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963 What one, and Hume ? 357 UNIVERSAL PRECEPTOR. 253 In what line of writing was Tacitus, Locke, Priestley,

societies have we in England to promote larning

have been the chief historians and Ranch Fritas the wings are the landsche of the chief epic poeme? 457 Who have been the chief poets of Italy, France, srà

England? 2.3 lo what department of literature have Churchill, Cla

rendon, Cunningham, Young, Cowper, Watts, Ps.

ley, Defoe, and Burke, been chiefly distinguished ? 259 What is the object of literary societies 460. What are the chief divisions of poetical and profe comme positions ?

Miscellaneous Questions. 461 How many boys and girls are there in England sto

Wales between 6 and 14 years of age, supposing the form one-sixth of she whole population, and are ia

equal numbers? 462 Make a drawing on a large scale of the parts of a forti

fication, and write their names against the severa

parts. 463 Describe the socond order of each class of animated DS

ture. 464 Extract and cast up into one total the population of a

in the countries in the world, and sdd one hundred al

lions for the unarranged or unciassed parts, chieira bus Afrien, America, West Indies, and South Seas. 7.

tal 784 Nations 465 What proportion

is de English. yard of the distance from the equator to the north pole? 46G. When was America discovered, by whom, and whess

were the consequences of the discovery? 467, Wbac nation avoids killing and eating living animals,

and prefers vegetables and fruit? 468 What are che different descriptions of property in Eagbeland?7) I.L. 409 How is chrend prepared for the wearer in

470 What are the materials of which houses are built 10% 72 Point out on the print of the solar system the circles or ODRU នេះ

orbits of each of the planets, and name them. 472 Write out neatly the charactors or hieroglyphics which

To stand for the planets and the signs of the zodiac. ser 473 How many degrecs is it from the ant-arctic circle to the tropic of cancer?

Vior 474 The stars on the celestial globe being expressed by the

first letter of the Greek alphabet, write out the first masI... ton of the small letters, and call them backward and

forward 475, Transcriba a description of the animal which w us the

hend of the creatlon? 476 What are the principal broeds of oxen and shop! 457 Aro wheat, potatoos, acorns, upplou, and blackberrice,

natives of Great Britain 470 What is effected by lifting up the handle of a pump, and

what by pulling it down nynin -Transcribe and re

peat, 470 How many degroen is it from tho Pleinden ta tho belt of

Orion, and Low far from the belt of Orion to the

porch pole star? 400 Ir the pupil hins lourned to draw, let him copy one of the i

euta per day, at pagva 110, 123, 124, and 126, ad

write out their descriptione, 481 What are the attributes of God ?.-.-.Transcribe and to pout.

I W 402 What in the moral soneo ? 493 What io affected by the constitution of England Re

peat. 484 Describe the gradations of animated nature-Transcribe

and repeat. 486 What are the component parts of air and water? 480 Draw the repremoniation of the plnnot Satum, ii W POUR 487 What did Julius Cmsan ollect for the English Trans. cribe and repeat.

10 W 0 48. Whine en el centre de fruita in regard, so the rotatica of

cropa? 400 How many teeth has a man, and how many specics of insocts are Where?


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91 What dasses of plants are those in which there are nine NO Kwimstamens, in which the stamens and pictils are invisibic,

and what are the vegetables of the greatest value to 492 How can you demonstrate the motion of the moon ? 493 How many oceans and continents are there, and what

are their names? *404 What is beneath our feet towards the centre of the

globe ? 495 Wimt seems to be the proper object of vegetables Re

peat. 496 What is the distance in miles of the arctic and antartic

circle? 497 How are sailors able to tell where they are by the celes

Tatial bodies? 498 Describe the different species of sophistical arguments ? 199 How many kinds of shells are there ? 500 Where aro the West Indies, and what are they ?

501 tu sis point out sach of them as are Irid down on the map. 609 What familiar object is the motion of the earth like i 503 Draw the phases of the moon when she is on either side

of the earth, and in the midway between her conjunc

tion with, and opposition to the sun. 504 How much of the earth does the sun'illumine at one

time? 505 What will children learn from viewing insects through a

microscope ? and repeat any appropriate lines, 806"Which religious sects are those that deny the authority of

bishops, and prench extemporaneously? 6077 In what parts of the world are the inhabitants of pigmy,

and in what of gigantic stature, and what are their

proportions ! 508 Where are the Inrgest lakes in the world, and is there fasi'l any 509 Write ‘out Prul's oration before Agrippa (Acts, chap.

XXIV.) and distinguish its rhetoricnl parts by placing to marin their namnes before ouch. 510 Copy out the song of Moses, Exodus Yrv. and dis bo bwagingruish by words the figures of rhetoric as you pro



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611 Transcribe and repeat the different branches of the study

of language, and describe them. $!Transcribe the five rules of conception. 613 What are the menns of attaining knowledge ? 4 What are the prevailing rcligions in the world? 315 What are the habits of ants? 616 Continue the series of logarithms at 565, from 6 to 7,

8, 9, and 10. Shew also that the logarithms of ls or

1 and 8 added together, are equal to the product of

the numbers corresponding with 1 and 8. 817 Who has the power of pardoning criminals in England

after the sentence of the law has been pussed on them? 818 What are the obligations of man in society ? 619 What is a polygon ? 620 How many inhabitants of one city did the last eruption

of Mount Etna destroy ? 521 Make out an account of earths as they exist in layers,

and as they are chemically considered ; also of minerals of the four classes, and of rocks as they are divided into five clusses, the whole formning a complete

view of the mass of the earth, 622 Trace the map of the world on thin paper, or copy it na

neatly as possible, as a certain mcans of being perfect

in geography 523 Describe the silk manufactory and silk worms ; and draw

the eggs, the worm, the chrysalis, and butterfly, given

at page 200. 524 Whence come sugar, oil, and Indian rubber ? 525 Briefly describe the animal sensor in verse and prose. 626 How are plants nourished ? 627 How are animula nourished ?

N. B.--The answers to the two preceding questions

must be combined, and be full and completo. 528 How is it that the perpendicular rays of the sun do not

dissolve the snow on the tops of the mountains under

the equator ? 520 What poet describes so accurately the revolutions of day

and night, and of the seasons ? 630 31\cw by experiment in the sun, or before a gre or candle,

the cause of increased heat at different suusone.

831 Give some instances of the subdivision of Inbour, and

of tho utility of it. 632 Transcribe a description of the ship, its npparatus, &c. 633 What is the fundamental principle of the mechanical

powers ? 634 What is the fundamental principle of trade ? 536 What is the essential difference between vegetables and

Animals ? 636 When is war necessary? 637 What was the origin of architecture? 538 Name the different species of grain and grasses culti

vated by English farmers, and mention the use of in

closures. 699 What was the origin of money ? 640 Enumerate the various ranks of peers, of the church, of

the law, and of the army and navy. 541 What in general remains when any part of the air is do

prived of its oxygen ? 642 On what principle is trigonometry founded ? 543 What are the three principal contrivances by which vn

ried melody is given to sound ? 644 Copy the map of the world, and substitute the ancient

namos in 663 for the modern ones now in the map as

far as given. 646 Write out the names of the painters of the great schools

in parallel columns, with heads distinguishing the

schools. 846 Write out the illustrious names in history, under the

hends of their respective countries. 647 Write out, under the heads of their respective countries,

the names of great authors, poeta, &c.; distinguishing by subheads their walks in literature, when to distin

guished in the work. 548 Ilow long was it from the building of Rome to the

death of Cæsar, and from the battle of Marathon to

the battle of Marengo P 549 If a string is 120 parts, and its octave GO, with the in

törmediate parts of longths as indicated in 621, and 692, what will be the length of an octave higher than

thine of' 60, and of its intermediate notes ? 380 Read a trimOy=c4-y-va.

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