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which shall be equal to the amount of fare charged upon such road to the city of Albany or Troy, with the addi. tion of such price as shall be fixed by the proprietor of such steamboat for the transportation of such passenger from Albany or Troy to New York.

§ 2. The proprietors of said steamboat, or line of Steamboat steamboats, are also authorized and empowered to fur- cheeks to nish baggage checks for the transportation of any pas- ed 10 railsenger's baggage through to the city of New York by road bags the

way of their said steamboats, and on such checks iers. being furnished to the baggage-master, at any station on the line of said railroads, it shall be his duty to check Duty of baggage on the application of any passenger through to guge måsthe city of New York, which baggage, on its arrival in check bagthe city of Albany or Troy, shall be delivered up to the same authorized

agent of any steamboat, or line of steam. New York boats

, to be transported from the railroad to the steamboat on which such passenger contemplates going, with- Baggage out the check being removed from such baggage. And ported to said baggage shall be transported from railroad station to steamboat landings, and from steamboat landing to railroad station by said steamboat owners, free of charge.

$ 3. It is hereby made the duty of every railroad Railroad company, which terminates at the city of Albany or to furnish Troy

, on application being made therefor by the propri- tickets to etor of any steamboat, or line of steamboats, navigating agents the Hudson river, to furnish them with tickets for the transportation of passengers from the city of Albany or Troy to any point on the line of their respective roads, to be sold by such steamboat proprietors in their respec- Steamboat tive offices, and to receive and transport the baggage of se'l railany passenger which shall be checked through to any and check point beyond the city of Albany or Troy; such tickets berende to be sold and paid for to the railroad or steamboat com- barny or pany, which shall furnish the same at the price charged by such company for the conveyance of such passenger to the place which such ticket purports to carry him. The object and intent of this act being to compel rail- obiecte find road companies to furnish the same facilities to passengers going to or from the city of New York by boat as is afforded those who go by the railroad. $ 4. If any freight shall be delivered at any station Railroad






road tickets



intent of this act.

companies to receive freighi, marked via steamboat.


deliver same, to


Rates to be

railroad companies for trans

boat. Steamboat company may forward

on the line of any railroad which terminates in the city of Albany or Troy for transportation to the city of New York, which is marked to go to New York via bout, or

any particular line of boats, it shall be the duty of the Railroads railroad company to whose agent such freight shall be freight, and delivered, to receive the same and transport it with all

convenient speed to the city of Albany, and on its arSteamboat rival there, the company over whose road the same has

been transported, shall forthwith cause to be notified the agent of the steamboat line by which it is directed to be sent, and shall deliver the same to such agent,

with the bill of charges thereon due such railroad comCharged by pany, for the payment of which charges the proprietor

or proprietors of such steamboat line shall be responsi.

ble. But the railroad company transporting such freight freight to shall not charge for its transportation over its road, any porting steamboat, Ste freight greater sum than they charge for carrying the same kind forwarded of freight the same distance over their road if the same

were transported from Albany or Troy to New York by railroad, and any freight delivered by the authorized

agent of any steamboat or steamboat company, for freig new transportation over any railroad which shall have been York city brought from New York by boat, shall be transported

by such railroad company to its place of destination for Troy. the same price as it would be if brought from New York

by railroad.

§ 5. Any railroad company in this State, whose agent by railroad or servants shall neglect or refuse to sell tickets or fur

nish a check, as is provided for in this act, when the same shall have been furnished them, shall be liable to the same penalty as is provided for in section thirtyseven of the act passed April second, eighteen hundred and fifty, entitled "An act to authorize the formation of railroad corporations and to regulate the same," and no fare or toll shall be collected or received from any passenger whose application for such ticket or check shall have been refused, for riding over the road of said company, and in addition thereto, the said railroad corporation shall be liable to a penalty of two hundred and fifty dollars, to be recovered in the name of the proprietor or proprietors of any steamboat line navigating the Hudson river, in any court of competent jurisdiction, orf

destiued west of Albany or

Penalties for refusal

companies to sell tickets and furnish checks.

each day they shall neglect or refuse to comply with the provisions of this act, unless such neglect or refusal is caused by a failure on the part of such steamboat proprietor or proprietors to furnish tickets and checks as herein provided for.

$6. The provisions of this act, so far as relates to the Act not to sale of tickets and furnishing of checks, shall not apply kivernand to either the Hudson River or New York and Harlem Harlem

railroad railroad companies.

companies, 87. This act shall take effect immediately.

Chap 574.

. AN ACT to authorize the town of Argyle, in the

county of Washington, to raise money by tax for the erection of a court house and jail therein, for said county

Passed May 5, 1868; three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows :

SECTION 1. The board of supervisors of Washington county are hereby authorized and empowered to levy, by tax upon the taxable property of the town of Argyle, the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars, and interest thereon, annually, payable in not less than three nor more than five years, at the times and in the manner of the collection of the annual tax for the year commencing in eighteen hundred and sixty-eight: Provided that the court house and jail of said county are located in said town, in accordance with the resolutions passed by the board of supervisors at their adjourned annual meeting held on the twentieth day of February, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight.

$ 2. The moneys provided for in the foregoing section shall, when collected, be paid over to the treasurer of said county, to be applied to the erection of said buildings in the said town of Argyle. § 3. This act shall take effect immediately.


may take

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Oath of office.

Chap 577,
AN ACT authorizing the village of Douglas, in

the counties of Delaware and Sullivan, to sub-
scribe for and take capital stock in certain
stock companies in said village.

Passed May 5, 1868; three-fifths being present. The People of the State of New York, represented in

Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: Village of SECTION 1. The village of Douglas, in the counties of

Delaware and Sullivan, is hereby authorized and em. Long Eddy powered to take stock, not to exceed in amount the sum Hydraulic of ten thousand dollars, in the Long Eddy Hydraulic

and Manufacturing Company, said company having been Company.

heretofore duly organized by law in said village.

§ 2. The board of trustees of said village shall apunder this point three persons who shall act as a board of coinmis

sioners to carry into effect the provisions of this act, who shall hold office until others are appointed in their respective places. Said commissioners, before entering 'pon their duties, shall take the usual oath of office, which shall be filed with the clerk of said village.

$ 3. A majority of said commissioners shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any of the business of uid board, and all vacancies which shall occur in said board from any cause shall be filled as soon as practicable by said board of trustees.

§ 4. For the purpose of taking said stock, and for no scrip: other purpose whatever, said village is hereby author

ized and empowered to issue notes, serip, or certificates of debt, to be denominated on the face thereof " Internal improvement fund of the village of Douglas,” to an amount not exceeding the sum specified in the first section of this act, bearing interest at no greater rate than seven per cent per annum, the principal of which shall

be payable at some future time or times, within thirty Scrip; years from the issuing of the same; and said notes, cuted and scrip, or certificates shall be signed by the president

and countersigned by the treasurer thereof, and shall, when issued, be obligatory upon said village and the

Business mnoriun.

Village to issue

How denominated.

Rate of interest, and when redeemable.


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Chap. 576.
AN ACT to provide for the consolidation of the

Greenpoint and Williamsburgh railroad with
the Nassau railroad, of Brooklyn.

Passed May 5, 1868. The People of the State of Nero York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. Whenever shareholders, holding two-thirds in amount of the capital stock of each of the Greenpoint and Williamsburgh railroad company and the Nassau railroad company, shall consent thereto, the directors of the said two companies may negotiate, effect and establish a consolidation of the two companies, on such terms and conditions as may be best for the interest of all concerned. Such consolidation shall provide for the organization of a new company, to be formed under and pursuant to chapter one hundred and forty of the Laws of eighteen hundred and fifty, and of the several acts amendatory thereof or supplementary thereto, and shall be composed of the stockholders of the said two companies, and their associates and assigns; and such new company, when thus organized, shall have the right to lay and construct such parts of the roads as are not already constructed, and to maintain and operate their whole road upon the route or routes of the said two companies, as such route or routes are already defined, established or operated, and all the franchises, rights, powers, privileges, benefits and property of the said two companies shall be vested in and possessed and enjoyed by said new

company, subject, nevertheless, to all the incumbrances and liabilities of the said two companies ; and provided, further, that in the construction, maintenance and operation of said road, said new company shall be subject to any and all laws or ordinances that have been or may be established and in force by the conmon council of the city of Brooklyn for the regula

§ 2. This act shall take effect immediately.

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tion of horse railroads generally:

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