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Unequalled for smoothness,

flavor and uniform quality. We believe it to be the finest and most reliable plain chocolate for cooking and drinking

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TEETH – GOOD. HEALTH St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

School for Nurses

Walter Baker & Co. Ltd.


Established 1780 DORCHESTER, MASS. Booklet of Choice Recipes sent free

YONKERS, NEW YORK Registered in New York State, offers a 2% years' courseas general training to refined, educated women. Require. ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

To Proprietors of Summer Camps

Vape resolen

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The Vapor

for Coughs Est.. 1879

and Colds The time for Vapo-Cresolene is at the first indication of a cold or sore throat, which are so often the warnings of dangerous complications.

Simple to use; you just light the little lamp that vaporizes the Cresolene and place it near the bed at night.

The soothing antiseptic vapor is breathed all night, making breathing easy, relieving the cough and easing the sore throat and congested chest.

Cresolene is recommended for Whooping Cough, Spasmodic Croup, Influenza, Bronchitis, Coughs and Nasal Catarrh. Its germicidal qualities make it a reliable protection when these diseases are epidemic. It gives great relief in Asthma.

Cresolene has been recommended and used for the past 42 years. The benefit derived from it is unquestionable.

Sold by druggists. Send for descriptive booklet 31. The VAPO-CRESOLENE CO., 62 Cortlandt St., New York, or Leming-Miles Bldg., Montreal, Canada.



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WE to

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MARCH 22, 1922


tion of Islam to the present disturb- Smuts declares that the native workers HE forced resignation of the Brit. ance:

and the farmers were loyal. The mine ish Secretary of State for India, This is all part of a Pan-Islamic workers ask for representation in the Mr. Edwin S. Montagu, the general

plot which includes Turkey, India, management of the mines. Another

and Egypt. belief that it will be followed by the res.

And the emissaries of

statement from General Smuts asserts

Turkey have undoubtedly stirred up ignation of the Viceroy, Lord Reading, the leaders in India to make use of

that "the present revolutionary moveand the arrest on the charge of sedition an opportunity resulting from the

ment is the work of extremists who are of Gandhi, the leader of the movement

failure of the Greek invasion, the using the strike at the mines for the

evacuation of Anatolia by the French, for “non-co-operation” (meaning largely

dissemination of syndicalist views." The

and the desertion of the Armenians, non-payment of taxes and refusal to obey

who have been left to shift for them

assertion is also made in news desgovernmental orders), have brought to a selves by the British. Under these patches that the money back of the critical point England's relations to In

circumstances, Turkey is again utiliz. outbreak came from foreign sources-

ing the disputes between the big dia. The article by Mr. P. W. Wilson

just what sources is not stated.

Powers and the inability of the Ruson another page throws light on the

sian Government to assert itself to

There has always been dislike, some. issues involved.

regain some of its lost possessions, times flaming into hostility, between the There are over 300,000,000 natives in

including Thrace and the Dardanelles. miners and the farmer Boers in this India, of whom about 66,000,000 are Thus the relations of England to Tur

region. Such an industrial quarrel as Mohammedans. Ordinarily, Mohamme- key, Egypt, and other Islamic lands are

has been going on for a month or more dans do not agree or act in unison with involved. No wonder, then, that Lord

in the Rand brings out the old feud. men of other religions. But just now Curzon, England's Foreign Secretary,

There is also political dissension bethey are making common cause with and his chief, Lloyd George, were dis

tween the Nationalists, headed by Genother natives for different reasons. The turbed when Mr. Montagu, without

eral Herzog, who still want independnon-Mohammedans (Buddhists, Hin- authorization from the Ministry or the

ence and hate British rule, and the dus, and others) are agitating for Prime Minister or the Foreign Secre

Liberal party, headed by General Smuts, "home rule," or at least for a large tary, made public a letter from the Vice

who believe that England has acted genmeasure of native self-government. roy of India which favored a change in

erously in giving South Africans selfGandhi has preached against violence policy which would lead to re-establish- government. Add to this the political and has inflicted penance on himself ing in Turkey just that Islamic power

element of an active Labor party, and when his followers committed violence; which in the past has been pro-German

we have the possibilities of trouble at yet some of his utterances are alleged to and was responsible for the Armenian

any time. lave incited indirectly to open rebellion. massacres. Aside from questions of The memory of the deplorable Amritzar technical proceeding or disputed ex- IRELAND SIMMERING DOWN massacre is said to have had a baleful cuses, the British Government found its

THERE is a touch of the humorous in influence.

hand forced and its dignity hustled. The most active anti-British feeling

miniature armies which lately flocked to now, however, is of Pan-Islam origin. A LITTLE WAR ON THE RAND Kilkenny for no very adequate reason or In an editorial in The Outlook of De

HE outbreak in the gold, coal, and purpose. Tlie commanders of the Britcember 21 last, based largely on an in

iron mine district known as the ish, Free State, and Irish Republic terview with Mr. Sastri, India's delegate Rand in South Africa was both sudden forces were brought together at lunchto the Washington Conference, we said: and fierce. The despatches, indeed, eon by the Mayor and (over the coffee,

When the war with Germany was bristle with warlike activities, but are probably) "a friendly spirit sprang up" seen to be a desperate matter, the

extremely scant as to the causes of the and amicable plans were agreed upon. British Government called for troops from India. The Mohammedans hesi. outbreak.

If this happy conclusion had failed, tated to take up arms against the

The insurgents were so strong as to should we have had a triangular war to ally of the Sultan, the religious head be able at first to invest Johannesburg be compared only with the immortal of Mussulmans. It was then that the

on three sides; in some places loyal three-cornered duel stage-managed by British Government assured their Mohammedan subjects that

Midshipman Easy? this

forces were hemmed in for two or three would not be a war against Islam days until airplanes brought them food There are patent absurdities in the and that the protector of the sacred and ammunition; many hundreds of present situation, but better have inconplaces of their religion would in no

casualties are reported; one account sistencies than bullets. The cure in the way lose his temporal authority. The British Government has not kept its

states that the Government troops took South should come with the election of pledge. From the point of view of 2,200 prisoners; General Jan Smuts, the delegates to the Free State Parliament. the Mohammedan of India, that is a famous South African Premier, himself Once that critical event is over, we may wicked breach of faith. The Turkish Empire has been broken up. Because

narrowly escaped being shot; the des- hope for only political warfare, in which they trusted in their masters, these

patches of March 13 from Pretoria, majorities and votes will take the place Mohammedans now find that they however, declare that the situation is of raids and killings. As it is, we have have been used to weaken the head well in hand.

the Dail Eireann still asserting the exist. of their religion. And the other peo

The trouble was partly industrial, ence of a Republic and maintaining an ple-of India who do not share the Mohammedan faith can, and many of

partly political, and partly due to out- army of its own, and the Irish Free State theni do, share these Mohammedans' and-out Bolshevik agitation. The white with a Sinn Fein Provisional Governor indignation.

miners, although they are outnumbered backed by a Provisional Cabinet and a Mr. Morgenthau, formerly American

times over by

the natives, small army, but with no Parliament be. Ambassador to Turkey, says of the rela- formed the insurgent element; General hind it. The signs all indicate that the

Tithe cable despatches about the three

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transition will be safely made, even pose of enforcing upon the Germans the

AMERICA RESPECTFULLY though De Valera continue to fulminate terms of their surrender. It was quite DECLINES and make mischief. right to charge the cost of this to the

uch to the satisfaction of the great In Ulster the cure will probably be the Germans themselves. It would have

majority of Americans; we believe; exercise of plain commercial and indus- been grotesque in the extreme if all

President Harding, through his Secretrial common sense. Factional clashes military burdens had been taken off

tary of State, has declined to participate occur and will occur, in Belfast and else- from the shoulders of the defeated cul

in the proposed economic conference at where, between hotheads and fanatics on prit nation and had been left upon the

Genoa. both sides, but the two parts of Ireland shoulders of that nation's victims. The

When the invitation was first sent need each other, and will learn to live United States has presented the bill for

early in January, the Administration amicably apart if they cannot live as its share in that expense. It amounts

seemed disposed to accept. We were one Dominion. to two hundred and forty-one million

holding a Conference ourselves which dollars, or a billion gold marks.

other nations had cordially attended, THE LADY AND THE LORDS

if Germany

pays this

and it seemed somewhat ungracious to HONDDA is the name of two valleys amount to the United States it will

think of holding aloof from one which in South Wales—the Great and Litleave just so much less out of which,

they asked us to attend. At the time, tle Rhondda. In these valleys are lofor the time being, payments can be

however, there were three obstacles up. cated immense coal mines. They were

Thomas in Detroit Neu's

parent which The Outlook pointed out. operated by the late David Thomas,

One was the disinclination of Anierica who, as Viscount Rhondda, became the

to take part in the political affairs of efficient Food Commissioner for the Brit

Europe. Another was the disinclinationi ish Government in the recent war.

of America to discuss her share in Lord Rhondda's daughter, Viscountess

Europe's economic problems until the Rhondda, is a peeress in her own right.

nations of Europe had made progress in But she is something a good deal more.

straightening out their own affairs. And She is the foremost business woman in

the third the disinclination of the British Isles. She has actually suc

America to recognize the Soviet rule in ceeded her father as the controller of

Russia so long as that rule was devoted the greater part of the output of the

to disintegration of other governments. southern Welsh coal fields. She is chair

It is these obstacles which Secretary man-why not chairwoman?-of the

Hughes cites as reasons for the decision

PROMISE OF Cambrian coal combine, and also of the

not to have an American representative

SOLDIERS British Fire Assurance Company.

at Genoa.

BONUS Nor is this all. She is a director in

The Anierican decisioni naturally disno less than twenty-seven public enter

appoints those European political leadprises. She is a stanch supporter of the

thomines ers who have hoped that America might equality of women in all walks of life.

save them some little trouble involved THE ONLY DETAIL LACKING IS THE COW She has been an active suffrage worker.

in the unpleasant task of keeping their It is, however, with Lady Rhondda's made to the other nations in the way of

governmental expenditures within their peerage that we have to do. She suc

income or seeing that their governreparation, as well as for the cost of ceeded to her father's title and appealed military operation.

mental income is increased to meet for a writ of summons to the House of

There have been intimations that the

their expenditures. Lords on the ground that the act of European creditors of Germany might

On another page we print special cor1919 provided against the disqualifica- ubject to this payment on the ground

respondence from Mr. Gregg which tion through sex or marriage from the that the United States, by declining to

shows that the problem of Europe, in exercise of any public function or from ratify the Versailles Treaty, had re

spite of its difficulty, is fundamentally being appointed to or holding any civil nounced all participation in its benefits,

simple. or judicial office or post.

and therefore had lost the right to colAfter a long delay the Committee on lect its share in what was due the Allied

THE BATTLE OF THE BONUS Privileges of the House of Lords decided

HE House is still deadlocked over the in favor of Lady Rhondda. Should this

to be apparent to any one who is willing decision be confirmed by the vote of the

to reflect that this is fallacious. Ameri. battle of the bonus seems to have deHouse, it may also establish the claim

ca's right to reimbursement does not veloped into an effort to pay the veterof twenty-four women who are peeresses

rest upon any treaty, but upon the fact ans with some form of token which will in their own rights—one duchess, four

that America was one of the victors in make immediate drain upon the countesses, two viscountesses, and sev

the war and received with her allies and treasury, but which will at the same enteen baronesses.

associates Germany's surrender. In- time satisfy the ex-soldiers, sailors, and

deed, it was at the solicitation of her marines who are laying siege to the GERMANY'S INTERNATIONAL

partners in the war that America kept doors of Congress. The bill now under POLICE BILL

her troops on German soil after the discussion retains the provisions of the CHEN Germany's attempt to dominate armistice. America's rights have been bill proposed by the American Legion,

the world was finally thwarted, confirmed by her treaty with Germany, which provide for farm and home aid, the Allied nations had to continue the ratified last year. There is no disposi- land settlement aid, and vocational use of force to see that Germany was tion on America's part to embarrass her training. It provides a new alternative kept in order. Having captured the partners by pressing this claim; but it to these in the form of what are called bandit, the police had to see to it that is fair to other countries as well as the adjusted service certificates. he was kept in restraint. Troops were United States that this claim should be The function of these certificates is stationed along the Rhine for the pur- registered and not ignored.

summarized in a statement from Secre


and Associated Governments. It ought Tuproblem of the soldiers' bonus. The


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