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fubfcribed by witneffes, and fairly wrote (as it should be) in one hand-writing, without interlineations or alterations, or as few as poffible of which, and as a few may fometimes almost unavoidably happen, it is well to make mention in the atteftation, before the witneffes fubfcribe their names thereto; as in N° V. pages 231, 232. Concerning a will not properly executed, we have taken notice in page 154.

WHEN it is requifite for adminiftration to be granted with the will annexed, as treated on in pages 192, 193, 194; the deceafed's will fhould be fent up, and mention made of the day or time on which he died, and the value of his goods, chattels, and credits, with the names of any two clergymen in the neighbourhood; and here attention must be had to the kind of adminiftration wanted; as whether it be during the minority of an infant or infants, or where a teftator hath died without naming any executor, or named incapable persons, or if it be where all the executors named refufe to act. Either of which cafes defcribe; and if it be during the minority of an infant or infants, who were appointed executors; mention his or their chriftian, furnames, and ages; the chriftian, furname, relationship to the deceased, and defcription of the perfon applying. And in either of the other cafes, mention the chriftian and furname of the perfon who applies, and defcribe him as relation, devifee, &c. of the deceased, [as may be the cafe. So hereby a proctor may be enabled to obtain the commiffion and administration for his employer.

THUS having laid down the method of proceeding to obtain adminiftration and probate of a will by commiffion, we may now observe that, when inftructions are fent up for a proctor to obtain a commiffion by, care should be taken that the names, &c. fent up be fpelled right; for although falfe fpelling. will not render the commiffion void, yet it will increase the expence thereof.




Of Inteftates.

Of Administration; why it should be obtained, and who are entitled thereto. By whom it is to be granted. The Method of obtaining it, and the Expence thereof, Page 1

SECT. I. Of Inteftates,

II. Of Administration; why it should be obtain-
́ed, and who are entitled thereto,

III. Where and by whom administration is to be

IV. What the perfon applying for administration
is to do before it is granted,

V. The fees and expence of obtaining the admini-
nistration, [further mention whereof is made,
p. 191, 192.]

VI. How and for what reafon the administration
may be revoked







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