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of the Geography, Natural History: Manners, Customs, and Antiquities, of various Nations. Translated from Jauffret. By Miss Aikin. 2 volumes ; with Engravings and Maps. 10s. 6d.

A GRAMMAR of HISTORY, Ancient and Modern: arranged in such a manner, that the leading Facts may be committed to Memory; and accompa. nied by Questions and Exercises. By John Robinson, D. D. With a PSE MODERN

A COURSE OF MODERN HISTORY; comprising the Iristory of all Nations, from the Age of Charlemagne to the present Time: serving as an amplification and illustration of the Grammar of History. By the same Author. 7s.

A COURSE of ANCIENT HISTORY; compris ing the History of the World, from the Creation to the Age of Charlemagne: serving, in like manner, as a companion to, and illustration of, the Grammar of History; the three Works forming complete Elements of UNIVERSAL HISTORY. By the same Author. 7s.

FIVE HUNDRED QUESTIONS, deduced from GOLDSMITH's HISTORY of ENGLAND; calculated to instruct young Persons in the Causes, Consequences, and Particulars, of Events in English History. By James Adair. ls.

A SERIES of MATHEMATICAL TABLES, (Stereotyped,) for the Use of Schools and Students; consisting of Logarithms, Sines, Tangents, &c. 53. boards.

POPULAR ELEMENTS of PURE and MIXED MATHEMATICS, for the Use of Schools; including complete Courses of ALGEBRA, Euclid's GEOMETRY TRIGONOMETRY, Conics, Fluxions, MENSURATION, AstroNOMY, &c. &c, By Peter Nicholson. 168.

A KEY to DITTO, in which every example is worked at length; for the use of Tutors. 5s.


SIASTICAL DICTIONARY ; serving as a general Note Book to all Passarey, Names, and Facts, con nected with the Old and New Testaments, and with Ecclesiastical History; and forming a species of Cy. clopædia of Religious Knowledge and Opinions, found. ed throughout on the most approved Authorities. By John Robinson, v.1), 28s, boaruls.

SCRIPTURE BIOGRAPHY; or, the Lives and Characters of the Principal Personages recorded in the Sacred Writings; adapted to the Instrnction and inprovement of Youth. By the Rer. J. Watkins, LL.D. 7s. with Plates.

FIVE HUNDRED QUESTIONS on the NEW TESTAMENT; intended to įrender young Persons familiar with the Contents of that Sacred Volume. By S. Barrow. Is.


An EASY GRANÍMAR of SACRED HISTORY; containing a Sumnary of the principal Events recorded in the Old and New Testament. By Mary Aun Rundall. Price 4s, bound, illustrated with Maps.

Au EASY GRAMMAR of NATURAL and EXPE. RIMENTAL PHILOSOPHY, on the Plan of Gold smith's Grammar of Geography, and Robinson's Grammar of History; and designed as a Practical Elemen tary Book, to simplify the Study of Philosophy in Schools, with 500 Questions. By the Rev. David Blair, 6s.

FIVE HUNDRED QUESTIONS on the ABOVE. By the same Author,

A GRAMMAR of the ELEMENTS of ASTRONO MY; by means of which that sublime Science may be taught in public Schools, as part of a Course of, liberal education; with Questions, &c. By T. Squire. 98, 61

A GRAMMAR of MEDICINE; being a papua and familiar Introduction to the Study of that Scinta Withi Englavings. 6s. bound.





Art of Reading. FIRST BOOK for CHILDREN. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Thirteenth Edition. Price 6d. sewed.

AN ENGLISH SPELLING BOOK; with Reading Lessons adapted to the Capacities of Children; in Three Parts Calculated to advance the Learners by natural and easy Gradstions, and to teach Orthography and Pronunciation together. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Price 18. od. bound.

INTRODUCTION to the ENGLISH READER; or, * Selection of Pieces, in Prose and Poetry, &c. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Sixteenth Edition. Price 8s. bound.

THE ENGLISH READER; or, Pieces in Prose and Poetry, selected from the best Writers. Designed to assist young Persons to read with Propriety and Effect; to improve their Language and Sentiments; and to inculcate some of the most important Principles of Piety and Virtue. With a few preliminary observations on the Principles of good Reading, By LINDLEY MURRAY. Fifteenth Edition. Price 48. 6d. bound.

SEQUEL to the ENGLISH READER ; or, Elegant Selections in Prose and Poetry. Designed to improve the higher Class of Learners in Reading; to establish a Taste for just and accurate Composition, and to promote the Interests of Piety and Virtue. By LINDLEY MURRAY. Fifth Edition. Price 4s. 6d.

THE ENGLISH SPELLING-BOOK, accompanied by a progressive Series of easy and familiar Lessons, adapted to the Capacities of Children, and embellished witi a Variety of Engravings; the whole intended to furnish, for the Use of Schools, an improved introductory Book to the first Elements of the Anglin Language. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. Price le. 60.

The CLASS-BOOK ; or, THREE HUNDRED and SIXTY-FIVE READING LESSONS for Schools of either SEX; combining the Elements of all Knowledge, with a greater Number of Reading Exercises, from the best Authors, than are to be found in any other Work of the same Description; overy Lesson having a clearly defined Object, and teaching some Principle of Science or Morality, or some importaut Truth. By the Rev. DAVID BLAIR. A new Edition. Price 5s. 6d. bound.

READING EXERCISES for SCHOOLS, on net in very popular I'mil, being a Nequel I MAVORIN PELLING and introduction to the (muk, nimilar in Arrangement to Irow'stament. By the lov. DAVID BLATNI. w*. a.

CLASSICAL READING LESSONS for every Day in the Voar, aplected holly on modern thogal Writers of the Ride of cerve the third lly the Rev. W. NILARIN. Printed on large clear ove. Price had bound.

The BOOK of MONOSYLLABLES, or, an Introduction to the child's Moottori malapted to the capacities of young children. In 'two l'art. Calentated to instruct by Amni. liar conditie in the first hoc ples of location and Morality By JOIN HOHNNY. Price 1x. 6


The CHILD'S MONITOR ! or, Parental Instrnelol. in me pare... containing arvat Variety of prive

on, pwed to the comprehension of Children.' my JOHN HORNNISY. Filih dition. Price 4*.bound.

"The SCHOLAN'S STILLING ASSISTANT. tenter for the Union Nehools and private l'ultion. By TIOMAN CARPENTIGU, Mynter of the Academy, Hort, e.

An ENGLISIL VOCABULARY, designed as a sequel to the choirs pelting Assistant, for the purpose of the ity THOMAN CARIENTER. I Tumo. Price **

The FLOWER BANK IST, a Fairy Tale. In 18mo. with a franciplere. Irce nad neatly hair bound.

POETRY for CHILDREN I consisting of Selections of any interesting Pieces from the best Wein, interspored with Original Plecent adapted to children between the area of Mix Twelve. Ay MIA AIRIN. I love.

CLASSICAL ENGLISH POETRY! consisting of from three to for landed of the best short Pieces in the last enge, molected for the time of Nehool And young persone, Oran The work of the Britieli loeth with some original l'ieces Dr. MAVORA MR. PRATT. With a Preface, menting the we veral species or metry and their hout Morten Recitation. A*.

A SEQUEL to the POETICAL MONITORI con. misting of Plerem meleet and original, amped to improve the Minds Au Mein of Young Personally ILIZIILE Necond Edition. Prices, bound

English Language. FIRST LESSONS in ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the capacities of O'Ndon, from Norto Ten Yeano Designed an an Introduction to the Abridgment of Murray's Gram

Y hy volk. Sve poin'th Guition. Price ili ix Imanta

An ABRIDGMENT of MURRAY'S ENGLISIT GRAMMAR. With an Appendix, containing Nxerein in Par* ing in Orthography, in Syntax, and it'unctuation. Designed nr the younger Clason of Learners. Price 18. bound.

ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the different Clase of Learners. With an Appendix, containing Rules and Onnervations for asisting the more advanced Students to write with Perspicuity and Accuracy, Hy LINDURSY MURRAY. Thirtysecond Edition. Price 4*, bound

An KNGLISH GRAMMAR, comprehending the PRINCIPLIN and RULUN or the LANGUAGE, illustrated hy

Sxereiser, and a key to the Exereinen Hy LINDULY ENGLISH EXERCISES, adapted to MURRAY'S ENGLISH GRAMMAR Conisting of Birmincntion of the l'arma of Speech, Fustances of falue Orthography, Vulation of the lulen or yatar. Defects in Puneruation, and Violations of the Rules respecting Perspicuity and Accuracy. Domigned for the lonelit of private Learners, ** well au for the Use of Setools. TwentySixth Edition Price v. nd, tunda

A KEY to the ENGLISI EXERCISES, calculated to enable private Learners to become their own two fute in Orainmar and composition. Fourteenth cuition. Pre deti odle bound The lakereinen and Key may lie hind together price 4* Oil

GRAMMATICAL QUESTIONS, adapted to the Grammar of LINDTRY MURAH, with Natok ny ci UADIY, A.N. Price ** nd, bound. Thimolition, considerably improvells

RULES for ENGLISII COMPOSITION, and particularly for Themes. Designed for the Use of Nebole, and in Aid of Neir instruction. Illy JOIN UILIINGILAM, Private Tuter Westinimeter School. Thiruditha. Tyme4x boardia

The ART of EXTEMPORE PUBLIC SIISAKING, Including a course of Discipline for obtaining the Faculty of Diverimination, Arrangement, and Oral Discount, Demigned for the Wap of Nehool and Nell-instruction lly JOHN ILIPPINGITAM.

RUDIMENTS of ENGLISH GRAMMAR, for the Une or schools. Hy the llev. INILY ST. JOIN BULLION, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, and lead Master of the Grammar Behoul, Leicester Third 19dition. Price * 64. bound

A SUORT GRAMMAR of the ENGLISHI LAN GUAON. implified to the capacities of children. Hy JOIN HORNSCY. A new edition, correctrdi. Ni bound


ENGLISH ICXERCISES, Orthographical und Grammalical, in Two Partut being a Selection or cliee Pieces in and Veree. With many orisinal Reflections. We, designed to im jwore the Juvenile Mind til Npelling and Grammar. Wy JOHN

ANNET. Tuimo. Price la bound

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