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Upwards of thirty vessels sailed from Liverpool | tolerably good soil, on which many plants were on the 21st of January, for the East Indies. Their growing the most inviting spot that had been seen chief purpose seems to be to bring home cotton. after passing the Artic circle.

Dr. Wolcott, the famous Peter Pindar, was buried Law. A Liverpool paper of Jan. 25, says In the in London on the 12th of January last. He was at vice chancellor's court on Christmas eve, the master the advanced age of 81 years, and very poor, of the rolls delivered its final judgment in a suit be

Two Persian princes are in England for instruc-tween a lady named Threlfal, and the trustees of a tion. They are reported to be masters of our lan- school at Ellell, near Lancaster. The cause of disguage, and to read the best of the British poets with pute was two perches of land. It had been in litigadelight.

tion ten years, and from the conflicting testimony, The crown jewels have at last been found the the judge confessed he never met with a more diffi. prince regent discovered the place in which they cult case. The decision was against the lady. The were deposited!

costs of this long proceeding, on account a piece of An order in council has been issued to direct the ground not worth 401. amount to between 30001. and people how to pray-in consequence of the decease 40201. each party. of the queen.

Stocks, Jan. 26.-3 per cent. consols 78 3-8 7-8 We find nothing in the recent advices from En-1.2. gland of any preparation for paying in gold and sil Crim con. Five thousand pounds have been awardver, by the bank of England—the period at which ed in a case of crim.con. in which the hussey who thus payments in gold and silver were to be resunied, gave up herself to infamy, represented as exceed. was the 5th July, 1819. By late advices, it was to ingly beautiful, was the mother of six children and be again suspended to July, 1820.

pregnant with the seventh! Abstract of the net produce of the revenue of Outrage upon the quakers at Carlow from an EnGreat Britain, for the quarters ending 5th January, glish paper. As a number of females of the society 1817 and 1819, respectively, exclusive of arrear of of friends, were lately coming out of their meetingwar duties.

house, at Carlow, they were assailed by a vile rabble,

1818. 1819. who, not content with using such missiles as fell diCustoms

13,017,621 2,465,664 rectly in their way, raked the very kennels for filth Excise

5,499,672 6,238,040 and ordure to heap on the persons of these respectaStamps

1,666,532 1,530,532 ble people. The Roman Catholic priest of the town, Post-Office

319,000 319,000 the Rev. Wm. Fitzgerald, addressed his parishioners Assessed taxes

2,260,017 2,303,778 next Sunday, on the subject of this brutal outrage, Land taxes

343,604 408,366 in the following terms: Miscellaneous

255,318 133,381 “My very soul is hartowed up at the recollection

of such an abomination! Some of these wretches are 13,271,764 13,398,761 said to be Catholics but I disown them. ChrisThe British papers speak of an association of 100 tianity disclaims, and Catholicity abbors them they persony-several of whom are men of science, litera- are the excommunicate of civil society. Such ture and general information, and wealthy, about to wretches, in Jerusalem, at the time of the persccuremore in a body to the U. States—who will take tion of the Messiah, were the first to cry out, “Crucify with them 100,0001. in money.

Jesus!" (An exclamation of herror ran through the Lord Erskine lately took a trip to Gretna Green, congregation.] Such wretches in Constantinople, in female attire, to marry his housekeeper, by whom would be the very dregs of Mahometan fanaticism. he had had several children, whom he designed I thank God their number is small; and, I am sure thereby to legitimatise. The old man is about 70 they are the vilest, the lowest, and foulest dregs of years of age-his wife, 37.

the people.” A London paper gives us a grave account about a A FOG! London Feb. 27.-The metropolis was on cow taking the handle of a pump between her horns, Tuesday enveloped in a fog, the most dense that has and helping herself to a drink of water!

been witnessed for several years. The darkness in Some of the disciples of Joanna Southcoat have the early part of the day was not so very great as to been taken up for proclaiming the Shiloh, in Lon. be attended with extraordinary inconvenience; but don. They went through the streets crying out, it gradually increased, and about four o'clock it be. "wo! wo to the inhabitants of the earth because of came impossible to discern an object at the distance the coming of the Shiloh!” They created a mob, of a few paces. The carriages and waggons moveone fellow every now and then sounded a trumpet ing along the streets were not discernable from the On promising to desist from such practices, they flag-ways, and the passengers on the latter derived were dismissed hy the magistrates.

very little aid from the lights in the windows, or in The custody of the king's person, by act of par. the lamps, as most of the shops, from fear of acci. bament, has been confided to the duke of York. dents, were shut, and several of the latter were ex.

The committee appointed todevise a method to pre- tinguished by the fog; even those which did burn vent the forgery of bank notes, have reported a plan afforded but a very feeble twinkling light, not visifor the purpose, which it is thought will prove ef- ble until a near approach. The coachmen alighted fectual. If something is not speedily done, the sys- from their boxesto lead the horses, and the link-boys tem will fall; for the juries now never find a person were in great numbers to offer their assistance; but guilty of forgery, if they can avoid it.

with every possible care and precaution the passenSo little are the British satisfied with the late Po-gers both on foot and in carriages, seldom succeeded lar expedition, under capt. Ross, that two other ves in making their way without mistakes, and hcoses and sels are to sail in search of a N. W. passage in the carriages frequently deviated from the street to the spring, Froin a statement before us, it would ap- Aag-ways, to the imminent danger of the passengers. pear that capt. R. gave up the enterprize at the only the noises made by the people in the streets, were moment which promised success--being in a large frightful; some shrieking from terror when gurprised channel of warm water entirely free from ice, and by thie sudden approach of a horse or a carriage. 650 fathoms deep, leading from Baflin's bay, north- and others calling out to their fellow-travellers to wardly. The adjacent shores appeared to have a l warn them of inzir danger, or anxiously enquring

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their way.


In many cases the company deserted 110 alleys; 111 passages; 301 quays; 18 boulevards; their carriages, which remained stationary, the 87 places; 31 cross streets; 121 culs de sac; (courts coachman not knowing where they were. Various through which there is no thorough-fare) 10 public sums, from half a crown to ten shillings, were ob- promenades; 56 barriers; 16 gates; 16 bridges; 10 tained by link-boysforconducting a carriage through halls; 28 market places; 9 prisons; 13 barracks; 12 a single street. In the theatres, the actors on the palaces; 2 cathedral churcies; 38 churches; 4 temstage were scarcely visible to the audience, and even ples; 3 colleges; 15 hospitals; 9 asylums for monks, private houses, though closed and well furnished and 10 theatres. with fires, were filled and darkened by this unwel. A list of state pensions has been published. It is come visitor.

composed of 4,458 individuals, amounting to an ag

gregate of 2,292,264 fr. Namely, pensions on the Gen. Travot, who has been confined two years, civil list, 99 persons, 332,093 francs; Military and has been pardoned by the king.

Widows' pensions, 4,143 persons, 1,918,563 francs; Great efforts are making to put the French army Ecclesiastical pensions, 216 persons, 41,068 fr. on à respectable establishment-but the spirit, A letter from Paris states that the priesthood is which constituted so large a part of the strength of pecoming very insolent and overbearing that the this country, sleepeth.

king has in vain recommended moderation to them, The receipt of the theatres and principal public &c. gardens of Paris, during the year 1818, amounted to The following curious advertisement is in Gali5,817,526 francs.


Paris Messenger: A religious service in commemoration of the Mar. “Offer of Marriage.--Count Sarsfield Lucan, detyr King, was performed in all the churches in Paris scendant of the royal branch of Lorraine and the on the 21st of Jan.

Capets, and of other sovereigns in Europe, wishes Mention is made of 13 oxen raised in France, the to contract an alliance in marriage with any lady, mean weight of which was 2500 lbs. on foot. (Two capable, by her qualifications and fortune, of supmuch heavier than this average, were killed in Bal. porting the rank and titles which she will thus ac. timore last week.)

quire. The following specimen of French magnanimity “The name of Sarsfield, Lord Lucan, is highly dis. is worthy of the days of chivalry: Duclos, repeat, tinguished in the military history of Ireland, in that edly assaulted colonel Fabvier, and at length pro- eventful period immediately subsequent to the ex. voked him to accept a challenge. They met: Du- pulsion of James II. from the throne of Great Briclos fired first, and grievously wounded col. Fabvier tain. Sarsfield was general in chief of the Irish in the shoulder. The latter answered by firing in troops, and was one of those who took advantage of the air, and pronounced the following remarkable the capitulation of Limerick, to transfer himself and words, which display a great mind: “Duclos, I was family to another country.' willing to become the victim of such a man as thou

NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, art, but honor forbids me to consider thee as my ada Another report of an attempted escape of Napoversary."

leon is given out to amuse the world saying as how The following table is extracted from a work late- an American vessel had entered St. Helena, appa. ly published in Paris, written by the count De La rently dismasted by stress of weather, &c.—and that Borde:

very luckily, a sentinel detected the ex-emperor as Extent of territory in France 108,000,000 acres. he was lurking about to get on board of her, &c. Population

The tale is not worth recording. In agriculture

17,500,000 Persons. A carriage built in India for gen. Bertrand, on In manufactures


arriving at St. Helena, was broken to pieces by a Indigent


mob of British officers, lest it might contain letters Various

4,000,000 to Bonaparte!-Every one seems tremblingly alive

to an apprehension of his escape. He is never Total


seen abroad-no Englishman knows any thing of

him but the orderly captain who gets an occasional Annual agricultural produce £140,000,000 glimpse of him through the window blinds. He Manufactures

38,000,000 nobly refuses all intercourse with his jailors. Ifever Permanent public revenues

30,000,000 he escapes, and is again throned in France on the The following table in respect of England, is from hearts of the people, he will probably try the expethe same author:

riment how some other kings can bear such an imExtent of territory in [G. Britain, ] 55,000,000 prisonment.

Population. In agriculture

6,129,142 Persons. Every thing that we hear from Spain is just as disIn manufactures


mal as it ought to be. A nation permitting the exisa Indigent


tence of such a government, civil and ecclesiastica), Various


as curses this country, has a very small claim upon

the charities of a freeman's heart. When the Total


people send Ferdinand and his priests to the gal.

lies, we shall feel interested in their welfare. Annual agricultural produce £225,000,000 It is again said that between 5 and 6000 troops Manufactures

115,000,000) were immediately to leave Cadiz for Lima, and that Permanent public revenue

62,000,000 18000 more were assembled near that city, for othMarshal count Perpignon recently died at Paris, er points of South America. But however, it rather aged 64.

seems as if the means of transporting any of them, A loan of 200 millions of francs is required to dis- had not yet been perfected. charge the current expenses.

Paris papers contain the following description of Naples, Dec. 8. Mount Vesuvius has exhibited one that city:

of those awful spectacles which have so often created There are now reckoned in Paris 1109 streets; I dismay in our unfortunate city; the abyss burst with




So they go.



i terrible roaring, and after sending forth whirlwinds of flame and scoriæ, it vomited a bed of lava, Some of the English and Dutch governors in the which extended itself even to the limits of the vil- East Indies do not seem exactly to agree, as to the lage de la Torre del Grecco.

jurisdiction of their respective nations. The latter NETHERLANDS.

are charged by the former of putting down some The population of the following cities of Holland, legitimate” princes for being too much English. at the last dates here stated, was as follows:

1795. 1818. A woman was lately buried alive with the dead • Hague,

38,433 41,935 body of her husband, near Calcutta. In about six Leyden,

30,955 28,601 months, 39 widows were burnt alive at the same Dordrechet,

18,014 18,525 place. Rotterdam,

53,213 56,300 A serious insurrection took place at Java, Sept. A trial has been going on at Brussels of some per. 17, 1818, among the Dutch troops, in which four sons charged with a plot to place Napoleon's son on or five hundred persons were slain. the French throne.

The number of births at Amsterdam in 1818, was Sir T. F. Raffles, the British governor at Fort 6888, (3525 boys, 3363 girls.) There were 1585 Marlborough, accompanied by his lady and a few marriages and 22 divorces.

persons, unarmed, has penetrated the interior of this

great and valuable island, with a view to extend the A person called Baron Hornstein, a courtier in British influence over the people, and open a trade Bavaria, apparently died, and was buried. But two with them in gold, cassia, camphor, &c. days after on opening the vault, it was found that he The inhabitants beyond the mountains, were rehad recovered, and forced his way out of the coffin, pi- sented as savages-the contrary is found to be and was really dead near the entrance of the vault, the case; their fields are well cultivated, their cities where it was supposed, he had dashed his brains out large, and the country so populous that “within a in a fit of desperation.

space of twenty miles the people were estimated to Bavaria.-The number of families is ascertained amount to a million.” (wy census) to be 789,109, or about 4,000,000 of po The mountains, 6000 feet high, can only be passed pulation.

on foot-the roads were too bad even to admit the Mr. Malchus, it appears, was discharged from his carriage of lady Raflles in a chair. She undertook situation of finance minister to the king of Wurtem. the journey as furnishing evidence to the natives of berg, in consequence of a mistake in figures: he had the peaceable intentions of the expedition. set down the revenue at 4,000,000 instead of 3,000, The governor entered into treaties with some of

the princes, and a considerable trade between the PRUSSIA

parties is expected speedily to take place. The isl. «Berlin, Dec. 22. An official statistical estimate of and contains much gold, and its vegetable produc. our monarchy has recently been published. Its de- tions are very luxuriant and exceedingly valuable, tails are as follow:

*Estent-5,028 square geographical leagues, at Wool, of a very superior quality, has been import15 leagues to a degree.

ed into England from Botany Bay. When the best "Population (1817)—10,588,157 souls, making Spanish wool was selling at from 6s to 7s 60 per lb. 2,106 to each square league.

this brought 11s. The sheep in New Holland were Males from 15 to 60 years of age-3,028,448. Of originally carried froin Spain, and have improved 464,191 newly.born infants,38,585 were illegitimate. exceedingly. The mortality for the above year has been 2 in 69, that is on 33 men and 36 women. A ninth of the A London paper announces that we may soon exaccidental deaths is attributed to the parents ne. pect some interesting information about the interiglecting the benefits of vaccine inoculation; two or of Africa: a very intelligent and enterprizing genninths to suicide or drowning, by individuals bath. tleman, named Bodeck, having recently returned to ing in the rivers.

England, after having penetrated to and sucoessfully RUSSIA.

explored the kingdom of the Ashantees, in which It is again reported that Russia has obtained a ces he resided for six months; in the former part of which sion of St. Bartholomew's from Sweden.

he was treated with great severity, but in the latter, Merchandize esported to the United States from with great kindness by the king of the country. St. Petersburg, for the year up to Sept. 80, 1818, in 65 American vessels-bar iron 288,363 poods; sheet The great defeat of the Wechabites was to be do. 7,654; clean hemp 246,162; outshot do. 11,613; pompously celebrated at Cairo, after which the half clean do. 6,959; tallow 8,798; tallow candles prince Abdallah, and the princes and princesses of 410; bristles 4,122; feathers 1,494; copper 630; sail his family, were to be sent prisoners to Constanti. cloth 33,992 pieces; flems. 20,619; ravens duck nople. The power of the Wechabites is said to be 30,528; broad diapers, assorted, 652,166; narrow do. destroyed, and so the Grand Turk "legitimately, 9,595; crash 191,707.

governs again in Arabia. Army (1819) 880,000-360,000 being infantry; 68,000 regular cavalry; 86,000 Cossacks; 49,600 ar. The plague rages severely at Tunismit is said tillery, and 300,000 marines, veterans, &c. that from 2 to 300 persons have daily died with it.

A satistical survey of Poland has been published at Warsaw. That kingdom, in its present state, Lord Selkirk and others, his colleagues, have been contains 2191 square miles (15 to a degree,) 481 pretty smartly fined in several cases tried in Canada, towns, 22,694 villages, and a population of 732,324 for false imprisonment and other outrages upon souls, of which 212,944 are Jews.

sundry persons of the north-west company, &c. His

lordship seems to have acted in a very lordly man, The privilege of smoaking tobacco in Sweden, ex-ner. cept by soldiers and sailors, must be purchased by paying a tax of from four to eigint escalins a year. The crater of the Suffriere Mountain, in the isl.









and of St. Vincent, it is stated, has been filledcil of war, relative to the treatment of foreigners enwith water. The centre has about 16 fathoms of gaged in assisting the insurgents of South America, that fluid, which appears by the latest accounts to dated at Madrid, 14th January; by which it is debe still rising, and was of a sulphuric taste, emitting clared, That, “all foreign adventurers who shall be a strong smell.

apprehended with arms in their bands in his majesA great mortality prevails among the troops at ty's ultra-marine dominions, under the flag of the Tobago.

said insurgents, or furnishing them with munitions of A Spanish [perhaps a really American) schooner war, shall suffer capital punishment; and that such from Africa for Havanna, with 100 slaves on board, persons shall not be comprehended in the pardons was lately wrecked on one of the Bahamas-only 14 which his majesty has conceded or shall hereafter of the slaves were saved. We regret to hear that concede in favor of his natural subjects." the master and 3 seamen escaped.

CHRONICLE. We yield to no one in our devotion to the cause The case of the Portuguese ship Monte Allegro, of liberty in South America. The patriot cause has now lying in Baltimore, as a prize to a privateer unbeen as our own, since its beginning. But it is now der the flag of Artigas, and ordered to be restored disgraced by numerous vessels, bearing indepen- to the owners a few

days ago, has been reconsiderdent flags, whose sole purpose is plunder. The seas ed, and now stands open for trial, as if no decree teem with sheer pirates, robbing all persons that had taken place. they think they can do with safety to themselves. The legislature of Virginia adjourned on the 13th The people of the United States are justly becom. ultimo, after a session of ninety-eight days, during ing disgusted with such conduct; and public opir..on which they passed 280 acts. will soon support the laws enacted to restrain them. The U. S. ship Hornet, capt. Read, sailed from Let us not, however, impute these things to the pa- Boston for Cadiz, on the 26tli ult. having on board triots of South America, whose local governments Mr. Forsyth, minister to Spain, and his suite. are ignorant even of the names of many of the cruis A New York paper observes—The safe arrival of ers sailing under their fiags! They are the acts of the ship Comet, from this port, at Havre, is highly bad men, who care not a straw whether the inde. gratifying to the underwriters of this city. It will pendence of the state whose flag they use, is es- be recollected she took out a diamond, on which tablished or not. We regret to say, that many of 100,000 dollars was insured. them are our countrymen; so debased as to permit Letters were recently received in Philadelphia, the nominal commander of a vessel to order his men from on board the U. S. ship Ontario, dated at Callao, doto haul down the d-d Yankee flag.” They have Dec. 6, 181. The Ontario was to proceed immealso made absolute captures of several American diately to Valparaiso, and after a short stay at that vessels—in one case the villains, with ropes' ends in place to sail for the U. States. their hands, which they frequently used, compelled The president of the U. S. has started on a tour the crew of an American schooner to transport and southward. Much is said about the manner of restow away the choicest parts of her cargo in the hola ceiving him at Savannah, Charleston, &c. He is ac. of their own vessel! They are most commonly under companied by the secretary at war. the flag of Artigas; and indeed, it does not appear

The mail between New Orleans and Nashville has now that that flag can be regarded as any thing more been robbed. The particulars have not been stated, than that of mere pirates.

but the fact seems indubitable. The U. S. schooner Firebrand is cruising in the The great canal from lake Erie to the Hudson. The West Indies, to protect our commerce. We hope New York Columbian has the following cheering that several other light vessels will be associated paragraph: "A COMPANY OF GENTLEMEN, of known with her for this purpose.

capital, have offered to do the whole of this vast work, for Com.Aury's force, which rendezvoused at Old Pro- a lease of the SALT SPRINGS, &c. belonging to the state vidence, appears to be nearly annihilated, by the loss for fifty years, when they shall revert back to the present of several of his vessels in a gale, and a dreadful de owners; and never to sell the salt at the works above the struction of his men by disease and hardships. present price, which is only thirty-seven arul an half

We frequently hear of Americans confined in cents per bushel. It can be hardly necessary to state Spanish dungeons, having been captured in the pa- that such a contract would injure the state to an triot service. These are cases in which our govern- enormous amount.” ment cannot interfere They have abandoned the Stephen Van Rensselaer has been elected by the flag of their country--we may feel for their distres. legislature of New York, to be regent of the univer. ses, but have no right to do any thing in their behalf, sity of that state, vice Smith Thompson, (now secretaunless to claim them for punishment.

ry of the navy,) resigned. We have a report from Havanna, (says the The Rev. Dr. Waddill

, of Abbeville, is onpointed Charleston Courier) and which was generally cre- president of the university of Georgia. dited there, that the patriots are in complete posses Domestic goods. Sixty two specimens of domession of Lima.

tic cloth were offered for premium to the society for Two privateers, under the flag of Artigas have promoting useful arts, at Albany. The aggregate been captured by the Portuguese in the harbor of quantity was 2108 yards. Port-Praya. The crews were to be sent to Rio Ja. Plattsburg:. We have a queer report in a Boston neiro, in irons.

paper, that this memorable town, “is ascertained" Ship loads of men, to aid the patriots of South io be within the British boundary. We do not beAmerica, are openly sent from London. 500 se liere it-and, if it is so, we can't part with it. lected men, for a regiment of cavalry, are raising. Western banks. It is stated that to collect the No persons are enlisted but those who have seen public monies due in Ohio, the secretary of the treaservice; nor are any but young and hearty men re- sury has directel that the public deposits shall be ceived.

made in certain of the local banks, and not in the A Lisbon Gazette of the 9th ult. receiver by the offices of the bank of the U. S, as heretofore. This Atalanta, contains an important Spanish roval order, will afford a great relief to the people of that stake live at the recommendation of the supreme coun. in general, for the preside

NEW SERIES. No.7-Voi, IV.)

BALTIMORE, APRIL 10, 1819. [No. 7-Vol. XVI, WHOLE No.397



The SUPPLEMENT of twelve sheets, for the last possible, several weeks before the close of the late volume of the Register, is now completed, and will session; but the talk commenced about the Seminole be forwarded next week to those who have ordered war, there was not time to pass an act in his favor; it. Some copies are not engaged, price one dollar. and, as a new congress comes in, all his business must It contains a great quantity of such matter as would be gone over again de novo, which he must attend have been inserted in the volume itself, if there had to again in person, at the additional cost of 1000, or been room for it.

1500 dollars, besides the loss and sacrifice of another

six months of his time: making, in the whole, an agAs it now is high time that all the accounts for the gregate of positive expenditure equal to about twenty present year's business of the REGISTER should be per cent of the sum claimed, which will certainly be closed, and many accounts, unfortunately, remain given to him as soon as congress can find leisure open-and as, moreover, the editor seriously "wants enough to act on his case. Now, this is an “abomi. money and must have it,”—he respectfully requests nation," and, what is worse, quite a common affair. all his friends, agents and others, to make a com Many preposterous claims have been paid by colla mon effort, at this very time, to remit to him such gress, and the several committees are, no doubt, so amounts as may be his due.

beset by dishonest men, as to feel sometimes almost The editor gratefully acknowledges the general disposed to reject,or neglect, every thing that comes punctuality of his numerous subscribers--and hopes before them; and, especially towards the close of a that nearly all will soon extend the same attention session, there are some gentlemen who are not a to his little demands. He has not any private patron- moment free from the importunity of one claimant age, nor "advertising friends," to support this costly or another. Herein, perhaps, may be found a parestablishment; if his work is devoted to the people, tial apology for what is so much reprehended. But it is the people that must and will mantain it. a great fault exists in the usage of the house itself,

which adds much to the labor and fatigue of its com

mittees, io neglecting, or refusing, promptly to act Congress—Private Claims, &c.

upon cases reported, and so dismiss them. In at The National Intelligencer, of Saturday last, speak. least nine cases out of ten, as to private claims, if the ing of the late session of congress, finds some cause committee to whom they are referred make an ungto compliment it, by saying it is a maxim with (nimous report, such report is agreed to without deour oldest and most practical legislators, that, with bate, and nothing remains to be done but to give the a view to the public good, congress cannot legislate bill or resolution attached, the sanction of the house. too little”-the editors do not, however, fully as- This might often be accomplished in less time than sent to this broad proposition; but praise the 15th the house spends in hearing a proposition to take congress because more of its acts have excited “aup one of these reports, and in refusing to consider murmur of disapprobation."

it; not from any objection to the report itself, but If none of the "acts” of congress are reprehensible because of some other subject supposed 10 be of --much of the talk about several things is severely greater importance; and so it hangs overfrom day to to be deprecated, as preventing the national legisla. day, and the committees are so bored by the claimture from passing many acts which they ought to ants as to get out of patience: to feel disgusted and have passed.

act disgustingly. One of the best men in congress said to the writer

If the good practice of the house in receiving pehereof, “I would rather urge the settlement of a just titions, were resorted to to act upon the reports of claim at the court of the Grand Turk, than ask it of the committees to whom such petitions are referred, the house of representatives.” This wholesale re.much precious time would be saved to the house, proof is too well supported by facts well known to and the committee-inen and claimants be prevented Us. Persons having claims against government, from many unpleasant and mortifying recountres and which require the intervention of congress, are occurrences. 'It is the first business of every day's commonly treated with a degree of hauteur and con- sitting to receive petitions and reports—the fortempt that disgusts, or a cold neglect that mortifies mer are referred, but no time is allotted to act upon and distresses them. They often attend month af- the latter; and a sort of scramble sometimes take ter month, session after session, and leave Washing-place to get them before the house at all! If a certon in a firm belief, that it is the last place in the tain day in the week were expressly assigned for world which a man should visit to learn moralorpoli- such private business as had been reported upon by tical virtue-smarting under the reflection, that they the committees during the week, a list of whici, have lost much time and suffered much derange- should be made out and laid upon the desks of the ident of business in their absence from home, as well members, that they might exactly know what was to as sacrificed much money in travelling and subsis- be done, 15 or 20 common cases might be fully contence for nothing.

sidered and disposed of in a day, without any thing 'There are bundreds of cases, perhaps, like the like hurry, bustle or confusion. What a relief would following—we know a gentleman who has twice this afford to the committees-what an immense travelled from the most distant part of the union saving might thus be effected in favor or claimants! and spent two vinters at Washington, for the pur- When any matter is to be done, it is true economy pose of obtaining an act to anthorize the settlement to do it at once, and relieve the mind or body of it. of certain accounts, about which there is no dispute, Another thing may be mentioned-the committee no shadow of a doubt, as to the right or justice of of claims has too much to do--more than any comthem-in wbose favor the committee to whom they mittee, required to attend to the duties of members were referred, reported in the most favorable termslin the house, can or will give their time to; and to ac!

Vol XVI.

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