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who inhabit all that vast space of Asia from the great Ocean to the Caspian Sen. They have broad foreheads and narrow chins, small sunk eyes, high cheek-bones, short and fat noses, large and separated teeth, short set statures, and olive complexions.

311. The Tartars have no settled habitation: but wander from place to place, and live with their horses and herds under tents covered with hides. The Chinese are the most numerous people in the world, inhabit the finest climate, and cultivate, with success, all the arts and sci. eyces.

The Japanese inhabit certain large islando, and are not inferior to the Chinese in industry and ingenuity; but wisely allow little or no ixtercourse with meddling forcigners,

312. Another distinct family of the human race, are the black and swarthy inhabitants of India, and of the Islands of the ludian Ocean. They have European features, long black straight hair, and slender shapes. Their manners are efteminate; but their dresses and houses are very elegant.

Many millions of them, called Gentoos, never eat flesh, or any thing that has lived: but subsist chietly on rice and fruits, and enjoy health, strength, and long life.

313. The peaceable habits of the Hindoos have, in all ages, rendered them a prey to foreign invaders. The 'Tartars have frequently invaded and plundered them.

Lutterly, the Europeau nations, particularly the English, have established themselves among "them: but though they have sometimes committed excesses, yet they are happily introducing umong the natives, the arts, philosophy, and the religion of Europe.

814. The fourth variety of the human species, and the most remarkablo of the whole, are the Negroes of Africa. Their black colour, their woolly heads, their fat noses, and thick lips, are well known among us.

For many ages an infamous and most shocking traffic was carried on in these poor people, who were torn from their country to work in the sugar-plantations of the West Indies: but, happily, the slave trade carried on by British inerchants has been abolished. There is also now a prospect that other nations, particularly the Spanishi and Portuguese, through the intervention of Great Britain, will shortly abolisha this nefarious trade.

316. These simple people inhabit all the coasts and interior of Africa betworu the tropics, and have been retnined in a barbarous state by the effects of the slave trade; which induced their tribes and nations to make war on each other, for the purpose of stealing the people, and selling them for slaves to Europeans.

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316. The next distinct family of men, are the Dative American Indians, spread in small tribes over the whole of that vast continent. They are of a dark copper-colour, have black hair, and small black eyes, high check-boren, and frequently fat noses

As the Enropeans advance, the natives retire, and form the inhabitants of what are called the Back Settlements,

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317. The sixth variety of the European race, are the English, the French, the Gerinans, Ite lians, Spaniards, and other modern nations. These had their origin partly from the Scandinavians, (Swedes and Cloths) characterized by light hair and blue eyes; and from the Celts, distinguished by black eyes and black hair.

The Swedes, English, Irish, Scotch, and Ger. mans, are very fair; but the Italiana, French, and Spaniards, are swarthy.

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318. The clear complexion of the Europeans is best adapted to express the passions of the soul and the health of the body; while the energy of their understandings, and the vigour of their corporeal frames, qualify them to carry all the arts to perfection; and to raise man to thist scale of eminence, to which lie seenis to hine been fitted and destined hy his Creator.

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