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the bride and bridegroom, was delivered (previous Unhappily, we have too many native seamen idle to to its perforinance) into the hands of the minister, feel any necessity to employ others. It is possible by Mr. Fearon. It contained the following passa. that many persons were on board our ships who ges: “Tlie undersigned being protestant dissenters, were well known to others in the British frigate present to you the following protest against the for about thirty thousand American seamen were innan marriage ceremony as at present performed, and to pressed during the late wars of Great Britain. We which, according to the laws of England, they are also very much doubt whether oin almost all cases compelled to subscribe. Against the marriage cere- of difference, the points in dispute were conceded niony tley most solemnly protest, because it makes in favor of” England. But we know not what is marriage a religious instead of a civil act; because meant by the “radical change" spoken of, unless to parts of the ceremony are highly indelicate, and suppose that we must have been esteemed a little must, to every correctly constituted mind, be es, while ago as a sort of ourung-outangs. tremely offensive; because the man is required to There is again a talk of divorcing the prince reworship the woman, though the founder of Chris- gent and his wife. tianity has declared, that God is the only object for Wheat, June 5-average 688 8d. "per quarter the Christian to worship; because it requires the The ports of course shut, as they cannot be opened recognition of the doctrine of the Trinity, than until the average is 80s, though American wheat which nothing can be more oppressive to those who might be obtained for 25 per cent. less than the disbelieve conscientiously, and after patient investi- British sells tor. gation, that doctrine; and because, as warm and firm believers in the truth of Christianity, they dis Chamber of Deputies. Mr. Villeveque, referring believe and abominate the doctrine of the Trinity, to the treaty for the cession of Louisiana, said that in the name of which the marriage ceremony is French vessels were to have the privilege of trad. performed.”

ing to New Orleans free of custom house duties for The royal assent was given, by commission, in the 12 years-the war with England had forbidden the house of lords, on the 14th of June, to the American expected advantages, and he thought that “minis. convention bill. The commissioners were, the ters” ought to insist on some equivalent advanta. ford chancellor, the marquis of Winchester, and ges in its stead!" This is queer logic, indeed. the earl of Shaftsbury.

Mr. Rodet made an elaborate speech respecting Petitions from all quarters were pouring in the budget. The chamber ordered his speech to against the foreign enlistment bill.

be printed, with the omission of the world scan. The chancellor of the exchequer, in bringing dalous" in the following passage, which produced forward his budget of ways and means for the sup- a good deal of sensation in the house: “May I be port of the nation, prope: es an additional duty on permitted to take this opportunity of expressing to malt, which, Mr. Calvert, a member of the house, the minister of the interior my astonishment at the gives as his opinion, should it prevail, would ruin protection which certain scandalous missions have nine-tenths of the malsters in the country.

obtained in tlie departments?!--(violent rumors on The dispute between the Carlisle weavers and the left side.) their employers has been amicably settled.

M. M. Corent Diucourt, De Marcellus, and other Cotton has again declined a farthing per lb.-dull members rose amid great confusion. sales.

M. Benoist—"Omit only the word scandalous." The following article is copied from a London M. Rødet-These missions, which under the prea paper of June 15.- Mr. Bagot, and suit, landed at text of religion and of morals, excite intolerence Portsmouth on Thursday from the Forth frigate, and fanaticism -- which preach openly rebellion and under appropriate salutes and immediately set off contempt. Can the government bé ignorant that for London. The commissioners for settling the every place which these priestly bigots have visited, boundary line, are going on in the most satisfactory has been left by them a prey to doniestic troubles, manner, and expected to end their labors in Octo- which are the preturcors to religious and political ber. In almost all cases of difference, the points dissentions? Where should e be if every sect and in dispute are conceded in favor of this country. persuasion which the charter allows, were, in like The conduct of the Americans, of all ranks, at manner, to send its emissaries on a mission of proWashington and Annapolis, to the officers and selytism through the country? Let us hope, gentle. crew of the Forth, while she lay in the Ches..peake, men, that these abuses will cease, and that, by con: discovered the most amicable and friendly disposi- fining the different religions to heir respective tion. It seemed to our officers as though a radical temples,an end will be put to the perambulations of change had been effected in the feelings and views these missionaries who estrange from their proper of the Americans. An interchange of civilities dai- pastors the confidence of the faithful-- who search ly passed between tie officers of the Esses [the the consciences of men for the sake of emolumentCongress] and Ontario, lying there, and the Forth. who make a vile traffic of the most holy of minisIt is understood, an admitted fact, that not less than tries.-- (Hear, hear.) two shirils of the crew of the Essex were Bmtish seamen, Several parts of France have been devastated by who had become American citizens by the usual form tremendous storms. In one place, 85 houses have of legislative protection. During their mutual friend. been destroyed by lightning. On the 21 June, a ly visit, some one of the crew of the Forth, recogniz- tempest, accompanied with hail, thunder, and lighted a ship-mate in almost every boat that came along. ning, ravaged upwards of 50 communes. But a side. On one occasion, of a boat's crew consisting still more dreadful scourge threatens to destroy the of 12 men, 7 of them discovered their original charac- harvest of the whole department of Arles, whicha ter. The Columbus, a remarkable fine new two held forth the greatest promise. Hosts of locusts ap• decked ship, pierced for 105 guns, was fitted out at peared on a sudden and covered the land. The inWashington. Com. Rodgers, president of the navy habitants went out immediately to protect their þoard, is expecting to hoist his broad pendant in her fields, but though they collected as much as ST for the Mediterranean station, &c. &c.

quintals of these devourers every day, the number of the preceding is worse than ridiculous, for it did not seen decreased. They were as yet small is wilfully false,in tlic parts which we have italicised.but their devastations were most alarming, and it



s apprehended the heat would enlarge both their The government of Chili has instructed lord size und numbers. They had only attacked the Cochrane to leave Payta or some other port of his grass, but the corn was expected to fall next a prey selection, open for the whale ships to procure their to their rapacity.

necessary supplies. La Fayette. In page 317 of the present volume, “The British merchants in Chili, were much dis. isa note of the illustrious Fayette to the attorney satisfied with the blockade, and in particular begeneral

, requesting that a prosecution may not be cause no time had been allowed them to take away instituted on account of certain libels said to have their property—and they intend to make a remonbeen published against him. A Paris paper notic- strance about it to their government. ing that request, royally says-M. Belları, the at. “Lord Cochrane is represented as hostile to the torney-general, having seen the rhodomontading American interest, and encouraging desertion of letter directed to him by the marquis de la Fayette, their seamen, while his conduct in that respect to has sent an answer, in which he informs the sturdy the British is said to be different. republican, that the prosecution against the libeller “Thc Macedonian, captain Downes, sailed from had been undertaken, not on his account merely, Valparaiso on the 25th of May for the gulf of Cali. but for the interest of society, which requires that fornia. libels should be punished. The letter concludes “News has been received at Valparaiso of the with a well merited sneer at the superabundant American brig Cossack having been forcibly taken sensibility of the marquis. “The generosity of the possession of in 1818, by the commandant at Maremarquis de la Fayette need not then be alarmed by Lian, the cargo disposed of and the captain and crew an action over which he has no power, and in which kept in captivity. It was supposed captain Downs the public administration counts private interest as would reclaim those persons and the property thus nothing."

wantonly plundered, and punish the perpetrators.

“Before sailing, the government of Chili request, A Paris paper says-A woman of Verdi, in Italy, ed of captain Downes that he would not proceed to vas delivered of 5 male children, 2 of them are Lima, if he could for the present suspend it, condead, but 3 of them are still living. In the time of sistent with orders fron his government, and it was Adrian, a woman of Alexandria was delivered also supposed he would comply with their wishes. of 5 sons, all of whom lived to a good age.

Constitution of the united provinces of Rio de la NOVA SCOTIA.

Pluta. 'The following sketches of the new consti. A Halifax paper of the 21st ult, says that by the tution, proclaimed on the 25th of May last, in the packet just a rrived, orders had been received «for absence of the entire instrument, may be acceptathe immediate discharge of almost every person ble to all who are pleased to observe the march of omployed in his majesty's navy yard and hospital. this new people to a regularly organized and inde. Those establishments are no longer to be kept pendent government. The outlines boldly strike up. The ships of war on this station are in future for freedom. to receive at Bermuda whatever repairs they may “ The legislative power is invested in a nationdi require.”

congress, to be composed of two houses-a house SOUTH AMERICA,

of representatives and a senate. The house of reWe do not much like to give articles of news from presentatives to be composed of deputies sent by Venezuelaboth parties tell the most abominable the states, and each state is to elect a deputy for eve. filsehoods with the gravity of Castillians, and we ry 20,000 inhabitants. know not what to believe: but it seems that gen. “None will be admitted to be a deputy if he has Marino lutely defeated the royalists under col. Cor- not been seven years a citizen, 26 years of age, rea, and killed 1000 of them, besides the wound- owning property to the amount of 4000 dollars, or ed and prisoners. The battle took place at Chap- exercising an useful profession. paco, in Barcelona.

“The functions of a deputy will last 4 years. The A letter from St. Barts, gives news via St. Eusta. house of representatives only has the initiative in all dus, that Brion had lately touched at the latter in questions of taxes; has the power of accusing the a late English frigate of 32 guns (his fag ship) members of the three great bodies, the ministers of

brigs, 11 schooners and a number of gun boats; state, the ambassadors, the bishops, the generals, reported to have on board 2500 English, Irish and governors, and supreme judges, for all crimes of Scotch, 500 German, 350 Indian troops, all in fine or. treason, mismanagement of the public money, vioder, supposed to be destined to attack Laguira. Alation of the constitution, &c. The senators will be subsequent report states that the troops amounted named by the provinces, and each province will to only 1100 men, asud that they had attackel and have an equal number of senators. None will be captured Barcelona.

admitted to be a senator if he be not 30 years of age, Com.Joley and gen. Arismendi are said to be under has not been a citizen nine years, if he be not owner arrest, for conspiracy-the belief is given out that of some property to the amount of 8000 dollars, on they will be shot.

does not exercise a profession commanding respect. Blany prizes have recently been sent into Marga «The functions of the congress to make laws, to retta--chiefly captured under the fag of Artigas. declare war, make peace, establish duties, to decree.

A privateering vessel, under many names, carry- taxes to be levied equally all over the union for a ing the flag of Artigas and others, commanded by a time not to exceed two years. villain nan.ed Alvara, among acts of supreme me “The supreme executive power of the nation cality, lately captured a jPortuguese brig mounting will be inrested in the person of a director. None 6 12 pounders, with a crew of 12 men and fifteen will be elected director if he does not enjoy the passengers, the latter chiefly women. After a varie. rights of a citizen, be not a citizen born, has not ty of usage disgraceful to the human character, been a resident for six years before his election, they forced the men and the passengers into an open and if he be not 35 years of age. The director is boat, and then set them adrift on the wide ocean the supreme chief of all the land and sea forces. with a very small stock of provisions, and at a mo “ilie nation has the right of amending the con. ment before a tremendous gale came on, which stitution, tnking care to observe the constitutional it was evident was a pproaching!

forms. All men are cqual before the law. The

press is free. Private actions, when injuring nobody, but a plantation, or piece of woods, sold as high as are subject only to the tribunal of God. Every one $5,025; and 184 lots, the number sold, brought may do all that is not prohibited by the laws, and upwards, of an hundrod and twenty thousand dolmay dispense with all that the laws do not require. lars. The dwelling of a citizen is a sacred asylum, not to Tke Chocktaws. An arrangement is now making be violated without crime, &c."

with this tribe of Indians for the cession of a large Gen San Martin is reported to have collected tract of country in exchange for lands on the Arkan. 10,000 men, near St. Jago, to act against Upper Peru. saw. The Cherokees, it will be recollected, made a He was expected at Buenos Ayres.

similar exchange some time ago. It appears that the lands ceded by the latter have been intruded

upon, and that Mr. Meigs, agent for the nation, CHRONICLE.

has given notice that unless such intruders werere. The president of the United States arrived at moved on the 1st of last month, that he should apWashington city or Sunday morning last. The se- ply to gen. Jackson to drive them ott, cretary of the navy has also returned to the seat of TAE TORTOISE. From the Village Record, publish. government.

ed at West-Chester, Pa, addresseil, 10 the editor "18 The Danish sloop of war Diana, of 20 guns and 130 tortoises have been noticed in the Record, I send a men, arrived New-York,August 5th, in 13 days from small statement of one I found a few days ago. St. Thomas.

It was marked 1744, with the letters P. D. said to The rol is said to be making sad work among have been cut by Philip Dunn. I am told he has the cotton, in different parts of the southern states. been dead fitty years. it was found on the planta

Hot weather. The thermometer at Salem, Mass. tion of Enos Williamson, near the line of Job'n Hun. stood as follows-on the 29th July at 92; on the ter. I was enquiring of Hunter how loug he could 30th, 95; on the 31st 99; on the 1st of Aug. at 101!!! remember it; he told me for forty years, and I have on the 2nd, at 93. So much heat was never before found it frequently within the last thirteen years. noticed in the country.

CAXAL TO THE PACIFIC OCEAN. Lightning. There has been we believe, an unusu

Mr. Editor.-Seeing in your paper of yesteral descent of the electric Auid, this season, in the day some observations on the project of a passage 0. States. The following notice shows a wonder. to the Pacific ocean by means of a canal across the rul escape from the effects of it-In a late thunder Isthmus of Darien, brings to the mind a proposition storm at Salem, Mass, a shoe was ripped from the made to the king of Spain, by Sr. Dil. Salvador St, foot of a woman, by lightning and completely de Martin, the bishop of Chiapa, who resides in Ciudad stroyed, without doing any injury to her person. Real, which is the capital of the province... West

Murder. The body of a man with the head, arms of this city, the river Goazacealcos, lakes its rise, and one leg recently cut off, with some sharp in. and running east, empties into the Gulf of Mexico, strument, and stabbed in the right breast apparently about thirty leagues east of Vera Cruz; it has ten with a sword, floated ashore at Shrewsbury, N. J. on and twelve feet water on its bar, and is navigathe 5th inst. The Jury thought he had not been ble for craft of four or five feet up to the above city.. killed more than 48 hours, some thought not more East of the said city, the river (or a stream which than 24. A brig that seemed full of men, was off empties into the river,) Chimilapа takes its rise, and the shore two days previous.

taking a westerly direction, empties into the Pa. The rohale fishery. It is said that 60 American cific ocean, at the port of Tahuantipa, which is a ships are now in the Pacific engaged in the whale good harbor for large ships, and the river is navifishery. The U. S. frigate Macedonian will be of gable for craft of four or five feet, up to the above essential service to them.

city of Ciudad Real; the two rivers passing each Frauds in tobacco. The inspector of tobacco at other at or near the city in a parallel line, at the New Orleans, has found 11hhds of tobacco with distance of only seven miles from each other; nei. heads so thich that those of one hhd. weighed 194 ther of them have falls to impede their navigation, Ibs. He has very properly published the names of and the ground through which a canal would have the persons who put it up.

to be cut to connect the two rivers is neither mourBarge navigation. Col. Atkinson has fitted wheels tainous nor rocky. to the barges that are conveying the soldiers up the I have seen a minute description of the rivers, Missouri, to be worked by the men. It answers and the countries through which they pass, containmuch better than oars to propel the boats against ed in a petition to the king of Spain, begging perthe current, and promises to be bighly advantage. mission to cut the above canal; it was presented in ons in the navigation of falling streams.

1816, and contained the most convincing evidence Holston river, Tennessee. A number of hands are of the facility with which the two oceans might be now employed to remove the obstructions to the connected. The petition met with an utter denial boat navigation of this riser.

from the king of Spain. Had it been granted, the From the Boston Gazette. "A gentleman on his intention of those concerned was to have steam return from the western country, informs us, that boats employed between the two oceans, which while passing through Tennessee, he met a travel would have made a voyage in much less time ling house, drawn hy sis horses, two stories high, than it occupies between this and Louisville, and and containing three families, of 29 persons in the as the mouth of the Goazacealcos is not more than whole. They reported themselves from the district eight or ten days sail from the mouth of the of Maine, bound to Alabama, where they intended Mississippi, may we not with propriety hope that to inhabit the same."

Spanish America will soon shake off the European Alaine. The majority in favor of separation is yoke, when she will be at liberty to make improveSipposed to be about ten thousand--only 1,500 were ments for her own benefit without consulting those required. So the act will take place.

who have no rule of government but their own Alabama.-At the late sale of town lots in the jealous fears. Should such a communication be town of Cahaba, (the spot selected for the seat of opened between the two oceans, what calculations givernment of the future state of Alabama) some can realize the future grandeur of New Orleans? of the lots, unimproved of course, as the place is yet

New Orleans paper.

NEW SERIES. No. 26-VoL, IV.) BALTIMORE, AUGUST 21, 1819. (No. 26-Vol. XVI. WHOLE No. 415



The article below, headed “Bank of the United, of intrigue is going on, and think it not very dekStates' will on account of the facts it exhibits, claim cate that members of congress, being heavy stock. a considerable share of the public attention. The holders in the bank, should again vote on their own editor exceedingly regrets that he is prohibited, case, as some did at the last session. and perhaps ought to be, from giving the article in When this bank was first started, enormously erleriso from which these facts are derived; but he forced dividends of profits was the grand object, presumes that, as to the regulations of the bank that the stockholders who had never paid for their stock and the consequent embarrassments of the treasury, might sell it out advantageously: they therefore demotbing will be denied. They come from the very sired that about forty persons might be authorized best source of information.

to sign its notes, to fill up the circulation of the Common honesty. We have sometimes thought country! But the mighty bubble bursted, and the that we would notice all the counterfeiters and devotees of avarice tumbled pell-mell froin the counterfeit bank notes which we observed to be heaven which they thought they had gainel, mentioned in the newspapers. We cannot right. Milton describes it

, that the spirits from the lower fully do it; for a useful notice of such things would world were sent back to the place from whence occupy a page or two almost every week, so nu- they came;"—but in their fall they severely woundmerous are the cases that occur, so many are the ed the national reputation and exhibited scenos persons engaged in the business. But this we shall of individual misdoings that astonished us all.

After this a new administration of the affairs of speedily do-induce the people, if we can, to con sider the directors of a bank as infamous, -if, know. the bank took place--a policy directly opposite to ing that counterfeits on their institution are cir- that of the original makers of the bank, wag speertj. eulated, they do not come forward and officially ly avlopted and is still persevered in. It now issues put the people on their guard against them, instead none of its own notes. Present pecuniary profit is site of endeavoring to hush up the matter as hitherto,crificed to concentrate a power to command it here preferring that honest men should be swindled, after—to regulate the transactions or individuals rather than that the circulation of their notes should to govern the money matters of the nation-to elece be impecled.

presidents of the United Sta’es and enac' '8" he government of the people, which judges shall declare

to be “constitutional,” whough known to be so Bank of the United States. enacted. Whether these magnificent designs will be “When the searching eye of heav'n is hid.

accomplished or not, a little time will determine. Behind the globr. and lights the lower world, Then thieves and rolibers range abroad unseer,

We have not the shariow of a doubt but that they In mouriers and in outrage bloody here;

are aimed at. Few have estimated the moral forco Bilt when from under this terrestrial ball,

which a command of the circulating medium of a Hr fires the proud tops of the pastern pines, And darts his light through ev'ry guilty hole,

country confers. It makes the creature greater Then murders, treasons, and detested sins,

than the creator; and it is a creature without feels The cloak of night being pluckt from off their backs, Stand bare and naked, trembling at themselves."

ing or remorse. King Richard II.

Certain facts have just reached me from a source The developements made since the matter was in which I have as much confidence as if the con first agitated, of the composition and charac:er of the session were made by the secretary of the seasury to bank of the United States, justifies the application of our motto to its course of proceedings, from the is already in a subservient condition to the bank.

me in person, that the treasury of the United States date of its institution to the present day, except in April last, the bank resolved, that it would not re so far as the last line of the abstract may be conceive of GovenSMKN'T ITS OWN bills and credit them ac strued into a shew of compunction for offences committed. The bank being soul-less, cannat feel shume! they were payable; that it would not pay the TREARU

casi, except when tendered at the places at which Never did an institution exist that more completely blasted the publicexpectation, than this

bank lic monies had accumulated there to a sufficient amount,

RY DRAFTS at any place “REQUIRED," ercep: the prili. has done. Its policy, though founded upon appo- un'ese upon u xoticx given to allow the bank time to ho site extremes, has been equally mischievous or malevolent. The original purpose of its framers 50, COMMERCIAL PRISCIPLES, &c. TO ALL WHICH

THE SECRETARY SUBMITTED! was to get money--the object of its present managers is to acquire power. The former was a desperate

Every body knows and feels the grand deception of set of speculators--the other is a conclave of tyrants, this institution, as to its pretension to furnish a cir. Gold was the god that the first worshipped, --the culating medium, of an equal and certain value ift second gives up all to ambition. Cæsar or nothing, all parts of the United States; but things like the is the device inscribed on the entrance of their preceding, in regard to the government, were hard. council chamber. That eight or ten irresponsible ly expected by any to happen so soon. Let us see and truly contemptible individuals, unknown out of what the charter of the bank says on this subject: the streets that lead from their counting houses to The following are the 14th and 15th sections of the bank, may rule and will rule the government of the the act: United States, is to me undoubted if the strong arm gec, 14. Anul be it further enacted, That the bills of the people is not speedily interposed. I say of or potes of the said corporation, originally made. the people, for I have little faith in the executive or payable, or which shall have become payable on in congress regarding this matter, - unless urged to demand, shall be receivable in all payments to the action by public opinion. I am not about to charge United States, unless otherwise directed by act of any with corruprion--but çlo know that a great deal congress.

VOL. XVI. 28.

“Sec. 15. And be it further enacteel, That during Well-in two or three days, or two or three t'ie continuance of this act, and whenever required weeks, as the case may be, after the receipt of this by the secretary of the ireasury, the said.corpora- notice, Mr. Cheves miglit say to the secretarytion shall give the necessary facilities for transfer. “Sir-. The balance of trade belween Boston and ring the public funds from place to place, within the "Chillicothe are greatly in favor of the former. Untert states or territories thereof, and for distri- " Therefore, on "commercial principles," you can. buting the same in payment of the public creditors," not expect us to pay your draft at Boston on acwithout charging comunissions or claimingallowance " count of your deposit at Chillicothe; but having on account of difference of exchange, and shall also " consulted the cashier of the branch at Boston, and do and perforin the several and respective duties of being greatly disposed to accommodate the gothe cowmissioners of loans for the several states, or“ vernment, you are at liberty to draw for the S2000, any one or more of them, whenever required by “ as desired, three months hence! Low."


L. C." By the 14th section, the valuable preference is

Whata delectable correspondence have we suppo. given to the bills of this bank, that they shall be re- sed!--But upon my honor, I solemnly believe it is ceived in all payments to the United States—it follows, nothing more than a fair type of what may happen, that they are paid as cash to the United States; but nay, perhaps of what has really happened;- for according to the preceding regulation of the direc. the fiscal concerns of the government have been tors of the bank, they are not cash to the United exceedingly embarrassed by the regulations of the States, except at the places whereat they are re

bank, and the acquiesence of the secretary of the spectively payable! Thus, a note issued from the treasury to them. I have reason to speak thusoffice at New Orleans may be paid as money for I have in my possession what is conclusive evidence to debts due to the United States at the office in me of the facts that I have insinuated. Portsmouth, N. H. which the secretary of the trea

Are the people prepared to bear this? Are sury cannot draw for on Portsmouth, as cash. The they content to see their government crawling at office there receives the notes of that at New Or- the feet of this abominable institution? Will they leans as a special deposit, and will pay the draft out stand still and sec a monied aristocracy swallow of such deposit only. The embarrassments to the up the dignity of the constitution, and devour indi. people by this lop-sided conduct, have only one re

viduals by its tens of thousands? medy-if the secretary continues to succumb and

We trust that some member of congress will call thus unjustly to favor the bank: this remedy is, to for the whole correspondence between the presiprotest the drafts of the United States, unless paid dent of the bank* and the secretary of the

treasury, in cash, as has happened at Chillicothe! This will on these subjects. Immense advantages have been bring the U. S. in for damages, and we shall see given to the bank, and though the people have whether congress has spirit enough to resist such been cheated of their just expectations, it does not outragious proceedings. Half a dozen cases of follow that the government should be thus managed this kind will fix the business, and determine whe-I by the creature which intrigue (I will not say bris ther the bank is to govern the government, or not; bery in some cases) permitted the creation of. If and certainly half a dozen men dealing with the at the present time, the bank can prescribe condiUnited States, may be found that have indepen- tions to the secretary of the treasury, what must we dence enough to do what is right.

expect to be the state of the case very speedily,

when the "ways and means” of government will oc By the 15th section, it was perfectly understood much less productive than they are now, and its rethat the bank was to become the agent of the Uni-venue becomes more difficult to collect-as every ted States for transferring the funds of the go- one sees must happen, without some material vernement from one part of the union to another, change in our internal policy to foreign relations? without delay or charge for so doing. Thus, it was supposed, that the secretary of the treasury, having a credit at Chillicothe might draw for it pay

Emigration Table. able at Boston, without further ceremony. But Amount of foreign emigrants whose arrival in the now he seems to be reduced to the necessity of ports of the United States was noticed as being writing a letter like this to the president of the reported in the newspapers received at the office bank at Philadelphia.

of the REGISTER, for two weeks, ending yester“IIONORED SIR. The United States have the sum

day morning: “ of $200,000 (or two millions) lying dormant to

From Dundee

in 2 vessels, 36 “ government, though discounted upon by your

Halifax, St. John's, &c. 14 586 « office at Chillicothe-S2000 are wanted at Boston



137 London

2 « to pay off the mechanics employed in the navy

83 “ yard. As these people have families and are bad.



55 “ ly off for money, be pleased to inform me, as soon as

Havre your attention to anore important affairs will ademit of,


372 6 when and in what inanner I may draw for the said


65 Bremen

1 $2000 on Boston.

10 (Signed,)

W. H. C

Belfast *Detroit, July 30. The United States branch bank

1395 at Chillicothe has recently refused to pay a draft to

At New York

533 the amount of about $10,000 in specie. The spe

Philadelphia .

386 cie was as we are informed, wanted by goy, Cass,


446 to fulfil a stipulation contained in some of the Indian


65 treaties. Mr. Robert A. Forsyth of this city was the bearer of the draft, und baving learnt that the mo

1395 ney would not be paid to him, he had the draft PRO

* We put the present of bank first, as being we most important person.




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