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Situation of the French Nation and Government, and Views of the Directory.
-Difficulties to be encountered by France at the Clofe of 1795.-State of
Parties in England.-Temper of the British Nation.-Affemblies for the
Purpose of a Parliamentary Reform, and Peace with France.-A great and
dangerous Scarcity of Provifions.-Meeting of Parliament.-Infults and
Outrages of an immense Mob against the King, on his Way to the House of
Lords.-The regret of all People of Senfe at this Treatment of the King.-
Speech from the Throne.-Debates thereon.—In the Honfe of Commons.-
And in that of the Lords


A Proclamation offering a large pecuniary Reward for the Discovery of any
Perfons guilty of the recent Outrages against the Perfon of the King.
Conference between the Lords and Commons on this Subject.—A Bill for the
Safety and Prefervation of the King's Perfon and Government.-Debates
thereon in both Houses of Parliament.-A Bill for the Prevention of Sedi-
tious Meetings.-Debates thereon.-The two Bills under Discussion in Par-
liament occafion a general Alarm, and much Oppofition without Doors.—
In this Oppofition the lead was taken by the Whig-Club.—Which was fol-
lowed by the Correfponding Societies and other Affociations. As well as
different Bodies legally incorporated.—The Miniftry fill perfevere in their
Meafures.-Debates on the numerous Petitions against the two Bills now
pending in Parliament.-General Indignation against the Principles and
Objects of thefe.-The two Bills paffed into Laws



In the Houfe of Commons, Regulations refpecting the Sale of Flour, and the
Making of Bread.-Motions by Mr. Lechmere and Mr. Whitbread, re-
Jpecting the Caufes of the Scarcity of Wheaten Flour, and the Hardships
incident to the Labouring Poor-Negatived.-Bill for Encouraging the
Cultivation of Wafe Lands.-Motions for the Support of the Land and Sea
Service.-Strictures on the Conduct of Miniftry in the War Department.--
Replied to bu Mr. Wyndham.-Debates on the Erection of Barracks.-
A Statement of the Expences of 1796, amounting from twenty-seven to





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Address of the Directory to the French Armies.-Determination to carry the
War into Italy.-Difficulties to be encountered in carrying this Plan inio
Execution,-Buonaparte.-The French Army, under his Command, makes

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Exultation of the French at the Successes of their Armies.-Their Army in
Italy animated by the Praifes of their Countrymen, and the Converfation
as well as the Proclamations of Buonaparte to a high Paffion for Glory
Enter the Duchy of Modena.-Spoliation of Monuments of Antiquity and
Art.-Abhorrence of the Italian Nobility and Clergy towards the French
greater than that of the inferior Claffes.—A general Infurrection, ready to
break out, quafhed by the Figilance and Promptitude of Buonaparte.-The
Auftrians, under General Beaulieu, with the Connivance of the Venetians,
take Poffeffion of Peschiera.-Buonaparte advances against Beaulieu, who
retreats to the Tyrolere.-The Venetians tremble before the French.-Dif
mifs from their Territories the Brother of the late King and Claimant of the
Crown of France.-Buonaparte takes Poffeffion of Verona.-Blockades
Mantua. Prepares to march into the Tyrolefe.-Detained by Infurrections
in the Difirids, known under the Name of Imperial Fiefs.-Thefe being

fuppreffed, he carries his Arms to the Southward.--Reduces Tortona, Bo-

logna, and Urbino.-Menaces Rome.-Armistice between the Pope and

Buonaparte.-Sufpenfion of Hoftilities with Naples.-Buonaparte the Friend

and Patron of Men of Learning and Science.--Ambitious Views of the

French Republic.-Infurrection in Lugo.-Quelled, and the City reduced by

the French.-The Blockade of Mantua converted into a clofe Siege.-Raifed

by Marshal Wurmfer.-Actions between the French Army and that of the

Auftrians, reinforced by Detachments from Mantua.--Remarkable Infiance

of Prefence of Mind in Buonaparte.-The Auftrians driven back beyond the



into the Tyrolefe.-The Siege of Mantua refumed.-Marshal Wurmfer,
powerfully reinforced, makes Head against the French in the Venetian
Territories.-But is defeated.-The French take Poffeffion of Trent.-
Continued Succefs of Buonaparte.-Marshal Wurmfer, with the Remains
of his Army, makes good his Retreat, and takes Shelter within the Walls of
Mantua.-Corfica, evacuated by the English, returns under the Govern
ment of France.—Pacification between France and Naples—including the
Batavian Republic.—Religious Zeal of the Romans.—Awakened by the Court
of Rome into rage, and avowed Preparations for War against the French.—
A new Republic, compofed of feveral Small States. Prevalence of the
Republican Spirit in Italy.-The Auftrians reinforced with Troops from
Germany, advance against the French.-Retake Trent.-But are de
feated with prodigious Lofs at Arcola.-The Auftrians, though frequently
defeated, return to the Charge.-High Spirit and Courage of the Ty-
rolians.-Devotion of the Army in Italy to the French Republic.-Patience
of the French Soldiers under manifold Privations


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Campaign in Germany. Oppofite Designs of the French and Auftrians.—
Succeffes of the French.--They invest Ehrenbritfiein.-Driven back, by the
Archduke Charles, to Duffeldorf.—The Divifion of the French Army under
Moreau takes Poft at Straßburg.-The Plan of Operations propofed by this
General.-Croffes the Rhine.-Reduces the Fortress of Kehl.-Defeats the
Auftrians, under Marshal Wurmfer, near Philipfburg.—And in various
and fucceffive Engagements.-The Auftrians retire, in order to wait for
Reinforcements, into the Interior of Germany.—Junction of the French
Troops under Jourdan and Kleber.-Thefe united reduce Frankfort.-
́Succeffes of Moreau in Swabia,--Cessation of Hoftilities between the French
and the Princes of Wirtemberg and Baden.-Conduct of Pruffia.-A Pruffian
Army takes Poffeffion of Nuremberg-Impolicy of the French in the Mode
of raifing Contributions.-Cause of this.-Depredations of the French in
Germany.-Operations of the French Armies under Moreau and Jourdan.—
Difafters of the Auftrians.-The Emperor reprefents the Situation of
Germany, and his own Situation, in an Appeal to his Bohemian and Hunga-
rian Subjects.-Diet of the Empire.-Partakes of the general Confternation
of Germany.-Determination to open a Negociation for Peace with France.

The Tide of Succefs turned against the French by the Germans, under the
Archduke Charlcs.—Obftinate Engagements.—Mafterly Retreat of the
French Armies.-Particularly of that under Moreau,-Confequences.
The Auftrians occupied in the Siege of Kehl.—Sally of the Garrison there.
-Various Actions.-Armifiice between the French and Auftrians.—
The Diet of the Empire re-unimated by the enterprizing Spirit and Succefs
of the Archduke Charles, folicitous to regain the Favour of the Imperial


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