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property, records,



and pre

vention of street ob.

poration, and the roads, streets and public places of the

village, and shall audit and order paid all accounts Ito define chargeable against the corporation; they shall also have

power, in the bounds of said village, to declare and
define the duties of all the officers of the corporation
whose duties are not specially prescribed by this act,
and to fix their respective compensation. All officers
elected or appointed by the board of trustees shall

respectively hold office during their pleasure, or the Custody of pleasure of the majority of them. To provide for the

care, custody and preservation of all property, records Repairs of and papers of the corporation. To keep the streets, streets,etc. roads and public buildings and places of the village in Construc- good repair, order and condition. To construct sewers,

culverts and drains, to regulate and prescribe the width sidewalks,

and grade of streets and sidewalks, to pave or plank

the sidewalks and cross streets, lay out new streets and Opening of roads, open new roads or streets, to alter or change the

grade or otherwise improve the roads or streets, side

walks or cross streets, to prevent all obstructions, incumstructions. brances and nuisances from the roads, streets or public

buildings or places. To plant out and protect shade

trees on the side of the roads, streets and public places; Cleaning to compel the owners or occupants of any premises to

clear the ice, snow, dirt or any other material or substance off from the sidewalks, and to cleanse the gutters contiguous to and adjoining such premises, and when such ice or snow cannot be removed without injuring the

sidewalks to sprinkle sand or ashes thereon. To reguLocation of late and direct the locations of all butcher shops, slaugh

ter houses and places where animals may be slaughtered
by them; and to prohibit the slaughtering thereof by

butchers elsewhere in the village.

2. To prohibit and abate all nuisances, and also to prohibit the burying of the dead carcass of any horse, cattle or any other animal within the bounds of said village.

3. To prevent horse racing and immoderate riding and driving, and to prevent persons leaving horses and teams in the roads, streets and public places of the vil

lage without being properly tied or fastened. Sanitary 4. To take such measures as they may deem proper

for the prevention or removal of any pestilential or in


of side-


of nuis-

Horse rac-
ing, etc.



fectious diseases. To fix and maintain a suitable build. Village ing or hall for holding courts, elections for public officers, for the use of the board, and for such other public purposes as the board may from time to time authorize and appoint. 5. The trustees of said village may and shall have Tax for

village expower, without a vote of the inhabitants, at any time to penses. lery and cause to be collected a tax not to exceed fifty dollars, except as otherwise provided in any one year, for the purpose of defraying the expenses of said village.

s 13. All acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act, are hereby declared inoperative, so far as the same may relate to the village of Macedon.

$ 14. This act shall take effect immediately.

Chap. 559.
AN ACT to amend an act entitled “ An act to

consolidate and amend the several acts relat-
ing to the village of Peekskill, to alter the
bounds, and to enlarge the powers of the cor-
poration of said village," passed March twenty-
fifth, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine.

Passed May 4, 1868; three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. Subdivision twenty-two, of section seventeen of the act entitled "An act to consolidate and amend the several acts relating to the village of Peekskill, to alter the bounds, and to enlarge the powers of the corporation of said village,” passed March twenty. fifth, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, is hereby amended 80 as to read as follows:

To prohibit, restrain and regulate within the said vil. Trustees lage, and within one-half mile of the northeast and south may proti boundaries or limits thereof, all exhibitions of any natu- cense ral or artificial curiosities, caravans of animals, theatri- shows, etc., cals, and other shows and exhibitions, circuses or other tain limits. performances or exhibitions for money or hire; and to

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authorize the same within such limits, on such terms as
the trustees shall deem expedient.

§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

Business quorum to consist of nine trustoes.

Business and objects

Chap. 560.
AN ACT to amend the charter of “The Up-
Town Savings Bank” in the city of New York.

Passed May 4, 1868.
The People of the State of New York, represented in
Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. Sections four and five of the act entitled
"An act to incorporate the Up-Town Savings Bank, in
the city of New York," passed April seventh, eighteen
hundred and sixty-six, are hereby amended by striking
out the word "twelve' wherever it occurs in said sec-
tions, and inserting in lieu thereof the word "pine.”

§ 2. Section six of said act is hereby amended so as to
read as follows:

The general business and object of the corporation of corpora- hereby created, shall be to receive on deposit such sums

of money as may be from time to time offered, and to Deposits; invest the same in the securities or stocks of this State,

or of the United States, or in such other manner as is authorized by this act, for the use, interest and advantage of the said depositors and their legal representatives; and the said corporation shall receive on deposit all sums

of money which may be offered for the purpose of being Limitation invested as aforesaid, but not to exceed the sum of five of deposits. thousand dollars, from any individual, which shall, as

soon as practicable, be invested accordingly, and shall

be repaid to such depositor, when required, at such times, Regula- with such interest, not exceeding seven per cent, and

under such regulations as the board of Trustees shall from time to time prescribe, which regulations shall be put up in some public and conspicuous place in the room where the business of the said corporation shall be

transacted; but shall not be altered so as to affect any Officers not deposit previously made. No president, vice president

or trustee, officer or servant of said corporation shall

how in-


funds of

posit to




directly or indirectly, borrow the funds of said corpora- corporation, or its deposits, or in any manner use the same, or any part thereof, except to pay necessary current expenses, under the direction of said board of trustees. All certificates or other evidences of deposit, made by Certifithe proper officer of such corporation, shall be as bind- cates of deing on such corporation as if they were made under its binding. common seal.

It shall be the duty of the trustees of Rate of inthe said corporation to regulate the rate of interest to be terest. allowed to the depositors, so that they shall receive, as nearly as may be, a ratable proportion of all the profits of the said corporation, after deducting all necessary expenses. No money deposited in the said bank shall be when mo. invested except in the securities or stocks mentioned in neys may this section; but money may be loaned by it on unin- on real cumbered real estate within the city of New York, or counties adjoining thereto, worth at least double the amount secured thereby. In all cases of loans upon real Proceedestate, a sufficient bond or other satisfactory personal thereon, security shall be required of the borrower; and all the expenses of searches, examinations and certificates of title, and of drawing, perfecting and recording papers, shall be paid by such borrower. And it shall be Investment

of deposits, the duty of the trustees of said corporation to in

except vest, as soon as practicable, in public stocks of this available State, or of the United States, or in stock of any city in meet pay. this State, issued in pursuance of law, or in bonds and mortgages, as provided for in this act, all sums received by them beyond an available fund, not exceeding onethird of the whole amount of such deposits, which said bank. at the discretion of the said trustees, may keep to meet the current payments of the said corporation, and which may by them be kept on deposit, on interest or otherwise, in such available form as the trustees may direct; provided, however, that no loan shall be made Loan upon under this section upon any stocks or security whatever, stocks not to a greater amount than three-fourths of the actual cash three value of such stocks or security at the time of making cash value. such loan. The said corporation is hereby authorized Reserve gradually to accumulate a reserve fund, not exceeding one-tenth of the whole amount of such deposit, to meet any contingency of loss in its business, which said re

fourths of



Name of



serve fund shall be invested for the security of the deDivision of positors in the said corporation; and thereafter, at each among de- annual examination of the affairs of such corporation, any positors.

surplus over and above said sum, shall, in addition to the
usual interest, be divided ratably amongst the depositors,
in such manner as the board of managers

shall direct.
83. The name of the said “Up-town Savings Bank,”
changed to in the city of New York, is hereby changed, and said

corporation shall hereafter be called and known by Savings the name of “The German Up-town Savings Bank,” in

the city of New York, and by that name shall have
the same rights and powers that it would have if such
change had not been made; but nothing herein contained
shall in any way change or lessen any liability of said
corporation that may exist, either absolutely or contin-
gently, at the time such change of name may take place.
$ 4. This act shall take effect immediately.

Chap. 561.
AN ACT to enable the electors of the towns of

Hamilton, in the county of Madison, the town
of Vienna, Oneida county, and of the town of
Clifton Park, Saratoga county, to vote by dis-
tricts for town officers.

Passed May 4, 1868; three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in

Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows : "Hamilton,

SECTION 1. The town of Hamilton, Madison county,

the town of Vienna, Oneida county, and the town of Park; town Clifton Park, Saratoga county, shall be divided, as now

divided into town election districts, for the election of all town officers required by law to be elected by ballot.

§ 2. District number one in each of said towns respectively shall comprise the election district number one in said town, and district number two shall comprise the election district number two of said town; and district number three in said town of Vienna shall comprise the

election district number three of said town, and the meetings

annual and special town elections of said towns respectively shall be held at the places in the districts respec. tively where the last preceding general elections in said



Election districts numbers one and two. District number three, Vienna. Town

to be held by dis


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