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Buildings-Use Community Heating

propose their own answer. In a few days their committee came to him with a proposal that their pay should be cut a dollar a day all around. The man. ager's estimate of the necessary reduction was a dollar and fifteen cents, but he accepted their figure, and the opera. tion went forward on a basis of mutual understanding and confidence.

The third group to face the manager has represented the local citizens. It has included business and professional men whose fortunes are bound up with the community. Some of these men have belonged to the same club, lodge, and chamber of commerce with the manager. They have been thinking of their families and of the business and

"Adsco Community community enterprises to which they

Heating " being in

stalled in West committed. They have asked: tunnel at St.Paul,

Chester, Pa. "How are bills to be paid, how is the Minn., 110 feet community life to be maintained, if your

underground. industry shuts down or pays starvation wages? Stores, churches, schools, the paving of streets and the building of homes are all at stake here. Are you playing fair with us or are you only concerned to save your own gains?" Under this kind of pressure managers have consented to continue operating at heavy loss. The will of the community has prevailed to maintain decent family

Reduce insurance premiums. Do away with coal dust, ashes and support and to preserve some degree of fire-tending in each separate building. unity and courage among its members. Behind this group the manager has

Heat groups of buildings from seen in his mind's eye a larger public

one central source of steam. Pipe waking up to a realization of their in

the steam through underground terest in all basic industries and their equity in all natural resources. Once

mains and pay according to the this public might be "damned" with im

amount used as metered, the same punity, but those old days of managerial

as gas, water, and electricity. Have irresponsibility are gone. Now the public asks questions and has ways of

a steady heat supply positively forcing an answer. Principally it asks,

controlled 24 hours a day. “How important is your service to us, and are you asking a fair price for it?” Home of H. E. Chubbuck,

This is the ideal method of heatIf not satisfied on these points, the pub

Peoria, Ill.
Adsco Heating.

ing buildings. During the


40 lic may stubbornly or clamorously de

years we have designed equipment mand “to be shown." To all these questions the manager

and made installations for more than has been tempted to say that his busi

400 towns, institutions, industrial ness is to produce, not to talk; that he

plants, groups of residences, etc. is doing his best and has no apologies or explanations to offer. But without

Write for complete data regardthe understanding and support of the stockholders, the employees, and the

ing cost, operation and profits. Is public he cannot keep on producing.

there exhaust steam being wasted by Their questions are part of his job.

any plant in your neighborhood ? Ultimately he will have to talk things over fully and frankly with them and

Ask for Bulletin No. 20-0 on win their confidence and good will.

Residence of J. M. G. Brown, “ Adsco Community Heating.' With respect to the first group he has

Morgantown, W. Va. probably recognized this necessity.

Adsco Heating.

Bulletin No. 158-0 describes With regard to the second and third he

“Adsco Heating,” the one valve is beginning to do so. Occasionally, to be sure, one still finds a manager who system, for individual buildings. Name of your architect appreciated. thinks that workingmen may be held to efficient production by fear of hunger or

AMERICAN DISTRICT STEAM COMPANY by the speed of machines, but the facts

NORTH TOVAWANDA.N.Y of modern industry are showing against

BRANCHES this opinion. We have had authentic

30 Church St.
First National Bank Bldg.

Hoge Bldg. and impressive reports rer ently of pro- New York


Seattle duction lowered far below normal by discontent among the crew. We have also, it should be said, had equally impressive reports of increase up to twenty per cent above normal where the manager has kept his men continually informed, confident, and co-operative. In







Rosedale Nurseries



(Continued) 70 Fifth Avenue, New York

these days a working crew cannot long Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools.be forced to efficient labor by fear of unAdvises parents about schools. Wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr.

employment. One discontented man UT Far Spread Deception that the people in

SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES may be driven or discharged, but not a his promises, is, in the opinion of many statesmen,


hundred. On the other hand, men may the gravest obstacle in the way of our entry into some continuing society of nations for the preserva


now, as always, be led. They respond

Become a lawyerLegally tion of peace. l'he nation now united in applauding

readily to open and fair treatment. The

trained men win high positions the fine achievements of the Washington Confer

and big success in business
and public lito. Greater oppor

wonder is that some managers should ence is eagerly waiting to support that next consis

Be independent-be a leader.

choose to follow a crooked and secretive tent and necessary move. They trust and would not hurry the President, who is meeting expectation.

$3,000 to $10,000 Annually policy in relation to their employees,

We guide you step by step. You can train at home Confident that in his own wise way he will fulfill

during spare time. Let us send you records and letters when successful industrial leaders the

from LaSalle students admitted to the bar in various the promise he made in every day of his campaign,

states. Money refunded according to our Guarantee country over are proving the value in

Bond if dissatisfied. Degree of LL. B. conferred. to lead us into an association of nations or into the Thousands of successful students enrolled. Low cost, easy terms. League o amended or revised, if it is so entwined

We furnish all text material, including, fourteen-volume Law

dollars and cents, as well as in good

Library. Getour valuable 120-page "Law Guide" and "Evidence" in the peace of Europe that its good must be pre

books FREE. Send for them-NOW.

digestion and sound sleep, of open dis

LaSalle Extension University, Dept. 2388-L Chicago served,” they wait to show a united and enthusias

cussion and straightforward dealing tic nation behind him when in his own good time

with their employees. he takes the step. For a complete exposure of the absurd deception or

Suspicion and secret hostility have misinterpretation of the people's mandate, read

brought an intolerable burden upon in

. A widespread system of esthis simplified High School Course at home in

pionage undermines confidence by sysride of two years. Moets all requirements for entrance to college and the leading professions. This and thirty-six other practical tematically mingling falsehood with

courses are described in our Freo Bulletin, Send for it TODAY. By SAMUEL COLCORD


facts. American industry pays millions the book which by a masterly marshalling of Dept. M-2168 Drexel Ave. & 58th St.


of dollars yearly to untrustworthy, irresistible facts completely annihilates that dan

trouble-making industrial spies, while gerous misconception.

In Your Spare Time At Home the way of conference is open at the $1.50 everywhere, or of the Publishers

for BUSINESS or PROFESSION mere cost of frank speech, the keeping BL BONI ELI VERIGHT

Degree of LL.B.,Conferred. Only Institution which of faith, and a decent recognition of the

gives same Course by Correspondence through Lee ture System as was given for years at resident classes of common manhood and of the common th's college. We coach you free to pass the Bar Examination. Complete 1921, 13-volume library. Easy torms. Or. interests of employers and employees.

ganized 1910. Low enrollment fee. Write the wee book. Hamilton College of Law, 431 S. Dearborn Sl. Dept. 1202 Chicago Some managers set themselves against NEW YORK

this trend toward opening the industry

to the workers and the public, fearing One of the most complete in the Empire

the loss of their leadership. These State. Both fruit and ornamentals at prices

managers face their questioners with as low as consistent with highest quality.

folded arms and unexpressive eyes; yet Catalogue on request.


these questioners are, with few excepbecome a certified Public or Cost Accountant: go into S. G. Harris Box 0 Tarrytown, N. Y. business for yourself; demand for expert accountants ex- tions, not enemies but friends. They

cee is the supply; our graduates earn over $5,000 yearly ;
have more business than they can handle; learn at home are willing that large powers of leader-
in spare time by ur new system. Write for buoklet and ship should remain with the managers.

special offer. No solicitors will call.

Universal Business Institute, 363 Pullman Bldg., New York They say, not, “Give way to us,” but
Direct from Plantation
Not the stale, tasteless street corner

“Let us understand and let us help."
kind, but plump, sweet, tender nutmeats,

They are friendly in tone and intention, full of flavory, goodness. Fresh, crisp, 5 LBS

crunchy: Send down to the plantation St. John's Riverside Hospital Training but they are also firm, and one suspects

for a sack of these supremely good nuts. VIRGINIA Roast them hot and crisp, make delicious

School for Nurses

that these reluctant managers will candy and salted peanuts from our recipe PEANUTS enclosed with every order. Our peanuts

either come forward with outstretched

YONKERS. NEW YORK $1.50 are choice, extra large Virginias. We POSTPAID

hands offering information and welcomguarantee prompt sluipment and abso

Registered in New York State, offers a 2% years' course-
lute satisfaction. w. of Miss. 5c. 1b ertra.

As general training to refined, educated women. Reqnire-
Chesterfield Plantation A, Norfolk, Virginia

inents one year high school or ius equivalent. Apply to the ing assistance, or else they will make
Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

way for more enlightened leaders. BOYS' CAMPS

The manager needs counsel now, and

he will need it more in the immediate

Valcour Island, Only 15 cents gives you the Pathfinder.c3. From the

Lake Champlain future. More than one operator has con

16th Season ful illustrated weekly, published at the Na

fessed to me recently his expectation of Camp Penn will appeal to those parents and boys

Nation's tion's center for people everywhere; an independent home paper that tells the story of the

Capital world's news in an interesting, understandable

who think a « amp should mean more than merely comparatively hard times for years to

a summer resort. Ours is a REAL camp, come. Industry, these have said, must way. This splendid National weekly costs but $1 a year. The Path

planned to develop resourcefulness and a capacity finder is the Ford of the publishing world. Splendid serialand short stories and miscellany. Question Box answers your questions and for self-help. Healthful site, trained staff, resident stand in the future the wastes that it

run on narrower margins. It cannot is a mine of information. Send 15 cents and we will send the physician, select group of boys. Pathfinder on probation 13 weeks. The 15 cents. does not repay us, but we are glad to invest in new friends. Address :

Our booklet describes a cery unusual system. has stood in the past--wastes by unproThe Pathfinder, 715 Langdon Sta., Washington, D.C. Chas. K. Taylor, Carteret Academy, Orange, N. J. ductive labor and inefficient manage

ment, and wastes by industrial warfare.

Who shall work out plans for the prevention of these wastes and who shall execute the plans? Does any one think that the managers alone are able to do it? No. The man behind the desk needs help. He knows it now, and next

year he will know it better. Fifth Avenue and Thirty-First Street

The manager of the future will still

sit behind his desk with his telephone New York

at hand to transmit directions and with

papers before him to receive his author. Centrally Located

izing signature. But much oftener than

is the custom now other chairs will be Luxurious Appointments

brought up around his desk; other men, Delicious Food

his natural partners in production, will sit there to hear his reports and to share his counsels.


5 lbs Fancy Shelled Peanuts $1.50




What 15c Will Bring You


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vice, with which he has been associated since 1904. During the war he was lieutenant-colonel of the Twentieth Engineers and chief of the Forestry section. He was awarded a citation and several medals for bravery.

TEPHEN LEACOCK was born in 1869 and



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The Spring and Summer Modes HE LINEN STORE" is now showing its beautiful new

Importations of Cotton and Linen Dress Fabrics for the Spring and Summer. These are of amazing loveliness-products of the best European looms. There are dainty weaves adaptable to the season's fashionable silhouette of soft, flowing lines; others with more body and crispness for the popular bouffant modes. Novelty, beauty, smartness, characterize them all. And quality—consistent with traditional McCutcheon standards! Write for samples of these exclusive materials. See what exquisite new frocks they will make for you. Imported Novelty Dress Fabrics

Write for Samples Today Imported Dotted Swisses—in new color combinations of vivid backgrounds with white dots or dots of contrasting color. Navy or Black with white dots and scores of novelty figures, checks, plaids, etc. $1.50 and $2.00 a yard. Embroidered Swiss Drop Stitch Voiles-White or colored grounds with large heavy embroidered dots in white or colors. Very smart combinations, many shown here for the first time. 38 in. wide. $2.50 a yard. Swiss Organdies-Made and dyed in Switzerland (to our special order), and finished by the famous “Cilander Process," thereby insuring a permanent finish so essential in this fabric. White and forty plain shades. 46 in. wide. $1.00 a yard. English Prints—The ideal fabric for women's, misses and children's garments, aprons, millinery, and hundreds of everyday uses. The small Chintz and Cretonne designs now so much in vogue will make instant appeal. 32 in. wide. 55c. a yard.. Handkerchief Linens-A new range of most attractive printed Handkerchief Linens, fine sheer quality, white grounds, with dots, stripes or checks in brilliant colors. Entirely new this season. Also a complete assortment of plain shades. 36 in. wide. $1.50 a yard.

lege, University of Toronto, and University of Chicago, where he obtained his doctor's degree. He is head of the Department of Political Economy at McGill University at Montreal, and has been a lecturer on Imperial Organization under the auspices of the Cecil Rhodes Trust. His repressions break through in the form of literary bant as evidenced in such books as “Nonsense Novels,” “Literary Lapses," "Frenzied Fiction," etc.

YAMAGATA is editor and proprietor .. of the Seoul "Press," the only English daily paper in Korea. As the Japanese "Who's Who" puts it, he was born in 1869, “the youngest of the five sons born to a middle-class Samurai.” He is the author of "A History of Japan in English" and of some books in Japanese on English literature.

RTHUR B. Ruixow is pastor of the

Ridgewood Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn, New York. He received his training at the Bloomfield Theological Seminary and the Lane Theological Seminary of Cincinnati, Ohio.


is one of the editors of the Philadelphia "Public Ledger" and author of numerous. volumes, including "With Grenfell on the Labrador" and America at the Front." He is a graduate of Harvard University and a former editorial

writer for the "Ladies' Home Journal.” He has been war correspondent and Commissioner of the Near East Relief for Southern Russia and Asia Minor.



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Tours and Travel

Europe Oberammergau



Rock Ridge

Hall COD


Various Prices
Gittle Bldg. Boston, Mass.
The European Summer School

offers for 1922 Fifty Scholarships

of $200 each

in connection with its Study Courses in Europe Adress: BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL 5 Boyd St.,

Newton, Mass. EUROPEAN TOURS opular Routes ; Abundant Sightseeing; irst Class Hotels; Skilled Interpretation of uropean Art, History, Literature, Music; ravel Schools for Intensive Language Study.

INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURS 5-A Franklin St., Boston, Mass.

Newport, R. I.

Hotel Webster School for Girls

For Sale

Conducted Tours to SICILY, GREECE


Sailing March 4, April 6 and 12

OUR Scholarly leaders TOURS Interpretive talks have Leisurely itineraries

For details write UREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL 5 Boyd Street, Newton, Mass. FREE TRIP TO EUROPE will be norganizer of a small party. Established 1900. FABCOCK'S TOURS, 13 Halsey St., Brooklyn:

and tery of the Orient lures visitors rom all over the world to

Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts

Real Estate

61 DAY

THE WELDON HOTEL Camden, Me. fuit combined. Fully

GREENFIELD, MASS. furnished high class summer cottages offers special winter rates for rooms, and wlll

for coming season. Best selections serve at a moderate price a Club Breakfast, now. Plans, photos, and in sually full de Special Noonday Luncheon, and Evening

scription. Rentals from $500 to $3,000. Dinner. A series of weekly musicales and J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass. monthly dances given for the pleasure of our guests. For further particulars apply to


CAPE Ocean Front Bungalows

Moderate rents. S. S. CARMANIA

S. W. Ball, 56 Pine St., N. Y. (Cunard Line)

Sailing New York WELLESLEY HILLS, MASS. (Heston) To Lease for Boys' or Girls' Camp

Feb. 11, 1922
Fine location. Hot and cold running water in


farm bordering on Lake Winnepesaukee, N. nearly all bedrooms. Private baths. Sun-room.

H., with large house and necessary ontbuild. American Express Travel De

Our table a specialty. Terms moderate. Tel. ings. Write Fred A. Young, Laconia, X. H. partment offers a two months' cruise to the Mediterranean and


NEW JERSEY the Levant under its exclusive The SOUTHLAND BOSTON BEACH


Ridge, 3 baths, sun porch, 13 miles from management. Visiting Madeira,

N. Y. on D. L. & W., near station, to rent from
Attractive cottage, excellent meals, in exclu- March 15th for six months. 6,255, Outlook.
Cadiz, Gibraltar, Algiers, The sive Atlantic City home. Near Ambassador.
Riviera, Naples, Pompeii, Rome,

Athens, Constantinople, Pales-

tine, and Egypt; and as a special

HOTEL JUDSON 63 Washing-
attraction Tour of the
Adriatic Shores, exclusive to

adjoining Judson Menorial Church. Rooms

with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, this cruise, with Venice and including pieals. Special rates for two weeks Long the home of a well-known private

or more." Location very central. Convenient boys' school of high standing, as yet
Fiume as the objectives.
to all elevated and street car lines.

possesses no similar
Cruise limited to 450 guests. Make
reservations now. "Call, write, or
'phone for full information.

(Near 5th Avenue)

Conditions are ripe for the establish

ment there of such an institution, inAMERICAN EXPRESS 40 West 45th Street cluding the fine, spacious residence of a

wealthy New York gentleman, now TRAVEL DEPT.


deceased, ideally adapted by its size and 65 Broadway, New York

Directly in the fashionable club and shop- situation for this purpose and now avail ping section. Within five minutes' walk to

all principal theaters. A high-class hotel
patronized by those desiring the best accom-

modations at moderate cost.
EGYPT, PALESTINE- Rates and map gladly sent upon request.
Sail March 8

to settle the estate, at a small fraction of MADEIRA, GIBRALTAR, ALGIERS, MONACO,

its cost and upon extraordinarily attracNAPLRS, CAIRO, THE NILE, JERUSALEM,

tive terms. Excellent healthful location, CONSTANTINOPLE, ATHENS.

pleasant grounds, large, airy rooms,

abundant sleeping quarters and baths, EUROPE 1922

ample kitchen equipment and laundry ITALY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, BELGIUM,

facilities for very large household. Huge HOLLAND, ENGLAND, THE PASSION PLAY.

stable easily convertible into splendid Limited parties enrolling now.


West 720 St., through

to 71st St., New York

For particulars address

300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely
fireproof. One block to 72d St. en-
trance of Central Park. Comfort and

refinement combined with moderate 17 East 42d Street, New York British Isles, Switzerland, Passion Play,

rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.
Tyrol, Italian Lakes, France.

WORTI TOURS Eleventh NORTH CAROLINA AUTOMOBILE owners, garagemen, me-

chanics, repairmen, send for free copy of 821 Centre St., Boston 30, Mass. MARGO TERRACE our current issue. It contains helpful, in

structive information on overhauling, ignition EUROPEAN TOURS Asheville, N. c A delightful hotel home.

troubles, wiring, carburetors, storage batP.

teries, etc. Over 120 pages, illustrated. Send $650 upward, including Passion Play

for free copy to-day. Automobile Digest, Personally conducted. Special rates to

257 Butler Building, Cincinnati,
organizers of parties.

Health Resorts
E. D. QUICK, 488 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y

The Bethesda White Plains,

MANUSCRIPTS A private sanitariun for invalids and aged "THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS" (bookwho need care. Ideal surroundings. Alluress let), fifty cents. Million people heard this for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241.

great sermon over the radio. Rev.. Henry

Rose, Newark, N. J. “ INTERPINES”


WANTED-Competent teachers for public 26 years of successful work. Thorough, re. ALSO EARLY JUNE liable, dependable and ethical. Every coin

and private schools. Calls coming every day.

Send for circulare, Albany Teachers' Agever, tort and convenience. Accommodations of H. W. DUNNING superior qnality. Disorder of the nervous sys

Albany, N. Y.

WANTED-Teachers all aubjects. Gooi Little Bldg.

tein a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, 8r., M.D., Boston, Mass. Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y. vacancies in schools and colleges. Interna

tional Musical and Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y.

TEACHERS wanted. Kindergartner $1,800; (who served overseas with the Smith unit)

LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick

grades, high schools, private schools. Hathare conducting an exclusive

Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to
People to Get Well

away Teachers' Agency, Bennington, Ft. party this summer to unusual

Algo Mrs. Edward Scott, 353 West 117th St., points of interest through the

the personal study and specialized treat- New York. British Islesand Europebe in no sense

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity,

DIETITIANS, secretaries, cafeteria muan-
Hydrotherapy Apply for circular to

agers, governesses, matrons, housekeepers, a stereotyped tour. De luxe in every respect

social workers, superintendents. Miss

late of The Walter Sanitarium and full of unusual features, it will be espe

Richards, Providence, R.I. Box 5 East Side. cially interesting to girls of boarding-school

Boston, Trinity Court, 16 Jackson Hall, Friand college age. Early application necessary

days 11 to 1. Address Providence. because of limited

size of party: Chicago and New York references. Address 6,261, Outlook.


UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for any
Hotel Leonori 63d Street and
Hotels and Resorts

type of correspondence. 200 sheets high Corner apt., 4 rooms, 2 baths; present tenant's

grade note paper and 100 envelopes printed FLORIDA furnishings; 3 months or more from Feb. 1. with your name and address postpaid $1.50.

Samples on request. Lewis, 284 Second Ave.,

Troy, N.Y.
St. George's, Sutherland Pinellas Florida

Real Estate

THIRSTY blotters sent free on request. A Southern plantation, with all modern con

also samples of excellent stationery for perveniences; located in a pine-forest, in the best


sonal and professional use. Franklin Printery. part of Florida's justly famous climate; re

Warner, New Hampshire. freshing, restful; fine Southern table : own FLORIDA TROPICAL GROVES

Rasis a box

NOTE paper and envelopes. Your name dairy and garden; outdoor life and recreation

and address on 100 sheets good quality paper in the warm sunshine ; an ideal place to spend Wonderful climate, near beautiful Ft. Myers. and 100 envelopes. Blue or black ink. Postthe winter, especially for convalescents. Easy terms; lit. 10c. Representatives wanted. paid $l: Huntington Press, 21 Bath St., Terms, very reasonable. Write for leaflet. Assoc. Growers, 434 Victoria St.,Ft.Myers, Fla. Norwich, Conn.

Hotel Hargrave

Kenneth Ives & Co.

Europe Beckons


The quaintest and most interesting of all
ountries. Come while the old age customs
Tevail. Write, mentioning “Outlook" to

Care Traffic Dept.


for full information ates for a single room withont bath and with 3 meals, 5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country


Sailing March 8, 1922 Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over

[blocks in formation]

Three Smith College Women

West Indies



including the Panama Canal

& California S. S.“ Hawkeye State” February 11, 1922

An ideal 46 day cruise

comprehensive and unusual Rates, $750 and upward


Tours Everywhere

Send for Booklets RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO.

22 Beacon St., Boston

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COOKING for PROFIT. Earu handsoine income; home cooked food, catering, tea room, etc. Correspondence course. Am. School Home Economics, Chicago. EDUCATIONAL INVENTION

ARITHMETIC AND FUN. Do you want your child to learn arithmetic extraordi: narily fast ? A wonderful invention gets him through in one-fourth the usual time. Equally valuable for slow or brilliant children. Children wild about it. Send $1 for DRILL TEST. Tell child's age and grade. Money back if not satisfied. Agents wanted. Educational Device Co., 527 West 125th St., New York.


Business Situations WANTED-Cultured woman with experience to take charge of the housekeeping department of a music school settlement. Correspondence invited with an executive personality who likes social contact as well as domestic atmosphere. 896, Outlook.

WANTED, a matron in an oral school for the deaf. 884, Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helpers

WANTED-Nursery governess or mother's helper, Protestant, educated, understands children, age 30-40 years, for two children, 4% and 6% years. Situation permanent. Highest references essential. Salary $80. 923, Outlook.

WOMAN, refined, Protestant, who does not wish to go out to service, who would appreciate good home with suburban family of three adults, assist household duties where no maid is kept. 932, Outlook.

HOUSEMOTHER and semi-governess Active, cheerful, educated American or European of competence and experience, one speaking German and (or) French preferred. One child 6 and one 13, others at college, mother in poor health. Two servants, auto. Widow with 6 or 8 year child considered. Ability to drive car important. Apply by letter only, giving complete history and reterences. Address S. E. Corner Holliday and Hillen, Baltimore, Md.

WANTED-Two conscientious Christian women, one for night and one for daytwelve hour duty-to care for chronic invalid (female) in New York City. None but highest Christian type need apply. $5 each per day without maintenance. 929, Outlook.


Companions and Domestic Helpers Companions and Domestic Helpers MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will

WANTED-Couple, Protestants, to occupy CAPABLE, educated woman, experienced shop for you, services free. No samples.
fuite of rooms in private residence; living in European travel, desires position as travel- References. 309 West 99th St.
furnished; wife to do the housework. Send ing companion for the summer. Highest ref.
reference.' G. Quick, Verona, New Jersey. erences. Address 905, Outlook.

BOYS wanted 500 boys wanted to sell The

Outlook each week. No investment necessary. WORKING housekeeper of refinement and TRAVELING COMPANION. Position

Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, experience for elderly mother and business wanted as traveling companion for lady for

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., daughter in Brooklyn apartment; tempo- summer months in Europe, by capable, amia

New York City. rarily or permanently. 939, Outlook.

ble, and intelligent lady accustomed to work HOUSICWORK, Mature girl or middle as companion and secretary. Can drive car. SUNNYSIDE House-Home school and aged woman, neat, strong and cheerful, for

Best of references. References required. 914, nursery for happy children, 1-10. Open all plain cooking and general housework in Outlook.

year. Intelligent care. Refined environment.

Moderate terms.

YOUNG man, university graduate, wishes
Christian family,.3 adults, in convenient

Non-sectarian. Box 68,
lrouse, splendid neighborhood adjoining New position as tutor, companion, or secretary. Babylon, L. I.
York City; light, pleasant room, private Intelligent, cultured, versatile. 918, Outlook. DEFECTIVE CHILD-Two experienced,
bath. References given if desired. First class
character references required, including pas.

ENTHUSIASTIC traveler, refined, intel- successful motherly women will give personal

lectual young lady, 28, desires position as care and helpful training to defective child tor, if possible. Good, but not fancy, wages

traveling companion to gentlewoman. Refer- in private country home, one hour's ride and unusual permanent home for somebody ences. 919, Outlook.

from New York City ; references and details above ordinary servant type, willing to prove it by satisfactory service. Address, giving

TRAINED teacher-chaperon would like upon response. HELEN C. BRADLEY, West

Passaic Ave., near Day St., Bloomfield, N. J. age, nationality, qualifications, experience,

position as housemother or companion, or pay expected. 940, Outlook.

housekeeper where some help is kept. 938, WANTED—One or two small children to

WOMAN or young girl to take the physical

board in country. References. Address 900, care of two children, three and five years, and

YOUNG American woman, experienced, Outlook.
their rooms. No servants need apply. Ex-

educated, desires position going to Havana.
Nurse to children or invalid ; companion ;

SHAKESPEARE-How many questions
perience not necessary, or will take experi-
enced person. New York winters, country
secretary. 941, Outlook.

could you answer on Shakespeare ? Consult

the game * A Study of Shakespeare." Ensummers. References required. State salary

COMPANION-housekeeper, gentlewoman, unusual capabilities, most dependable and

dorsed by best authorities. Instructive and desired. Regular time otr, every consideration. Refined home. 943, Outlook. economical, take charge of household. 942,

entertaining. Price 50 cents. The ShakeOutlook.

speare Club, Camden, Me. Teachers and Governesses

WANTED, by capable, educated woman, LADY living near New York, where the WANTED—Competent English governess day time position in New York City as secre environment is of the best, will gladly take a for several children living outside Philadel- tary-companion. Is musical, literary, fitted child, giving it a mother's care and training. phia who attend school. 022, Outlook.

to be executive secretary or hostess house- $30 weekly. 927, Outlook.

keeper; or, would chaperon young, lady SITUATIONS WANTED student. References excellent. 948, Outlook.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency,

established 1895. No charge; proinpt delivery. Business Situations

WIDOW of refinement with little daughter, 44 West 22d St., New York.

7, would like position as housekeeper for EXPERIENCED woman, executive, secre- widower or bachelor where help is kept.

WANTED - Young women to take nine tarial training, desires interesting responsible 945, Outlook.

months' course in training for the care of position. Would travel. 930, Outlook.

LADY (Scottish) wishes position as secre

chronic and convalescent invalids. Address Companions and Domestic Helpers tary or secretary-companion. Willing to

Supt. F. E. Parker Home, New Brunswick,

N. J.
WANTED, by an experienced woman of

travel for expenses only. At present engaged
ability and pleasant personality, a position as

as secretary to principal large women's col- AMBITIOUS writers of photoplays, short

lege. Free March or April. Highest refer- stories, songs, poems, newspaper articles, housemother, housekeeper, or other execuences. 947, Outlook.

send to-day for FREE helpful booklet, tive position in summer camp for girls or

COMPANION. Young woman would like "Successful Writing.' Writer's Digest, S 688 boys for season of 1922. Satisfactory refer

to take place of daughter with elderly couple Butler Bldg., Cincinnati.
ences upon request. Address 821, Outlook.
MANAGING companion or secretary to

or lady living alone. Good homne more im- CORRECT breathing cure. For asthma
portant than salary. 944, Outlook.

and hay fever. Instructions illustrated. For elderly couple or lady living alone where

Teachers and Governesses

information address Frances refinement, education, responsibility, appre

E. Willard ciated. Mitchell, 118 Montague St., Brooklyn,

Memorial, National Physical Betterment INTELLIGENT young woman, college

Bureau, 220 West Park Ave., Mansfield, 0. N. Y.

graduate, experienced in care of children, NURSE, refined, for seni-invalid or elderly wishes position as governess June 20-Sep

“MAKE YOUR OWN" COLD CREAM. person going to California ; South; traveling. tember i. Travel preferred. Tutor French, Formula and directions for facial treatment, References. 889, Outlook.

German. Excellent references. 888, Outlook. $1. Mills, D, Suite 1121, 1133 Broadway, N. Y.

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