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Certificate of adoption as part of the Constitution.

U.S.C., p. 37.

Now, therefore, be it known that I, William Phillips, Acting Secretary of State of the United States, by virtue and in pursuance of Section 160, Title 5, of the United States Code, do hereby certify that the Amendment aforesaid has become valid to all intents and purposes as a part of the Constitution of the United States.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Department of State to be affixed.

DONE at the City of Washington this fifth day of December, in (SEAL]

the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three.


Acting Secretary of State.




August 18, 1932.

Provisional agreement between the United States of America and Bulgaria

respecting commercial relations. Effected by exchange of notes, signed August 18, 1932; effective August 18, 1932.

The American Minister (Shoemaker) to the Bulgarian Minister for

Foreign Affairs (Mooshanoff)



Sofia, Bulgaria, August 18, 1932. MR. MINISTER: I have the honor to confirm and to make of record by this note the ment with Bulgaria.

Commercial following provisional commercial agreement between our respective governments.

The United States will accord to goods, the growth, produce or manufacture of Bulgaria and Bulgaria will accord to goods, the growth, produce or manufacture of the United States in all respects and unconditionally the most favored nation treatment. The said treatment shall apply to all goods from whatever place arriving including goods destined for consumption or re-exportation or in transit.

The stipulations of this agreement do not extend to the treatment which is accorded by the United States to the commerce of Cuba under the provisions of the commercial convention concluded between the United States and Cuba on December 11, 1902, or the provisions of any other commercial convention which hereafter may be concluded between the United States and Cuba. Such stipulations moreover do not extend to the treatment which is accorded to the commerce between the United States and the Panama Canal Zone or any dependency of the United States or to the commerce of the dependencies of the United States with one another under existing or future laws.

Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as a limitation of the right of either high contracting party to impose on such terms as it may see fit prohibitions or restrictions of a sanitary character designed to protect human, animal or plant life or regulations for the enforcement of police or revenue laws.

The present agreement becomes operative on this eighteenth day of August, 1932, and shall continue in force until superseded by a definitive treaty of commerce and navigation, or until denounced by one of the two High Contracting Parties by advance notice of three months. If however either party should be prevented by the future

action of its legislature from carrying out the terms of the agreement the obligations thereof shall thereupon lapse.

I avail myself of this opportunity Mr. Minister, to reiterate to Your Excellency the assurance of my highest consideration.

HENRY W. SHOEMAKER. His EXCELLENCY MR. NicoLAS MoosHANOFF, Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Royal Bulgarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs,

Sofia, Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Minister for Foreign Affairs (Mooshanof) to the

American Minister (Shoemaker)


H° 14036/19/п

София, 18 август, 1932 г. Господине Министре,

Имамъ честь да потвърдя въ конкретна форма, съ настоящата нота, следната временна търговска спогодба между респективнитѣ ни правителства:

България ще признае за стоки— естествени или индустриялни произведения на Съединенитѣ Щати и Съединенитѣ Щати ще признаятъ за стоки— естествени или индустриялни произведения на България въ всѣко отношение и безусловно третирането на найоблагоприятствуваната страна. Това третиране ще се прилага за всички стоки, отъ което мѣсто и да пристигатъ, включително стоки предназначени за консумация, или преизносъ или за транзитиране.

Уговореното въ настоящето споразумение нѣма да се простира до третирането, което е признато на Съединенитѣ Щати за търговията съ Куба, съгласно разпорежданията на търговската конвенция сключена между Съединенитѣ Щати и Куба на 11 декемврий 1902 година, или съ разпорежданията на нѣкоя друга търговска конвенция, която би могло следъ това да биде сключена между Съединенитѣ Щати и Куба. Сжщитѣ разпореждания скщо така нѣма да се прилагатъ до третирането, което е признато за търговията между Съединенитѣ Щати и зоната на Панамския каналъ или всѣко друго владение на Съединенитѣ Щати, или за търговията на владенията на Съединенитѣ Щати помежду имъ, съгласно сюществуващитѣ или бидещитѣ закони.

Нищо въ това споразумение нѣма да се счита като ограничаване правото на нѣкоя отъ високитѣ договорящи страни да налага забрани или ограничения отъ санитаренъ характеръ, каквито намира за необходими, предназначени да защитятъ живота на човѣка, животнитѣ или растенията, както и да издава наредби за прилагане законитѣ за полицията или върху дохода.

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