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The following table exhibits the foreign commerce of the city during the ten years, 1880-1889:

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of the country

The above figures do not agree in some respects with those of certain other tables professedly official, but are believed to represent very closely the real movement of the commerce of the country during the period covered by them.

The customs revenues, which in 1880 amounted to only $3,677,531, rose in 1888 to $8,860,449, and to $10,622,000 in 1891. The greater part of the products which are exported are drawn from all parts

. The public buildings of the city are well adapted for the purposes for which they were constructed, are of modern style of architecture, and generally of attractive exterior. Among them, may be mentioned the Parliament House, the Government Palace, the National Bank, the building of the Uruguay Club, the Lunatic Asylum, and the San Felipe and Solis theaters.

All the recent improvements of a modern metropolis are found here: Banking institutions, with abundant capital, commercial houses of every class, street railways, telegraphic and telephonic connections, extensive printing establishments, foundries, and workshops in general. The electric-light works, situated at the Arroyo Seco, supply the city with electric light.

In the environs, along the well-kept avenues, are beautiful residences and suburban villas, surrounded by attractive grounds or gardens, and of varied and elegant styles of architecture. The roads leading to the city are well constructed and maintained, many of them being macadamized.

All the languages of the civilized world are heard in the streets and social circles of the capital, no city on the continent possessing a more cosmopolitan character, nor elsewhere are the different national elements more happily blended.

The streets are straight and wide and generally well kept. The city proper contains upwards of twelve thousand houses, of which about one-fifth are of three or four stories, and many handsome ones are in process of construction, for the city has at present a constant and steady growth. The system

of sewerage extends throughout the city, which is consequently well drained, and the water supply, obtained from the river Santa Lucia, about 12 miles from the city, is conducted to the different sections through mains whose total length is 112 miles.

On the elevated ground running through the middle of the city, are situated the plazas or public squares, sixteen in number, surrounded, for the most part, with sightly buildings. The most attractive among them are the Plazas de Zabala, Constitución, and Independencia.

As the seat of government Montevideo is also naturally the location of the leading educational, scientific, art, and charitable institutions of the Republic. The University of Uruguay has a faculty of twenty-seven native and nine foreign professors, and the medical faculty consists of eleven Uruguayan and eight foreign professors. The course of studies is extensive and the usual university degrees are conferred. Among the charitable institutions, may be named the Lunatic Asylum, the Orphans' Home, and the Hospital.

The new School of Arts, recently finished, is an immense structure, covering an entire square.

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