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America's Summer

Playground There is probably not a person in the Pacific Northwest who would change for any other spot on earth.

It is the fairest and loveliest land, we who live here believe, ever bestowed on man.

It is a land of sport and play-of golf every day | of the year; of glorious mountains to climb, of shimmering mountain lakes and rushing streams and tumbling waterfalls ; of superb scenic motor roads ; of thousands of miles of placid inland seas, dotted with charming isles and islets; of hikes and trails ; of boating, canoeing, swimming, and sea bathing; of sea fishing and stream fishing ; of upland birds and marsh birds and big game ; of camping and picnicking; of greenery and flowers and sheer beauty unparalleled. No heat ; no cold.

Spend this year's vacation with us. Special summer railroad rates and the open road for motorists.

Marimum temperature Seattle, 192180°. Average marimum summer months' temperature for 20 years-71°. Write for The Charmed Landbooklet.

Seattle Chamber of Commerce 903 Arctic Buildina. Seattle, Washington


(Continued) the country. They welcome almost any measures which will remove from their midst the concerns whose business practices are not above reproach. And here again the weeding out of the dishonest and the weak will serve to strengthen those who remain. It is a ruthless process, but it is for the good of the whole.

In order to promote recovery to normal and prosperous business conditions, therefore, the weak spots in our industrial body must be removed. Deflation and depression are the agencies to accomplish this result, and they are doing their work nobly, albeit without any particular speed. The Washington Conference, the recent gathering at Cannes, and the projected meetings at Genoa, in spite of the fact that the United States will not participate, promise to be of aid in international affairs, and the progress towards recovery is fairly consistent. There are temporary setbacks of course, but the trend is certainly for the better. The marked improvement in the foreign exchanges is eloquent testimony of this fact; the really remarkable demand for bonds which we have had for the past year or more is further proof that basic conditions are better; the course of agricultural prices and commodity prices in general is, on the whole, entirely encouraging as to the future. Many peoble base their ideas of our industrial

outlook almost entirely upon these three factors, and they can justly be regarded as fairly reliable indications of what lies ahead.

The stock market too is a barometer, but not quite so reliable a one as the other three we have mentioned. Stocks of course are dependent for their value upon the earnings of the issuing companies, and better business is usually discounted by higher quotations for stocks. On the other hand, the element of speculation enters largely into the fluctuations of stock prices, so that one cannot always tell whether a rising stock market is caused by sound considerations or is a temporary affair due to speculative manipulation. It is risky business trying to guess what the fluctuations of the stock market are going to be, and it usually turns out to be expensive business too.

It is a safe general rule that the higher the grade of an investment, the less it fluctuates in price. Like the laws of economics, it is not affected by temporary conditions, and if more people would try to order their lives so as to ignore things which do not concern them their personal fortunes would not fluctuate to any marked extent. What we need to-day are people willing to do the work in hand, who will stick to the task that is given them to do, and for. get the rest. That is the best method of hastening the return to prosperity that we all want to see. It is coming, and it will come more quickly if each one of us does his full share.


Hotel Le Marquis 12 East 31st Street

New York

LGTING New Yorkeuwergau


Choice Tours to Europe

urope Schools for ' GIATE

. Mass

DEAN TOURS | 225 Fith Avenue, New York. London – Paris-Rome Europe Beckons EUROPE 72 days $885


Tours and Travel 1 Tours and Travel 1 Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts THE beanty, fascination, and mys

NEW YORK CITY tery of the Orient lures visitors Select Party from all over the world to


ton Square adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Hooms

with and without bath. Rates $3.50 per day, of European Tourists ex

including meals. Special rates for two weeks

or more. Location very central. Convenient tend an invitation to five The quaintest and most interesting of all

to all elevated and street car lines. countries. Come while the old age customs more members to join a prevail. Write, mentioning “Outlook" to

JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION four months' leisurely trip

Care Traffic Dept.

36 old world cities on a covering the Continent and

British Isles. The salient

GATES TOUR that takes you
for full information
Rales for a single room witboat bath and with 3 meals,

to Oberammergau features of the tour include $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

Combines every convenience and home TEAVING New York by one of the regular comfort, aud compends itself to people of

Gates Tours, sailings beginning in May, refinement wishing to live on American Plan the utmost in comfort, first

you may have 14 days in France before seeing and be within easy reach of social and dra

the Passion Play--afterwards there come 6 matic centers. class accommodations and

days in Switzerland and alınost two whole Rates with Illustrated Booklet gladly sent

weeks in Italy. In all 36 old world cities upon request. KNOTT Management. travel only, experienced, Special parties sailing April 21st will be visited. Optional dates of return and

and 25th, via the Mediterranean.
extensions may be arranged.

gentlemanly and competent
An opportunity to avoid the crowd Gates European Tours

ADIRONDACKS guidance. For further par. Write for Booklet A-10

$395 up

THE CRATER CLUB ticulars write BENNETT'S TRAVEL BUREAU Covering Steamship and Hotel accommoda

Of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, Essex506 Fifth Avenue, New York City tions as well as all ordinary sightseeing ex

on-Lake Champlain, offers to families of repenses. Gates Tours, founded in 1892, have

finement at very moderate rates the attracSECRETARY

å character that makes them pleasant and

tions of a beautiful lake shore in a locality congenial.

with a remarkable record for healthfulness. Room 1169, 40 Wall Street,

Travel-Study Club Italy to Eng.

June to Sept. Get the Gates Complete Tour Booklet. Tours The club affords an excellent plain table and

Private, select, economical. Lectures on his from $395 upwards. Write direct or apply to accommodation. The boating is safe, there are New York City

tory, art, current events. Booklet. Dr. and Raymond & Whitcomb Co., Gen'l Agents, in attractive walks and drives, and the points of Mrs. FLICK. University, Syracuse, N. Y. New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, interest in the Adirondacks are easily access Detroit, and Toledo. Ask for Booklet "A-19." ible. Ref. required. For information relative

to board and lodging address M188 MARGARET CUROPEAN TOURS

All Gates Tours without

FULLER, Club Mgr., 170 E. 720 St., New York.

extra cost include Paris, the Argonne and opular Routes ; Abundant Sightseeing ;

Selected itineraries. Experienced irst Class Hotels ; Skilled Interpretation of

other American Battlefields

For particulars regarding cottage rentals

.. uropean Art, History, Literature, Music;

write John B.Burnham, 233 B'way,New York. leaders. Limited parties. Rea

sonable prices. Eleventh season. ravel Schools for Intensive Language Study.

GATES TOURS-Founded 1892

On Lake

Come to Camp Sacandaga sacandaga INTERCOLLEGIATE TOURS

World Travel at Reasonable Cost" 5-A Franklin St.,

225 Fifth Avenue, New York. London-Paris-Rome ADIRONDACKS A camp Yor

the lovers of the out-of-doors. Refined sur4 Wellesley Park, Boston, 24, Mass.

roundings. Good table. Large living-lall. Cottages and tents for sleeping. Boats and

canoes. Black bass fishing. Hikes into the 2 teachers (middle

woods. Nights around the camp-fire. EveryBritish Isles, Switzerland, Passion Play,

thing comfortable and homelike. CHAS. T. Miss Marion Hawley, Malden, Mass. Tel. 409 W

aged and young, Tyrol, Italian Lakes, France.

MEYER, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton Co., N. Y.

respectively), desiring to travel together, HE BEST MODERATE PRICED TOURS

would take group of 10 girls, not younger NORTH

{ Coast to Coast than 17, through England and Scotland; July HURRICANE LODGE cand


6 weeks; cost $1,200 each. 6,781, Outlook. and Return

IN THE ADIRONDACKS 321 Centre St., Boston 30, Mass.

Hurricane, Esser Co., N.I.
Automobile Tour
Hotels and Resorts

Comfortable, homelike. Alti-
Day itinerary includ.

tude 1,800 feet. Extensive

verandas overlooking Keene ingevery point of Scenic CONNECTICUT

Valley. Trout fishing. Camp and Historic Interest in

ing. Swimming pool. Golt roost the United States, $850

NEW MILFORD, links; mile course 9 well-kept greens. Tennis for particuları

Litchfield Co., Conn. I and croquet. Fresh vegetables. Fine dairy. PASSION PLAY

Raymond Wilson, loc,

The foothills of the Berkshires. A restful 503 Fifth Avenue, New York City

Furnished cottages, all improvements. Sep

arate suites and single rooms. Open from June Parties April to June at various prices

place for tired people. Good food and a com

10th to October 1st. Address muitil May 1st K. free tour to organizer of small party

fortable home. 3 hours from New York.

BELKNAP, 613 Clarendon St., Syracuse, N. Y. Booklet A. Mrs. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor. FREE TRIP TO EUROPE will be BEACON TOURS au organizer of a small party. Established 1900. MASSACHUSETTS

Health Resorts ittle Bldg. Boston, Mass. BABCOCK'S TOURS, 13 Halsey St., Brooklyn.

EUROPE (Eighter) $725

The Bethesda White Plains.

A private sanitariumn for invalids and aged FROM MONTREAL, JUNE 30 offers special winter rates for rooms, and will to the

who need care. Ideal surroundings. Address England, Holland, the Rhine, Oberammergau serve at a moderate price a Club Breakfast,

for terms Alice Gates Bugbee, M.D. Tel. 241. ORIENT

(Passion Play), Austria, Italy (including Special Noonday Luncheon, and Evening
Naples), Switzerland, France, Belgium. Dinner. A series of weekly musicales and

733 Monadnock Bldg., monthly dances given for the pleasure of our
Sailing June 20 from San Francisco. MENTOR TOURS CHICAGO. guests. For further particulars apply to
69 days. Price $1,315.

J. T. SELLER, Manager.
With extension to China. 96 days. $1,750.

S. S. Mauretania. First-

class. Personally conducted

party. London to Naples. $1,090. Ninth seaUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL son. Mrs. Nelson Chester, 64 W.92d St., N. Y. 15 Boyd Street, Newton, Mass.


Fine location. Hot and cold running water in

nearly all bedrooms. Private baths. Sun-room.
Our large variety of European Tours for
the coming summer surely includes the

Our table a specialty. Terms moderate. Tel.
very one that will meet your travel needs.
Write us at once. Limited parties
enrolling now.

For Mental and Nervous Diseases
65-A Franklin St.

Comfortable, bomelike surround Boston, Mass. (Near 5th Avenue)

ings; modern methods of treatment ;

competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn NEW YORK

park, flower and vegetable gardens. Directly in the fashionable club and shop

Food the best. Write for booklet. ping section. Within five minutes' walk to Conducted Tours to

Sanford Hall Flushing New York all principal theaters. A high-class hotel patronized by those desiring the best accom.

inodations at moderate cost ITALY, GREECE Rates and map gladly sent upon request. LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick

People to Get Web JOHN P. TOLSON, Prop. and

Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to

the personal study and specialized treatSPAIN

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D. Americans touring SrcitzerSailing April 6, 12 and 29

late of The Walter Sanitarium land need no passport risé.

OUR | Scholarly leaders Send for complimentary

West 724 St., through packet No. 103 containing TOURS Interpretive talks

to 71st St., New York

Real Estate a wealth of information.

have 1 Leisurely itineraries 300 rooms, each with bath. Absolutely SWISS FEDERAL RAILROADS

fireproof. For details write

One block to 72d St. en241 Fifth Avenue

New York

trance of Central Park. Comfort and
refinement combined with moderate

20 acres, orange, grapefruit BUREAU OF UNIVERSITY TRAVEL

and trucking land. Close to rates. Send for illustrated booklet J.

railroad, towns and Gulf shore in famons Bald | 15 Boyd Street, Newton, Mass.

win Co., Alabama. Easy terms. 6,785, Outlook bus, Ohio.


Rock Ridge Hall 1922 WELLESLEY HILLS, MASS. C.)




Sanford Hall, est. 1841

Private Hospital Hotel W ebster For Mental and Nervous Disease

40 West 45th Street

The “Playground of the World”

Hotel Hargrave

Real Estate

Real Estate

o campo, outdoor erotional exnook.


Real Estate

Special offer.320-acre wheat farm, for sale or rent, Edgewater Heights, For Sale-My country home of 34 acres, beau-

in heart of wheat belt. Bungalow, barn, full IN.J.Attractive center-hall house, 11 rooms, I tiful waterfront, facing Olympics, on Puget line implements. $70 per acre. Particulars from all modern conveniences. Outbuildings, Sound, near Seattle. $12,750. For further parowner, 0. M. Brown, Milden, Saskatchewan.

artist's studio, garage, heunery. Many desir ticulars address P.O. Box 33, Silverdale, Wash.

able features. Write Room 1917, 25 Madison
Ave., New York, or telephone Cliffside 69.


of thirty-two acres and modern bungalow

FOR RENT (lamden, Me. For rent, fully furnished,

packing house and full equipment, averaging several high-class seashore cottages. Best ELIZABETH, N. J. about 10,000 boxes yearly highly colored nonselections now. Photos, plans, and full descrip

irrigated apples, in the heart of White Salmon tion. J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass. Country house, 4 acres of park grounds,

Valley, near Columbia River, for sale. $25,000. kept in order by owner. 15 rooms, 2 bath

Also twenty acres adjoining with twelve acres rooms. Fully furnished. From May to NovemNine-Room Farmhouse TO LET ber. Rent moderate. Small family desired.

bearing apples, three in young orchard, balA FOR SUMMER SEASON. Over

ance timber, suitable for orchard or strawReferences required. 1 mile from R.R.station. looks Penobscot Bay. Shore privilege. Inquire,

berries, and a new bungalow, $10,500. Address B. B. Raynes, Sunset, P. 0. Deer Island, Me. Best residential section. 6,787, Outlook.

owner, Paul McKercher, White Salmon, Wash. FOR SALE


KINDERGARTNER, experienced, wishes In family since clearing of the land. 150 acres,

On Metedeconk River, near Bayhead;

to buy private kindergarten or open one. productive soil, well divided. New modern new, furnished 6-room house ; 2-car garage;

COUNTRY or village preferred.1,163, Outlook. barn, comfortable old-fashioned farmhouse,

hot and cold water. Address 6,767, Outlook. electric lights and running water in both.

EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES High elevation, finest scenery in Franklin

FOR RENT, FURNISHED County, Me. Sacrifice for quick sale. Particu May 1 to Nov. 1. Cool, desirable house,

WANTED-Competent teachers for public lars of W.F.S., Box 7, South Braintree, Mass. SOUTH ORANGE, N. J. 4 bedrooms,

and private schools. Calls coming every day.

Send for circulars. Albany Teachers' Agency,
Rent for season
3 baths, 2 servants' rooms and bath ; 3 mins,

Albany, N. Y.
e 6 rooms, bath, hot and
to R.R. and trolley. Very reasonable rental to

DIETITIANS, secretaries, cafeteria man-
cold water, electric lights ; fully furnished.
desirable tenants. W.J. NORTON, 104 Scotland

agers, governesses, matrons, housekeepers,
Road, South Orange, N. J. Phone S. 0. 1520.
S. W. LITTELL, 138 S. Main St., Rockland, Me.

social workers, superintendents. Miss
Richards, Providence, R.I. Box 5 East Side.

Boston, Trinity Court, 16 Jackson Hall, Fri-
Ogunquit, Me., Cottage for Rent

days 11 to 1. Address Providence.

TO RENT, FURNISHED, FOR 4 donble and 1 single master bedrooms, 3 bath

TEACHERS WANTED-September prosSUMMER, very desirable house. Large rooms, living-room 23x25, dining-room, pantry,

pects at desirable salaries are being reliving-room, den, 1 master bedrooms, 2 serkitchen, laundry. Accommodations for 3 ser

ceived, and many teachers will be needed yants' rooms, 4 bathrooms; about 1 acre of vants. Attractively furnished, every modern

for all departments of schools and colleges. land, flowers, small vegetable garden, garage convenience. Ideally located, wonderful view for 2 cars. Terms moderate for satisfactory

Special terms for enrollment. THE INTERof country and water. Garage. 6,761, Outlook.

STATE TEACHERS' AGENCY, MACHECA tenant without small children. Apply Room

BUILDING, NEW ORLEANS, LA. 1109, 32 Liberty Street, New York City. Small Point Beach, Me., BATH near

CHARLOTTE Gordon supplies really de

pendable servants and offers personal intiTEN ROOMS, TWO BATHS. Modern


mate housekeeping experience to solve your plumbing,fully furnished. Unobstructed view

problems. Phone Plaza 9467 for the sort of of cliffs and ocean. Secluded and yet near

help you want. I promise a service of integclub "Road End.” $900 for the season. Apply ADIRONDACK CAMP—FOR RENT rity based on the Golden Rule. 660 Madison Dr. Foltz, 633 Orange St., New Haven, Conn.

18 rooms, 20 acres, 4 miles from Paul Smith's,

Ave., between 60th and 61st. on Upper St. Regis Lake, Railroad Station MASSACHUSETTS

Lake Clear Junction, post-office, telegraph
and express office conveniences. Day and

CAPE Ocean Front Bungalows

night trains from New York. Furnished,
including linen. Icehouse, barn, 3 platform

PLAYS, musical comedies and revues,
Moderate rents.

minstrel 'choruses, blackface skits, vaude-
tents, woodshed full of wood, boathouse
COD S. W. Ball, 56 Pine St., N. Y. with large upper porch. Rent reasonable. ville acts, monologs, dialogs, recitations,

For particulars address JUDSON F. STONE. entertainments, musical readings, stage
Williamstown Me To Rent,
Agent, 30 N. La Salle St., CHICAGO, ILL.

handbooks, make-up goods. Big catalog free.
furnished, for

T. S. Denison & Co., 623 So. Wabash, Dept. 74, summer or longer term. Beautiful old Colo

Chicago. nial estate, close to Williams College campus. F you are interested in a Cottage Handsomely furnished, all modern improveor Camp, at any of the following

ments, lawns, fruit and vegetable garden, 2 places : Lake Placid, Upper or Lower
car garage. Possession June 1 or earlier if de Saranac Lake, Paul Smith's, Lake HOME-made candies, fresh, pure, delicious.
sired. Talcott M. Banks, Williamstown, Mass. Kiwassa, Lake Oseetah, or Lake 2 lbs. assorted, $1, postpaid. Marjorie Sutton,

Flower, inclose stamp to WILLIAM F. Dundee, New York.
NEW HAMPSHIRE ROBERTS, Real Estate office, at Saranac FROM the country to your apartment.
Lake, N. Y., for a free illustrated booklet. Delicious home-made jams and jellies. Box of

6 jars, parcel post, $2.50. The Home Jam Shop,
FOR RENT-Adirondacks, Keene Val Old Saybrook, Conn.

Jey, furnished chalet. Large living-room,
fireplace, 5 bedrooms, sleeping and dining

porches. Modern plumbing, abundant water,
garage, tennis, swimming, golf. Picturesque

BEAUTIFUL greeting card adapted for
country. $600. Wood, ice. 6,795, Outlook.

all occasions. Sample fifteen cents. Anna SENIE

To close an estate.

Wildman, The Clinton, Philadelphia.
Cottage on shore of

Long Lake, N. Y., in Adirondacks.

EASTER CARDS will be sent on ten days'
9 rooms, bath, icehouse, tennis court, 10acres of

approval. The line is best known for its
land. A.E.Bunting, executor, Waterford, N.Y.

distinctive verses. Jessie H. McNicol, 18
Huntington Ave., Boston, Mass.

Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles

THIRSTY blotters sent free on request,
by good road from Bolton Landing, Lake

also samples of excellent stationery for perGeorge. Entirely new. Built by present

sonal and professional use. Franklin Printery, House, 9 bedrooms, bathroom, for rent to owner, who will rent for the entire season at

Warner, New Hampshire. refined people for summer season. Delight

moderate rental. Completely furnished NOTE paper and envelopes. Your name fully located on New England farm near

throughout. Five rooms (three and address on 100 sheets good quality paper Portsmouth and Concord. Every convenience.

bed rooins) and bath. Kitchen with and 100 envelopes. Blue or black ink. PostFully furnished. Open fires. Wood supply

running water. Ice, wood, and paid $1. Huntington Press, 21 Bath St.,
free, Rent $500. Apply for particulars,
row boat included.

Norwich, Conn.

For full particulars address 6,479 Outlook. UNUSUALLY desirable stationery for any 358 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.

type of correspondence. 200 sheets high

Fully furnished, high grade note paper and 100 en velopes printed For Sale or Rent

• class cottage for rent. with your name and address post paid $1.50. Beautifully situated on Otaego Lake. Apply Samples on request. Lewis, 284 Second Ave.,

to ALEX. PHINNEY, Cooperstown, N. Y. Troy, N. Y. on SIX MILE LAKE IN WHITE

TO RENT Wave Crest,
MOUNTAINS. Ten acre point woods-
living-room 20 x 30, large fireplace, wide Far Rockaway, Long Island. 7 bed NEW knitted scarfs and sweaters in fiber
Jorches, view of Mt. Washington. Boat rooms, 3 baths; fully furnished; for summer or silk. All shades, $5 up. Money refunded if
house, three boats, good fishing, ice, wood, for all the year; in perfect condition. Apply not satisfactory. Mrs. R. W. Wright, 3304
well, stable. Box 22, Center Conway, X. H. | John F. Scott, 358 Fifth Ave., New York City. Fairview Ave., Baltimore, Md.


Professional Situations

RURAL church in Fulton Co., N. Y., needs
Three furnished cottages on the side of

Wonderful opportunity. Eight large minister. Duties not arduous.' High grade Thoru Mountain, overlooking village and

bedrooms, two baths, living-room, reception man needing country air acceptable. Salary Presidential Range. 8, 9 and 10 rooms, run

room, dining-room, kitchen, pantry, conser $900 and parsonage. Location healthful and ning water and bath. $150 to $300 for season.

vatory, three fireplaces; all improvements; accessible. 1,161, Outlook. COMMERCIAL CORPORATION

three-car garage. Plot 75x156. Apply R. A. 171 Westminster St., Providence, R.I.

Business Situations
YOUNG, 1 Linden Pl., New Rochelle, N. Y.



Large comfortable furnished house. To a
FOR SALE-Summer Hotel
private family only 20rooms, wideverandas;

Open year round. Attractive, popular, 8 acres; orchard, garden planted, large coy WANTED, for water sports and athletics
one block ocean bathing beach, among ered veranda off second floor; all modern in girls' camp in North Carolina, graduate in
the pines. Accessible to golf, tennis, conveniences; complete carriage house; physical education of experience to assume
horseback riding and delightful motor gardener's cottage; icehouse filled with ice; responsibility. Give full particulars and ref-
trips through cool and shady roads. residence adjoins golf links and commands erences in application. 1,146, Outlook.
Within two hours of New York. Express beautiful view; fine drives in surrounding GOVERNMENT peeds railway mail clerks,
train service. C. H. RICHMOND, country; about a mile from lake. Apply to $133 to $192 month. Write for free specimen
Astor Court Bldg., 18 W. 34th St., New York
Judson F. Stone, Agt., 30 N. La Salle St., Chicago, M. questions. Columbus Institute, P-4, Colun -

HELP WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers WANTED-- Woman of strong personality who is interested in position to teach sewing and take care of clothing, in home for orphan girls. Please state, in applying, amount of training and when and where it was gained; experience; also salary expected and references. 1,036, Outlook.

WANTED for cottage mother-Woman of strong personality, having had experience in management of children, who is capable of managing home. Must have knowledge of cooking and sewing. Some training is desirable. Please state qualifications, references, and also salary expected. 1,037, Outlook. SITUATIONS WANTED

Business Situations TWO teachers, college graduates, desire positions in camp. Especially qualified to direct all dramatics, outdoor recreation, and occupational activities. Exceptional experience and superior references. 1,142, Outlook.

Companions and Domestic Helpers

WANTED, by an experienced woman of ability and pleasant personality, a position as housemother, housekeeper, or other executive position in summer camp for girls or boys for season of 1922. Satisfactory references upon request. Address 821, Outlook.

BY Southern gentlewoman, position as companion or to help with oue or two small children. 1,061, Outlook.

YOUNG woman, 30, college graduate, experienced, desires position as traveling companion to lady, or as chaperon for one or more girls traveling. Charges reasonable. Highest references. 1,086, Outlook.

REFINED woman wishes position as trayeling companion or chaperon. 1,089, Outlook.

WILLIAMS undergraduate of high standing desires to travel as tutor-companion this summer, preferably to Europe. References. Address 1,091, Outlook.

GOVERNESS, going to Europe May-Jume, would act as companion or take charge of children. Experienced, good sailor. References. 1,108, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED registered nurse, good traveler, wishes to travel with convalescent or semi-invalid for summer or longer. Fres May 1. 1.12, Outlook.

CORNELL instructor wants traveling companionship position for summer. 1,136, Outlook.

CULTURED Southern young woman as social secretary or companion. Graduate of university. Will travel. References. 1.130, Outlook.

LADY desires position as secretary, chaperon, companion, for summer. 1,149, Outlook.

COMPANION-American gentlewoman, good reader, knowledge nursing, would ac company lady to country for summer. References. 1,145, Outlook.

YOUNG woman, junior in college, wishes to travel with woman or family during summer as secretary. Good stenographer, several years' business experience. References exchanged. 1,147, Outlook.

COLLEGE girl as traveling companion during summer. Experienced in European travel. Speaks French. References. 1,141, Outlook.

HOUSEKEEPER, supervising - Refined; other help; adult family or motherless home. 1,152, Outlook.

HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL desires summer employment. J. S. Boughton, Angora, N. Y.

LADY of education, accustomed to children, wishes position in child-caring institution, school, or home. 1,144, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED cafeteria manager, capable cook, and housekeeper with unquestionable references seeks position in family, school, institution, or business house. 1,778, Outlook.

MANAGER-housekeeper of country estate or farm, by young, energetic woman, experieuced chauffeur, fond of children ; entire responsibility or as traveling companion. Excellent long references. Address B. B., care R. Ely, 114 E. 81st St., New York City.

WOMAN, refined, experienced desires position as companion to elderly lady. Best references. Address R. E. Row, Clearfield, Pa.

WANTED, by lady, now housemother in girls' school, light employinent during summer months. Address 1,156, Outlook.

GRADUATE nurse, Protestant, wishes permanent position; nurse, companion, housekeeper, secretary, etc., or training of children, dieting, teaching swimping, canoeing. City or country. 1,166, Outlook.

HOSTESS or house-mother for home where there are young girls. Trained, refined, and having home-making possibilities. 1,168, Outlook.

WANTED-University graduate, teacher, desires position traveling as companion or tutor. References. 1,165, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED college man desires position as driver for refined, congenial family touring for summer. Can tutor if necessary. Excellent references. 1,172, Outlook.

HOUSEKEEPER - Cultured woman, accustomed own home, servants, trained welfare worker, wishes to supervise motherless household. 1,171, Outlook.

WANTED-A position for July and August in summer camp as housemnother or assistant housekeeper by capable young Scotch woman of experience and pleasing personality. The best of references furnished upon request. 1,176, Outlook.

REFINED widowi wishes position as companion-chaperonu or house mother in collese

or summer camp. Best references. 1,104, l'Outlook. 0.




Unusually Attractive

Private Camp

Ometing, tecretary nurse. Otestant


To Rent at Richfield Springs, N. Y.

WL DOUGLAS | The Dancer of FOR MEN AND WOMEN $700 & $8.00 SHOES

Shamakha ALSO MANY STYLES AT $5.00 & $600



ARMEN OHANIAN, A beautiful Armenian of aristocratic family, hav. ing danced her way to fame in Teheran, Cairo and Constantinople, has captivated Paris and Ma- ! drid. Her idyllic child- ! hood in a tiny Caucasian village, the terrible Cossack massacres in which her father was killed, her. marriage to a Persian mystic, her life in the palace of a Persian Princess, are romantic chapters so beautifully told that Anatole France wrote:

"You hare put into these descriptions and tales the same charm that echales from your eyes and your gestures. I do not knor uhat subtle art is hidien beneath your perfect simplicity, brut you hare knoun horr to paint with a won the dauns and sunsets of the Caucasus, and to reveal a thousand secrets of nature and of life.

"It is delicious to see you as a little child with your sisters, Anahide, the mathematician, Héguiné who knoirs in history only the adrentures of the djinns, the peris, the houris- and the little Katarine, destined to die uithout having sinned. You enrapture us, dear Armen."

Armen Ohanian begins her memoirs, told with intimate frankness and charm, in the April number of

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CONSIDER THE EXTRA QUALITY YOU RECEIVE FOR THE PRICE PAID W. L. Douglas shoes are made of the best and finest selected leathers the market affords. We employ the highest paid, skilled shoemakers, all work. ing with an honest determination to make the best shoes for the price that money can buy.

SHOE When you need shoes look for a W.L. Douglas store. We own 108 stores located in the principal cities. You will find in our stores many kinds and styles of high-class, fine shoes that we believe


SHOES are better shoe values for the money

$4.00 &$4.50 than you can buy elsewhere. Our $7.00 and $8.00 shoes are excep

W.L. Douglas name tionally good values. There is one point

and portrait is the we wish to impress upon you that is

best known shoe worth dollars for you to remember.

Trade Mark in the W. L. Douglas shoes are put into all

world. It stands for of our stores at factory cost. We do not

the highest standard make one cent of profit until the shoes

of quality at the low• are sold to you. When you buy shoes

est possible cost. at any one of our stores you pay only

The intrinsic value one small retail profit.

of a Trade Mark lies

in giving to the con: No matter where you live, shoe dealers sumer the equivacan supply you with W.L.Douglasshoes. lent of the price They cost no more in San Francisco paid for the goods. than they do in New York. Insist upon

Catalog Freo. having W. L. Douglas shoes with the name and retail price stamped on the sole. Do not take a substitute and pay

President extra protits. Order direct. W. L. Douglas Shoe Co., from the factory and save money. 167 Spark St., Brockton, Mass.

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The American MAGAZINE on the Orient

More than 50 Illustrations

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SITUATIONS WANTED Companions and Domestic Helpers

COLLEGE engineering student wishes position as touring chauffeur this summer. E. Richards, Box R, Sta. A, Ames, Iowa.

TRAVELING. American woman, experienced, cultured, sympathetic, Speaking French German, for lady, party,going abroad. Highest references. 1,170, Outlook.

Teachers and Governesses RADCLIFFE graduate, age 27, with successful experience in college preparatory teaching, wishes tutoring position for the summer; particularly in the classics. 1.096, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED teacher who loves children desires position as governess and companion to child requiring service she can render. Good references. Country preferred. 1,119, Outlook.

YOUNG man, 44 years of age, 15 years' experience teaching Latin and history in private, high, and boarding schools, master's degree University of Pennsylvania, will be open for position of similar character or small college for ensuing year. Highest references. 1,153, Outlook.

TEACHER, refined gentleman, over 30, who conducts classes every evening in public speaking, English, and history, desires position during the day as instructor in private school or other institution or as private secretary or business assistant. Has had years of business experience and possesses administrative ability, having had charge of an office of 20 people. Position must be steady and with responsible people. Salary reasonable. Highest references. 1,174, Outlook.

GOVERNESS - Cultured, experienced. References. Would take care children from five years on. 1,175, Outlook.

WANTED-Position in summer camp. Can teach voice, piano, and elementary subjects. Nine years' private school experience. 1,158, Outlook.

TRAVELING companion or chaperon-governess. Educated, experienced French lady, knowledge English; teaches French, German. References exchanged. 1,160, Outlook.

EXPERT tutor, Latin and English, college preparatory or advanced work, New York City. 1,167, Outlook.

KINDERGARTNER, experienced, wishes summer work. 1,16+, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED grade teacher with excellent references wishes to tutor in summer camp through July. 1,162, Outlook

degree in, anang Latin of age, con for Posterait boardingand listo years,

History alive! A humanized book of vivid interpretation of the most threatening danger point in world affairs.

Whose move next in the international game for Constantinople and the Straits? Can Mustapha Kemal Pasha create a nation out of the moribund Turkish Empire? What do you know about the people who dwell in Anatolia, Kurdistan, Georgia, Armenia, Persia, Syria, Arabia ? The New Turkey of Mustapha Kemal By L.S. Moore

Just before the great defeat of the Greeks, when not more than a dozen foreignergówere being admitted by Mustapha Kemal to Augora, his capital, Mr. Moore made his way directly to the new leader of Turkey. Here is the face-toface, intensely dramatic story of the power of this man in building a new nation out of a dying people. The Heritage of the Near East By W. L. Westermann

Professor Westermann, Near Eastern expert for President Wilson at Paris, writes a searching article ou the peoples, politics, economics and history of the Near Eastern couttries. If the relations of these people and the underground workings of European politics have mystified you, Professor Westermann's incisive article will clarify your ideas.

Other Features in the April ASIA One Hundred Views of Ararat By John Dos Passos Homely Wisdom of the Near East.

Some New Old Proverbs
The Lame Mayor of Kerasund By Blanche Norton
Across the world to Yankeedonia By Youel B. Mirza
Men of Western Asia A Pictorial of Rare People
Putting a Nation on Its Feet By Charles V. Vickrey
Pipes of Peace-Smokers of the Great Continent
A Fortnight on a Cargo Boat By William L. Hall

Five Months for One Dollar

OPEN TO NEW READERS ONLY ASIA is on sale at all newsstands at 350 per copy. This offer brings you the next five issues--$1.75 value-for $1.00, a saving of 750.

Fill out the coupon and take a trip to Asia

MISS Guthman, New York shopper, will shop for you, services free. No samples. References. 309 West 99th St.

BOY8 wanted. 500 boys wanted to sell The Outlook each week. No investment necessary. Write for selling plan, Carrier Department, The Outlook Company, 381 Fourth Ave., New York City.

FOR church fairs and Easter sales. Baskets made in homes in the North Carolina Mountains. Alanstand Cottage Industries, Inc., Exchange for mountain handicrafts, 55 Haywood St., Asheville, N. C.

NURSES' UNIFORMS made. Reasonable prices. 1,077,-Outlook.

MARRIED WOMAN, AGED 35, living in large western New York city in comfortable circumstances, would like to board two children between the ages of three and ten where parent or guardian is able to pay for the best of care. References of the very best can be furnished-intellectual, social, and business. Care of children thoroughly understood. 1,095, Outlook.

WANTED-Defective people to board. Address W., Pawiing, N. Y

TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a very thorough nurses' aid course of six months is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Monthly allowance and full maintenance is furnished. For further information address Directress of Nurses.

FOR EASTER-Guzzie-Bunnie, beautifully made pink and buff stuffed toy, one of the iamous Guzzie Toys, sent prepaid on receipt of $1. Guzzieland Co., Waukesha, Wis.

RETIRED woman physician will receive into her own attractive suburban home young child whose mother may be ill or traveling. Seashore summer. $100 per month, up. 1,148, Outlook.

MOTHERLESS INFANT will be given home and care by country doctor's wife at $25 a week, 1.140. Outlook.

EXPERIENCED teacher of young children, returning to own suburban home May 1, wishes entire care of one or more healthy. normal children. 1,151, Outlook.

AT HOULGATE, FRANCE, on NORMAN COAST, a summer home for children under twelve whose parents are traveling in Europe. Address Miss Wilhelm's School, 34 East 620 St., New York.

FOR adoption-Sturdy, attractive, intelligent boy of six years, American extraction. Apply 610 Elm St., New Haven, Conni.

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Kidney Disorders

What an eminent medical
authority prescribes for
Bright's Disease, High
Blood Pressure, Heart and
Arterial Deterioration, etc.

ACTUAL “howlers" contained in exam. A ination papers in a Western high school are as follows, as reported by a reader:

Mark Twain was a pirate on the Mississippi River. He is deserving oť an inch in the Hall of Fame.

There were a few seats right on the stage reserved for the most extinguished people.

Chlorine has a great infinitive for hydrogen.

Increase in temperature causes emotion and by this emotion gases and solids are more soluble in a liquid.

Water is needed in the diet to keep us moist on the inside.

As a man Daniel Webster had an excellent mastery of the English language. So large was his vocabulary that he wrote a dictionary which is now used universally.

It (Sir Roger de Coverley Papers) showed us the love Sir Roger had for all mankind even down to the old house dog.

Aphrodite was an unarmed statue of a beautiful and noble woman of unknown origin.

One day a raven came and all it would say was “never no more."

Annie Ridd was a stronger developed character than was Lorna Doone because she made better use of her hands and legs by working or cooking.

The Pilgrim was a man who wandered about in search of his religion.

The dress of the Saxons consisted of a short tunic, a long cloak, stockings, and scandals.

-- Arthritis Deformans
-Rheumatoid Arthritis

-High Blood Pressure
- Heart and Arterial Deterioration

Do you know that three-fourths of all human ailments that occur after middle age originate in the kidneys?

Your kidneys are filters whose function is to remove waste products from the blood. When you have kidney trouble, these filters have lost the power to pick impurities out of the blood and throw them off. Your body is therefore forced to derive its nourishment from a blood overladen with substances that are very harmful in character.

How shall you rid your kidneys of these harmful substances--these poison

FREE HEALTH LITERATURE ous wastes ? A medical authority of

high repute points the way. He says :
“ You can clean out your kidneys-
and keep them cleaned out-by the

No. 2-KIDNEY DISORDERS liberal use of Paradise Water. This

- Bright's Disease
mineral-free water from Paradise
Spring in Maine, has the power to help

wash the blood and tissues free from
poisonous waste products whose re-

- Acidity of Stomach

- Intestinal Autointoxication
tention would continually damage the
kidneys and other tissues.”


"Sometimes, through misuse,” adds

this authority, “the kidneys get beyond
repair. Give Paradise Water a chance
before it is too late.”

Paradise Water comes in convenient
cases of 12 quarts, 24 pints, 36 half Paradise Spring Co., Brunswick, Maine. 5
pints, at your grocer ; or order direct.

also the following Specific Health Literature: Natural or Carbonated, both delightful

(Check the ones you want) table waters, in addition to their health

No. 1 O No.2 No.3 No. 4 giving qualities.


St. Address or R.R..........


- Feeble Digestion

The “best seller” among novels of the last half century, the New York “Herald” declares, is not any American


Also “ The Story of Paradise Spring,” giving this wonderful water's history for a hundred years.

Send free of charge“ The Story of Paradise Spring,"



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been reached without a share of travel. Seeing other scenes and other people-each with some message, is a most necessary part of education. The supreme opportunity of pleasurable, worthwhile travel is offered in our cruise-tour by specially chartered new and superb Cunard - Anchor Liner “Tuscania” sailing from New York July 5th, returning September 6th. Well - planned itineraries -- long glorious Summer days spent cruising or on leisurely and interesting shore excursions. Option to return via North Atlantic. There are various programs for visiting PALESTINE -- ROME - the PASSION PLAYS at OBERAMMERGAU - different parts of Northern Europe including PARIS (Battlefields), LONDON, etc.

Inclusive Fares from $600

For Full Particulars Apply THOS. COOK & SON

245 Broadway, New York Chicago Philadelphia Boston San Francisco Los Angeles Montrea 1 Toronto Vancouver

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Fancy Shelled Peanuts S
Direct from Plantation

Not the stale, tasteless street corner

kind, but plump, sweet, tender nutmeats, 5 LBS

full of flavory goodness. Fresh, crisp,

crunchy. Send down to the plantation EXTRA LARGE

for a sack of these supremely good nuts. VIRGINIA

Roast them hot and crisp, make delicious SHELLED

candy and salted peanuts from our recipe PEANUTS

Taylor Instrument Companies

150 Offices Throughout the World

enclosed with every order. You can't $1.50

buy better peanuts at any price. We POSTPAID guarantee prompt shipment and absoEAST OF M188. lute satisfaction. w. of Miss. 50. lb ertr. 10 lbs $2.75 Chesterfield Plantation A, Norfolk, Virgir:

There's a Tycas or Taylor Thermometer for Every Purpose

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