubber products, rubber flooring, mats and matting and hundreds of other items.

For aeronautical use, we manufacture balloon fabrics, double and single ply, for kite, spherical balloons or dirigibles. We also make pilot and sounding balloons. Other United States Rubber Company products include tires for automobiles, motor trucks and other vehicles; Raynster Weatherproof Coats, rubber boots and overshoes, Usco Heels, and everything in hospital supplies.

The seal of the world's largest rubber manufacturer on every product is your assurance of service and satisfaction.

United States Rubber Company

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