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Real Estate

Choice Cottage Lots

Lake Androscoggin





CAPE Ocean Front Bungalows LAKE SUNAPEE, N. H. FOR SALE Anineroom house, lot

stricted and refined community $15,000, terms Charming Summer Homes and Cottages, COD s. w. Bali. 56 Pine St.

, N. y. furnished, for rent and for sale on beautiful

Write for reasonable. H.C.Wait, West Englewood, N.J.

booklets. SARGENT & Co., New Londou, N. H.
EAST NORTHFIELD, Mass. 11-room Headquarters Lake Sunapee Real Estate MODERN COLONIAL HOME
Lhouse, furnished, large barn, ice-house Alled.

Good plumbing. Plenty fruit and shade trees.
sell. 8. J. Mackenzie, 317 W.45th St., N.Y.


Good elevation, beautiful view, 15 rooins, 4 baths, steam heat, 3 fireplaces, laundry, dishwasher (electric), garage with living quarters,

5 or 9 acres, 15 miles from New York. 2 railF. G. LAMSON, WAYNE, ME. FOR SALE, to close an estate, handsome

roads with 5 stations within 3 miles. Easy Beautifully wooded building site of about

terms, immediate possession. England; 13 rooms, garage, exclusive, beautiful ten acres on Birch Point. Eleven hundred

C. S. LECKY, 113 West 43d St., New York.
surroundings, unsurpassed bathing and boat- feet shore front and best view on the lake. In-
ing. HAWKS, 504 West 111th St., New York. quire of WILLIAM F. RICHARDS, Newport,N.H.


ForSale, SUNNY SPRING E ARIM: Peterborough, New Hampshire
For Summer Season of 1922 barns, tenant house. Complete oquipment For rent, an attractive, well furnished,
Farm of 300 acres, 50 acres in tillage. Sit-

Rare bargain. Address owner, Mrs. R. HALL, modernized cottage, containing large living uated in town of Wells, Maine, on small river,

54 Hollenbeck Ave., Great Barrington, Mass. room, dining room, kitchen, laundry, and Old-fashioned

servants' dining-room, good pantry, five or house, Furnished, also unfurnished cottage | A MASS. Sew furnished cottage

six master's chambers, two maids' rooms,

and three baths. Electric lights, aqueduct barns, farmer's cottage, poultry houses, storehouse and garage. With or without barns

to let or for sale ; broad piazzas, electric water, furnace, large screened piazza and and farmer's cottage. Man on place. For lights, hot and cold water, conveniences, three fireplaces. Garage. Fine situation in

beautiful country, open fireplace. Terms moderate. WM. H

Address CHARLES F. further details and terms apply to GEO. S. HOBBS, 127 Pleasant St., Portland, Me.

HAWLEY, Room 148, State House, Boston. BATCHELDER, 7 Kirkland St.,Cambridge, Mass. To Let for season 1922, comfortably furnished


Furnished cottage, 8 rooms, bath, electric- SALE Old Hudson River Estate ilege, modern conveniences. Moderate terms.

ity, fireplaces. Arranged for easy housekeep

110 acres. 4 mile river frontage. Old Dutch

ing. J. D. Reid, 58 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass. Apply Nettie M. Mills, So. West Harbor, Me. Golf Fishing Bathing

Colonial 12-room house, stone and brick con

struction. Hardwood floors, steam heat, bathMARYLAND

Modern house, 14 bedrooms, 5 baths, garage, SUGAR HILL


room, 2 extra lavatories. Quaint old hardware, beach on premises, about 15 acres, for sale or COTTAGES TO RENT OR SELL.

deep-set windows, old beams in dining-rooin to let ; near Country Club. Quaint old-time

25x25, living-room 20x30. Farmer's cottage, ? places on beautiful tidewater rivers of Mary

For particulars address Wm. E. SATCHELL, houses for sale. HELEN L. THURSTON,

rooms. Large barns. Large garage. Unlimited land; shooting preserves; fertile inland farms; 20 Pleasant St., Tel. 80, Rockport, Mass.

Owner, 162 Gates Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

spring water supply piped to all buildings. catalog free.Dixie Realty Co., Cambridge, MU

8 cows, entire farm equipment. No reasonable TO LET IN or Renttwoclean, well furnished


offer refused. Location 25 miles south of MASSACHUSETTS

Albany. Berkshire Hills across river, Catskill
SALEM, MASS. beautiful lake in southern New Hampshire. Mountains at back.State road in alldirections.

Spring water, open fireplaces, broad pi-
OR RENT. Furnished House
For 6 months from April 1. A comfortable old-

Apply Mrs. F. O. MELCHER, on village street. 14 rooms, bath, electric fashioned house of 10 rooms.

azzas, garage. $175 and $225 for the season. 3 bathrooms,

425 West Fourth Street, Long Beach, Cal. lights, fireplaces, ice-house, barn, lawn, gar

Rowboats and firewood included. Address
fully furnished. Rent $500. Apply to Mrs.
deng, pergola, running brook in meadow. Ad-

Mrs. J. W. Sparhawk, West Swanzey, N. H.
Horatio P. Peirson, 11 Barton Sq., Salem, Mass.

A beautiful

FOR SALE dreas Miss Elizabeth Eastman, Ashfield, Mass.


Country HOME in a clean college towu. For Sale Stockbridge, Berkshire

Exceptional educational and library advanable cottage of 14 rooms. Modern improve

tages. Address Owner, Box 137, Alfred, N. Y. ments, old furniture, fireplaces. Pleasant

SUMMER HOMES grounds, gardens, fine trees, stable or garage.


"The Artist's Paradise" Keene M.D.Strong, 46 Pomeroy Ave.,Pittsfield. Mass.

ALLENHURST, DEAL N.Y. The heart of the Adirondacks. Cottages $30,000 Estate to Be Sold Before

for rent, fully furnished. Ice, wood, garden, FOR SALE Good old Colonial House, & ASBURY PARK and private garage. Mountain climbing, golf, April 1st for $15,000 10 rooms, sleeping-porch, 2

tennis, bathing and motoring. $400 to $1,500. bathrooms, electric light, steam heat; baru, Most complete list of furnished houses

Also boarding places suggested. Write for deEighty acres near main highway, en- poultry houses. 30 acres with all kinds of fruit.

now for rent and sale.

tails. Matthew Crawford, Keene Valley, N.Y. joying town water and fire protection. Beautiful views. Trolley to Northampton-8 Good farming land, apple orchard, bor- miles. Miss Mary G.Fitch, Williamsburg, Mass.

MILAN ROSS AGENCY ders on trout stream. Two small ponds.


ADIRONDACKS — near Elizabethtown Large barn for stock and storage. Coach

Opposite Main R. R. Station man's barn with men's quarters. About

For $1,500 you can own a farmhouse in a two acres for market garden. Main house QUADOCK HILL, 17 miles from


beautiful mountain valley. Secluded but achas five master's rooms, two baths, two Worcester, 30froin Boston, 10rooms, bathroom,

cessible to macadam road and R. R. station. servants' rooms and bath. This bargain electric lights, 1 mile from golf club and vil

30 acres land, pure water, beautiful view. authorized by bankruptcy court and lage. For particulars inquire of J.L. Merriman, DESIRABLE HOUSE For Rent or Sale

Dr. O. R. PAYNE, Wadhams, N. Y. mortgagee, will be agreeable to $5,000

129 Washington Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. cash and the balance on easy terms.

130 Garfield Ave. Address S. K. 1. Adirondacks-Auger Lake Communicate at once with WHEELER NEW HAMPSHIRE

83 North Walnut Street, East Orange, N. J. & TAYLOR, Great Barrington, Mass.

FORDWAY CAMPS. New attractive

4-room furnished bungalowg. Boating, bathModern Residence Conveniently

to ing, fishing. $20 weekly rental. $200 seatrolleys and railroad stations, on a lot 150x700 son. MACE & NICOLLS, Keeseville, N. Y. feet, may be purchased on reasonable terms. For full particulars apply to A. D. W. HALSEY, 120 Broad St., Elizabeth, N. J.

ADIRONDACKS A Beautiful Seashore Estate on the

ELIZABETHTOWN, N. Y. Extreme Eastern Point of Cape Ann, Pigeon Cove, Mass.

A Large, Roomy, Attractive HOUSE TO RENT FOR SUMMER. Large

Stone House, fully furnished; electric lights, The estate is located on the North Shore,

Fine location, between Atlantic Ocean and 2 bathrooms, 6 fireplaces. Two-car garage. about forty miles from Boston. Eight acres

Shrewsbury River; short distance from Long Extensive lawns, fine shade trees; mounof grounds, including lawng, flower beds,

Branch and Asbury Park. Will rent whole or tain brook with rustic tea-house. Ideal for ornamental trees and shrubs. Two small sum

part to refined people for summer season or children. Vegetable garden and ice included. mer houses, one lodge and a separate laun

longer. Mrs. H. FREDIN, Monmouth Beach. 10 minutes from golf links. Season $1,000. dry. The house has eleven rooms completely

Address Lock Box 13. Elizabethtown, N. Y. furnished, bath, town and filtered cistern

, water, hardwood floors, two Colonial fire

in Summer, House in Orange, cheer

KEENE places, new heater, large porches. The prop

ADIRONDACKS ful, convenient, comfortable. Eight rooins.

VALLEY erty extends to the ocean. For sale to im

Five minutes from station. 6,643, Outlook. Furnished cottage for sale. About 5 acres. mediate purchaser for one-half of its value to House, 9 bedrooms, bathroom, for rent to

Full particulars on application. 6,645, Outlook. close an estate. Price $15,000. Apply by letter to Dr. CHARLES F. STUBE, 66 Watson Ave.,

refined people for summer season, Delight Free List of Houses For Sale and Rent East Orange, N. J.; Mrs. 0. J. BROWN, 268 Portsmouth and Concord. Every convenience. 30 minutes from downtown, New York City.

Superb Adirondack Lake Church St., North Adams, Mass.; or call on Mr. FRANK TARR, Realtor, Rockport, Mass. Fully furnished. Open fires. Wood supply Write VAN WINKLE CO., Rutherford, N.J.

150 acres, 7,000 feet frontage, finely wooded free. Rent $.500. Apply for particulars,

shores, sandy beach, 1,350 elevation, magnifiJOHN F. SCOTT Capo ape Cod. For sale, roomy cottage on point in

SPARTA, NEW JERSEY FOR cent views. 2 cottages, large barn. Ideal Buzzards Bay.5 master's, 3 servants' rooms, 358 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.

for camp. Accessible to New York. N. Y. C. 2 baths. Enclosed veranda. 2 acres with shores,

summer home, eight rooms, modern improve- and D. & H.R.R. 4 miles from Hadley. Fine lawn,flower-borders. Perfect condition. $15,000

ments, slate roof, largo piazza, garage, about auto roads, 6 hours from New York. Rare opunfurnished, $17,000 furnished. 6,529, Outlook. New Hampshire. Rent or Sale. Lake

Winnepesaukee, near Wolfeboro. Com

five acres of land, garden, fifty bearing fruit portunity. $20,000, liberal terms. Edwari C.

trees, fine location. E. H. Tucker, 110 William pletely furnished cottage. 8 bedrooms, 10 beds,

Dayton, Realty Specialist, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. TRURO To Rent for Summer bath, 2 toilets, large living-room, laundry.

St., New York. Telephone Beekinan 4963.
Attractive Ocean Front

Exceptional sandy beach. Boathouse, large

ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW motor boat. Garage 4 cars, upper floor possible SUMMIT, N. J. view-excellent bathing. dormitory. Electricity all buildings. Family or

FOR RENT FOR SUMMER MONTHS Large living room, 4 bedrooms, bath room.


Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles dining room, kitchen, and maid's room. 8230 girls'camp. Rev. Dr.J. A. Higgons, Phila., Pa.

SUMMER, very desirable house. Large
living-room, den, 1 master bedrooms, 2 ser-

by good road from Bolton Landing, Lake

George. Entirely new. Built by present Washburas, 190 Baystato Rd., Boston, Mass. CORNISH,N.H. Furnished

House: vants' rooms, 4 bathrooms; about 1 acre of
land, flowers, small vegetable garden, garage

owner, who will rent for the entire season at
9 rooms, 2 bathrooms, sleeping-porch, fire-

moderate rental. Completely furnished for 2 cars. Terms moderate for satisfactory places,garage, icehouse, 12 acres, high ground,

throughout. Five rooms (three tenant without small children. Apply Room

bedrooms) and bath. Kitchen with superb view, near golf links. Address PERCY Situated at Park Hill, Easthampton,

1109, 32 Liberty Street, New York City.

running water. Ice, wood, and MACKAYE, Harvard Club, New York City, Mass. A fine old homestead and dairy

rowboat included. farm, eqạipped a d in running order. ? miles

For Rent Desirable COTTAGE,

For full particulars address 6,479 Outlook.

attractively furnished 7 rooms, from business center and Williston Seminary 4 miles from Smith College ; 12 miles from Amherst and Mount Holyoke Colleges. Amer:

Beautifully located in northern New Jersey. KEENE VALLEY, ADIRONDACKS ican neighborhood, unexcelled markets, good for sale or rent at Hopkinton, N. 4., 5 miles Hour from New York. 3 miles from Somerroads. Town water supply, electricity avail- from Concord. House with 12 rooms exten- ville. Owner, 27 Jackson St., Brooklyn, N. Y. For rent, a wonderful view and a charmur able. Interesting house of 12 rooms, well pre- sively paneled, bath, set tubs and garage. Fur

and comfortable camp, completely furnished, served; fireplaces, brick ovens; paneling, etc. nished with valuable old mahogany furniture.

Westfield, N.J. For rent, furnished and 6 master's bedrooms, 3 servants' rooms, 5 Place has been in family of present owner for 40 acres land, 100 young apple trees, standing

baths, 2 jiving-rooms, 7 fireplaces, telephone 120 years. For terms and particulars, Henry timber and plantation of young pines. Write $6,100, $8,500, $10,000, $13,000. One-third cash, garage. Ice and stove wood included it in L. Lynum, Park Hill, Easthampton, Mass. F. J. SULLOWAY, Concord, N. H. balance monthly payments. Riley, 4 Elm St. M. S. LUDLUM, 1827 Pine St.

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Old Colonial House modem convenience garage, garden, fruit

Real Estate


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, Y.

SPLENDID. HOME AND FARM For Sale - Nice Pleasant Home

nished cottage to rent for summer season, FOR SALE-Šunset Point nine rooms and bath, electricity, fireplace, excellent 9-room steam-heated house, ga- Large buildings, partly furnished. Garden,

hot water heat, broad piazza, sleeping-porch, rage, corn house, hen houses, 4 large barns, lawn, shade. Georgia Rood Gee, Brandon, Vt. On the Fulton Chain of Lakos,

garage, ice house garden. For particulars in- tenant house, 800 fruit trees, 60 acres fall near Old Forgo

quire of D.W.Seckington, Elizabethtown,N.Y. grain stock, too late BARGAINSI, must be LAKE CHAMPLAIN-To Rent One of the most desirable camp sites any. where in the Adirondacks. Splendid water

D. R. MEYER, Valatie, N.Y. CHARMING KINDERHOOK front, stone breakwater, heavily wooded ;fine

6-room furnished bungalow on Mal.

letts Bay, 6 miles from Burlington. Hot and camps near by; not far from railroad and Fruit, stock and general farms.

cold water. Bathroom. Screened porches. Ga supplies. A small camp built on it last year.

Send for booklet. will be sold at the ridiculously low price of


rage. George M. Sabin, M.D., Burlington, Vt. RURAL LIFE CO., Kinderhook, N. Y. $4,000. For fuller particulars and terms write

Cutest house in White Plains. 7 rooms,
F. E. WYATT, 2040 East Ave., Rochester, N.Y.

3 baths, showers, open fire, built-in fix


boro, Vt. A beautiful permanent or E Camp to rent, beason, nine rooms, six tures, beam ceiling, oak floors, hot water summer home; modern, well-constructed For Rent Keene Valley, Adironacks.

heat; beautifully decorated; garage atbedrooms, 2 baths, electric light, telephone,

house of 12 rooms, besides pantries, closets,

tached ; $20,000. 2 bathrooms, 5 acres, fiue water, garage. J. E. fully furnished, housekeeping. Fine view,

and baths; ample grounds, delightful outPYLE, 15 Exchange Place, Jersey City, N. J. shore front, near Crater Club. P. R. NEWBY,

look; centrally located. Terms reasonable. HOME, SWEET HOME

Address BRATTLEBORO TRUST COMPANY. 7 West 92d St., City. Tel. Riverside 1181.

Greenacres, Hartsdale, at the station, To Close Estate 154 acres, Oneida Co.,

on Bronx Parkway; prettiest stucco N. Y, near foothills of Lake Champlain, N. Y.1 mile.south


house ; 7 rooms, 2 tiled baths, shower, Adirondacks. Excellent hay and dairy farm.

sun parlor, sewing room, stone fireplace; Modern new cottage, all conveniences, deLarge amount of timber, 14-room house, large completely furnished house to rent for sta

landscaped plot ; 2-car garage. $25,000. sirable neighborhood, attractive locality, near barn with patent stalls to tie up nearly 50 head. son, including ice and wood; 4 master's bed

W.P. JOHNSTON, Hartsdale, N. Y. Brattleboro, Vt. Timber, wood, tillage, pasWonderful scenery, good hunting and trout rooms, large inclosed sleeping-porch, 3 bath

Tel. White Plains 417.

tureland. Vermont Home, 6,569, Outlook. fishing. A splendid summer home. Address rooms, open fireplaces, electric lights and "Grand View," 6,649, Outlook.

telephone; bathing, cement wharf; tennis. 2
rooms in lodge for servants. Vegetables, milk,
and eggs from adjoining farm. Full particulars


DORSET, VT. FOR SALE and photos on application to 6,543, Outlook.


Cottage, "Cloverlea." 8 rooms, screened sleep

ing-porch, fireplace, village water, 3 open

piots adjoining my home for desirable parties porches, I acre. Also 2 smaller bungalows for FOR RENT-Pine Needle Lodge Willsboro Point, Lake Champlain erlees would buiza am attractive home shade rent furnished. Mt.views, golf, library,church.

E. M. Carhart (owner), Box 217, Rosslyn, Va. A completely furuished 7-room camp on Ful

FOR SALE-CAMP. Fully fur tricity, near school, chain stores, 33 minutes tou Chain of Lakes, near Old Forge, within pished. Main room 18 ft. x 25 ft., porch 10 ft. 42d st. Subway Extension proposed. Special one-half mile of railroad, post office, tele

FOR SALE wide, 35 ft. long ; 40 ft. ell of bedrooms, maid's proposition submitted. Write graph, and long-distance phone. State road room. Ice house, combination boat-house HALL, 185 Lee Ave., Yonkers 4737. Three Lots in “Kingsboro" to rear of camp ; several acres of woodland, aud garage, 2 boats. Beautiful pine grove 195

G. L. Gutterson, Fair Haven, Vt. trails, etc. ; 400 it. frontage on lake; running ft. frontage. Price $3,500. 6,371, Outlook. water, electric lights, modern bath and

PENNSYLVANIA plumbing, hot and cold water, sleeping-porch,


t. large stone open fireplace. Summer-house,

furnished and

FOR RENT SEPARATELY boat-houses, boats, bathing beaches, etc. Gar


lows, with improrements. For further partic- Two Summer Cottages, fully, and

bathphot and groceries brought to camp daily. Pictures 2 Fully Furnished Cottages unthe , ulars address E. E. Merwin, Mt. Pocono, Pa. attractively furnished. Running water, bath

room in each. Broad verandas. Fine mounsent upon request. References. Rental for running water, filledice house; covered docks;

tain views, near lake and quiet Vermont season, $1,000. 2 first-class gasoline motor launches, 15 and 25 SUMMER RESORTS, HOTELS,

town on Connecticut River. Lunches and F. E. WYATT, 2040 East Ave., Rochester, N.Y. horse-power engines, and 2 rowboats. Land 200

COTTAGES, FARMS dinners can be had at neighboring inn. Apply feet wide on lake and 350 feet in depth. John

J. HOLTON, 124 East 58th St., New York. A dirondack bungalow camps (fur,

For sale, Monroe County, Penna., including H. Gleason, 25 North Pearl St., Albany, N. Y. nished). For Gentiles. 4 to 7 rooms and bath. Running water. $150 to $300 for summer On the WATER at BAY SHORE

Mt. Pocono, Cresco and Bushkin" sections! Lake Dunmore, Vt. Furnished season. Surrounded by mountains.Fine center

The Neir port of Long Island for touring. Tubercular cases not accepted.

Record Bldg., Stroudsburg, Penna.

to rent. Water, electric lights, boat, garage. FURNISHED COTTAGES for the Summer.


to Mrs. Minnie J. Fletcher, Brandon, Vt ALMON WARD, Cherokee St., Orlando, Fla.


C. E. Brewster, Bay Shore, L. I. RHODE AMAGANSETT, N. Y.


VIRGINIA Furnished and unfurnished cot- TO RENT

HOUSE at Farm, 80 Acres, $2,500 tages for rent or sale. Ocean front

Wave Crest, building sites, farms and acreage for sale. Far Rockaway, Long Island. 7 bed.

Pasture and timber. House 9 rooms, barn, W. M. TERRY, Amagansett, N. Y. Phone 20. rooms, 3 baths; fully furnished; for summer or good well water, brook, cranberry bog. Situ

for all the year; in perfect condition. Apply ated in woods, good hunting. Make good sum

John F. Scott, 358 Fifth Ave., New York City. mer camp. 8 miles from East Greenwich, RI., Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. For sale, spacious,

12 miles to Narragansett Pier. 6,553, Outlook. comfortable home, brick, 13 rooms, 3 baths, 3-car garage, chauffeur's cottage, gardener's

Center Moriches South Shore, sottage, beautiful surroundings, near golf 2 hours from Penn. station. Practical summer

Long Islame Rhode Island Eor Repet, near links. Apt. 8 W., 629 W. 115th St., New York. and winter home, overlooking Great South summer season, colonial mansion handsomely

Dignity - Grace - Comfort Bay, 99 feet front on Senekes River, X hour furnished. 16 rooms, all improvements, electric COUNTRY HOME 7 bed- from ocean by motor boat. 1 acre land, 9-room lights, beautiful lawn with shade trees, slop

rooms, kouse, hot-water heat, barn and outbuildings. ing to river, garage facilities, 2 miles to yacht baths, all conveniences, +car garage. 2 miles $8,200. M. J. HIGGINS, Nutley, N. J. club and station,

near State road to Narraroin Storm King highway ; adjoins golf club).

gansett Pier and Newport, a place of distincJuly and Ang. $500. June 1 to Oct. 1, $1,200.

To rent for season

tion and charm. Terms moderate. The H. V. Wm. Applebye-Robinson, Cornwall, N. Y.


Allen Estate Agency, East Greenwich, R. I. SUMMER HOME

Beautiful 12 Room House IN CHAMPLAIN VALLEY 5 master bedrooms, 3 servants' bedrooms, 3 Ideal in Location

baths; 4 acres of land, including lawns, flowmiles from Plattsburg Camp, on stone road,

er beds, and vegetable garden; garage, with hours to the heart of the Adirondacks,

room and bath; stable and barn, chicken niles to Lake Champlain, to boating, bathing house, etc. Steam heat and electric lights.

Long the home of a well-known private pd golf. Unexcelled view of valley and inounAll on high bluff overlooking Long Island

boys' school of high standing, as yet Sound. Owner wishes to care for lawns, possesses no similar ains. Unusually attractive and roomy modrn 10-room house, 4 acres of land,2-car garage,

shrubbery and gardens. Mrs. CLEMENT W. oultry house and good gardens. For sale. BOOTH, Southold, Long Island, N. Y.

Mulberry Hill for photos and full particulars address 1. L. TAYLOR, R.F.D. 3, Plattsburg, N. Y. For rent, near Stony Brook, Long Island, fur

Ideal all-year home in famous beautiful vished house, 12 rooms, fireplaces, wide verano

Conditions are ripe for the establish- Valley of Virginia, and suburbs of hisINN. FORIZMALECVENTURE da. Ideal location, shore front, bathing, boat- ment there of such an institution, in

torical university town of Lexington. Delightful location in quiet village on ing, acreage, fruit, garage, etc. 6,669, Outlook

cluding the fine, spacious residence of a Situated in eight and one-half acres of eautiful bay. Excellent fishing and boating.

wealthy, New York gentleman, now

beautiful parked land. Massive brick uitable for club, vacation house or summer

deceased, ideally adapted by its size and

modernized Colonial mansion. 10 masotel. Write G. E. Adams, Chaumont, N. Y.

situation for this purpose and now avail- ter rooms and 2 baths, kitchen, etc Ideal Building Site able.

Equipped with city conveniences. SurГ

Furnished House. Attractive grounds.
Tract of fifty acres in high elevation. Very

passingly fiue climate, social and edueasy of access. One of the finest views

cational advantages. Hand carved onvenient to station. Garage. References exin Orange County. Box 422, Monroe, N. Y.

wood work and plaster friezes. Adjoins banged. Address 12 Clinton St., Delhi, N. Y.

golf links. Picturesque drive to noted to settle the estate, at a small fraction of

Natural Bridge and through fainous

Goshen Pass to renowned White Sulits cost and upon extraordinarily attracFurnished. 12 tive terms. Excellent healthful location,

phur and Hot Springs. Hunting and rooms and bath, running spring water,electric pleasant grounds, large, airy rooms,

fishing. $25,000. lights, garden, garage. Box 422, Monrue, N. Y. abundant sleeping quarters and baths,

J. S. WALKER, Lynchburg, Va.

ample kitchen equipment and laundry Fine location for a sanitarium, school

100 mile view of Adirondacks facilities for very large household. Huge or colony. To any one wanting a most 14 room camp, barn, icehouse. $1,500. stable easily convertible into splendid

FOR SALE desirable property this estate offers a Fine old place-18 rooms, 2 baths, gymnasium.

Property at Montvale, Va. unique opportunity, being located on the fireplace, shade, views, barn and garden. east bank of the Hudson River, one mile

$500 the season.

For particulars address

Noted for its surroundings, mountain and river frontage, the locality being pictur7 room and bath stone cottage,

dale; abundance of fruit; fine water, freeesque. Near the Artist Church estate, $300 for the season.

stone and mineral; delightful climate, in the excellent quality of the soil being ali Mrs. Seward P. Smith, Port Henry, N. Y.

heart of Blue Ridge Mts. Maly people have arable, its acquisition should prove a

recently come into this section from North highly lucrative investment. 287 acres,

17 East 42d Street, New York and West. Inquiries solicited and references two large modern residences, four cotYMI, 4 rooms and bath, electricity, ga

furnished. J. M. STEPHENS, Montvale, Va. tages, store and post office on estate, large rage, large lawn, shade, formal flower garden, modern poultry plant, capacity. 4,000, restricted street. 90 miles from New York. For


Tidewater, Va. Farm and country home on an large barns, cold storage plant for the particulars write Box 36NC, Rhinebeck, N. Y.

arm of Chesapeake Bay, 50 miles from Norfruit, about 6,000 bearing fruit trees.

folk, 90 from Richmoud; steamboat connecThis place must be seen to be appreciated,


tion. 105 acres, 80 under cultivation, remainder

in 7 miles of Methodist college. Located SHELTER ISLAND, N. Y. Death of husband demands sacrifice.

timber increasing in value. 16 rooms, 2 baths,

in the corn and alfalfa belt of S.D. Reason Address LLOYD M. HALLENBECK (Where health and pleasure abound)

pantries, storerooms, sun porch, hot-water

for selling: relatives all live on the Pacific heat, gas lighting, windmill, large barn, garage, Greendale-on-the Hudson, N. Y.

Furnished Cottages FOR RENT. Coast. The best climate in the world for tuber- well-equipped commercial chicken plant: or. (Brokers Protected)

Season 1922. Send for printed list. culosis. The climate that built the physique chard, 200 trees. Oyster shore, salt water bathRalph G. Duvall, Shelter Island Heights, N.Y. of the late Theodore Roosevelt. 6,557, Outlook. ing, fishing. Reasonable terms. 6,563, Outlook.


Newport, R. I.

School for Girls

For Sale

To Rent Farm House



Kenneth Ives & Co.

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Europe Beckons




Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y. Comfortable, homelike. Altitude 1,800 feet. Extensive verandas overlooking Keene Valley. Trout fishing. Camp

ing. Swimming pool. Golf links; mile irse 9 well-kept greens. Temis aud croquet. Fresh vegetables. Fine dairy. Furnished cottages, all improvements. Sejr arate suites and single rooms. Open from June 10th to October 1st. Address until May 1st K. BELKNAP, 613 Clarendon St., Syracuse, X. Y.


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Real Estate


R RENT, in beautiful Shenandoah Valley, whole or part of attractive house. Large airy rooms, fireplaces, sleeping-porch, electricity, running water, unusually fine shade trees. garden, etc. Refs. exchanged. 6.589, Outlook.

WASHINGTON Finest Island on West Coast

in protected waters of Puget Sound, Wash. 266% acres, few hours from Seattle, mild climate, soil good. Property suitable for general farming, fruit, resort, club; fishing, healthy living. Owner R. H. Kielland, 8 Penna Ave., Newark, N.J. SEATTLE, WASH. FOR RENT

For just the right person, charming Colonial home in finest part of First Hill district. Steinway Grand, heirloom mahoganies, books, European art objects, etc. ; yet simple home atmosphere. Quaint, dignified dining-room, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. $225 a month-April to Sept. References. Address

** Mr. K.," Personal, 319 White Bldg.

APPLE ORCHARD of thirty-two acres and modern bungalow packing house and full equipment, averaging about 10,000 boxes yearly highly colored nonirrigated apples, in the heart of White Salmon Valley, near Columbia River, for sale. $25,000. Also twenty acres adjoining with twelve acres bearing apples, three in young orchard, balance timber, suitable for orchard or strawberries, and a new bungalow, $10,500. Address owner, Paul McKercher, White Salmon, Wash.


If interested write
Fred W. Bray, Medicine Bow, Wyo.

Property Wanted
WANTED-- Furnished House at summer

resort, situated in good location for gift shop. Quaint, old-fashioned house desirable, but not essential. Yearly lease. 6.627, Outlook. WANTED For the summer, cottage

on lake or shore, in or near woodlands preferred. (Not Long Island.), 4 bedrooms. Reasonable rent. 6,723, Outlook.

Tours and Travel

Albemarle Park.Asheville.N.C.
In America - Aa English lan. Best Inn South
Write for Booklet "0." Make Reservations


British Isles, Switzerland, Passion Play,
Tyrol, Italian Lakes, France.

Conducted Tours to


821 Centre St., Boston 30, Mass.


Sailing April 6, 12 and 29


Scholarly leaders

Parties April to June at various prices-

Interpretive talks
free tour to organizer of small party have

Leisurely itineraries

For details write

15 Boyd Street, Newton, Mass.
1946 European Tour Austin

Twelfth Conducted

148 N. Humphrey Ave., Oak Park, II.

an organizer of a small party. Established 1900
Special attention to ladies alone. Private,

BABCOCK'S TOURS, 13 Halsey St., Brooklyn.
limited, reasonable. Side trips to Ireland,
Scotland, and Spain. Auto tour from Grenoble
to Nice(3 days), Corniche drive to Monte Carlo,
Amalfi drive, Passion Play, coaching in Swit-
zerland. References:members of former tours.


Sail July 1 on the Arabic " and

Spain, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, Egypt, tery of the Orient lures visitors

Italy, Connecting tours for Switzerland,
from all over the world to

France, England, Passion Play.
Weather ideal for sightseeing

$650 and upward

65-A Franklin St. Boston, Mass.
The qnaintest and most interesting of all
countries. Come while the old age customs
prevail. Write, mentioning “Outlook" to

Care Traffic Dept.

for full information

Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,
$5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

offers special winter rates for rooms, and will
serve at a moderate price a Club Breakfast,
Special Noonday Luncheon, and Evening
Dimer. A series of weekly musicales and
monthly dances given for the pleasure of our

guests. For further particulars apply to
Special parties sailing April 21st

J. T. SELLER, Manager.
and 25th, via the Mediterranean.
An opportunity to avoid the crowd

Write for Booklet A-10
506 Fifth Avenue, New York City WELLESLEY HILLS, MASS. (Boston)

Fine location. Hot and cold running water in

nearly all bedrooms. Private baths. Sun-room.
Travel-Study Club Italy to Eng.

Our table a specialty. Terms moderate. Tel.
Private, select, economical. Lectures on his-
tory, art, current events. Booklet. Dr. and
Mrs. FLICK. University, Syracuse, N. Y.



Pleasant Rooms for the Lenten Season.
to the

141 So, Illinois Avenue Opposite HOTEL TRAYMORE.


Health Resorts
The Bethesda White Plains,

N, Y.
A private sanitarium for invalids and aged
who need care. Ideal surroundings. Ad.liess
for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241.

“ INTERPINES" Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over 26 years of successful work. Thorough. reliable, dependable and ethical. Every com. tort and convenience. Accommodations of superior quality. Disorder of the nervous systein a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, 8r., M.D., Fred. W. Beward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, X. I.

LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick

People to Get Well Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to the personal study and specialized treatment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity. Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D. late of The Walter Sanitarium


Popular Routes ; Abundant Sightseeing;
First Class Hotels ; Skilled Interpretation of
European Art, History, Literature, Music;
Travel Schools for Intensive Language Study.

65-A Franklin St., Boston, Mass.

[blocks in formation]

Coast to Coast

and Return Automobile Tour 65 Day itinerary includ. ingevery point of Scenic

and Historic Interest in o the United States, $850

for particulars

J. Raymond Wilson, Inc. S06 Fifth Avenue, New York City




ROPE. Three vacancies in small private party. Moderate cost. Send for itinerary. Select Tours, 171 S.Oxford St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Sailing Jiwe 20 from San Francisco,

69 days. Price $1.315.
With extension to China. 96 days. $1,750.


15 Boyd Street, Newton, Mass,

Hotel Webster

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WANTED-Competent teachers for public and private schools. Calls coming every day. Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, NY.

DIETITIANS, secretaries, cafeteria managers, governesses, matrons, housekeepers, social workers, superintendents. Miss Richards, Providence, R.I. Box 5 East Side. Boston, Trinity Court, 16 Jackson Hall, Fri. days 11 to 1. Address Providence.

PLACEMENT BUREAU for employer and employee; housekeepers, matrons, dietitians, governesses, attendants, mother's heh ers, secretaries. 51 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass.

TEACHERS WANTED-September prospects at desirable salaries are being received, and many teachers will be werded for all departments of schools and colleges. Special terms for enrollment. THE INTERSTATE TEACHERS' AGENCY, MACHECA BUILDING, NEW ORLEANS, LA.

CHARLOTTE Gordon supplies really de pendable servants and offers personal intimate housekeeping experience to solve your problems. Phone Plaza 9467 for the sort of help you want. I promise a service of integrity based on the Golden Rule. 660 Madison Ave., between 60th and 61st.

WANTED-Teachers all subjects. Good vacancies in schools and colleges. International Musical and Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y.

ANNUAL CRUISE TO THE NORTH CAPE Sailing on June 28, direct from New York. On the S.S.

Osterley”-Rates $675 up. Iceland, North Cape, Norwegian Fjords, Sweden, Den. mark, Belgium and England.

(Near 5th Avenue)
40 West 45th Street

Directly in the fashiouable club and shop
ping section. Within five minutes' walk to
all principal theaters. A high-class hotel
patronized by those desiring the best accom-
modations at moderate cost.
Rates and map gladly sent upon request.


Clark's European Tours 1922 Frequent Spring and Summer SailingsA series of comprehensive and inclusive tours, the result of 27 years' successful experience in foreign travel.

University Extension Tours Moderate priced travel appealing to educators. $495 and up, including Battlefields and Oberammergau (optional).

402 Times Building. New York


ton Square adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, incinding meals. Special rates for two weeks or more. Location very central. Convenient to all elevated and street car lines.

[blocks in formation]

DEAN TOURS Hotel Hargrave

GREETING CARDS BEAUTIFUL greeting card adapted for all occasions. Sample fifteen cents. Ania Wildman. The Clinton, Philadelphia.

COPLEY CRAFT HAND-COLORED EASTER CARDS will be sent on ter Jayne approval. The line is best known for its distinctive verses. Jessie H. de Nicol. 18 Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass.

4 Wellesley Park, Boston, 24, Mass.

Write for illustrated Booklets Raymond & Whitcomb Co.

22 Beacon Street, Boston

EUROPE (coEntries) $725

England, Holland, the Rhine, Oberammergau
(Passion Play), Austria, Italy including

Naples, Switzerland, France, Belgium
MENTOR TOURS 733 Monadnock Bldg.,


West 720 St., through

to 71st St., New York
300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely
fireproof. One block to 720 St. el-
trance of Central Park, Comfort and
refinement combined with moderate
rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.

ROOMS TO RENT QUIET couple will rent two, three roon to cultured adults. Clean, sunny, ste. Near Park, West Eighties. Permanent. erence. Schuyler 2561

STATIONERY THIRST'Y blotters sent free on request, also samples of excellent stationery for personal and professional use. Franklin Printery, Warner, New Hampshire.

NOTE paper and envelopes. Your name and address on 100 sheets good quality paper and 100 envelopes Blue or black ink. Postpaid $1. Huntington Press, 21 Bath St., Norwich, Conn.

UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for any type of correspondence. 200 sheets high grade note paper and 100 envelopes printed with your name and address postpaid $1.50. Samuples on request. Lewis, 284 Second Ave., Troy, N. Y.


Professional Situations WANTED- Nurse for special duties in Morristown, N. J. Please apply to the Visiting Nurse Association, Morristown, N J., for particulars.

Business Situations WANTED. Councilor for successful, highgrade summer camp in Maine who can bring five boys or more. Good salary plus commissions. Also a representative who will enroll boys: tuition $275. Liberal terms. Highest references. Illustrated booklet. Harold J. Staples. Biddeford, Me.


WANTED--Woman of strong personality who is interested in position to teach sewing and take care of clothing, in home for orphan girls. Please state, in applying, amount of training and when and where it was gained: experience : also salary expected and ref. erences. 1,036, Outlook.

WANTED for cottage mother-Woman of strong personality, having had experience in management of children, who is capable of managing home. Must have knowledge of cooking and sewing. Some training is desirable. Please state qualifications, references, and also salary expected. 1,037, Outlook.

WANTED-An attendant-nurse to assist in the care of an elderly lady. Give references and state remuneration desired. 58 Madison Ave., Lakewood, N. J.

HOUSEKEEPER wanted by Philadelphia child caring agency and settlement. Must have executive ability. 1,106, Outlook.

WANTED-Reliable, experienced woman housekeeper in family of two, who will act as companion to mother in absence to business of daughter. Cottage six rooms. References desired. 1,129, Outlook

Teachers and Governesses WANTED - Gentlewoman governess for three boys, 9, 7,5 years. Must be healthy and experienced in physical care of children. Personal references. Mrs. D. Harding, Ridgetield, Conn.


Professional Situations
Companions and Domestic Helpers

Teachers and Governesses
TRAINED nurse wishes position with ENGLISH WOMAN desires position as

RADCLIFFE graduate, age 27, with sucnerve, mental, or chronic invalid lady. Best courier-chaperon-companion, in Englaud dur- cessful experience in college preparatory references. 1,110, Outlook.

ing the summer. Highest references. 1,098, teaching, wishes tutoring, position for the

Business Situations

summer ; particularly in the classics. 11196.

YOUNG man, three years' college training,

CHRISTIAN lady desires to be attendant

or companion for chronic invalid or elderly WANTED-Public or private school posi: wants job. Most anything; secretarial, carelady. 1,123, Outlook.

tion (vicinity New York) by trained physica! taking. Exceptional references.1,055, Outlook.

director with camp, Y. W.C. A., public school TWO Boston women with extensive craft

WIDOW, son 14, daughter 2, educated Holland, France, University California, desires

experience. 1,125, Outlook. experience desire opportunity to take charge

work. Mrs. David Zelisse, Overlea, Balti- EXPERIENCED teacher who loves chil. of gift shop for the summer. 1,101, Outlook. more, Md.

dren desires position as governess and comLIBRARIAN-Experienced executive, also

panion to child requiring service she can special library experience, desires position in

HOUSEKEEPER, refined American wo

render. Good references. Country preSouthern city. References. 1,103, Outlook. man, capable of managing motherless home

ferred. 1,119, Outlook. RECEPTION or clerical work, institution

where other help is kept. References ex

changed. 1,126, Outlook.
or doctor's office. 1,114, Outlook.
SUMMER POSITION-tutor or traveling

Companions and Domestic Helpers companion--wanted by university instructor
WANTED. by an experienced woman of
age 29. Three years' teaching experience, 2

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, wil years' travel in Europe. 1,122, Outlook.

shop for you, services free. No samples ability and pleasant personality, a position as

References. 309 West 99th St. housemother, housekeeper, or other execu

EXPERIENCED registered nurse, good

BOYS wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The tive position in suunmer camp for girls or traveler, wishes to travel with convalescent or semi-invalid for summer or longer. Free

Outlook each week. No investment necessary. boys for season of 1972. Satistactory refer

Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, ences upon request. Address 821, Outlook. May 1. 1.121, Outlook.

The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave.,
BY Southerp gentlewoman, position as

EXPERIENCED lady, ability and culture, New York City.
companion or to help with oue or two small
housemother or managing housekeeper, insti-

FOR church fairs and Easter sales. Baskets
children. 1,061, Outlook.
tution or private home. Trained dietitian.

made in homes in the North Carolina Moul YOUNG woman, 30, college graduate, exExcellent references. 1,127, Outlook.

taing. Allanstand Cottage Industries, Inc.. perienced, desires position as traveling com

TEACHER desires traveling position for Exchange for inountain handicraft#, 55 Haypanion to lady, or as chaperon for one or

the summer. Companionable, adaptable, re- wood St., Asheville, N. C. more girls traveling. Charges reasonable. fined. Best references. 1,133, Outlook.

ANTIQUES for sale. Large collection Highest references. 1,086, Outlook.

COLLEGE graduate, experienced as travel- grandfather's clocks included. H. Hiestand,
REFINED woman wishes position as trav-

ing companion and tutor, desires position. Zious ville, Pa.
eling companion or chaperon. 1,089, Outlook.
Excellent references. 1,131, Outlook.

NURSES' UNIFORMS made. Reasonable
WILLIAMS undergraduate of high stand-

CORNELL instructor wants traveling prices. 1,077, Outlook. ing desires to travel as tutor-companion this

companionship position for summer. 1.136, MARRIED WOMAN, AGED 35. living in

Outlook. summer, preferably to Europe. References.

large western New York city in confortable Address 1,091, Outlook.

CULTURED Southern young woman as circumstances, would like to board two chil

dren between the ages of three and ten where UNDERGRADUATE Battle Creek Sani

social secretary or companion. Graduate of tarium trained nurse, living in Philadelphia,

university. Will travel. References. 1,130, parent or guardian is able to pay for the best Outlook.

of care. References of the very best can be desires position as nurse or companion to

furnished-intellectual, social, and business. woman. Excellent references. 1.109, Outlook.

YOUNG woman, experienced teacher and tutor, college graduate, wishes. position as

Care of children thoroughly understood.
ASSISTANT in children's institution or tutor or traveling companion during summer.

1,095, Outlook.
congenial family. Protestant, 25, with kinder-
1,128, Outlook.

WANTED-Defective people to board. Ad-
garten experience, personality, adaptability. YOUNG woman, 30, graduate of Colunibia dress W., Pawling, N. Y.
1,115, Outlook.
University, experienced traveler, teacher, and WO

UL opportunity tour Europe REFINED, capable Southern woman de- executive, desires position as traveling com- with lady, experienced conductor European sires position as companion. References. panion or as chaperonto young ladies travel- tours, residence abroad. Languages. Ex1,113, Outlook.

ing. Excellent references. 1,138, Outlook. penses. 1,102, Outlook.
TUTOR or traveling companion, by expe-
rienced teacher holding university degrees.

Teachers and Governesses

TO young women desiring training in the

care of obstetrical patients a very thorough Has traveled extensively in this and other EXPERIENCED, middle-aged teacher nurses' aid course of six months is offered by countries. Free from April to October. Ref- wishes tutoring (grammar school subjects) the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New erences exchanged. 1,117, Outlook.

for summer; will supervise bome in parents' York. Monthly allowance and full mainteGOVERNESS, going to Europe May-June, absence. 1,063, Outlook.

nance is furnished. For further information would act as companion or take charge of HOUSEMOTHER'S position wanted in a

address Directress of Nurses. children. Experienced, good sailor. Refer- first class private school for October, by an FOR EASTER-Guzzie-Bunnie, beautifully ences. 1,108, Outlook.

experienced, well educated, much traveled made pink and buff stuffed toy, one of the GENTLEWOMAN, refined, desires position woman. 1,083, Outlook.

famous Guzzie Toys, sent prepaid on receipt in family of means as companion to elderly ENGLISH WOMAN (governess-teacher)

of $1. Guzzieland Co., Waukesha, Wis. or seini-invalid lady. Good reader. Refer- desires position for summer months. Music M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, ences. K. B., 24 Lennox Ave., East Orange, (piano, violin, harmony) and French. 1,087, established 1895. No charge: prompt delivery. N. J. Outlook.

25 West 34th St., New York. YOUNG woman, college graduate, with pro- LADY going abroad warmly recommends AMBITIOUS WR ERS send to-day for fessional training and ten years' experience her English governess (40). Good languages, Free copy America's leading magazine for as executive, desires position as manager in music and experience in management large writers of photoplays, stories, poems, souge household or institution. Near New York households. Other excellent references. Instructive, helpful. Writer's Digest, 683 City. 1,097, Outlook. 1.1199, Outlook.

Butler Building, Cincinnati.


Are you in need of a Mother's Helper, Companion,

, Nurse, Governess, Teacher, Business or Professional Assistant ?

The Classified Want Department of The Outlook
has for many years offered to subscribers a real service.
A small advertisement in this department will bring

The rate is only ten cents per word, including address.

Department of Classified Advertising
THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Ave., New York


Summer Sports


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(Continued from Page 437)
to-day without concern for to-morrow.

Even as I compose this letter the neigh-

bor on my right is repeating the offense
so recent of my neighbor on the left,
namely, hewing down venerable elms
and oaks planted by previous owners of
the place, and for no adequate reason
at all. And so one is gratified to find

among the hosts of advertisements setIt's less than three days from New York

ting forth the surpassing excellence of to Nassau by Munson Liner. There the

foodstuffs, automobiles, and congoleums Summer Sports Season is turning life into one glorious round of golf and tennis

a message that appeals to the finer pertournaments, bathing, sailing, fishing, and

ceptions and purposes of men. all the social diversions of a famous British

Colony. Now is the time to go.

River Falls, Wisconsin.
New Express Passenger and FreightLiner
MUNARGO, finest passenger steamer in

southern trade, sails from Pier 9, East River,
New York, weekly during the season.

WE best advertisement, to my mind,
For Booklet and Reservations
address Dept. O

year 1921 was the following:


For Christmas Gifts


GEORGE PORTER 67 Wall Street, New York

Highland Farm, Alstead, New Hampshire

When I read the above, I knew if the
Branch Offices

commodities for sale were as unadulter-

ated as the advertisement was free from

superfluous words and needless recapitu-
lations I'd like some maple syrup from
"Highland Farm."

I consider this the best advertisement
Direct from Plantation
Not the stale, tasteless street corner

for the following reasons:
kind, but plump, sweet, tender nutmeats,
full of flavory goodness. Fresh, crisp,

1. The type, standing out plainly and 5 LBS

crunchy: Send down to the plantation clearly, attracted my eye. VIRGINIA

Roast them hot and crisp, make delicious 2. The few words stated all that

candy and salted peanuts from our recipe PEANUTS enclosed with every order. You can't was necessary for me to know before

$1.50 buy better peanuts at any price. We POSTPAID guarantee prompt shipment and abgo-hearing directly from Mr. Porter.

ute satisfaction. w. of Miss. 50. lb extra. 10 lbs #2.75 Chesterfield Plantation A, Norfolk, Virginia spired my confidence and aroused my

3. The complete advertisement in-

Lincoln, Minois.

Many men came and

went in her life SHE fascinated each one only

5 lbs Fancy Shelled Peanuts $1.50





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for a little while. Nothing ever came of it.

Yet she was attractive-unusually so. She had beguiling ways. Beautiful hair, radiant skin, exquisite teeth and an intriguing smile. Still there was something about her that made men show only a transient interest.

She was often a bridesmaid but never a bride.

And the pathetic tragedy of it all was that she herself was utterly ignorant as to why. Those of her friends who did know the reason didn't have the heart to tell her.

* * * People don't like to talk about halitosis (unpleasant breath). It isn't a pretty subject. Yet why in the world should this topic be taboo even among intimate friends when it may mean so much to the individual to know the facts and then correct the trouble?

Most forms of halitosis are only temporary. Unless halitosis is due to some deep-seated cause (which a physician should treat), the liquid antiseptic, Listerine, used regularly as a mouth wash and gargle, will quickly correct it. The well-known antiseptic properties of this effective deodorant arrest fermentation in the mouth and leave the breath clean, fresh and sweet. It is an ideal combatant of halitosis.

So why have the uncomfortable feeling of being uncertain about whether your breath is just right when the precaution is so simple.

Listerine is for sale at your nearest druggist. He has sold it for years.

Address Lambert Pharmacal Company, 2178 Locust Street, Saint Louis, Missouri.

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PIFE'S full measure has not

been reached without a share
of travel. Seeing other scenes and
other people each with some mes-
sage, is a most necessary part of
education. The supreme oppor-
tunity of pleasurable, worthwhile
travel is offered in our cruise-tour
by specially chartered new and
superb Cunard - Anchor Liner
"Tuscania” sailing from New York
July 5th, returning September 6th.
Well - planned itineraries — long
glorious Summer days spent cruis-
ing or on leisurely and interesting
shore excursions.
Option to return via North Atlantic. There
are various programs for visiting PAL-
ferent parts of Northern Europe including
PARIS (Battlefields), LONDON, etc.

Inclusive Fares from $600

For Full Particulars Apply THOS. COOK & SON

245 Broadway, New York Chicago Philadelphia Boston San Francisco Los Angeles Montrea 1 Toronto Vancouver

150 Offices Throughout the World


T1AT advertisement printed in The

Outlook during 1921 do I consider
the best?

Unhesitatingly I would say: "That of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company—the Bell System."

Reason for my selection: Its interesting, enlightening, and educational features. Its historical, comparative, and candid statements are compelling and always worth while. Its truthfulness seems beyond question.

Whenever I see their advertisement, I read it as eagerly as I do the regular reading matter—and always I feel well repaid for so doing.

The timely and attractive "cut" which always precedes their ad is not only always appropriate, but indicates to me that I'm going to find something wortb reading. And I'm never disappointed.

Its effect upon me? Well, just so
soon as I could obtain available funds I
invested in some of their stock, feeling
sure that I was becoming a part owner
in one of the best-managed, up-to-date,
and most progressive institutions of the
country. And I've never felt disap-

Cincinnati, Ohio.

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