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Stop, let me have the truth of that!

Is that all true ? I say, the day Ten years ago when both of us

Met on a morning, friends—as thus We meet this evening, friends or what ?

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Did you—because I took your arm

And sillily smiled, “ A mass of brass That sea looks, blazing underneath !”

While up the cliff-road edged with heath, We took the turns nor came to harm


Did you consider “ Now makes twice

That I have seen her, walked and talked With this poor pretty thoughtful thing,

Whose worth I weigh: she tries to sing ; Draws, hopes in time the eye grows nice;


“Reads verse and thinks she understands;

Loves all, at any rate, that 's great, Good, beautiful; but much as we

Down at the Bath-house love the sea, Who breathe its salt and bruise its sands :

5. “While . . do but follow the fishing-gull

That flaps and floats from wave to cave! There 's the sea-lover, fair my friend!

What then ? Be patient, mark and mend ! Had you the making of your scull ?”

And did you, when we faced the church

With spire and sad slate roof, aloof From human fellowship so far,

Where a few graveyard crosses are, And garlands for the swallows' perch,

7. Did you determine, as we stepped

O'er the lone stone fence, “ Let me get Her for myself, and what 's the earth

With all its art, verse, music, worthCompared with love, found, gained, and kept ?


“ Schumann 's our music-maker now;

Has his march-movement youth and mouth ? Ingres 's the modern man that paints ;

Which will lean on me, of his saints ? Heine for songs; for kisses, how ?”

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And did you, when we entered, reached

The votive frigate, soft aloft Riding on air this hundred years,

Safe-smiling at old hopes and fears Did you draw profit while she preached ?


Resolving “ Fools we wise men grow!

Yes, I could easily blurt out curt Some question that might find reply

As prompt in her stopped lips, dropped eye, And rush of red to cheek and brow:

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