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levy and



successors, are hereby authorized and directed to lay out a canal sixty feet wide within said Eleventh street, as heretofore laid out on the commissioners' map of said city of Brooklyn, extending from the said Gowanus canal to the northwest side of Second avenue in said city, and so much of said canal thus authorized as adjoins Second avenue shall, when it shall be opened, be free for public use.

§ 3. The said commissioners 'shall, upon the comple. Commise tion of said work, certify all expenses thereof to the certify ercommon council of said city, who shall thereafter pro- work. ceed to levy and collect said expenses in the same manner council to as they are now authorized to levy and collect expenses correct of opening streets and other local improvements.

4. For the purpose of paying for said improvement Commisas the same progresses, the proper officers of the city of issue cerii Brooklyn are hereby authorized and directed, upon the indebtedrequisition of said commissioners for the improving of ness. the Gowanus canal, to issue certificates of indebtedness in the same manner as the same are now issued for local improvements in said city, and until the laying of the assessment as provided in the preceding section, the board of assessors of said city shall in each year include in taxes, as part of the annual tax upon the land fronting upon the line of said canal, an amount sufficient to cover the interest which may accrue on said certificate of indebtedness.

§ 5. The attorney and council of the city of Brooklyn Commisis hereby authorized and directed to apply to the su- estimate preme court, at a special term thereof to be held in the city of Brooklyn, county of Kings, for the appointment of three disinterested persons as commissioners of estimate and assessment. The said commissioners shall to esti

To . estimate the value of the lands and premises taken for healue said canal, and the loss and damage to be sustained by and prea the owners or other persons interested therein in consequence of their relinquishing the same for the purpose ascertain of this act; and they shall ascertain the cost and expenses of. thereof, together with their fees and the expenses of their proceedings, as they may deem just and proper, upon the lands fronting upon the line and end of said canal. The fees of said commissioners, and the expenses of Fees of

and assess ment.

of lands

taken for canal and

cost there


tive to street upenings made applicable.

When commissioners shall proceed to construct canal.

said com- their proceedings, shall not exceed the fees and expenses

now allowed by law in the opening of streets in said Laws rela- city; and all laws now in force in said city in relation

to opening of streets and avenues therein, and the confirmation of the reports of commissioners therein, shall apply to the proceedings of the commissioners appointed under this act, after they shall be appointed, and to the confirmation of their report, the conclusion of the same and the appointments of new commissioners, so far as said laws can be made applicable.

$ 6. Whenever the said canal shall be laid out and opened as provided in this act, the said commissioners, or a majority of them shall, in case they shall be of opinion, to be declared in writing by them and recorded

in the Kings county register's office, that the expense of tificate in constructing the said canal will not exceed two-thirds register's the value of the land fronting on each side and running

two hundred feet back therefrom to each side thereof, proceed to construct said canal and dredge and dock such canal to the same depth and in like manner as said commissioners are authorized by law to dredge the Gowanus canal.

§ 7. This act shall take effect immediately.

To file cer

expense office

Chap. 485.
AN ACT to amend the charter of the Home-

opathic Mutual Life Insurance Company, of the
city of New York.

Passed April 30, 1868. The People of the State of New York, represented in

Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows : Capital SECTION 1. The capital of the Homeopathic Mutual ste ik may Life Insurance Company, of the city of New York, may

by a vote of a majority of all the directors of said company, be increased from time to time by actual cash

subscription to a sum not exceeding three hundred Stockholde thousand dollars. Whenever any such increase shall be

be in-

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so authorized, the then stockholders shall be entitled to subscribe for the new stock in proportion, as means may

ers may subscribe to new stock.

ed by ap

be, to the respective amounts of stock then held by them. This privilege of increasing the capital stock by Capital

may actual cash subscription shall not affect or impair the be increas. present right of increasing the capital stock by apply. plying "proing thereto the proportion of profits belonging to the fils. stockholders as provided in the charter of said company and the acts amending the same.

§ 2. The number of directors of said company may by Number of a vote of a majority of all the directors thereof be may be inincreased from time to time, to a number not exceeding thirts. thirty. Whenever such increase shall be so authorized Flection such additional directors shall be elected and divided cation of into classes, in the manner provided in the charter of additional said company, and the acts amending the same.

§ 3. This act shall take effect immediately.

creased to

and classifi


Chap. 486.
AN ACT to amend an act entitled “ An to in-

corporate the Dutchess county Mutual Insurance
Company,” passed April twelfth, one thousand
eight hundred and thirty-six, and an act to
“Continue and extend the same,” passed April
ninth, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-

Passed April 30, 1868. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. It shall be optional with the Dutchess County Mutual Insurance Company to receive from parties applying for insurance, and for said parties to pay all cash for premiums, in lieu of a deposit note, and without said parties incurring any further liability.

$ 5. This act shall take effect immediately.

Chap. 487.
AN ACT to authorize the Poorman Gold and

Silver Mining Company, of Idaho, to change
its place of business.

Passed April 30, 1868. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The stockholders representing two-thirds of the capital stock of the Poorman Gold and Silver Mining Company of Idaho, a corporation duly organized on the twenty-fifth day of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, under and in pursuance of the provisions of an act entitled " An act to authorize the formation of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical or chemical purposes;" passed February seventeenth, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, and the several acts

supplementary thereto, or amendatory thereof, having, Change of at a meeting of the stockholders regularly called, re

solved to change the location of the principal place of

business of the company, from the city of New York to confirmed the city of Elmira, in this state, such action is hereby

ratified and confirmed, and in all respects made valid.

§ 2. The officers of said company shall execute and to be filed acknowledge an amended certificate, specifying the name

of the city from and to which the business location of the company is to be changed, and, in other respects, conforming to the original certificate, which amended certificate shall be signed by the president and twothirds of the trustees of said company, and shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State and in the office of the clerk of the county of Chemung.

$ 3. This act shall take effect immediately on its passage.

place of

business to Elmira

Amended certificate

in secretary of state.



chase and


Chap. 488.
AN ACT to incorporate the Protective Hook and

Ladder Company, number one, of Hicksville,
Queens county.

Passed April 30, 1868.
The People of the State of New York, represented in
Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. John T. Underhill, Stephen P. O'Hara, CorporaGeorge De Lauguillette, William Freytag, Peter D. Hendrickson, William Cahill, F. C. Windhorst, Henry Wollenhaupt

, Adam Lauck, James O'Hara and their associates, are hereby constituted a body, to be known Corporate by the name of the "Protective Hook and Ladder Company number one, of Hicksville, in Queens county," and by that name they and their successors shall be capable May purin law of purchasing and holding any real or personal hold real or property that may be necessary for their use, as a fire personal company, not to exceed one thousand dollars, and by General their corporate name they and their successors shall powers of have perpetual succession, and shall be capable in law tion. of sueing and being sued in all courts of this State. § 2. The said corporation shall have full power to By-laws

and regulamake and establish such by-laws and regulations as they, tions. from time to time, deem proper, as to their officers, the Officers ; time, place and manner of electing them, the period of tion, retheir continuance in office, their removal for good cause, their powers and duties, the election of members, their removal

, and the government of persons appointed by Governthem as firemen, and for the purposes for which this firemen. corporation is constituted.

$3. The said corporation shall have full power and Appointauthority to nominate and appoint a sufficient number of firemen. firemen, not to exceed fifty, to have the care and management of the hooks and ladders, truck, buckets, and all implements belonging to said company, and who shall be ready at all times to assist in extinguishing fires, and to perform all the duties that may be required of them by the by-laws of said corporation.


moval, etc.

ment of

ment of

Duty of firemen

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