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55. What is the circumference of a grasa plot whose dia.

meter is 88 yards, and what relation does it bear to

an acre? 552 How does the constitution of England secure liberty and

good government, and where are the public rights of

the people worden? 553 How many kind of law are there? 554 How. were sea voyages performed before the invention of

the compass ? 5šā How many merchant vessels are employed in the trade

of Great Britain, what is the annual value or the en ports and imports, and how many people does ita trade

enplay ? hifi Describe the triumph of mechanics, 537 Hlow was light let' into houses before the composition

of fint and soda? 538 What is a square, * triangle, an allipse, a diagonal, #

tangent, a sine, a co sine, and a hexagon ? 119 Repeat Mallet's description of a volcano. 560) Repeat Thomson's description of an ignis fatuus: dal Illustrate the terius usul in chemical prousse. 502 Put some small pieces of paper in motion by electricity 5tis liepest cowper's lines on mowers, hut How many kinds of arguments are there? sou liepeat Thomson's lines on bees Stili Describe the principal earths. 50i7 What is the process of tilling a balloon ? 508 What are the mineral waters, and how are their kinda

ascertainert ? 500 Describe some of the characteristics of animalsuka 570 Describe that animal which is not killed but mnulupkiel

hy being out to pieces. 571 Show the vibrations of sound by experiment, 579 What membrane vibrates in the throat in speaking er

inging : 573 When was the style alteret, and how many days had

then been gained in reckoning i 574 Which months have numbers for their darivation, which

the godda, which men, and which # corresponding

875 Range in three columns the English days of the week,

their derivation, and the Roman names. 576 Under what names was Jupiter known to different ana

cient nations ? 577 How many kinds of mathematical sciences are there? 578 What will occasion, and what will destroy polarity ? 579 Make a microscope without glass. 580 What are the names and purposes of the various ins:ra.

ments for observing variations in the weather ? 581 Describe the causes of winds, clouda, hail, rain, snow,

and dew. 582 What is an echo? 583 What do botanists call fruit, and what is the object of

fruit ? 884 Describe the most populous nation of Asia. 085 Shew by experiment the causes of the different lengths

of day and night. 586 How is the distance of the sun, moon, and planets eal.

culated ? 587 What is the angle of the plane of the earth's equator to

the plane of the elliptic? 888 How many trades are requisite to build and furnish a

house? 589 Describe the moon. 590 Describe the fixed stars. 591 Describe the sun. 592 Describe the earth. 593 Draw a solar system extending to Saturn in such

portion, that the distance of Mercury be taken at half

an inch. 894 It'a man has robbed me on the highway, how am I to

proceed against him by the laws of England ? 595 How many different measures of versitication are there? 590 Which is the largest, the ale or the wine gallon, and how

many cubic inches are there in a pint of each : and je a pint weigh a pound, how much does a hogshead of

each weigh? 507 What is the numerical value of 7a+

.6*+ ab c d ; a being equal to 8 ) to 10; e to 6; and d to 10,

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N. B.--The pupil must add all the ti together, and

All the ca. together, and then subtract the latter from

the former. The difference will be the value. MON To what faculty in man indebted for his mprovemente ? 809 Describe all the metals. (no Describe the varieties of the human species. cui Make a formal sylloginia, to prove that etudy is the

proper employment of youth. CO2 Ily the scale of mountains, on the mape, page 116,

which appears to be highest, the peak of Teneritle or Mont Illano į and the olty of Qulto or Snowdon, and

what are the differencer 603 tlow often must Snowdon be piled on Snowdon to

make a Mont Blane or < Chimborago ? 004 l'oint on the map to London, Jamaica, Caleutta,

l'hilailelphia, Pekin, and Jerusalem. 005 Name all the countries between the tropies in each

heinisphere. COL Name all the countries in the north temperate sune, 60% Point out the orbits of the Asteroids, or hewly diece.

vered planets, in the plate of the universe. 000 What is the name of that planet accompanied by seven

# Imoons, and of that hy sit moons ? 000 Point out the orbith of the comete. 010 How many planete, asteroide, moons, and comete, era

represented in the plate

Anewers, or referencos for answere, are to be found in TIIL TUTOR'S KEY



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of Improved Elementary Books, which may be had

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The GOVERNESS' REGISTER of the good and bad conduct of her several pupils for half a year; anplicable to study and conduct in Ladies' Schools. by the Rev. David Blair. 18.

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Parr II. Consisting of the Lines of Latitude and Longitude, from the same set of Maps; designed to be filled

up senior Classes of Students of Geography, or by those who have previously filled up Part 1. Sn.

Also, as Companion to the above, A NEW SCHOOL ATLAS, of corresponding Size with the Copy-Books; forming the most perfect, as well as the cheapest, Allan. By the Rev. J. Goldsmith. os. boards, plaiu; and 78. coloured.

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