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SAFE AND SANE for Coughs and Colds

For Intestinal Disturbances

This syrup.is different from all others.
Pleasant - gives quick relief. Contains
no opiates - good for young and old

“Buffalo Mineral Springs Water can be
relied upon as highly efficacious in all the
various gastro-intestinal disturbances.”—
E. C. LAIRD, M.D., former Resident
Physician at the Springs.

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As the war caused the world's finan. cial center to shift from London to New York, so it changed the shipping center. Hamburg before the war had the greatest tonnage of any European port; now, according to the Liverpool "Journal of Commerce," a struggle is going on between Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Hamburg as to which shall play the leading rôle in the future carrying trade; in this contest Rotterdam so far appears to have the advantage. Among many other improved harbor appliances, Rotterdam possesses thirty-five floating grain elevators, which raise the grain by suction from the hold of a vessel and squirt it into the Rhine barges, weighing it automatically during the process.

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Buffalo Mineral Springs Water
is helpful in the treatment of
Albuminuria, Bladder and Kidney
Stones, Bladder Inflammation,
Enlarged Prostate, Rheumatism,
Gravel, Gout, Neuritis, Bright's
Disease, Diabetes, Acidosis, Dys-
pepsia, and Nausea from any cause.
It is an active antacid Diuretic.
Also a delightful non-carbonated
table water.
Physicians and other interested
persons are invited to write to
the Springs for “Fifty Years of
Medical Opinions," a little book
about Buffalo Mineral Springs
Water written by many prominent
physicians in all parts of the coun-
try. At all Druggists.


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The fatal lure of the edelweiss was responsible, according to recent reports, for the death of nearly a score of persons in the Alps during the past season. The plant grows on steep and rocky slopes and often on overhanging preci. pices, and the temptation to "go just a little farther" to secure the blossom takes the climber to an insecure place and he pays with his life the penalty for

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(Continued) his daring. Altogether 127 persons lost their lives in Alpine climbing this year. No American was in this list; two Britons were victims; most of those who lost their lives were venturesome Swiss who went out unattended by guides.


During the early days of the Russian Revolution, a contributor to the “Atlantic” says, robberies were frequent in the streets of Petrograd. “One lady whom I knew," she says, “was coming home one evening wearing a long coat of black Persian lamb. Two men stopped her and asked her if she wished to buy a fur coat. She replied that she did not require to, as she had the one she was wearing. "Why,' they said, 'that is the very one we mean;' and as she did not have the money to redeem it, they took it from her."

Some astronomical bulls perpetrated by authors are enumerated in an article in the San Francisco “Chronicle." Zane

east just after sunset; Rider Haggard has a full moon rising in the west soon after sunset; Marryat wrote of a waning crescent moon seen in the early evening; while Dickens "out-Joshuaed Joshua when, in 'Hard Times,' he made a star stand idle in one spot for seven days and nights." This was to comfort a man who fell into a disused mine. shaft, and who says, in the novel: “Often as I come to myself and found it shining on me down there in my trouble, I thowt it were the star as guided to Our Saviour's home. I awmust think it be the very star.”

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What 15c Will Bring You

| EUROPE thinde Nation's of the Capital


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One of the most popular of the comic “strips” that have become a feature of most of the daily papers is the one that celebrates the doings of Mutt and Jeff. This is reproduced in 380 different newspapers, we are told by “The Cartoonist.” The “balloons" or chatterings of this precious pair are, it is said, translated even into Japanese. While children are often seen poring over the pages that contain these comic cartoons, their author is quoted as saying: “The child doesn't buy the paper, while the adult does. I aim at the adult only."

[graphic][merged small]

Another cartoonist, speaking of boy humor, has this to say, as quoted in “The Cartoonist:”

Kids aren't humorists; they're just funny. If you see a youngster trying to do anything at all, he'll do it with all available sincerity. So sincere, in fact, that he appears funny. Then you laugh at him-he hears you, and good-night! He tries to show off; tries to be funny, and fails miserably. No, kids aren't humorists, they're just funny in their sincerity.

Eager & Babcock, New York City

How Little Social Errors

Ruined Their Biggest Chance

be the type of men one instinctively trusts and respects."


proud of her husband. And

she had reason to be. Six years ago he was at the very bottom of the Ladder. Now he was almost near the top. One more decisive stepand they would be ready to step across the boundary, into the world of wealth, power and influence.

No wonder Ted was elated when he brought the good news home. "Well, Vi, it has come at last!” he beamed. “Crothers has left and I'm to have his place. I'm actually going to be one of the vice-presidents of the company.”.

Violet was duly surprised - and delighted. “The wife of an officer of the company," she laughed. * Sounds good, doesn't it ?”' and together they planned for the wonderful days to come, of the big things he would accomplish and the charming functions of which she would be hostess. Yet beneath their happy planning was a subtle, unexpressed fear which both realized-yet which both ignored.


An Opportunity is Lost

At home that night, Violet refused to be comforted. “It was all my fault-1 have spoiled your best chance," she cried. But Ted knew that he was as much to blame as she.

" Another chance is bound to come,” he said, “and we'll be ready for it. I'm going to buy a reliable, authoritative book of etiquette at once.”

It was only when the famous Book of Etiquette was in her hands, and she saw how easy it was to acquire the social knowledge, the social poise and dignity they needed, that Violet was happy again. They would never make embarrassing blunders again. They would never be humiliated again. Here was the very information they needed clear, definite, interesting information that told them just what to do, say, write and wear on all occasions, under

all conditions. Ted and Violet read parts of 'the Book of Etiquette together every evening. It revealed to them all the mistakes they had made at the Brandon home and told them exactly what they should have done. It was positively a revelation ! By the time they had finished that splendid book they knew they would ever after be well poised and at ease even in the company of the most brilliant celebrities !

He knew that the others were watching
them, reading in their embarrass-

ment their lack of social knowledge.
But then, something happened. Violet noticed
that Mrs. Roberts had glanced at her husband and
frowned ever so slightly. She wondered what was
wrong. Perhaps it was incorrect to cut lettuce with
a knife. Perhaps Ted should not have used his
fork that way. In her embarrassment she dropped
her knife and bent down to pick it up at the same
time that the butler did. Oh, it was humiliating,
unbearable! They should never have come. They
didn't know what to do, how to act.

Mr. Brandon was speaking again. Ted was ap-
parently listening with rapt attention, but inwardly
he was burning with fierce resentment. It was
unfair to expect him to be a polished gentleman
when he had had no training! It wasn't right to
judge a man by his table manners! But-why did
Violet seem so clumsy with her knife and fork ?
Why couldn't she be as graceful and charming as
Mrs. Roberts ? He was embarrassed, horribly un-
comfortable. If he could only concentrate on what
Mr. Brandon was saying instead of trying to avoid

An Invitation Is Received The next evening Ted brought even bigger news. They were to dine at the Brandon home-actually to be the guests of William Brandon ! Violet knew how happy Ted must be, how he had dreamed of and longed for this very opportunity. Yet, when he told her of the dinner invitation, there was a sudden tug of pain at her heart.

Oh, she was happy enough, and proud that Ted had reached his goal. But were they ready for itwould they enter their new social sphere gracefully and with a cultured charmı, or would they make a blundering mess of it?

“But do you think you should have accepted, Ted ?" she queried. “You know how elaborately the Brandons entertain, and how-well, formal they are. Why, I don't even know whether it is correct for me to wear an evening gown !".

Ted was silent for a moment. * I couldn't possibly refuse," he said slowly. “We'll simply have to see it through. Mr. Brandon wants to have a long ehat with me before the final arrangements are made. But I'll admit I'm kind of worried myself. Now, do you suppose I may wear a dinner jacket or must I wear full dress?"

For the first time the Creightons realized that there was something more than business status if they were ever to be real successes—they realized that personality, culture and social charm played an important part. And they felt keenly their lack of social knowledge, their ignorance as to what was correct and what was incorrect.

The Importance of the Book

of Étiquette to YOU

The Book of Etiquette is recognized as one of the most dependable and up-to-date authorities on the conduct of good society. It has shown thousands of men and women how to meet embarrassing moments with calm dignity, how to be always at ease, how to do, say, write and wear always what is absolutely correct. It has made it possible for people everywhere to master quickly the secrets of social charm, enabling them to mingle with the most highly cultured people and feel entirely at ease.

In the Book of Etiquette, now published in two large library volumes, you will find valuable and interesting information on every question of social import. The entire subject of etiquette is covered completely, exhaustively. Nothing is omitted, nothing forgotten. Every phase of etiquette has been brought up to date, and no detail, no matter how slight, has been omitted.

Five-Day FREE Examination We would like to send you the famous Book of Etiquette free for 5 days, so that you can examine it at leisure in your own home. There is no obligation, no cost to you. Simply fill in the coupon and mail it to us at once. The complete, two-volume set of the Book of Etiquette will be promptly sent to you, and you have the privilege of examining and

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The Creightons Suffer Keen

Violet, sitting opposite, listened quietly to the
conversation. She wished that Mrs. Roberts would
pot watch her, that she would not make any more
mistakes, that the ordeal would soon be over. The
butler stopped at her side with a dish of olives. ...

“I say, Creighton, are you listening to me or
not ?! With a start, Ted turned toward his host.
He had not been listening. He had not been paying
attention. How could he, when directly opposite
him, before all the guests, his wife was taking
olives with a fork! Violet glanced up and saw the
look of horror in his eyes. She crimsoned, became
embarrassed. But though Mr. Brandon seemed
mildly surprised and Mrs. Roberts seemed very
near the verge of smiling, the incident was smoothed
over and conversation began once again..

For Ted, the evening was irretrievably spoiled. He knew that the others were watching Violet and him, reading in their embarrassment their lack of social knowledge. condemning them as ill-bred and uncultured. But when the ladies rose from table to retire to the drawing-room, and he rose to follow, he knew by the amused glances of the others that they had hopelessly failed, that they had socially disgraced themselves.

He wasn't surprised, then, when Mr. Brandon remarked, after the other guests had left and Violet had stepped into the next room for her wraps. “I'm sorry, Creighton, but I've decided to consider Roberts for the vacancy. I need a man whose social position is assured, who can meet men of any position on their own footing. The executives in our company must be able to make a good impression wherever they go, and they must

The Book of Etiquette is published in two handsome library volumes, bound in cloth and richly decorated in gold. Each volume contains interesting and valuable information that will be of permanent use to you-whenever you come into contact with men and women. Don't overlook this opportunity to examine this remarkable set without costmail the coupon NOW.

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Bad Mistakes Are Made They reached the Brandon home immediately before the arrival of Mr. Roberts and his wife. There was a certain tacit understanding that if anything prevented Ted from stepping into the vacancy Mr. Roberts would take his place. He was a severely dignified gentleman, and his wife had a certain distinction that immediately commanded respect and admiration. Violet was embarrassed when introductions were made, and mumbled a mechanical - Pleased to meet you " several times. She wished she had prepared something briiliant to say.

Violet sat between Mr. Brandon and Mr. Roberts at the table. From the very first she felt uncomfortably ill at ease. Ted, sitting opposite her, was uncomfortable and embarrassed, too. He felt out of place, confused. Mr. Brandon immediately launched into a long discourse on the influence of women in politics, and under cover of his conversation the first two courses of the dinner passed rather pleasantly.

Nelson Doubleday, Inc
Dept. 41, Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y.

Without money in advance, or obligation on my part. send me the two volume set of the Book of Etiquette. Within 5 days I will either return the books or send you only $3.50 in full payment. It is understood that I am not obligated to keep the books if I am not delighted with them.



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118 Proverbs of Russia. Love.

119 Proverbs of Ireland. 61 Tolstoi's Essays,

120 Proverbs of Spain. 62 Schopenhauer's Essays. 121 Proverbs of Arabia. 65 Meditations of Marcus 122 Debate on Spiritualism. Aurelius.

Conan Doyle and Joseph 68 Shakespeare's Sonnets.

McCabe. 70 Lamb's Essays,

123 Vegetarianism. 71 Poems of Evolution,

125 War Speeches of WoodAnthology.

row Wilson. 72 Color of Life. E. Hal- | 126 History of Rome. A F. deman-Julius.

Giles. 73 Whitman's Poems.

127 What Expectant Mothers 75 The Choice of Books.

Should Know.

128 Julius Caesar: Who He 176 The Prince of Peace.

Was and What He Ac. Bryan.

complished. 78 How to Be an Orator. 129 Rome or Reason. DeJohn T. Altgeld.

bate. Ingersoll and 79 Enoch Arden.

Manning. 80 Pillars of Society. Ibsen. 130 Controversi on Chris81 Care of the Baby.

tianity. D bate. Inger82 Common Fanlts in

soll and Giadstone. Writing English.

31 Redemption. 83 Marriage: Its Past,

Present and Future.

132 Foundation of Religion. Besant.

133 Principles of Electricity. 85 The Attack on the Mill. 135 Socialism for MillionEmile Zola.

aires. G. B. Shaw. 86 On Reading. Georg

136 Child Training. Brandes.

137 Home Nursing. 87 Love. An Essay.

138 Studies in Pessimism. Montaigne.

Schopenhauer. 88 Vindication of Thomas 141 Would Practice of Paine. Ingersoll.

Christ's Teachings Make 92 Hypnotism Made Plain.

for Social Progress! 93 How to Live 100 Years.


142 Bismarck and the Ger94 Trial and Death of

man Empire. Socrates.

143 Pope Leo's Encyclical on 95 ('onfessions of an Opium

Eater. De Quincey.

144 Was Poe Immoral? 96 Dialogues of Plato.

Sarah H. Whitman. 99 Tartuffe. Moliere.

145 Great Ghost Stories. 100 The Red Laugh.

147 Cromwell and His Andreyev.

Times. 101 Thoughts of Pascal.

148 Strength of the Strong. 102 Tales of Sherlock Holmes.

London. 103 Pocket Theology.

151 Man Who Would Be Voltaire.

King Kipling. 104 Battle of Waterloo.

152 Foundations of the LaHugo.

bor Movement. Wendell 105 Seven That Were

Hanged. Andreyev.

154 Epigrams of Ibsen. 106 Thoughts and Aphorisms. 155 Maxims. Napoleon. Geo. Sand.

156 Andersen's Fairy Tales. 107 How to Strengthen Mind 157 Marx is. Tolstoi. and Memory.

158 Alice in Wonderland. 108 How to Develop a

159 Lincoln and the Working Healthy Mind.

(lass. 109 How to Develop a Strong 160 Ingersoll's Lecture on Will.


161 Country of the Blind.

H. G. Wells.
162 Karl Marx and the

American Civil War.
164 Michael Angelo's Son-

165 Discovery of the Future.

H. G. Wells.
166 English as She Is Spoke.

Mark Twain.
167 Rules of Health.

168 Epigrams of Oscar Wilde.
169 Church Property Be

Taxed? Debate.
171 Has Lite Any Meaning?

172 Evolution of Love. Ellen

173 Vision of Sir Launfal.

174 Free Speech Trial of

Wm. Penn.
175 Science of History.

176 Four Essays.

Havelock Ellis.
177 Subjection of Women.

John Stuart Mill.
178 One of Cleopatra's

Nights. Gautier.
179 Constitution of League

of Nations.
180 Epigrams of Shaw.
183 Realism in Art and

Literature. Darrow.
184 Primitive Beliefs. H. M.

185 History of Printing.

186 How I Wrote “The

Raven.” Poe.
187 Whistler's Humor,
188 How Voltaire Fooled

Priest and King.

189 Eugenics.

Havelock Ellis.
190 Psycho-Analysis, The

Key to Human Behavior.

191 Evolution vs. Religion.

192 Book of Synonyms.
195 How to Keep Well.
196 The Marquise. George

197 Witticisms and Reflec-

tions of Mme. De

198 Majesty of Justice.

Anatole France.
200 Ignorant Philosopher.

201 Satan and the Saints.

H. M. Tichenor.
202 Survival of the Fittest.

H. M. Tichenor.
203 Rights of Women.

Havelock Ellis.
204 Sun Worship and Later

Beliefs. H. M. Tichenor.

205 Artemus Ward. His

Book. 206 Debate on Capitalism vs.

Socialism. Seligman and

Nearing. 207 Olympian Gods. H. M.

Tichenor. 210 The Stoic Philosophy.

Prof. Gilbert Murray, 211 Idea of God in Nature.

John Stuart Mill. 212 Life and Character.

Goethe. 213 Lecture on Lincoln.

Robt. G. Ingersoll. 214 Speeches of Lincoln. 215 The Miraculous Revenge.

Bernard Shaw. 216 Wit of Heinrich Heine.

George Eliot. 218 Four Essays. Jean Jaures. 219 The Human Tragedy.

Anatole France. 220 Essays on the New

Testament. Robert

Blatchford. 221 Women, and Four Other

Essays. Maurice Maeter

linck. 222 The Vampire and Other

Poems, Rudyard Kip

ling. 223 Essays on Swinburne.

Sir Arthur Quiller

Couch. 224 God: The Known and

Unknown. Samuel But

ler. 225 On a Certain Conde

scension in Foreigners.

Jas. Russell Lowell. 226 Professor Bernhardi: A

Play. Arthur Schnitzler. 227 Keats, the Man, His

Work and His Friends. 228 Aphorisms of Thomas

Huxley. 229 Diderot. Havelock Elis. 230 The Fleece of Gold.

Theophile Gautier. 231 Eight Humorous

Sketches. Samuel Clem

ens (Mark Twain). 232 The Three Strangers.

Thos. Hardy. 233 Thoughts on Literature

and Art. Goethe. 234 McNeal-Sinclair, Debate

on Socialism. 235 Five Essays, Gilbert K.

Chesterton. 236 The State and Heart

Affairs of King Henry

VIII. 237 Poems in Prose.

Baudelaire. 238 Reflections on Modern

Science. Huxley.
239 Twenty-six Men and a

Girl, and Other Tales.
Maxim Gorki.


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