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BY SAMUEL VALENTINE COLE A visitor, casually running his hand over the books in Colonel Roosevelt's study at Sagamore Hill recently, came upon a volume of poems that opened at a place where a leaf had been turned down. He found a poem called "The Deacon's Prayer" heavily slashed with a pencil to right and left by a reader who evidently approved its sentiments with vehemence. The suspicion that the vigorous markings had been made by Colonel Roosevelt himself was verified by a sentence from a letter from the author to Mr. Roosevelt pasted on the inside front cover: "It is very gratifying to me to know that you were pleased with 'The Deacon's Prayer.' The poem was read at the meeting of the Roosevelt Pilgrims in the Trophy Room at Sagamore Hill on the third anniversary of Colonel Roosevelt's death.

He hymn had slowly died away;
Then came the pause, and, while

The brethren to exhort or pray,

The oldest deacon rose and prayed: "O Lord, thine erring ones we are;

Perhaps we do not understand; And yet we feel that, near and far,

There's need of danger in the land. "Some things are safe that should not be;

Mob-murder, bribery, the desire Of them, O Lord, who fear not thee,

To take away our food and fire. Because of safety overmuch, The wolves of commerce prowl and

seize; Thy truth is dangerous unto such;

Thy right, thy justice, send us these. “And, Lord—we hesitate in this,

So oft we err in speech and planWe ask-forgive us if amiss

We ask thee for some dangerous man. Was not thy servant, Lincoln, one

Him whom they hated so and slew? Recall thy servant, Washington; Thine enemies found him dangerous,


Bound up with the Destiny of the Country "TH

“And we remember One, dear Lord,

Who walked the ways of Galilee; He brought and left on earth a sword

None lives so dangerous as he! And, oh, we dare not pray this night

For peace with sin, lest everywhere That sword of justice, truth, and right

Lay on our path its awful glare! “Beat back the hosts of lawless might;

Quench this accursed thirst for gold; And with the love of heaven smite The hearts that now seem hard and

cold. Vouchsafe to us the power again

To turn 'I ought' into 'I can,' 'I can' into 'I will,' and then

Grant us, O Lord, some dangerous man. "Not one who merely sits and thinks,

Looks Buddha-wise, with folded hands; Who balances, and blinks, and shrinks, And questions—while we wait com

mands! Who dreams, perchance, that right and

wrong Will make their quarrel up some day, And discord be the same as song

Lord, not so safe a one, we pray! "Nor one who never makes mistakes

Because he makes not anything; But one who fares ahead and breaks

The path for truth's great following;

HE road with a destiny bound up with that of half

the country,” says the Boston Commercial, reviewing the development of the New York Central Lines.

This railroad system stretches from the North Atlantic ports of New York and Boston, across the rich manufacturing states that have given America its world leadership in industry-reaching the center of the automobile industry at Detroit, and the heart of the iron and steel district at Pittsburgh; and its western terminals are at Chicago and St. Louis, the Mississippi Valley gateways to the granaries of the West.

Within the territory served by the New York Central Lines are 50 million people, producing 65% of the manufactures of the country. Over these Lines is carried a tenth of the rail-borne commerce of the country-a traffic greater than that of all the railways of England and France.

From the first courageous railroad experiments of nearly a century ago, to the modern achievement of the Twentieth Century Limited service between New York and Chicago, the New York Central Lines have been not only carriers of commerce, but essential factors in the upbuilding of American communities and industries.




[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Who takes the way that brave men go-

Forever up stern duty's hill;
Who answers ‘Yes,' or thunders 'No,'

According to thy holy will. “We want a man whom we can trust,

To lead us where thy purpose leads; Who dares not lie, but dares be just

Give us the dangerous man of deeds!" So prayed the deacon, letting fall Each sentence from his heart; and

when He took his seat the brethren all,'

As by one impulse, cried, “Amen!"





ADVERTISING OUR tribute to the profession (or

Y e

FOR LIVER AFFECTIONS JAMES L. CABELL, A.M., M.D., LL.D., late Professor of Physiology and Surgery, University of Virginia : “Buffalo Mineral Springs Water contains in notable quan. tities two of the alkalies which are ac. credited as extremely valuable in the treatment of Gout, Lithiasis and Liver Affections. Numerous testimonials from the profession have established the fact that it has already accomplished results such as its composition would indicate." Buffalo Mineral Springs Water is helpful in the treatment of Albuminuria, Bladder and Kidney Stones, Bladder Inflammation, Enlarged Prostate, Rheumatism, Gravel, Gout, Neuritis, Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Acidosis, Dyspepsia, and Nausea from any cause. It is an active antacid Diuretic. Also a delightful non-carbonated table water. Physicians and other interested persons are invited to write to the Springs for “Fifty Years of Medical Opinions," a little book about Buffalo Mineral Springs Water written by many prominent physicians in parts of the country. At all Druggists. BUFFALO LITHIA SPRINGS, VIRGINIA

issue of January 4 is appreciated by many of us who are devoting our best efforts to this field, but I fear you get a little too close to idealism when you say that the advertising agent and solicitor have an organized code of ethics as strict as that of the lawyer or the physician.

Advertising in the field of commerce is to a large extent merely a form of salesmanship-salesmanship by printed word and picture rather than by, oral method. The standards of practice in the field of commerce have surely advanced, but commerce is still commercial and selfish to a considerable extent.

Nine-tenths of the solicitors of advertising find no difficulty in convincing themselves that their magazines, newspapers, or other mediums that they may represent are suitable for the advertising of every manufacturer or merchant whom they may approach.

The "Police Gazette" man in approaching the publisher of Bibles can hold, and with some logic, that his readers are not so well supplied with Bibles as the readers of the “Sunday. School Times"—therefore the field is a virgin one needing cultivation, etc.

Advertising agents do sometimes (perhaps I might say, “often") advise against advertising, but they too usually have no difficulty in convincing themselves that the prospective advertiser has a chance for success, and very often, I fear, are willing, as an advertising agent, to see him double his appropriation when, if they were directors on the advertiser's board, they would be more conservative. In other words, the advertising agent's job is to develop advertising. He is paid by publishers for doing that.

And as for advertising being a new profession! New methods have been adopted, but advertising, primarily, is as old as the hills. I read in the Book of Books that Noah advertised the coming of the flood aggressively but ineffectively, because he didn't succeed in getting people to believe him; and getting people to believe is to-day more difficult than to get them to see, read, or remember. But later Joseph ran a most successful outdoor campaign in the land of Egypt prior to the great famine. In Roman days there were




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This test will delight you


(Continued) earned a livelihood by the cutting of advertisements in stone-a form of medium that stuck around much longer than even the pages of the esteemed Outlook. And much later we had the town-crier, whose ieather-lunged offerings were quite as effective in a small way as the flaring headlines of a Willie Randolph-Hearst newspaper.

I write as an advertising writer and agent, also as one who spent years in the teaching of advertising and tried to teach good ideals. I think that business conscience has advanced in the field of advertising, as in other fields, but no faster. Study various kinds of advertising and see. Shameful though it may be, that most outrageous and cruel form of advertising-so-called consumptioncure announcements—are still inserted by fairly prominent mediums, and it has not been more than a year or so ago that the manager of one of your largest New York newspapers ingenuously justitied the publisher's part in the robbery of consumptives by saying that “if advertising agents and advertisers didn't send such advertising to the newspapers it wouldn't be published.” Isn't that like the newspapers?

It will be a long time probably before men with wares for sale will advance to the high ethical practice of the best type of lawyer or physician. The millennium Again we offer, and urge you to accept, is still in the sky.

this new teeth-cleaning method. S. ROLAND HALL. Millions now employ it. Leading dentists, Easton, Pennsylvania.

nearly all the world over, are urging its

adoption. The results are visible in whiter THE WAR AND FRENCH

teeth wherever you look today.

Bring them to your people.
NY sort of evidence of a change in

The war on film
sentiment or conduct brought about

Dental science has declared a war on film. by the Great War is worth noting. Last That is the cause of most tooth troubles. June the

Belgian-French dramatist And brushing methods of the past did not Franz Wiener, called Francis de Croisset, effectively combat it. made an effort to revive at the Théâtre

Film is that viscous coat you feel. It de Paris his verse drama “Chérubin," slings to teeth, enters crevices and stays. written several years ago, bitterly at

Then night and day it may do serious

damage. tacked and withdrawn at the Théâtre

Film absorbs stains, making the teeth look Français after the general rehearsal. dingy. It is the basis of tartar. It holds food The picturesquely abusive theatrical substance which ferments and forms acid. critic of the “Mercure de France,” Henri It holds the acid in contact with the teeth to Béraud, made the revival of the piece cause decay. the occasion of an insulting evaluation

Millions of germs breed in it. They, with of the playwright's talent and character, Very few people have escaped the troubles

tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea. in the course of which he made use of caused by film. the epithet

de limande (the limande is a flatfish). This spirited if Two film combatants somewhat obscure comparison, which in

Now two combatants have been found. its context is seen to apply to Monsieur

Many careful tests have proved their de Croisset's private life as well as his

efficiency. literary activities, would no doubt a few

A new-day tooth paste has been created, years back have cost powder, if not and these iwo film combatants are embodied blood; but its result in 1921 was a cold in it. The paste is called Pepsodent. note from the author of "Chérubin" to the "Mercure de France," quoting two citations for courage under fire,, with the comment:

REG.U.S. "Before the war, as I have proved, I never let such qualifications pass with- The New-Day Dentifrice out demanding satisfaction. I have changed my mind since. There are

The scientific film combatant, which others who have done the same."

brings five desired effects. Approved by Let us hope they are numerous. Duels modern authorities and now advised by were sometimes serious, even in France. leading dentists everywhere. All druggists Roy TEMPLE HOUSE.

supply the large tubes.

Now every time you brush your teeth you can fight those film-coats in these effective ways.

Also starch and acids Another tooth enemy is starch. It also clings to teeth, and in fermenting it forms acids.

To fight it Nature puts a starch digestant in saliva. She also puts alkalis there to neutralize the acids.

Pepsodent multiplies the salivary flow. It multiplies the starch digestant in the saliva. It multiplies the alkalis. Thus these teeth protecting forces, twice a day, are much increased.

They must be done These things must be done. Teeth with film or starch or acids are not white or clean or safe. You know yourself, no doubt, that old tooth-brushing methods are inadequate.

See what the new way does.

Make this pleasant ten-day test and watch your teeth improve.

A few days will tell Send the coupon for a 10-Day Tube. Note how clean the teeth feel after using. Mark the absence of the viscous film. See how teeth whiten as the film coats disappear.

Do this now. The effects will delight you and lead to constant delights. To all in your home they may bring new beauty, new protection for the teeth.




10-Day Tube Free

Dept. 678, 1104 S. Wabash Ave.,

Chicago, I11.
Mail 10-Day Tube of Pepsodent to

Only one tube to a family

The issues of March Fifteen and April Ninteen will also contain a Special Real Estate

Section particularly adapted for announcements for the Sale or Rental of Property


LAZY ACRES Banning, Cal. Cottage (shore) Camden, Me. Living, dining

The Artist's Paradise" Keene almond orchard. 2 bungalows, barn, mules, each. 8 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 enclosed porches,

N.Y. The heart of the Adirondacks. Cottages complete farm equipment. Excellent water garage. Winter, 123 Argyle Rd., Ardmore, Pa.

for rent, fully furnished. Ice, wood, garden, right. $40,000. Address J. G. Repplier, Owner.

and private garage. Mountain climbing, golf, BOOTHBAY HARBOR, ME. For Sale or Rent, CONNECTICUT Cottage and Bungalow on Soutlıport Shore.

tennis, bathing and motoring. $400 to $1,500.

Also boarding places suggested. Write for de Fine ocean and harbor view. Rent $150 and $200. Price $1,000 and $1,500. Easy terms. Send

tails. Matthew Crawford, Keene Valley, N.Y. BERKSHIRE HILLS for photos. J. H. Blair, Boothbay Harbor, Me.

ADIRONDACKS - near Elizabethtown and Vicinity COUNTRY BARGAIN

For $1,500 you can own a farmhouse in a High-class country estates for sale and to rent. luspect our offerings before deciding. On the edge of the village of Bar Mills,

beautiful mountain valley. Secluded but acwhich is on railroad inland 18 miles from Port

cessible to macadam road and R. R. station. E. L. PEABODY, Broker, Lakeville, Conn. land, a large house with modern improve

30 acres land, pure water, beautiful view.

Dr. C. R. PAYNE, Wadhams, N. Y. EASTERN POINT SALE or ments and ontbuildings, elevated, excellent 7-room Cottage in White Mountains

site and neighborhood, will be sold partly fur- All modern improvements, sleeping porch, 12-Room COTTAGE, 2 baths. S. T.


including, good piano, for $3,500; dePollard, 224 W. Lafayette Ave., Baltimore, Md. ferred payments if desired. Photo and details

beurd wood floors, large open fireplace

, acety: Crater Club, Essex-on-Lake Champlain.

lene light. Good fishing. No hay fever. Apply of JOHN D. HARDY, 10 High St., Boston. Edgar M. Bowker,

33 Elm St., Whitefield, N.H.

every convenience. Beautiful situation, mag

nificentviews of lake and mountains, fine trees, Mt. Desert Island Cottages NEW JERSEY

garden,and garage. For price, including furni

ture, and description address A. S. Newcomb, MRS. ALICE C. YOUNG, Real Estate,

Albany, N. Y.,or F.A.Alden, Columbia GramBox 213, Southwest Harbor, Me.


mar School, 7'West 93d St., New York, N. Y. Old Orchard Beach, Me. We have Furnished Home ADIRONDACKS KÆLLEY well furnished cottages for sale and to in New York's choicest suburb Furnished cottage for sale. About 5 acres. let. Harmon Realty Co., Old Orchard, Me.

Full particulars on application. 6,363, Outlook. pemaquid Harbor, MAINE COAST

Furnished cottages to rent. Good unless you happen to like what we like and


For Gentiles. 4 to 7 rooms and bath. boating, bathing, and fishing. Address Eva E. have needs we can supply. Do you like com- Running water. $150 to $300 for summer seaWhitehouse, 22 Pleasant St., Augusta, Maine.

fort? Here it is : Large rooms (13), plenty son. Surrounded by mountains. Fine center For sale-Farm and attractive summer home, of baths (5), adequate heat and light and all

for touring. Tubercular cases not accepted. 50 miles north of Portland, 3 miles Boston sorts of electrical appliances to make house

ALMON WARD, Cherokee St., Orlando, Fla. steamer, railroad direct to Portland and Bos

keeping easy. Do you want “hominess ”-the
ton. 80-acre farm, 30 tillage, rest wood, grow-
ing in value.Excellent springs, brook and well.

kind that comes from comfortable chairs and FOR SALE A beautiful Large substantial windinill. Buildings almost

wood fires and books? Have you children to Country HOME in a clean college town. new. 8-roomed house, large pantry, bath, two enjoy the nearly 2 acres of grounds with gar- Exceptional educational and Jibrary advanattics, two fireplaces, awnings, screens, storm dens (flowers and fruit), to play hide-and-seek

tages. Address Owner, Box 137, Alfred, N. Y. windows, banking boards, large barn and

in the top story of the old-fashioned barn
smaller one, farm tools, two large henhouses,
icehouse. Reason for selling, death. Bargain,

(the lower story is a garage for 2 cars)? Per For Rent in Catskills $6,500 cash. Furniture can be purchased at

haps you are afraid of “commuting." Try Furnished 6-room cottage. Reasonreasonable rate if taken before April. Ad- living in a house just 3 minutes' walk from able. LEE MICHELINI, Jetferson, N. Y. High elevation. One mile dress owner, M. B. A., 6,389, Outlook.

the station and 40 minutes from N. Y. Cityfrom New Haven. Approach SORRENTO, ME.

you will find commuting a pleasure and coun-FlightAL E.cat ENTURE INN,
6,327, Outlook.

beautiful bay. Excellent fishing and boating. either through the beautiful FOR SALE or TO LET. Modern Cot

Suitable for club, vacation house or summer tage, in Colonial farmhouse style, on shore of East Rock Park or New

hotel. Write G. E. Adams, Chaumont, N. Y. Frenchman's Bay. 8 rooms, fully furnished, 2

SUMMER HOMES baths, 4 open fireplaces. Rent $325 for season.

NORTH JERSEY SHORE Haven's finest avenue- Boating,swimming, tennis,golf. Apply to Mrs.

For Sale One

of the best equipped and most L. E. Rowe, 281 Benefit St., Providence, R. 1. ALLENHURST, DEAL

attractive farms in Dutchess Whitney Ave. Adjoins New

County. High elevation. Level tillage.

290 acres. Pure-bred Holsteins. 6,359, Outlook. & ASBURY PARK

MARYLAND Haven Country Club. House

Most complete list of furnished houses 14 rooms, all improvements. COLONIAL estates; modern country

now for rent and sale.

Willsboro Point, Lake Champlain places on beautiful tidewater rivers of MaryHot water heat.

FOR SALE-CAMP. Fully fur772 acres. land; shooting preserves; fertile inland farms; MILAN ROSS AGENCY

vished. Main room 18 it. x 25 ft., porch 10 ft. catalog free. Dixie Realty Co., Cambridge, Md.


wide, 35 ft. long; 40 ft. ell of bedrooms, maid's Also beautiful lake entirely MASSACHUSETTS

room. Opposite Main R. R. Station

Ice house, combination boat-house ASBURY PARK, N. J.

and garage, 2 boats. Beautiful pine grove 195 on premises. Barn, garage.

ft. frontage. Price $3,500. 6,371, Outlook. Orchard. Price $30,000.

CAPE Ocean Front Bungalows

Moderate rents.

ELBERON — in the Pines Lake George, N. Y.

S. W. Ball, 56 Pine St., N. Y. W. E. DAVIS, JR.


FOR SALE TRURO To Rent for Summer 3 bedrooms, use of bathroom, dining-room, 2 Fully Furnished Cottages and cold

, hot 902 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn.

Attractive Ocean Front

kitchen and living-room,forthe summer.

Near trolley and station. Applicants must

running water, filled icehouse; covered docks:
view-excellent bathing.
be refined Protestant people. 6,383, Outlook. 2 first-class gasoline motor launches, 15 and 25

horse-power engines, and 2 rowboats. Land 200 Gateway the Berkshires-Litchfield Hills Large living room, 4 bedrooms, bath room. dining room, Kitchen, and maid's room. 8250 A kragte baths, scar porch, 13 miles froin

feet wide on lake and 350 feet in depth. John For Rent-Attractive cottages and homes,

H. Gleason, 25 North Pearl St., Albany, N. Y. for the season. Apply by letter to Dr. F. A. summer of 1922-$500 to $3,500. All modern Washburn, 190 Bay State Rd., Boston, Mass.

N. Y. on D.L. & W., near station, to rent from conveniences. Estates, homes and farms

March 15th for six months. 6,255, Outlook.

TO RENT Wave Crest.

HOUSE at For Sale. WILLARD BAKER, Sharon, Conn. For Sale, SUNNY SPRING FARM,

Far Rockaway, Long Island. 7 bed
Berkshire Hills, altitude 1,800 ft. House,
bams, tenant house. Complete equipment.

rooms, 3 baths; fully furnished; for summer or
for all

the year; in perfect condition. Apply Rare bargain. Address owner, Mrs. R. HALL,

John F. Scott, 358 Fifth Ave., New York City. 54 Hollenbeck Ave., Great Barrington, Mass.

MANOMET BLUFFS Comfortable, well-located resi-
FOR FURNISHED COTTAGES FOR dence, situated convenient to the To rent for season of 1922 or longer
RENT In Historic Plymouth, Mass. S SALE

Lackawanna Terminal, schools, Attractive 12 Room House
4 cottages overlooking Cape Cod Bay. Ideal
location: all improvements; large screened churches and clubs. Nine well-

5 master bedrooms, 3 servants' bedrooms, 3

baths; 4 acres of land, including lawns, flowing porches, screened. Rentals $500 to $1,0m proportioned rooms and modern

er beds, and vegetable garden; garage, with season. References, Owner Mrs. H. F. Robin- bathroom. Unusually fine plot room and bath; stable and barn, chicken son, Waban, Mass. Tel. Ctr. Newton, 311-R.

of land. Ornamental trees and house, etc. Steam heat and electric lights. Charming home. antique furnishings, 8 rms.,

All on high bluff overlooking Long Island shrubbery. Garden. Garage for Sound. Mrs. CLEMENT W. BOOTH, bath;trees;bathing beach; interesting water views; rent $350. Apt. 6 rms. same advantages, two cars. Price $18,500. Posses

Southold, Long Island, N. Y. $300. Bertha B. Davis, Provincetown, Mass. sion May 1st. For further parA Maidless Bungalow

Pawling, Dutchess Co. Attractive new Dutch NEW HAMPSHIRE ticulars apply to my brokers,

Colonial house. All improvements, 9 rooms, 2

car garage,chauffeur's quarters.1% acres, near At delightful Daytona-built by

city. Rent $100 mo. Sale $15,000. 6,301, Outlook. owner for ease and comfort, with housekeeping almost automatic. Five rooms

LAKE SUNAPEE, N. H. F. M. CRAWLEY & BROS. and bath, every modern convenience. Charming Summer Homes and Cottages,

Plaza Building

SHELTER ISLAND, N. Y. Near golf club. Oseola Ina and The furnished, for rent and for sale. Write for Seville. Also one with six rooms.

(Where health and pleasure abound)
booklets. 'SARGENT & Co., New
London, N. H. Montclair,

New Jersey Furnished Cottages FOR RENT,
Headquarters Lake Sunapee Real Estate

Season 1922. Send for booklet. 112 Bellevue Avenue Daytona, Fla.

Free List of Houses For Sale and Rent Ralph G. Duvall, Shelter Island Heights, N.Y.
Peterborough, New Hampshire
For rent, an attractive, well furnished,

30 minutes from downtown, New York City.
Write VAN WINKLE CO., Rutherford, N. J.

THOUSAND ISLANDS ! SALE. Absentee ownership necessi modernized cottage, coutaining large living;

FOR SALE - An Excellent Summer sale. Near railroad. 40 miles from Tampa.

room, dining-room, kitchen, laundry, and Original homestead. 160 acres. $3,000. Mrs.

servants' dining-room, good pantry, five or Attractive. Country Home near New York Hotel. A money maker with 60 years' success

six master's chambers, two maids' rooms, City. 14-room fireproof house in exclusive ful reputation. Also summer homes, islands G. Ä. Evans, 1222 N. W. 7th Ave.,

Miami, Fla.
and three baths. Electric lights, aqueduct

section of Summit. Reinforced concrete con- and points. JOHN O'LEARY, Clayton, N. Y.
water, furnace, large screened piazza and struction, slate roof, spacious,comfortable,all

three fireplaces. Garage. Fine situation in modern improvements. 6 master's, 2 servants' RHODE ISLAND

beautiful country. Address CHARLES F. bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 sleeping porches. BillCamden, Me. Seashore and moun- BATCHELDER, 7 Kirkland St.,Cambridge, Mass. jardim lavendoxa bleisein alking distantes For Rental comfortably furnished

, furnisted high class summer cottages For Sale or Rent. 8-100m.colta feat

South Shore, R.I., near Weekapaug. Modern Best selections

FOR SALE, a nine-room house, lot improvements, fireplaces, verandas. Garage


At Montclair

Long Island




Rock Ridge Hall


Boston, Mau. Sailing March 8, 1922

Hotel Webster


Miss Elizabeth Timlow will take Berkshires Accommodations for a few FURNISHED For Sale or Rent House of 16 rooms

months. Riviera, Italy, Switzerland, Passion cents-in modern farmhouse, conveniently

Play, Rhine, Paris. Two vacancies. Write for located. Box 121, Great Barrington, Mass. Bath and two lavatories, porches, steam heat,

details. War Hospital, South Mountain, Pa. mountain spring water; near golf links and public library. Finest location in valley of

Health Resorts marvelous beauty. Apply to owner,

PARTIES APRIL to JUNE Hotels and Resorts
Mrs. JOHN SHERMAN, Dorset, Vermont
Various Prices

The Bethesda White Plains, Marlboro, Vermont, Near Brattleboro


A private sanitarium for invalids and aged BEACON TOURS Beautiful Stone Bungalow Little Bldg. Boston, Mass. St. George's, Sutherland Pinellas Florida lor terms Alice Gates Bug bee, m.8. feb. 2013 3 acres; State road; pine grove; 5 open firelaces, hot and cold water in 4 bedrooms;

felicences; located in a pune-forest, in the best “The White Birches” MOIANCO.FR.:J. mash, furnace, laundry. Bargain. Particulars FREE TRIP TO EUROPE will be 1. L. JACOBS, 480 Lexington Ave., N. Y. City.

part of Florida's justly famous climate; re- Ming Cook's Private House for Piivate Paan organizer of a small party. Established 1900. freshing, restful; fine Southern table; own

tients. Quiet; healthful; exclusive; reasondairy and garden ; outdoor life and recreation BABCOCK'S TOURS, 13 Halsey St., Brooklyn.

able. Address L. L. Cook, R.N., P. O. Box 26.

in the warm sunshine ; an ideal place to spend To rent, “ Appleboughs,” Woodstock, Vt.

the winter, especially for convalescents. Genuine old house, refurnished, refitted, but

Terins. very reasonable. Write for leaflet.

“ INTERPINES" atmosphere retained. Fireplaces, brook, sleeping tent, two bathrooms, garage; picturesque,

Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over overlooking the Ottaquechee River. Apply to

MASSACHUSETTS 26 years of successful work. Thorough, reDr. E. G. BRACKETT, 166 Newbury St., Boston, Mass.

liable, dependable and ethical. Every com. Conducted Tours to

THE WELDON HOTEL nuperior quality. Disorder of the nervous ayeVIRGINIA


tein a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D.,

Fred. W. Beward. Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

offers special winter rates for rooms, and will For Sale-Blue Ridge Camp. Boys' summer camp in Albemarle Co., Va. 250 acres good


serve at a moderate price a Club Breakfast, and. Swimming pool 300x30 ft., large pavilion,

Special Noonday Luncheon, and Evening dwellings, outbuildings, etc. 6,367, Outlook

Dinner. A series of weekly musicales and LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick
monthly dances given for the pleasure of our
guests. For further particulars apply to

Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to

People to Get Well Tours and Travel Sailing April 6, 12 and 29

J. T. SELLER, Manager. the personal study and specialized treat

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, OUR Scholarly leaders

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to


( late of The Walter Sanitarium have Leisurely itineraries British Isles, Switzerland, Passion Play, Tyrol, Italian Lakes, France.

For details write


Fine location. Hot and cold running water in

OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL nearly all bedrooms. Private baths. Sun-room. WHit

WANTED-Competent teachers for public Season 15 Boyd Street, Newton, Mass. Our table a specialty. Terms moderate. Tel.

and private schools. Calls coming every day. 821 Centre St., Boston 30, Mass.

Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Ageucy,

Albany, N. Y.

DIETITIANS, secretaries, cafeteria man

agers, governesses, matrons, housekeepers, Popular Routes; Abundant Sightseeing ;


social workers,

superintendents. Miss First Class Hotels ; Skilled Interpretation of

AVE. and

Richards, Providence, R.I. Box 5 East Side. European Art, History, Literature, Music;

Attractive cottage, excellent meals, in exclu- Boston, Trinity Court, 16 Jackson Hall, FriTravol Schools for Intensive Language Study.

sive Atlantic City home. Near Ambassador. days 11 to 1. Address Providence. INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURS

WANTED-Teachers all subjects. Good 65-A Franklin St.,


vacancies in schools and colleges. Interna

tional Musical and Educational Agency, CarALSO EARLY JUNE

negie Hall, N. Y. THE beauty, fascination, and mys

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and H. W. DUNNING tery of the Orient lures visitors

employee; housekeepers, matrons, dietifrom all over the world to Little Bldg. Boston, Mass.

tians, governesses, attendants, mother's help. (Near 5th Avenue)

ers, secretaries. 51 Trowbridge St., Cam

bridge, Mass.
S. S. Mauretania. First-
June 27

40 West 45th Street
class. Personally conducted
party. London to Naples. $1,090. Ninth sea-


GREETING CARDS The quaintest and most interesting of all son. Mrs. Nelson Chester, 64 W.92d St., N.Y.

Directly in the fashionable club and shopcountries. Come while the old age customs

10c folders, $1.00 dozen. Recompense, There

ping section. Within five minutes' walk to prevail. Write, mentioning “ Outlook" to SUMMER TOUR

is No Death, After Death in Arabia, Be of

all principal theaters. A high-class hotel Good Courage, God-Given Friend. Casterline, JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION

to the

patronized by those desiring the best accom- 176 Woodlawn Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. Care Traffic Dept.

modations at moderate cost.

Rates and map gladly sent upon request.


for full information
Sailing June 20 from San Francisco.

UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for any 69 days. Price $1,315. Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,


type of correspondence. 200 sheets high $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country With extension to China. 96 days. $1,750.

grade note paper and 100 envelopes printed Write adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooins

with your name and address postpaid $1.50.

with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, RE YOU PLANNING A EURO- BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL including meals. Special rates for two weeks

Samples on request. Lewis, 284 Second Ave., AF PEAN TRIP? Why bother over

Troy, N. Y. wearisome details ? Engage an intelligent wo

15 Boyd Street, Newton, Mass. or more. Location very central. Convenient
to all elevated and street car lines.

NOTE paper and envelopes. Your name man who knows the ropes and was in Europe

and address on 100 sheets good quality paper on war service 14 months to relieve you, yet TWO BOYS

and 100 envelopes. Blue or black ink. Postbe an interesting companion. 6,379, Outlook

paid $1. Huntington Press, 21 Bath St., of ages 15 to 17 may secure final places in

Norwich, Conn. party of 5 boys who will take bicycle tour in Mills College Summer School of Trave

England and France this summer, returning Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. in time for school in September. Leader is

HELP WANTED May 19 to Aug. 15. Three separate tours,

tutor of experience in European travel. Refexcellent programmes, with leadership and erences exchanged. For details address

West 720 St., through

Business Situations personnel especially attractive to those who

to 71st St., New York


Thayer St., Rochester, N. Y.

AND TWO appreciate the friendliness of culture.

WOMEN (PROTESTANTS) capable of ad

300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely Box 53, Mills College, California.

fireproof. One block to 72d St. en

dressing assemblies for congenial, lucrative

work. Must be well educated and able to trance of Central Park. Comfort and

meet people of the better class. Outline qual RAYMOND-WHITCOMB

refinement combined with moderate ifications, specifying business experience, if AND

rates. Send for illustrated booklet J. any, to Room 710, 522 Fifth Ave., New York. 6. TOURS & CRUISES The PASSION PLAY

Companions and Domestic Helpers

HOUSEMOTHER and semi-governess
Parties sailing in April, May, June and July.
Comprehensive itineraries, moderate prices.


Active, cheerful, educated American or Eu

ropean of competence and experience, one NORTH Send for Booklet A-10.

speaking German and (or) French preferred.

One child 6 and one 13, others at college,

mother in poor health. Two servants, auto. 506 Fifth Ave. New York City

Widow with 6 or 8 year child considered.

Ability to drive car important. Apply by

letter only, giving complete history and relSailing June 28,

erences. Address S. E. Corner Holliday and

Hillen, Baltimore, Md.
Twelfth Conducted

WANTED--Nursery governess or mother's
Rates $675 and up.

Albemarle Park helper, Protestant, educated, understands 148 N. Humphrey Ave., Oak Park, Ill.

Asheville, NC.

children, age 30-40 years, for two children,

4% and 6% years. Special attention to ladies alone. Private,

Situation permanent. Visiting Iceland, the North limited, reasonable. Side trips to Ireland,

Now is the time to visit

Highest references essential. Salary $80. Cape, the Norwegian Fjords, Scotland, and Spain. Auto tour from Grenoble

this charming English Inn

Summit, N. J. 923, Outlook. Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, to Nice(3 days), Corniche drive to Monte Carlo,

in the glorious "Land of MAN and wife to act as superintendent and Amalfi drive, Passion Play, coaching in Swit

the Sky." An all year matron, children's home (90_children), situand England. zerland.References:members of former tours.

resort for pleasure and

ated 1x miles from Easton, Pa. For particusport exclusively.

lars address Mrs. E. W. Evans, 65 N. Third St.,

Easton, Pa.

Perfect Golf in a Perfect Climate

WANTED—Refined, cultivated person be

Il’rite for Booklet" 0." Make Reservations, tween 25 and 40 (Protestant) as nursery govDelightful Tours through the

Sail March 8

erness and mother's helper for two little girls MADEIRA, GIBRALTAR, ALGIERS, MONACO, Spring and Summer, including

three and a half and six and a half. 975, NAPLES, CAIRO, THE NILE, JERUSALEM, the impressive “Passion Play.

In America -- An English Im

Teachers and Governesses
Send for our Booklets


LADY teacher wanted, retined, cultured, RAYMOND & WHITCOMB CO.

to teach English conversation to Japanese HOLLAND, ENGLAND, THE PASSION PLAY. 22 Beacon St., Boston

Limited parties enrolling now.

MARGO TERRACE gentleman, evenings. 986, Outlook. TEMPLE TOURS 65A FRANKLIN ST.

Asheville, N. C. A delightful hotel home. (For other Want Advertisements see BOSTON, MASS. Write P. H. BRANCH, Prop.

page 278)


Hotel Hargrave


in Travel


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