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The same high quality 3-in-One Oil that men have been using for 25 years to lubricate all kinds of light mechanisms—tools, guns, fishing tackle, bicycles, typewriters-is the "just right" oil for all modern household machinery.

Help your wife and lengthen the life of her mechanical assistants by regular applications of 3-in-One.

After you have properly oiled the big things-vacuum cleaner, sewing machine, washing machine, start in on the little ones—those locks, bolts, and hinges that stick, the old clocks that persistently lose time or run only when lying down.

3-in-One penetrates to the innermost friction points and works out all caked grease and dirt. The great viscosity of 3-in-One holds it in the bearings, where it reduces friction almost to the vanishing point.

There are many other valuable home and office uses for 3-in-One. These are all explained in a Dictionary which is packed with every bottle and sent with every sample.

FREE — Generous sample and Dictionary of Uses. Request them on a post card.

Sold at all good stores in 1-oz., 3-oz. and 8-oz. bottles and 3-oz. Handy Oil Cans.


Business Situations PRIVATE secretary-Experience: statesman, rector, literary, commercial. Now available. 990, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED woman, American, executive ability, desires position responsibility. Secretarial and editorial training. Stenographer. Miss Schanze, 116 East 93d St., New York.

EXPERIENCED woman of refinement and ability, pleasant personality, thoroughly conversant general office routine, desires position in small hotel, inn, club,or business office. Excellent references. 998, Outlook.

Companions and Domestic Helpers WANTED, by an experienced woman of ability and pleasant personality, a position as housemother, housekeeper, or other executive position in summer camp for girls or boys for season of 1922. Satisłactory references upon request. Address 821, Outlook.

MANAGING companion or secretary to elderly couple or lady living alone where refinement, education, responsibility, appreciated. Mitchell, 118 Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

WANTED, by capable, cultured woman, position; secretary, companion, or managing housekeeper. Excellent references. 955, Outlook.

HOUSEKEEPER or companion, Cultured, capable Southern woman. References, 981, Outlook.

MANAGING housekeeper desires position. Home, school, or club. 983, Outlook.

POSITION wanted. Experienced mother's helper, kindergarten and primary teacher. Exceptional success with delicate children. 972, Outlook.

YOUNG English woman, highly educated, socially trained, and widely traveled, desires position as secretary or companion. 18 stenographer, excellent seamstress, reader, packer, with amiable, adaptable disposition. Congenial surroundings more important than salary. 974, Outlook.

WANTED, by refined, educated Protestant woman, position as mother's helper, nursery governess, or managing housekeeper. References essential. Marie V. Sickles, 13 South Lake Ave., Albany, N. Y.

PROFESSOR'S wife, wishing to go home to England in June, would be glad of opportupity to act as child's nurse or companion to lady or children during voyage in exchange for passage. Accustomed to travel, and has had experience with children and invalids. Best references given and expected. 976, Outlook.

YOUNG lady desires position. Knowledge of nursing and mental cases. Highest references. 984, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as companion or mother's helper by refined young woman with good education. 989, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as companion and nurse to elderly invalid lady. Willing to travel. 985, Outlook.

WANTED, by cultured woman, position as housekeeper or companion. Has good health, is efficient, energetic, sensible. Refined environment and all expenses only remuneration for first month. 988, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED institutional housekeeper seeks position. References. 991, Outlook.

TWO kindergarten teachers desire employment together this summer. References. Anything considered. 994, Outlook.

POSITION wanted as superintendent of private estate; experienced in handling men, understands roads and landscape gardening : American, middle-aged, married. 996, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses SEVERAL women, 1922 graduates of Columbia University, desire positions as teachers or companions, Atlantic or Pacific islands. Room 714, Brooks Hall, 607 W. 116th St., New York City.


THREE-IN-ONE OIL COMPANY, 165 0. Broadway, New York


One of the most complete in the Enıpire State. Both fruit and ornamentals at prices as low as consistent with highest quality.

Catalogue on request. S. G. Harris Box 0 Tarrytown, N. Y.

Biggestand Best Berries

Direct from Plantation

Not the stale, tasteless street corner

kind, but plump, sweet, tender nutmeats, 5 LBS

full of flavory, goodness. Fresh, crisp, EXTRA LARGE

crunchy: Send down to the plantation VIRGINIA

for a sack of these supremely good nuts.

Roast them hot and crisp, make delicious SHELLED

candy and salted peanuts from our recipe PEANUTS

enclosed with every order. You can't $1.50

buy better peanuts at any price. We POSTPAID guarantee prompt shipment and absoEAST OF M188. lute satisfaction.' w. of Miss. 5c.lb extra. 10 lbs 82.75 Chesterfield Plantation A, Norfolk, Virginia YOUR WANTS in every line of household, educational, workers, teachers, nurses, business or professional assistants, etc., etc.-whether you require help or are seeking a situation, may be filled through a little announcement in the classified columns of The Outlook. If you have some article to sell or exchange, these columns may prove of real value to you as they have to many others. Send for descriptive circular and order blank AND FILL YOUR WANTS. Address

Department of Classified Advertising The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., N. Y.

Plants That Keep Faith” – For Real Success A dependable stock of superior small fruits-SUPREMELY TASTEFUL STRAWBERRIES; LARGE, LUSCIOUS RASPBERRIES ; GIANT, MEATY BLACKBERRIES; SPLENDID, HEAVILY' ROOTED GRAPES ; GOOSEBERRIES and CUR RANTS of rare flavor. Listed and illustrated in free cataNo. 104 sent on request showing a complete assortment of berries,garden roots,fruit trees, roses, hardy perennials,etc. J. T. LOVETT, BOX 289, LITTLE SILVER, N. J.

For 44 Years a Specialist in Berry Culture

MISCELLANEOUS MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will shop for you, services free. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The Outlook each week. No investment necessary. Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave. New York City.

DEFECTIVE CHILD-Two experienced, successful motherly women will give personal care and helpful training to defective child in private country home, one hour's ride from New York City; references and details upon response. HELEN C. BRADLEY, West Passaic Ave., near Day St.,

Bloomfield, N. J. YELLOWSTONE Park-Will organize and conduct any kind private trip. Unusual qualifications. 982, Outlook.

AMBITIOUS WRITERS send to-day for Free copy America's leading magazine for writers of photoplays, stories, poems, songs. Instructive, helpful. Writer's Digest, 688 Butler Building, Cincinnati.

BOOKKEEPING in a week. Dukes, Fox Street Station, New York.

YOUNG man, college student, wishes opportunity of any sort to spend summer in Europe. 979, Outlook.

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery. 25 West 24th St., New York.

WANTED – Young women to take nine months' course in training for the care of chronic and convalescent invalids. Address Supt. F. E. Parker Home, New Brunswick, N. J.

THE advertiser will buy strictly high class fancy work, hand made, or sell on commission. References. Mrs. R. W. Wright, 3304 Fairview Ave., Baltimore, Ma.


What 15c Will Bring You Only 15 cents

gives you the Pathfinder 13 From the sul illustrated weekly published at the ne- Nation's


Carter.Thorburn Introductions


- Contains many new shades of color not previously seen in Poppies;

flesh-colored, pale rose, brilliant SEEDS scarlet, slate and smoke colors.

EVERBLOOMING HOLLYHOCKBlooms from seed first year, July till late autumn. Profusely branch

ing, filled with large double flowers; They Come Up Smiling great variety of colors.


PINK-Very handsome. Send 10c and ask for Novelty Collection No. 220 and illustrated catalog of flowers and vegetable Seeds, or Send for the catalog alone. Mailed free. CARTERS TESTED SEEDS,Inc., 53 Barclay St.,N.Y.City

(Consolidated with J. M. Thorburn & Co.) Canadian Branch, 133 King St. E., Toronto, Ont.

Tre Man

tion's center for people everywhere; an independent home paper that tells the story of the world's news in an interesting, understandable way. This splendid National weekly costs but $1 a year. The Pathfinder is the Ford of the publishing world. Splendid serial and short stories and miscellany. Question Box answers your questions and is a mine of information. Send 15 cents and we will send the Pathfinder on probation 13 weeks. The 15 cents, does not repay v1g, but we are glad to invest in new friends. Address : he Pathfindor, 715 Langdon Sta., Washington, D.C.


“We are advertised by our loving friends


Mellin's Food


ERE is a questionnaire as to the au

thors of certain well-known quotations, poetical and otherwise. The authors are all New Yorkers by birth or adoption. The list, part of which appears in a New York daily paper, is as follows. Almost everybody can name some of the originators of the quotations, but who can name them all?

If any man attempts to haul down the flag, shoot him on the spot.

What are you going to do about it?
Touchin' on an' appertainin' to.
Gone where the woodbine twineth.

A good enough Morgan till after election.

Old ocean's gray and melancholy waste.

Woodman, spare that tree.
True inwardness.

Really and truly, I've nothing to wear.

All quiet along the Potomac tonight.

It is a condition which confronts us -not a theory.

Bowed by the weight of centuries, he leans upon his hoe.

Laugh and the world laughs with you.

I wish to preach not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life.

The gods are growing old.

An irrepressible conflict between opposing and enduring forces.


Earl E. Granger,
Hillsboro, Ohio

Mellin's Food Company,

Boston, Mass.


I must rescue my old favorite,

George S. Akroyd,

New London, Conn. Charles Dickens," a devotee of the famous novelist writes, “from the list you give in your issue of the 4th inst., in By the way, of authors guilty of astronomical bulls. It is true that Dickens made a star stand still for seven days in order that it might comfort the poor fellow who had fallen into a disused shaft. But you see it was the North star, and the shaft was an inclined shaft, at just the right inclination to the

GET OUT OF THE RUT : south to enable the rays from the star

become a certified Public or Cost Accountant: go into to reach the bottom. Lovers of Dickens business for yourself ; demand for expert accountants ex

ceeds the supply; our graduates earn over $5,000 yearly; of a past generation cannot stand for have more business than they can handle; learn at home any abuse of their old favorite."

in spare time by our new system. Write for booklet and

special offer. No solicitors will call.

Universal Business Institute, 363 Pullman Bldg., New York The Pullman conductor, on being asked about the difference of fifty cents St. John's Riverside Hospital Training in price between the upper and the

School for Nurses lower berth, explained, according to a

YONKERS, NEW YORK newspaper clipping: The lower is Registered in New York State, offers a 2 years' course

As general training to refined, educated women. Requirehigher than the upper. The higher ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the

Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York. price is for the lower. If you want it lower, you'll have to go higher. We sell the upper lower than the lower. Most people don't like the upper, although it is lower, on account of its being higher. When you occupy an upper you have to get up to go to bed and get down to get up."

EUROPE WHETHER you are traveling

independently-in a family party-or with a larger group, our current itineraries for travel in all parts of Europe will enable you to make the most of your opportunity and see in comfort all that is worth while.

We are Official Foreign Agents for the Passion Play. Information may be obtained and reserva. tions made at any of our offices. Thos. Cook & Son 245 BROADWAY 561 FIFTH AVE.

New York


The effect of "getting used to it" as a factor in our ideas of comfort is aptly illustrated by the story of "Jim Fiji" as told by Vilhjalmur Stefansson in "The Friendly Arctic." Jim grew to maturity in the warm climate of the Samoan Islands. He drifted to Chicago during the World's Fair of 1893 and tried to ship home from San Francisco. Instead, he found himself on a whaler taking a


(Continued) three years' voyage to the Arctic regions. He was miserably cold for the first year.

But later he learned to enjoy the North and stayed there for twenty-five years. Then, with his sav. ings, he concluded to go home to Samoa. But on his arrival in San Francisco he found the climate there too hot for comfort, and, knowing it would be still worse in Samoa, he concluded to go back to the Arctic. "Jim was landed on Cape Bathurst, the second most northerly point on the Canadian mainland,” says Stefansson, "and expects to live there the rest of his life.”



for MEN SHAWI HAWKNITS prove that

socks can look well and wear well. Both these qualities appeal to the sensible man. There is no reason for sacrificing either essential. SHAW STOCKING CO.

Lowell. Mass.

A young man of the mountain district of North Carolina, a Southern paper says, inherited a farm from his father. There were many difficulties about the title, so many as to dishearten the heir. "I am having so much trouble," he explained, "that I almost wish father had not died.”

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The use of red for tail lights on automobiles is deprecated in an article in the “Railway Age." This color, it is argued, should be restricted for use at extra-dangerous locations, such as rail. way crossings, boulevard crossings, and at places where material is piled in the streets. When an automobile driver follows red lights for mile after mile, it is said, the monotony nullifies their effect as a danger signal. An accident occurred in which the chauffeur said he had been following the red lights of cars ahead, and when he approached a railway crossing he took it for granted that the lights on the gates were those of an automobile. He turned out to pass the supposed car, ran through the gates and was struck by a train. The use of yellow tail lights for automobiles is the remedy suggested by the “Railway Age."


Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, so a leaflet devoted to "boosting" Colorado states, had 273,737 visitors, representing every State in the Union, last year—"which was more than the combined attendance of Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier, Grand Canyon, and Lassen National Parks." Colorado's income from tourists during the same period amounted to $35,000,000—nearly four times as much as the State's gold mines produced.

Court View of noted Montecito, Calif. Residence Francis T. Underhill, Santa Barbara, Calif., Architect


Steel Casements

Children's minds harbor curious ideas, and often grown people are mistaken about them. A somewhat amusing illustration of the fact is found in a book entitled “Psychoanalysis in the Classroom:" To a small girl an orphan was pointed out, with the remark, “That little girl hasn't any father or mother.” "Hasn't she?" the child asked. "And can she do just as she likes?” This comment follows: "Perhaps we may find here the reason for at least a part of the great interest that more fortunate children show in orphans and stories about orphans, which older people often ingenuously fancy arises from moral and philanthropic motives that

Made in varied designs for artistic residences and other substantial buildings

Crittall Casement Window Co., Manufacturers, Detroit




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Now as Never Before






5 lbs Fancy Shelled Peanuts $1.50

. ington Conference be followed by their natural and necessary sequence, our entry into some continuing society of nations (either League or new association) to forbid and provide against another conflagration which would leave the world in ashes? That depends absolutely upon what the people and this Administration believe to have been the mandate of the 1920 national election, for in America the people rule. Thus a right understanding of the meaning of that vote has become the pre-eminently vital question of the hour. Follow these weekly Educational Advertisements in the study of that question. Look next week for “ Seven Great Facts," and read THE

HAT has been the lasting heritage of the war? In brief, a

nation of keener thinking, knowledge-demanding people.

The war had a profound effect on the 100,000,000 inhabit$1.50 at Bookstores or Postpaid

ants of this country and created in the people a thirst for knowledge,

world wide in compass. The war instilled in the people the habit of BL BONI E LIVERIGHT

thinking in world wide terms, of wanting information on subjects
they never dreamed of before, of thinking more deeply on the

problems of the day. Since the war, during the political, social,
Direct from Plantation

economic adjustment, this habit has grown stronger until today Not the stale, tasteless street corner

there has never been manifest such eagerness among the people for kind, but plump, sweet, tender nutmeats,

knowledgeknowledge on every conceivable subject under the sun. 5 LBS

full of flavory, goodness. Fresh, crisp,

crunchy: Send down to the plantation

for a sack of these supremely good nuts.
Roast them hot and crisp, make delicious

Goes Hand in Hand With What Is to Come? SHELLED

candy and salted peanuts from our recipe PEANUTS enclosed with every order. You can't the Awakened World

How shall America readjust her industrial $1.50 buy better peanuts at any price. We

conditions? What will be the eventual results POSTPAID guarantee prompt shipment and abso- Where can people find the means to satisfy this EAST OF MISS. lute satisfaction. w. of Miss. 50. lb extra. demand for knowledge? The greatest reservoir of from the Disarmament Conference? How will 10 lbs 82.75 Chesterfield Plantation A, Norfolk, Virginia

knowledge in existence-authoritative and comprehen- Europe stabilize herself? Will the new nations
sive-is the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the most widely
known, the most reverenced-the resource of thousands

created by the war last? Is the fall of the Bol.
of men and women seekers of knowledge in every shevist regime in Russia imminent? Will Ger-
generation for a century and a half. It is the book

many fulfill its treaty obligations?
of the hour to satisfy the increased demand for
the country are delivering knowledge by the awakened people of today.

By means of the extraordinary articles in the En-
The Outlook each week in
Today the man and woman needs every ounce of

cyclopaedia Britannica on economics, industries, poliknowledge he or she ca obtain in order to cope with

tics, government, labor and capital you will be able their neighborhoods and earn

the present business, political, social and economic
readjustment. The man who holds his job today during

to obtain a clear insight into the problems of today. ing cash profits. If there are

this readjustment period is he who is particularly fitted

for his work, the man who knows more than his ambitious boys or girls in your

Low Prices and Easy Terms fellows. Knowledge is always above par in the market

and the easiest commodity in the world to sell, as an family, why not have them write

employer will gladly pay your price if you have the At the prices we are selling these sets you are getknowledge to deliver.

ting an enormous book value. This is the complete us at once for full particulars?

latest edition of this famous Encyclopaedia, of which Guide to Sound Learning there have been sold more than 200,000 sets. The sets

are bound in a special high quality of cloth, buckram, CARRIER DEPARTMENT The Britannica has had a long and enviable career, and in the finest leathers obtainable. The workman

and has grown in authority and esteem from genera- ship is the best. Other materials used are the highest THE OUTLOOK COMPANY

tion to generation until it occupies the position today grade. These sets are printed on the genuine India as the great reference book, ahead of any other in paper-the beautiful, light, strong, thin but opaque any country or any language.

sheet which makes this great work much more con381 Fourth Avenue, New York

In placing the latest edition before the public, the venient to handle and more inviting to read.
Press of the University of Cambridge announced :

“The Eleventh ition of the End lopaedia Britannica Stop and consider this wonderful bargain-this faTEACHERS' AGENCIES is now offered to the public by the University of mous Britannica, in the tremendously popular Handy

Cambridge in the hope and belief that it will be found Volume issue, sold for a small payment with order The Pratt Teachers

Agency instruments de culture

to be a trustworthy guide to sound learning, and an and moderate monthly amounts for a limited period.

instrument of culture and world wide influence. 70 Fifth Avenue, New York

Seldom has a hope been so completely realized. Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools Advises parents about schools. wm. 0. Pratt, Mgr. What It Will Do for You Send for Our Big Booklet

The Britannica will stimulate you to improve your

We have prepared a book with hundreds of halfeducation. It will furnish you with a teacher of any tones, beautifully printed and larger than the ordinary TRAINING SCHOOLS FOR NURSES

subject you wish to study-a teacher who is master of magazine, describing this great Encyclopaedia. This his subject and tells what he knows in clear, simple

book cost us, to prepare and print, thousands of St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

dollars. language-a teacher who is always at your command.

It is sent to you, without charge and postIt will give you the answers to the thousand and paid for the asking. Please fill out carefully the School for Nurses

one questions that the morning paper, sermons and coupon, with your name and address, and mail it to us books prompt in every active mind.


It will enable you to lay out a plan of education for If you are ready to subscribe now, write an

your children and keep abreast with their studies. Registered in New York State, offers a 2% years' course- It will give you the history of every country, every

order on a piece of paper and mail with a dollar as general training to refined, educated women. Require. race, every city and the lives of all the men and bill, and we will give your order prompt attenments one year higin school or its equivalent. Apply to the women who have left their mark upon the world.

tion. Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

BOYS and GIRLS, al over


Sears, Roebuck and Co., Chicago, Ill.

Gentlemen:. Please send me, postpaid, your illustrated book No. 23V, giving full information about the new Encyclopaedia Britannica. Also tell me what I will have to pay for a set and the easy terms on which I may purchase the Britannica printed on India paper.



Author of LIVE AND GROW YOUNG This little booklet contains five messages from the Boundless Empire of the Soul. 1st. The Empire of the Soul 2d. Prolonged Life and Immortality 3d. Exaggeration and Minimization 4th. Inspiration

5th. The Weaver's Choice The Empire of the Soul can be reached during sleep, for night is day time for the soul. This little booklet will help you understand the power that comes to you from dreams and will help you live and grow young.

PRICE 32 cents by mail. 305 West End Ave., NEW YORK

29 Volumes
30,000 Pages
44,000,000 Words
500,000 References
Complete Latest Edition.
You Pay in Monthly Parts.

R. F. D.
and No.




THE OUTLOOK, February 22, 1922. Volume 130, Number 8. Published weekly by the Outlook Company at 381 Fourth Avenue, New York, N.

Entered as second-class matter, July 21, 1803, at the Post Office at New York, under the Act of March

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CHAPERONAGE to EUROPE Mrs. Smith and Miss Gray will close their New York chaperonage for girls June 1st and will accompany a few girls on a travel tour : Paris, The Battlefields, Belgium and England.

For particulars, address Mrs. Christine Smith and Miss Fanny J. Gray, The Wyoming, 7th Ave, at 55th St., N. Y. City

Tel. Circle 1286

Copyright, 1922, by The Outlook Company

Sead for Recipe Book




Vol. 130 February 22, 1922

No. 8




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Summer and winter sessions.


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Walter Camp's New Way

to Keep Fit

Courses in English, Spanish, HOME Mathematics, Chemistry, Draw. STUDY 35 other subject, are given by cor

respondence. Begin any time. The University of Chicago

Division 10. Chicago, I.

L30th Year

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The Dilemma of the Bonus...

285 Mob Violence a Federal Offense..... 285 The New Hague Court....

286 President Loder.

286 Unrest in India.....

286 Gentlemen, Let's Look to Our Business 287

Cartoons of the Week Turmoil in Ireland...

288 The Italian Cabinet and the Roman Church......

288 An Unarmed Peace....

289 An Athletic Tragedy ..

289 The Use and Misuse of the Bible.... 290

By Lyman Abbott Railways, Coal, and a Super-Union.. 291

Special Correspondence from Washington

by William P. Helm, Jr. A Conference of Renunciation....... 292

By Ernest Hamlin Abbott
It Signs Well, Does It Not P......... 294
The Goats: Our Foreign-Born Who
Can't Be Naturalized, and Why... 296

By Paul Lee Ellerbe
How Italy Governs Her New Teutonic

By Bruno Roselli
Taxation of Labor Unions.... ... 301
By Everett P. Wheeler

: A By President Angell of Yale Rome and the New World .......... 303

By P. W. Wilson Uncle Giles.....

306 By Dorothy Canfield The Owl and the Pussy-Cat....... 308

Pictures from Outlook Readers
The Book Table :

Poetry and Collar-Buttons... 309
The New Books.....


Walter Camp, Yale's celebrated football coach, has been teaching men and women everywhere how to keep fit-"on edge”-full of bounding health and youthful vitality-and how to enjoy doing it. Walter Camp says that a civilized, indoor man is a "captive animal," just as much as a tiger in a cage. But the tiger instinctively knows how to take the kind of exercise he needs to keep fit-he stretches, turns and twists his “trunk muscles''-the very same muscles that tend to become weak and flabby in indoor men and women. With Mr. Camp's permission the “Daily Dozen" exercises have now been set to spirited music on phonograph records. They supply exactly the right movements to put these vitally important "trunk muscles" into the pink of condition, and keep them there. These twelve remarkable exercises, done to music, with a voice on the record calling out the commands, are all you need to keep your whole body in splendid condition-and they take only 10 minutes a day. You will also receive a set of handsome charts, with actual photographs showing exactly the move to make at each command. It is simple as A-B-C.

RECORD FREE See for yourself what Walter Camp's “Daily Dozen" combined with the Health Builder System will do for you, without a dollar of expense. We will send you, entirely free, a sample phonograph record carrying two of the special movements, with a voice giving the directions and commands, and specially selected music to exercise to. Also a free chart showing positions, with complete directions. Get this free record, put it phonograph, and try it. There is no obligationthe record is yours to keep. Just enclose a quarter (or 25 cents in stamps) with the coupon to cover postage, packing, etc. Send coupon-to-day -now-to Health Builders, Dept. 62, Oyster Bay, New York


WALNUT HILL SCHOOL 23 Highland St., Natick, Mass. A College Prepara tory School for Girls 17 aniles from Boston. Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals


N.S A Country School for Girls. College Preparatory and A demic Courses. Mrs. SARAH WOODMAN, PAUL Principal





Valcour Island Lake Champla

16th Season Camp Penn will appeal to those parents and bo who think a camp should mean more than merel a summer resort. Ours is a REAL cam planned to develop resourcefulness and a capacity for self-help. Healthful site, trained staff, resides physician, select group of boys.

Our booklet describes a rery unusual system. Chas. K. Taylor, Carteret Academy, Orange, N.

CAMP SOKOKIS, for Boy Bridgton, Me. On famous Long Lake. the foothills of the White Mountains Sinall. home camp. Bungalows. Book Rd., Brooklyn, New York. Tel. Flatbush 37


Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire SELECT AND SUPERIOR GIRLS' CAMP All land and water sports, horseback riding and hikes supervision by trained leaders; health, happiness, vel reliance and good sportsmanship: a camp of quality character; wonderful climatic conditions.

Booklet upon request-correspondence inviteil. Camp Drumtochty-New London, N. H.

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