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exercise of superior authority. This is If we are not going to associate with possibilities lie dormant in that semithe attitude of Senator Glass. other nations, reason seems to dictate

fluid globule. Let a moderate supply To the advocates of International that we shall have to depend upon aloof

of warmth reach its watery cradle,

and the plastic matter undergoes Anarchism this proposal seems perilous, ness or force, or both aloofness and

changes so rapid, and yet so steady because the very grouping of nations force.

and purpose-like in their succession suggests the possibility of the use of

that one can only compare them to force and of the creation of other groups

those operated by a skilled modeler

IN THE WORKSHOP upon a formless lump of clay. As to meet force with force. This is the

with an invisible trowel, the mass is attitude of Senator Borah.


divided and subdivided into smaller It is interesting to note that in this,

and smaller portions, until it is reSOME RELIGIOUS ASPECTS as in so many other instances, the ex

duced to an aggregation of granules OF EVOLUTION

not too large to build withal the fintremists on both sides are co-operating

est fabrics of the nascent organism. to defeat those who believe in a course

NUMBER of correspondents have

And then it is as if a delicate finger between the two extremes.

written me respecting evolution traced out the line to be occupied by The decision of the Senate on the

11 some in commendation, some in the spinal column, and molded the Four-Power Treaty may conceivably be criticism, some with inquiries. I must

contour of the body; pinching up the

head at one end, the tail at the other, virtually recorded by the time this issue ask them to accept this article in reply,

and fashioning flank and limb into of The Outlook reaches its readers. One though it will not answer all their

due salamandrine proportions in so more than a third of the Senators pres criticism nor all their inquiries.

artistic a way that, after watching ent and voting can defeat the Four The issue raised by the hypothesis of

the process hour by hour, one is al

most involuntarily possessed by the Power Treaty. If that treaty is de- evolution has been well expressed in a

notion that some more subtle aid to feated, the whole result of the Arma- single sentence: “Creation is a process, vision than an achromatic would ment Conference will be jeopardized. not a product.” The evolutionist be show the hidden artist, with his plan Secretary Hughes made that clear in a lieves that he is living in the days of

before him, striving with skillful

manipulation to perfect his work. letter which he wrote in response to an creation. The rocks tell him something inquiry from the Senate as to the au concerning this process of creation in

This is an instance of continuous crea. thorship of the treaty. Stating that he the past; life tells him what it is in tion going on as it is revealed by the himself, as Chairman of the American the present. He does not have to go microscope, but unobserved by most of delegation, after consultation with the back six thousand years to find God at us; the telescope reveals it as going on other Powers, made the draft of the work in his world. He is at work now. in distant stars. Evolution does not treaty which was presented to the Con- and in the same spirit and upon the banish God from the universe. On the ference, he reiterated a statement of the same principles. I do not recall any contrary, it enables us to see him at President by saying that the Treaty was simpler and clearer statement of the work by our side, whereas before we "an essential part of the plan to create omnipresence of the Great Spirit than only thought we detected indications conditions in the Far East at once favor that of Herbert Spencer: "Amidst all the

hat of Herbert Spencer: "Amidst all the that he had been at work in ages long able to the maintenance of the policies mysteries by which we are surrounded

feries by which we are surrounded remote. we have long advocated and to an endur nothing is more certain than that we

nothing is more certain than that we The evolutionist not only sees inteling peace.” And he added, "In view of are ever in the presence of an Infinite

ligence at work in the material universe this, and in view of the relation of the and Eternal Energy from

and Eternal Energy from which all

which all

and in the rocks traces the processes of Treaty to the results of the Conference, things proceed." The faith of my child

God's work in past ages, so that Hugh its failure would be nothing short of a hood in a Great First Cause which made

od in a Great First Cause which made Miller saw in the “Testimony of the National calamity.”

and wound up the universe a long while Rocks" the “footprints of the Creator," The reason for this is not obscure. ago and set it going and interferes with but he sees the universe pervaded by a

Three groups of treaties issued from it occasionally as a clockmaker might spirit of service and sacrifice which was the Conference. One group, consisting with his clock has disappeared: in its unrecognized by the older philosophy. of the Four-Power Treaty and its sup- place is faith in an Ever-Present Cause. Love, service, and sacrifice are written plements, provides for the termination the source of all energy, the fountain of in the processes of a continuous creation, of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance and for all life.

and he who has discovered that creation conferences between the four nations- To see in creation an intelligence, a is a process, not a product, discovers in America, Britain, France, and Japan- purpose, a plan, the evolutionist has not that process a spiritual meaning he when occasion requires. The second to go back and examine what God has never saw before. A great deal has been group abolishes spheres of influence in made. He is admitted into God's work- said concerning the phrase, “Struggle China and other causes of conflict there shop and sees God at work. He formerly for existence, survival of the fittest." It and provides for measures to secure the thought that creation was a finished has been treated as though it were a independence and integrity of China it- house, and he examined it for signs of scientific equivalent for “Might makes self. The third group, by scrapping bat the Builder's work. Now he sees the right.” The apologists of Germany have tleships and limiting the use of certain Builder at work upon the house. The endeavored to find in Darwin's law a weapons of warfare, such as the subma- building is a perpetual process, and meaning it never bore and an interprerine and poison gas, reduces the power was not more evident in what we used tation of nature and life which he never of each of the five signatory nations, to call the dawn of creation than it is gave to them. He recognized that America, Britain, France, Italy, and to-day. This vision of creation as a con


or others existed. but it was Japan-not only to attack but also to tinuing process is well illustrated by the

left for Henry Drummond to bring out defend their own policies. If the Senate, following well-known passage in the the part it plays in world development. by its vote, expresses such distrust of its writings of Huxley:

I quote here a few sentences from his neighbors that it is unwilling even to

Examine the recently laid egg of

"Ascent of Man:” provide for the means of conferring with some common animal, such as a sala

The Creation is a drama, and no them, the question will at once arise mander or a newt. It is a minute drama was ever put upon the stage whether the United States has any busi

spheroid in which the best microscope with only one actor. The Struggle

will reveal nothing but a structureless for Life is the “Villain" of the piece ness, in view of that distrust, to put any

sae, inclosing a glairy fluid, holding no more; and, like the "Villain" in limit upon its own armament.

granules in suspension. But strange the play, its chief function is to react

upon the other players for higher servable and observed by students of foundation in the Bible. The story of ends. There is, in point of fact, a life. It is absolutely certain that every Adam's sin and expulsion from Eden second factor which we might venture

reader of this article physically passed is told, but it is not accompanied by to call the Struggle for the Life of Others which plays an equally prom

through some animal forms in the any philosophical deduction that the inent part.

mother's womb before birth. The crea- sin of his descendants is a result of With a wealth of scientific detail, tion of the body was in every one of us Adam's sin. That may be a legitimate which there is no room here even to a process of evolution. George John deduction, but the Bible does not make indicate, Drummond points out how the

Romanes in “Darwin and After Darwin" it. Never again, directly or indirectly, process of creation going on all about makes this perfectly clear:

is the fall of man mentioned in the us all the time would be impossible were Like that of all other organisms,

Old Testament, by poet, priest, or it not for the law of self-sacrifice

unicellular or multicellular, his prophet. It is never mentioned by prophesied even in the fruits and

(man's] development starts from the Christ. It is never mentioned by any

nucleus of a single cell. ... When flowers, illustrated by the life of the

of the Apostles except Paul, and by him

his animality becomes established, ha cattle in the fields and the birds in the exhibits the fundamental anatomical

only incidentally and, as it were, parentrees, and sums up his conclusion in the

qualities which characterize such thetically. The one passage in which following scientifically accurate and æs

lowly animals as polypus and jelly he explains dramatically the origin and

fish, and even when he is marked off thetically beautiful paragraph:

nature of sin is the Seventh Chapter of as the vertebrate it cannot be said To interpret the course of Evolution whether he is to be a fish, a reptile,

Romans, and there it is portrayed as a without this [law of sacrifice) would a bird, or a beast. Later on it be result of the conflict between the flesh be to leave the richest side even of comes evident that he is to be a and the spirit-that is, between the apmaterial nature without an explana mammal; but not till later still can it

petites and passions derived from man's tion. Retrace the ground even thus be said to which order of mammals hastily traveled over, and see how he belongs.

animal nature and the divine spirit imfull creation is of meaning, of antici

parted to him by God, making him

Romanes enforces this statement by pation, of good for man, how far back

spiritually the offspring of God. The begins the undertone of love. Reprinting illustrations of the various

Seventh Chapter of Romans is the only member that nearly all the beauty 'of forms which it is known man passes the world is Love-Beauty-the corolla

chapter in the Bible which makes any through before birth. Printed side by of the flower and the plume of the

attempt to offer a philosophical explanaside, they show embryos of a fish, a grass, the lamp of the firefly, the

tion of the origin and nature of sinplumage of the bird, the horn of the salamander, a tortoise, a bird, a hog, a

and it is essentially an evolutionary stag, the face of a woman; that calf, a rabbit, and a man in three sucnearly all the music of the natural cessive stages of development, and in

explanation. world is Love-music--the song of

This editorial already exceeds the limthem, as Romanes truly says, "there the nightingale, the call of the is very little difference between the eight

its which I always mean to set myself, mammal, the chorus of the insect, the serenade of the lover; that nearly

and here I must leave the subject, only animals at the earliest of the three all the foods of the world are

adding that the conclusions here sumstages represented, all having fishlike Love-foods-the date and the raisin,

marized I reached more than a quarter tails, gill-slits, and so on." the banana and the breadfruit, the

When the babe is laid in his mother's

of a century ago. I then embodied them locust and the honey, the eggs, the

in a volume entitled “The Theology of grains, the seeds, the cereals, and the arms, his body, in being developed from

an Evolutionist,” and to that volume I legumes; that all the drinks of the a seed, has already passed through the world are Love-drinks—the juice of physical forms of inferior animals.

must refer correspondents who desire the sprouting grain and the withered

some further and fuller answers to their hop, the milk from the udder of the Mysteriously endowed with a spiritual


LYMAN ABBOTT. cow, the wine from the Love-cup of nature, the development of that spiritual the vine. Remember that the Family,

nature is now about to begin. As a babe the crown of all higher life, is the

he is neither the cherub his mother SHIP SUBSIDIES creation of Love; that Co-operation, which means power, which means fondly calls him, nor a child of the devil,

TN his Message to Congress, which we wealth, which means leisure, which which some schools of theology, I be

reported last week, advocating ship therefore means art and culture, rec lieve, still call him. He is simply a seed reation and creation, is the gift of

subsidies, President Harding says bed with almost infinite possibilities of Love. Remember not only these

that "the terms 'subsidy' and 'subventhings, but the diffusions of feeling both good and evil. He may become a

tion' have been made more or less hatewhich accompany them, the eleva Benedict Arnold or a George Washing

ful to the American public." tions, the ideals, the happiness, the ton. Which he will become will depend goodness, and the faith in more

This repulsion is due to the fact that partly on his inheritance, partly on goodness, and ask if it is not a world

in the past subsidies and subventions of Love in which we live. the process of spiritual development, in

have been so administered as to be of the guidance of which the father and Mr. Bryan has intimated that he

unfair advantage, if not of corrupt admother are to have so large a share. might be willing to admit that material

vantage, to the few at the expense of the Physically he is the product of a devel. nature is in a process of evolution, but

many. The President's frank recogniopment in which he has passed through could never admit that this is true of

tion of this faet at the outset of his prior animal forms; spiritually he will man. In fact, this continuous process

Message goes far to disarm the antagobecome the product of a battle between of creation is nowhere seen more clearly

nism of those who are suspicious of all good and evil, a struggle which constithan in the creation of man. That the

legislation which attempts to foster the tutes the last stage in the evolution of race of man was developed out of a

interests of a particular group. Indeed, man as far as it is carried on in this lower animal race is not a guess, it is

one of the most effective parts of the earthly stage of existence. a deduction from carefully observed

President's proposal for ship subsidies

It is true that no evolutionist can conphenomena written in historic and pre

is that in which he advocates that the sistently believe in the theological dochistoric records. But that every individ

Government shall have complete super: trine of our childhood primer: ual man has been physically developed

vision of the books and financial operaout of previous animal forms .is neither

In Adam's fall

tions of the shipping lines receiving a

We sinnéd all. guess, hypothesis, nor deduction. It is

subsidy and shall cease paying the suba fact taking place every day and ob. But then for that doctrine there is no sidy when the profits of the enterprise exceed ten per cent, and, further, shall would use their influence to get as much we must establish an international comrequire the subsidized shipping lines from the Government as they could. merce under our own control and be making over ten per cent to pay back This would not necessarily lead to cor- able to carry our goods into every port annually into the treasury fifty per cent ruption, but it would involve a danger of the world. We cannot have both reof such excess profits until all the which ought to be foreseen and, if pos- stricted immigration and restricted inmoneys received in the form of a sub- sible, guarded against.

ternational commerce without being sidy shall have been returned. This But the World War has so changed false to our trust as a member of the seems to us to touch the very crux of industrial and economic conditions that brotherhood of nations and without imthe matter.

we do not see how it is possible to re poverishing our National life as a conse The Outlook has always been afraid of vive American commerce on the sea quence. Government subsidies to private enter without some form of Government aid. There is danger in both policies. But prises. They do not always lead to cor- Unaided private enterprise in America under present conditions prevailing in ruption, but they always involve that cannot compete with governmentally the world it seems to us that a re. danger. There are members of The aided enterprise in England and Japan. stricted immigration and an enlarged Outlook's staff who lived through the sec- And the President is right in pointing international commerce is safer and betond Administration of President Grant. out that if we have no American ship ter than a restricted international comThe corruption of that epoch was largelyping our foreign trade is dependent on merce and an unrestricted immigration, due to the railway subsidies which gave the pleasure of our neighbors.

We think the President is right in his rise to the Crédit Mobilier scandal and If America is to render to the world statement that we cannot have an unre tainted the reputation of men as emin the service which her size, her wealth, stricted commerce with the world if we ent in public life as Schuyler Colfax and and her ability combine to demand of allow other nations to carry it on for us James G. Blaine. On the other hand, her, she must furnish her goods to the under their own control, the transcontinental railways could not world. There are only two ways in But in supporting any bill providing have been built at that time without which she can do this. We can open our ship subsidies emphasis ought to be laid, subsidies, and it cannot be doubted that ports to the world and allow all races as it is laid by the President in his Mesthe benefits to the American pcople from to come here and share our opportuni. sage and by Major Putnam in his article the Pacific railways more than compen- ties with us, in which case our home on another page, upon such provisions sated for all they cost in subsidies. It market would continue to grow in the as, to use the President's own language, can hardly be doubted that under a pol- future as in the past and we might thus "will make impossible the enrichment of icy of ship subsidy the ship-owners perhaps ignore international trade. Or any special interest at public expense.”



THE kingdom of Herod, dependent there saw a great multitude, growing character and mission of Jesus, was

on the power of the Roman Gov. into a mob. Before him stood a few of really perplexed. It was his duty to pre

ernment, had fallen to pieces with the priesthood, whom he hated, and in vent and punish sedition. And Jesus the death of Herod, and the southern their midst a single figure, pale, wearied readily vouchsafed him the explanation province had passed under the rule of with the night's watching, with some of he requested in a few brief but signifiPilate, a Roman appointed by the Ro- the signs of the ignominy and shame cant words, whose meaning a paraphrase man Emperor. The Temple at Jerusa- that had already been heaped upon him, may help to make clear. lem was built upon a broad platform of his hands bound behind his back. But He was a king, but he was no preacher rock overlooking the deep ravine upon something in the soul that looked of sedition. Who had brought this acthe east, and was separated by another through his eyes made itself felt even cusation against him? The Jews. When deep ravine from the palace, once of in the heart of the unemotional Roman. was it ever known that the Jewish Solomon, now of Herod, upon the west. He asked the priesthood what they priesthood complained to their Gentile Adjoining this Temple there had been wanted. “We ask," they said, “ratificaGovernment of one who sought the pobuilt by Pilate what was at once a tion of our sentence. We have found litical emancipation of the nation? None Roman garrison and a Roman Gov. this fellow guilty, have condemned him knew better than Pilate how restive were ernor's palace. Its broad halls were to death, and we ask authority to the people under the Roman yoke. The almost as wide as the Jewish streets, execute the death sentence. If he were voices of the mob before the judgment and its abundant rooms furnished a not guilty, we would not have con- seat crying out for Jesus' blood were resting place for five hundred soldiers, demned him." "I'm not so sure of that.” unwitting witnesses of his innocence. besides the rooms for the Roman Gov. said Pilate. "What has he done?

He was a king, but his kingdom was not ernor.

The priests had prepared themselves of this world. If it had been, then At about six o'clock in the morning of for this possible exigency, and proceeded surely from among the hundreds who April 7. A.D. 34, Pilate, resting in his with their new accusation. “We have only four days before had accompanied palace in this Tower of Antonia, was found this fellow," they said, "pervert him to Jerusalem, hailing him as their aroused by turbulent sounds in the ing the people. He has claimed to be a monarch, some would have been found street below. He was used to the turbu- king and has set himself up against ready to defend his person with their lence of the Jewish people. Twice he Cæsar."

lives. Not to found a new dynasty nor had entered into conflict with the priest Pilate rightly assumed jurisdiction of to frame a new political organization hood, stirring up the people, and had the case, summoned Jesus within the had Christ come into the world, but to been compelled, by fear of violence, to · fortress for a quieter examination, and bear witness to the truth. withdraw humiliated and defeated from asked him for an explanation of these Pilate, half pityingly, half contemptuthe controversy. He hastened down, charges. Jesus would not defend him- ously, replied with his famous question. stepped out onto the broad space that self before a dishonest tribunal. But the “What is truth?” To this Roman realist. led directly into the Temple courts, and Roman Governor, ignorant alike of the knowing only kingdoms that are built by the sword and cemented by blood, this stands before me is but a weak enthusi- a divine law, Tor Populi; Vor Dei?? conception of an invisible kingdom of ast, without friends, though his execu- Whoever in political life consents to be truth seemed but the baseless vision of a tion can do no harm and his deliverance a partner in putting into effect the pasreligious enthusiast. But, though he may do much injury, still I will do jus- sions and prejudices of the crowd, or by lacked moral, he did not lack political, tice, come what may." And when, at public act justifies their action which in penetration. It was clear that this last, the priests cry out in feigned in his own conscience he condemns, or puts Galilean rabbi was no rival to the dignation, “If thou let this man go thou his own safety or the safety of others Cæsars. The suspicions which he had art not Cæsar's friend," and he foresees or the preservation of peace above doing from the first entertained of the motives his own office taken from him by the justly, repeats the sin of Pilate. Nor is of his old-time enemies were confirmed, most jealous of the Cæsars, he yields it only in political life that Pilate is and from this brief interview he re- to the mob and Christ is led away to be seen. The broader lesson of this partturned to the accusers of Jesus to an- crucified.

ner in the crime of the crucifixion my nounce his judgment of acquittal. Then

father has stated with characteristic commenced the battle which waged for "To do a great right do a little plainness of speech: certainly an hour or more.

wrong." If there ever were a case in “Very few men ever think of comparConsider the three figures in this bat which this principle might be invoked ing themselves with Pontius Pilate, or tle. First, the priesthood: resolute, to justify an act of injustice, Pilate with the soldiers who executed his orearnest, determined, clamorous, inciting might have invoked it. In order to save ders, when perhaps there are not anythe gathering mob, in order that they the life of one whom he regarded as a where in the Bible delineations of charmight wrest from the unwilling judge harmless enthusiast he would have had acter which might be more universally the condemnation which they could not to hazard the lives of a score or more of appropriated than these. Neither of expect from his conscience or his reason. Roman soldiers, imperil the peace and them had any special hatred for thie Second, the prisoner; no pen can ven- order of the entire community, and per- Saviour. Pilate would have done his ture to picture him-calm, unmoved, haps sacrifice his own office. Was it duty if he could have done it by any silent, interposing to the false accusa- worth so great a cost to do justice to a common sacrifice; but, like multitudes, tions nothing but a solemn and witness- single man? Safety for himself, for the probably, who will read this examina. ing silence. Third, Pilate: a Roman; soldiers under his command, for the tion of his character, he was not willing who believed neither in God nor in im- community which he was appointed to to make the sacrifice that was necessary mortality; whose moral sense had in it protect, all seemed to call for Pilate's in taking the right side. The reader no religious inspiration; whose only judgment: “I do not condemn him; but fluctuates, perhaps, just as he did, besupport in an hour of trial was that take him and execute your own sentence tween conscience and temptation, yieldsense of honor so much vaunted and so upon him."

ing more and more to sin, and finding feeble; who would have resented with Are there no Pilates in America ? no the struggle more hopeless the longer it wrathful indignation the charge of men who have no other standards of is continued. A religious book, an cowardice, and yet who proved himself a right and wrong than the consequences afflictive or a warning providence, or n coward in an hour that tried his cour which they can foresee from a proposed hour of solitude, quickens conscience age. He endeavors by various devices to course of action? no men who have been and renews combat; but the world appeal to the sympathies of a mob that turned from the straight path by public comes in with its clamors, and, after a have no sympathies. One thing he does clamor? no danger that we shall bow to feeble resistance, he gives way again – not do. He does not say to that gather the will of the crowd despite the pro- Pilate exactly, in everything but the ing mob: "Though the heavens fall, jus tests of our conscience? no tendency to mere form in which the qeustion of duty tice shall be done. Though he that write across the sky, as though it were comes before him."


A TOT since the Mutiny has India a Jew, not even as a convert to Chris pressed by Lord Reading, there are two

been confronted by a crisis so tianity, but as a Jingo who made Queen, views even among Montagu's Liberal

serious and uncertain as "the Victoria an Empress in Asia. Montagu, comrades. Disciples of Gladstone, who show down" which is challenged to-day on the other hand, is a Liberal, trained wanted Turkey to be driven bag and In the ordinary course of nature, coali.' as Asquith's private secretary, and at baggage out of Europe and delivered his tions, even when led by Lloyd George, the first blunder he fell at a blow. His last oration on Armenia, will find it difficome to an end, but few were so pessi. departure weakens Liberalism in the cult to believe, especially after Bryce's mistic as to anticipate that dissensions Cabinet. But it is doubtful whether he report on the Near Eastern massacres, in Downing Street would extend from has helped himself or hurt the Prime that Lord Curzon, of all men, who as Ireland and the reform of the House of Minister by his embittered apologiu. It Viceroy in Calcutta so carefully cultiLords to the illimitable battle-ground of may be true that, under Lloyd George, vated the Moslems even at the expense an aroused Asia. There could not have many graver improprieties have OC- of the Hindus, is now, as Foreign Secre. been a worse moment or a more perilous curred than the publication of Lord tary, indifferent to Moslem sentiment. topic for Ministerial differences in Lon Reading's opinion of Turkey without merely because he does not outbid don, and if politics be now played, it the consent of the Cabinet. But, on the France in her bargain with Kemal, will be playing with fire.

other hand, if Lloyd George unmade Imagine what might be Lloyd George's First, we have the dismissal of E. S. Montagu, it was Lloyd George who first rejoinder. Do not the Mohammedans in Montagu, Secretary of State for India in made him a figure in history. And, in India, so he might ask, enjoy full liberty London. One factor in his situation is any event, the issues involved far tran- of worship, and even of marriage-a that, like his cousin, Sir Herbert Sam- scend the wounded feelings of a politi. liberty more complete in domestic matuel, in Palestine, and the Viceroy of cian somewhat roughly displaced. The ters than the laws obeyed in the United India himself, he is a Jew, and it has very emergency will tend to rally the States by the Mormons? When the Sulnever pleased the Tory Die Hards of the nation to the man at the helm. If there tan of Turkey ruled over Christians. “Morning Post" that Imperial responsi- is really to be rebellion in India, Britain why did he not grant the same religious bilities so vast should be so intrusted. will be one unit.

equality? With the Moplas in Malabar After all, Disraeli won his place, not as On the claims of Islam, so vigorously making Moslems by massacre and muti. lation, are the Greeks in Thrace, are the a common citizenship in India. But ablest citizens are seeking patiently to Armenians, are the pilgrims who when he is compared with the Christ, it solve her problems. Yet their efforts throng the birthplace of Christ at must be remembered that even under are stultified by a constant succession of Bethlehem, are the Arabians, to be the Roman Empire the Christ never in strikes, boycotts, and attacks on life and handed back once more to Ottoman mis- sisted upon non-co-operation, but, on the property. The official demand of the exrule? This is not Indian Nationalism; contrary, set himself to feed the people tremists in the United States is that this it is Pan-Islam. In Tripoli and Morocco and to heal them, which are the very country shall supply arms for a revoluthere are the echoes even to-day of con- tasks undertaken by Westerners in In- tion in India and call upon the British quest by the sword. And Europe cannot dia when they deal with plague and navy to allow their importation. Even surrender her statesmanship to the famine and disease. In declaring that Gandhi admits that his movement means Prophet.

the established Government is wholly an “seas of blood." The opinion of Sir If Montagu had based his challenge evil thing, even as carried on by Indians Pertab Singh, himself a Moslem, is that on the arrest of Gandhi, he might have themselves, Gandhi cannot escape re- if Britain withdraws from India there found himself on stronger ground among sponsibility for the effects of his own will not be a virgin or a gold piece beLiberals. For the law to touch one who language. He denounces; others strike. tween Calcutta and Peshawur. Disarmı has been compared with the Christ is an And his name has been openly used as the Government and arm the crowds, ominous act that requires justification. a plea for attacks on Europeans, women and this must happen. Sir Henry Raw. Has not Gandhi opposed caste? Has he as well as men, and even on mission- linson, the Commander-in-Chief, has not restrained the violent? Has he not aries. No native prince would permit therefore insisted on the importance of done penance for disorders? Is he not Gandhi to reside within his territory. the army. But the use of force is not poor and of a blameless life? Will he Such men as he quickly disappear.

enough, and it is to be hoped that Lord not fast in prison, like Terence Mac- The arrest of Zaiglull in Egypt came Derby, or whoever succeeds Mr. MonSwiney, and die a martyr? The answer as a relief to the community. It is by tagu, will resolutely persist also in the of the British Government would be that no means certain that the reaction on development of representative instituGandhi's influence has been welcomed as Gandhi will be otherwise. India has tions and in broadening the work of long as he preached social reform and now her Parliamentary system. Her education.



NUROPE looks bad. A manager of The proposed economic conference her wealth as a basis for foreign loans.

K a large American banking com- with its thirty-odd nations, including (4) Incomes from national industries U pany said to-day, "Things are get- Germany and Russia, will probably be (tobacco monopolies, railway revenues, ting worse."

the antithesis of the Washington Con- etc.) which are now used for national The franc and pound are advancing in ference in every way, beginning the con- revenues, cannot be pledged for internavalue-probably as the result of Ger- trast by probably never happening. tional loans; that is, Austria cannot many buying exchange to make a few It has all the elements to make up pledge the revenues of her street railpayments of about seven million dollars a rough-and-tumble fight. It has none ways for foreign loans (although she each, ten days apart.

of the elements of cohesion to a con- may be doing it), because she must keep In the last two weeks the dollar has clusion.

such revenues to live on. dropped ten per cent in purchasing At Washington we found a small To follow this line of thought suggests power. Prices have not changed. The board of directors called together to vote that the Conference is finished before American tourist is not happy about it. themselves dividends. The programme it is begun. But we are overlooking one

The fog over Genoa has lifted a little. of the chairman went through with possible feature of the meeting at Genoa We now see an indefinite Conference cheers. Mr. Balfour said, in substance, of considerable importance-its political delay and trouble about admitting Rus- "Now that the German fleet is destroyed, possibilities. If Mr. Poincaré remains sia.' disarmament is delightful."

Premier of France, I do not think it will Lenine and Trotsky are leading mem At Genoa the first thing heard from be possible for the old political hacks to bers of the Executive Committee of the the chairman will be, "Every nation keep the Conference alive only for their Third Internationale. This Committee must balance its budget.” What a possible personal prestige. Lloyd George recently sent out appeals to radicals to merry “Ha! ha!” that will create. Then is charged by his English opponents foment revolution in the armies and from thirty-odd throats will come, with planning the Genoa Conference to navies of all countries. It is hard to "How?" With this splendid start, they carry the British elections this fall. I see how these countries can work up will never get down to the answering do not know about that; but we must much enthusiasm about sitting around details. There will be committees ap- remember the recognition he gave Rusthe same table with the Bolshevik. pointed and many reports made. Will sia a year ago. England made a trade

Many speeches and interviews are any be unanimous? We can hardly agreement with the Bolshevik Krassin, coming from the Russian radicals now. imagine it.

who spent several weeks in London. They have much to say about the If the Conference formulates a pro- The trade agreement was demanded by strength of their army of two million gramme, it will only be reported to each the labor element in England. Perhaps men. They warn others to be on their respective country for its consideration. it did no harm. Little came of it, be good behavior at Genoa. They have no Each country has already been consider cause the Russians had no money or word of thanks for food and transporta ing the only conclusions that can be goods for a trade. There was no reason tion from outside to save the starving reached: (1) Expenses must be reduced why as intelligent a man as Lloyd from the sins of the Soviets. At the to income. (2) No loans will avail be- George should go into it except for some first gesture of world willingness to help tween bankrupts. (3) No securities can such reason as politics. them at Genoa they sneer and brag. be pledged internationally which cannot Europe, willingly or unwillingly. is

be reached for national taxes; that is, running behind. Every country has a 1 This was written some time before the American Government declined the invitation to if Germany cannot tax the wealth of her deficit. No one has worked a miracle Genoa. Later events have confirmed Mr. Gregg's

business men, there is no use pledging by which deficits can be stopped. words.-The Editors,


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