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11. “ Thus were a match made, sure and fast,

'Mid the blue weed-flowers round the mound Where, issuing, we shall stand and stay

For one more look at Baths and bay, Sands, sea-gulls, and the old church last


A match 'twixt me, bent, wigged, and lamed,

Famous, however, for verse and worse,
Sure of the Fortieth spare Arm-chair

When gout and glory seat me there,
So, one whose love-freaks pass unblamed, -

13. “ And this young beauty, round and sound

As a mountain-apple, youth and truth With loves and doves, at all events

With money in the Three per Cents ; Whose choice of me would seem profound :

14. “She might take me as I take her.

Perfect the hour would pass, alas! Climb high, love high, what matter? Still, Feet, feelings, must descend the hill:

An hour's perfection can't recur.


“ Then follows Paris and full time

For both to reason: Thus with us!
She'll sigh, “Thus girls give body and soul

At first word, think they gain the goal,
When 'tis the starting-place they climb!


“. My friend makes verse and gets renown;

Have they all fifty years, his peers ?
He knows the world, firm, quiet, and gay;

Boys will become as much one day :
They're fools; he cheats, with beard less brown.


“. For boys say, Love me or I die !

He did not say, The truth is, youth
I want, who am old and know too much ;

I'd catch youth : lend me sight and touch! Drop heart's blood where life's wheels grate dry!

18. “ While I should make rejoinder "-(then

It was, no doubt, you ceased that least Light pressure of my arm in yours)

“! I can conceive of cheaper cures For a yawning-fit o'er books and men.


What? All I am, was, and might be,

All, books taught, art brought, life's whole strife, Painful results since precious, just

Were fitly exchanged in wise disgust
For two cheeks freshened by youth and sea ?

20. " All for a nosegay!—what came first;

With fields on flower, untried each side ; I rally, need my books and men,

And find a nosegay: drop it, then, No match yet made for best or worst !'”

21. That ended me. You judged the porch

We left by, Norman ; took our look At sea and sky; wondered so few

Find out the place for air and view; Remarked the sun began to scorch;


Descended, soon regained the Baths, .

And then, good bye! Years ten since then : Ten years ! We meet: you tell me, now,

By a window-seat for that cliff-brow, On carpet-stripes for those sand-paths.

23. Now I may speak: you fool, for all

Your lore! Who made things plain in vain ? What was the sea for? What, the grey

Sad church, that solitary day, Crosses and graves and swallows' call ?

24. Was there nought better than to enjoy ?

No feat which, done, would make time break, And let us pent-up creatures through

Into eternity, our due ?
No forcing earth teach Heaven's employ?

25. No wise beginning, here and now,

What cannot grow complete (earth's feat) And Heaven must finish, there and then ?

No tasting earth’s true food for men, Its sweet in sad, its sad in sweet ?

26. No grasping at love, gaining a share

O'the sole spark from God's life at strife With death, so, sure of range above

The limits here? For us and love, Failure; but, when God fails, despair.



This you call wisdom? Thus you add

Good unto good again, in vain ?
You loved, with body worn and weak;

I loved, with faculties to seek :
Were both loves worthless since ill-clad ?

Let the mere star-fish in his vault

Crawl in a wash of weed, indeed,
Rose-jacynth to the finger-tips:

He, whole in body and soul, outstrips
Man, found with either in default.


| But what's whole, can increase no more,

Is dwarfed and dies, since here 's its sphere.
The devil laughed at you in his sleeve !

You knew not? That, I well believe ;
Or you had saved two souls : nay, four.

For Stephanie sprained last night her wrist,

Ancle, or something. “ Pooh,” cry you ?
At any rate she danced, all say, '

Vilely: her vogue has had its day.
Here comes my husband from his whist.

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