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(Continued) by their father. Park guards stamping their feet to keep warm. Red-wreathed motor cars bearing families to dinner. Here is a sparkling, icicle-fringed spring. There a boy urging his dog to chase a squirrel. All indicative of life, and I have caught the spirit.

I have often taken the same ride and returned prostrated from the mere exertion of being carried along. Too exhausted to smile, too spiritually worn to talk. I have wondered why my nurse could not understand my weakness and refrain from asking unnecessary questions. I have been forced to speak curtly, if at all. Weeks of being shut in with the monotonous noises and odors of cooking try the patience of a saint. The invalid becomes unavoidably grouchy; the nurse, full of life, naturally finds this attitude of the invalid hard to bear. The invalid naturally expects the nurse to smile at all times.

There is something fascinating about those words "take care of.” It means to cherish, to protect, to keep always in good condition. I believe the advertiser knows how “to take care of" a grouchy invalid by side-stepping her ill temper and avoiding collision.

Entering the great arena of advertising simply clad, the nurse sling-shots that little word "plain" and the "Goliath" of false soliciting receives a fatal blow.

I want the nurse—the nurse wants me -honesty brought it about. Advertising's highest aim is accomplished.

FLORENCE TOURISON REID. Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


How you admire a shining new tool-clean, keen and smooth working! How you love to finger the polished steel, and feel the keen edge, or, if it's automatic, to work the ingenious mechanism !

The Universal

High Quality Oil keeps tools like new. Rubbed on the metal parts, it forms a protective film that defies moisture, preventing unsightly, destructive rust.

On the wooden parts, 3-in-One cleans off all grease and grime, preserving the wood and giving long life.

As a tool lubricant, 3-in-One goes to the very heart of the mechanism, works out cakod grease and dirt, and stays in the bearing to reduce friction and make the work easier.

And on oil stones! My, how quickly 3-in-One produces a perfect cutting edge, keen and smooth.

3-in-One is such a wonder for tools because it's all pure oil-no grit, no grease, no acid. Nothing to injure-everything to keep tools looking and working like new.

3-in-One is sold at all good stores in 1-oz., 3-oz. and 8-oz. bottles ; also in 3-oz. Handy Oil Cans that won't upset and spill on your work bench. They also fit in your hunting kit or slip into your pocket. Try the Handy Oil Can. FREE. Generous sample and Dictionary of Uses. Write for them on a postal card.

THREE-IN-ONE OIL CO., 165 R Broadway, New York










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SHALL disappoint you, for I've never

been profoundly influenced by an advertisement. An advertisement has never had a lasting effect on my family life, although one nearly did. I once saw an advertisement in an English paper of "honest to goodness" sweet potatoes—unless you've been long an exile you can't realize what pulling force it had. I bought a can, and was sick for three days. For those three days my family suffered from the tyranny of an outraged digestion—the direct result of advertising.

As far as I know, an advertisement has never subtly or extensively educated me; but I've never read a book on etiquette (you advertise them occasionally, don't you?) and I still insist on defying convention in wearing a soft shirt with a dinner jacket.

But I've found many a good book through the advertising pages of The Outlook, and yet it's been the books, not the advertisements, that have had a lasting influence on me. We'll not find our "super ad” among the publishers' announcements; announcements that generally fail to recognize the value of white paper free from crowded type.

1 It was decided to award two full third prizes.

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One can't blame them for crowding in as many titles as possible when rates are high and interests are catholic. Perhaps it's good business, but it puts them off side in your contest.

Now I live in a country (otherwise hospitable, except that people will persist in arching their eyebrows when I ask for a glass of water at breakfast) where the income tax is six shillings in the pound, and where those that collect the tax-I can't find out if they have to pay themselves—are giants of efficiency compared even with the most zealous agents of the Inquisition, and they didn't miss much! Small wonder, then, that your advertisements of stocks and

Main Street, Arcade bonds, of investment and trust com

N.Y., showing some of

“Community Water panies, get but the most cursory of

the buildings heated

by steam from the Supply,” " Comglances. And yet it's for one of these

Electric Light Plant. I cast my vote.

munity Electricity,” On the first page of the Financial Sec

“Community Gas” are so comtion in your issue of December 14 is the advertisement. Never mind yet what

monplace you give them no more it's about. A few lines of italic in the

than a passing thought. Are you upper left corner catch the eye. Why? You know why or you'd never have told

equally familiar with “Comme to put my name and address in the upper left corner of this letter.

munity Heating”? Next comes the picture. It never

Arcade, N. Y., heats the busihung in the Academy, and never will, but it holds you. And now you're "in,"

ness buildings and the schoolfor you've read "When Wills Were

house, using exhaust steam from Signed With Quills," and you'll go on and read. What a phrase that is! No

the municipal electric light plant. need to enlarge on years of successful business; no need to boast of unim

The system will fully pay for peachable integrity; of a courteous ser

itself in a very few years, and vice and a well-satisfied clientele. The

then will return about $5,000 picture and that phrase have already told you that—that and more. Here is

net profit per year from a product no bludgeoning, no clutching at the sleeve to demand attention. Here will

formerly wasted. one find dignity, courtesy, and intelli

Interior and Exterior of Municipal Light

But the profit is greater than gent service. Some day I shall go and

and Heat Plant, Arcade, N. Y. find out if I am right.

Circular insert shows main leaving Light

this! There are reduced insurance and Heat Plant for School Buildings, ROBERT D. MORSS.

across the street.

rates, lessened fire risk, freedom London, England.

from furnace-tending, no coal-deliveries or ash collections. THIRD PRIZE

For 40 years we have been installing “Community Heating" HOW I BECAME A BOND Systems for Industrial Plants, Institutions, groups of residences,

etc., distributing steam through mains like water, gas, elecOWNER

tricity ; paid for similarly by meter. ORTY Years Without Loss to Any “F

Investor." That is a striking Write for complete data regarding cost, operation and profits. statement in these days of press reports Is there exhaust steam being wasted by any plant in your neighborof financial failures and consequent investment losses. But in clear bold-faced

hood? type in The Outlook of December 28

Ask for Bulletin No. 20-0) on “Adsco Community Heating.” S. W. Straus & Co. make that statement the caption of their advertisement of in

Bulletin No. 158-0 describes “Adsco Heating" for individual vestment bonds. The caption literally hooked into my consciousness. It com-buildings. Name of your architect appreciated. pelled a reading of what followed. The effect was to make me want to know

AMERICAN DISTRICT STEAM COMPANY more about their plan, so I sent for

NORTH TONAWANDA.N.Y. Booklet A-1205, mentioned in the advertisement.

BRANCHES : When one is turning through the ad. 30 Church St.

First National Bank Bldg.

Hoge Bldg. New York vertising pages of a magazine, some


Seattle what listlessly perhaps, just glancing at the pictures and at whatever catches the eye, an advertisement that can jerk one up short has merit. But when in addition it makes you want to do what it says to do, and makes you want to do





(Continued) it so badly that you get out your stationery and fountain pen and write a note of request, such an advertisement has pulling power.

But what has the advertisement resulted in meaning to me? In the first place, there has been an educational value to my inquiry into the information sent me of which I am quite conscious. For instance, I am informed there is a difference between an investment and a business venture. I should have arrived at that conclusion by experience. I had not done so. I had continued to regard certain stock I had bought to be an investment. The fallacy is shattered by the explanatory state ments in the booklet sent me.

Then there is the idea of a goal. "Lack of a definite objective in life is probably the most frequent cause for failure,” says the Straus booklet. I have long believed in that as a sound

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40 Years Without Loss to

Any Investor

NOTHER year ances dere has been added & the

record W. Strass & C We w nim business forts van win a thin, no intester has

evet se dollar of principal of were or tuffe ref delas in pas cet of either, on any mocurity purchase of us

Rubiodrien hond we well is the record, the new valuable
ant wc po an asset we are determmed to rain.
Behind evers and to the experience, the matured mi
wamed judgment, and the bad tish of our Orpaluation

Bhrad nerv hind is - safet? We have prepared now anniversary beklet, giving the sons for our record, and ourfirving the growth of S. W. Strul Roll bedna.sg is 62, to a nationwide oprication, it offees in hreen principal citra le in yours for the askine Write for it tinas, and spect


The almost unceasing activity with which children work off their surplus energy makes good and nutri

tious food a continual necessity. Of all the food drinks Baker's Cocoa is the most perfect, supplying as it does much valuable material

for the upbuilding of their growing bodies. Just as good forolder people. It is delicious, too, of fine flavor and aroma.

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Forty years without loss to any investor

U... PAT, OPP.

The appeal of this advertisement

helped to split our third prize


Walter Baker & Co. Ltd.

Established 1780 DORCHESTER, MASS. Booklet of Choice Recipes sent free.

Vape Pesolen.

principle underlying the vocational and spiritual aspirations of my life, but had not applied it to my savings. I asked myself the question, “Why should the economic in my life be left to chance?" And then I read, “Decide on saving and safely investing a specific amount each month." I made the decision. And as I studied the ten points of the Straus plan for issuing and safeguarding firstmortgage bonds I further decided to avail myself of their experience. I followed the decision by making the initial savings investment toward a firstmortgage bond.

This advertisement of S. W. Straus & Co. is, in my opinion, the best printed in The Outlook in 1921 because it has started me on a course that may make all the difference between a life of independence and one of dependence, and of .consequent unhappiness, in old age. I could not be happy to be dependent. My business ventures might turn out badly, as have many before mine. As a result of this advertisement, I have started the year 1922 with a larger outlook on life because better safeguarded in its economic aspects through acting on The Outlook's best advertisement printed in 1921. Mrs. Cora P. RICHARDSON.

Evanston, Mlinois.

The Vapor

for Coughs Est. 1879

and Colds The time for Vapo-Cresolene is at the first indication of a cold or sore throat, which are so often the warnings of dangerous complications.

Simple to use; you just light the little lamp that vaporizes the Cresolene and place it near the bed at night.

The soothing antiseptic vapor is breathed all night, making breathing easy, relieving the cough and easing the sore throat and congested chest.

Cresolene is recommended for Whooping Cough, Spasmodic Croup, Influenza, Bronchitis, Coughs and Nasal Catarrh. Its germicidal qualities make it a reliable protection when these diseases are epidemic. It gives great relief in Asthma.

Cresolene has been recommended and used for the past 42 years. The benefit derived from it is unquestionable.

Sold by draggists. Send for descriptive booklet 31. The VAPO-CRESOLENE CO., 62 Cortlandt St., New York, or Leming-Miles Bldg., Montreal, Canada.



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OOKS that attempt to analyze and

explain wit and humor are usually accounted pretty dull; but a chapter on the Technique of Wit in a new book entitled "Fundamental Conceptions of Psychoanalysis” keenly interests the reader both by its comments and its examples. Under the head of automatism the author says:

By this mechanism a person falls into a certain trend of thought, gets accustomed to it and follows it automatically, regardless of whether it has logic or not. Examples:

A dentist had to crawl under his auto in order to make some adjustment in the machinery. Applying the monkey wrench to it he said soothingly: "Now this is going to hurt just a little."

The father of the bride, an undertaker, was busily engaged in getting everything ready for the departure of the newlyweds for their honeymoon. At last all the baggage was in the car, and after taking affectionate leave of his son-in-law and daughter he slammed the door of the car and cried to the driver, “Cypress Hills"

(one of our great cemeteries). Illustrating the form of wit called ellipsis we find this paragraph:

The question is asked, “Do you think ignorance is bliss ?” And the answer is, “Well, you seem to be happy!" As is seen, at least one thought is left out between the ques

tion and the answer. This is listed under "the mechanism of outdoing :"

A Jew and a Greek are in a café. Says the Greek: “You know, Jacob, the old Greeks were the most wonderful people that ever lived. They knew everything. Just recently they were digging around the Acropolis in Athens and they found wires, which shows that the old Greeks used telegraphy." Then the Jew: "That's alright, but I tell you the Jews were the most wonderful people. They recently dug around the walls of Jerusalem and did not find anything, which shows that the old Jews used wireless telegraphy!"

This illustration shows Home of Beauty No. 102, built by Mr. J. C. Breckon at Denver, Colorado. Mr. Breckon says: "The house has caused much favorable comment. I consider it an extremely artistic little house." The interior is just as distinctive as the exterior.

Substantial Homes MPRE

CORE and more home builders are coming to realize that the

Face Brick home gives them the utmost of utility, strength and beauty, at the greatest ultimate economy.

Whether your home is to be large or small you will be interested in the many advantages Face Brick offers you.

Face Brick, with its wide range of color tones and textures, has almost limitless artistic possibilities. Through durability and fire. safety, and by reducing repairs, depreciation, insurance rates and fuel costs to a minimum, it gives you, in the long run, the cheapest house you can build.

You will find a full discussion of these matters in “The Story of Brick," an artistic booklet with numerous illustrations and useful building information. Sent free on request.

"Face Brick Bungalow and Small House Plans" are issued in four booklets, showing 3 to 4-room houses, 5-room houses, 6 room houses, and 7 to 8-room houses, in all ninety-two, each reversible with a different exterior design. These designs are unusual and distinctive, combined with convenient interiors and economical construction. The entire set for one dollar. Any one of the booklets, 25 cents, preferably in stamps.

We have the complete working drawings, specifications and masonry quantity estimates at nominal prices. Select from the book. lets the designs you like best and order the plans, even if you are not going to build now, for their study will be not only interesting and instructive, but helpful in formulating your future plans.

You may want“The Home of Beauty," fifty designs, mostly two stories, representing a wide variety of architectural styles and floor plans. Sent for 50 cents in stamps. We also distribute complete working drawings, specifications and quantity estimates for these houses at nominal prices.

Address, American Face Brick Association, 1139 Westminster Building, Chicago, Illinois.

An appreciative valentine for the doctor is published in the “Journal” of the American Medical Association, and some of our readers may like to clip it and hold it for sending next year to a good doctor:

Dear doctor, you're my valentine:
For you alone I daily pine,
You come to me whene'er I call,
You calm then each internal squall,
You hold my hand, you read my eyes,
You scan my face without surprise,
And when my heart beats, can't you see,
It beats, dear doctor, just for thee!

A contributor to the "Atlantic," talking of books and reading, says that among a multitude of books that he has read and liked there are only three that he has read more than once—“Vanity Fair," "Treasure Island," and Boswell's "Life of Johnson." Any one of a book

(Continued on page 404)

The Financial Department is prepared to furnish information regarding standard investment securities, but cannot undertake to advise the purchase of any specific security. It will give to inquirers facts of record or information resulting from expert investigation, and a nominal charge of one dollar per inquiry will be made for this special service. All letters of inquiry should be addressed to THE OUTLOOK FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York

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