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74 What is the alaping green bank called that mrrounde

fortress? a hat weight or height of quieksilver is equal to 3.1 Phill

of water 78 War in the common law ?

! 101 17 What was the origin of wara ? 78 Who maha laws in England ? 70 What ia the loadstone, and what are tra vses? 00) What do the Englisda import from France and Sweden! 81 While now is the greaten traing nation in the world,

and to what countries ia ita trade carried on 89 In the highest wrought steel, what is the proportion he.

#wewn the value of the original metal and the labour

bestowed ? as How many pitis can one person make a day by properly

dividing the labour with others 24 What is the origin of trade and onnmeree? aa To what part of the world are felons transported! at how were the tirst countries divided ? 87 Who canniand regimentar: Al llow does the constitution of England secure liberty ? au What are the initure and distinttuna af property 90 What is the principle of the construction or thirts and

castles 91 What are the several ranks of others in tha nnvy? Um Hlow many merchant vesela are engaged in the trade of

Great Britain 9a What are the manufatures of Shethell, Paisley, and!

Wowpeaters 24 How many trades are required in the production of the

Umivenant l'receptor ? Do Haw many valves are there in a pump, and where are

they aimated A8 What are the prerogatives of the king 97 What is the course of the law against a inan who has 9A Truce or copy the monets of peers. Do What are the title of the boala at the church the law, the navy, and army!

1 małode lib. 1 ***.


QUAN tone on Chap. XIV. 200 Row enn the earth be paid to be tund, when there and

such high bills and great inequalities on its surface ? 101 If an eclipse of the moon takes place at two in the mortis

ing, and by the almanno it ought to happen at Lom don at half past ten in the evening, in what longitude

is the obre ver? 102 What is the character of' the English territories in India ? 109 What people co s ter train oil the greatest luxury 104 On the date on whielt the oun passes vertical at Port

Royal in Janeia, i. e. i 18 desi ees of north latitude,

in what north lateude will it be uninteriurtel dryi 105 What are the causes of summer heat? 106 Who are the people whom the Europeans have been

used to steal and sell for slaven? 107 What are the parts of an artificial globe? 108 Who discovered America, and when? 109 Which are the Asiatic Beas? 110 How many human beinge die on the average every wi.

pute 111 How many sumen are there, and point them out on the

map? 119 Which is the top or upper part of the earth? 113 How many varieties are there of the hunnan speciell ? and

let the pupil put his anger on the map towards the

part of the world where each variety resides. 114 How many degrees of west longitude can there be, or in

what degrees do east and west longitule meed ? 110 What are the characters of the planets, and make the

with the pen ? 116 What is the relative situation of the moon when it is full 117 What is the use of the moon ? 118 How many continents are there on the globe? 119 Repeat Chatterton's lines deseribing the solar system 120 Mark the characters of the king of the zodiac, and re

peat the stanza of six lines. 121 How do you prove that the stars apparently move fun

east to west? 129 Hoy many moons are there in the solar system i

de mm: 1':m! Art or llig gun the farthest oli, and whet

in tlie difcrepce? 174 What is the natural food prcferred by the Gentoon?, 10 Which quarter of the world abounds in wild boasts, avid

why? 126 How many counties are there in England, V'aloe, Scyt.

lund, and Ireland ? 127 Which are the most populous countries in Europe,

Asia, Africa, and America ? 120 Where is the sun vertical when it is equal day and night

in every part of the world? 199 Repeat Young's lines on comets. 130 What are astervide 3 131 What is a cupe, and what is a strait ? 132 What are tho names of the three stars in a row which

Shine on a winter's evening? 133 Ilow much of the heavens can be seen at once? 134 What is the highest degree of latitude? 135 On which side of the earth is the moon during an inte

of the sun ? 136 What star is that in the heavens which always standa

still 139 How many tides aro there in 24 hours, au watacitet

sions them? 138 What occasions the blue colour of tim mengan 139 Why is man at the head of the nuin alotition ? 140 Point out in the map the chief countries in Europa, As

enumerate al 321. 141 What are the names of the topics, ani low far ate die

tropical boundarics from eccliothee 142 What is the law of motion of the planeta? 143 The shadow of what boly occasiows an eclipse who

moon, and what is its shape? 144 W ben did the English colonios in America üriere

themselves indepemiant? 145 for whiat purpose is a fleur-dic-lis put one mp3 140 What is the height of the highret ruounto saista mnoon? 147 How far are the pointers asunder, and how far 1.

north-pole star ?

140 What are the causes of day and night, and of vinto

and summer ? 149 What are the distances of all the planets from the sun,

and the period of their revolutions 150 In what parts of the world did Captain Conk make his

discoveries, and point them out on the maps? N. B. Since these chapters were composed, Squire'e

Grammar of the Elements of Astronomy has been published, and merits the attention of every Student

Questions on Chap. XV. IVI. XVII. XVII. 151 Define the various species of sophistry. i52 What parts of a discourse are the exordium and perora

tion 153 How many verbs and adverbs are there in the English

language ? 154 What Greek letters stand for a, o long, o short, and pho? 155 What were the tirst and second parts of speech used by

man? 156 What ceremonies distinguish the Quakers? 157 What is become of the descendants of Mahomet ! 158 What is the name of that virtue which teaches humanity

to all animals ? and describe it. 159 What if the moral sense? 160 Recite Cowper's and Barbauld's lines on the Deity. 161 Detioc and give exemples of the figures of rhetoric, call

ed iriny and an ithesis. 162 What is the soldiu iu occidentis, and the argumentant es

hominem 163 What is the cardinal rule of politeness ? 164 What is the cardinal rule of composition ?

N. B. The same author has been induced to edite a vo

lume of muels of Juvenile Letters on Familiar Suljects ; by copying which, he presuines young per.. sons may soon become expert in the necessa art of

elegant setter-writing. 185 What is the cardinal rule for the attainment of happi


100 What was the original mode of wrlting, and who invent

od letters ? 107 What means the reductio ad absurdlum, and the demon

stration a priori ? 168 How must I divide a discourse with the best effect 2 109 What are the carclinal rules of eloquence ? 170 Wimt is a syllogiau ? and give an example, 171 Whai at the best models of puro English style ? 1,29 What are the parts ut granmar! 173 What is uwadais, and what is certainty 174 What are the respective objects of graymar, logic, and

Thetonop 175 What is the religion of the Chinese and Ilindoos ? i na Did ang suparation take place among the carly Chris,

cians ? 172 Describe the cardinal virtues. 178 Isto what sets are the roua stunts divided ? 179 low imdy letters are there in the Greek and Hebrew

languages, and how many vowels in each i 100 For what useful purpose is lunguage divided inw parts

of spet zh? 181 What are the means of proserving the English lan.

guage ? 102 What is the difference between conceiving of things com

prehensively and extensively? 103 Where is the history of Jestia Chust to bo found ? 184 Give some examples of the preacht use of the ancient

hiervlyphica 185 Copy oni in Creek letters the names of the Greck vowels. 186 What are the means of improving in composition ! 187 Make the great and small Greek charactera, lur ph, ch, 188 What has succeeded the study of logic in the Universi

ties? 189 low are we to avoid confusion in composition ? 190 From what language is the Luglinda duivel ? 191 Why are Protestants so called ? 102 What virtue is peculiarly possessed by parents ? 293 Wlut habitual sense qualities man for the social state? 194 How many prepositions are there, and what is a prepo


and ps.

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