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The ELEMENTS of NATURAL HISTORY, for the Use of Schools. Founded on the Liourean Arrangement of Animals, with popular Descriptions, in the Manner of Goldsmith, and Button. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. Ninth Edition. Price 70. 61. hound, with Fifty Engravings, representing 200 of the most curious Ohjects.

ELEMENTS of the NATURAL HISTORY of the ANIMAL KINGDOM ; comprising the Characters of the whole Gie. nera, and of the inost remarkable Species, particularly those that are Natives of Britains with the principal Ciroumstances of their History and Manners. By C. STEWART, Member of the Linngan and Wernerian Mocieties. Second Edition. In vola. bvo. Price 11. 4x, bonrd».

The ELEMENTS of LAND-SURVEYING, in all its Branches, practically adapted for the Use of Nehools and Stue dents; illustrated by highly-finished Engravings, plam and co. loured: complete Tables of Nines and Tangents, Logarithans, &e. &e. By ABRAHAM CROCKER, Land-Surveyor. Price 98. bound.

CONVERSATIONS on NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, in which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained, and adapted to the comprehension of Young Popils. By the Autor of " Conversations on Chemistry," and "Conversations on Poll. tical Economy." In 12mo. Price 108. od. Boards. Illustrated with 2 Engravings by Lowry.

CONVERSATIONS on CHEMISTRY. In which the Elements of that Ncience are familiarly explained and illus. trated by Experiments. In 2 vols. 12mo. with plates by Lawry. Fifth Edition. Price 14n. boards.

CONVERSATIONS on POLITICAL ECONOMY : in which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained. In I large vot. Third Edition. Temo. Price 0s, boards.

CONVERSATIONS on BOTANY, with Twenty Engravings. Second Edition. In I vol. 1amo. Price 1s. 64. plalu, or 10s, 6d. coloured.

The object of this work is to enable young persons to acquire knowledge of the Vegetable Productions of their Native Country: for this purpose the arrangement of Linnus is briefly explained. aud a Native Plant of each Class (with a few exceptionn) is examined, and illustrated by an Engraving; and a short Account la added of some of the principal Foreift. Npecies.

CONVERSATIONS in ALGEBRA. Being an Introduction to the First Principles of that selence: in a series of Dialogues. Designed for those who have not the Advantage of a Tu tor, as well as for the Use of Students in Schoule. By WILLIAM COLE. 12mo. Price 13. boards.

An INTRODUCTION to the STUDY of BOTANY. Hy Sir J. SMITHI, M. D, F. R. S. P, L. N. Fourth Edition. In I vol. Svo. with Filteen Platen. Price 148. boards.

*. A fuw ('opies are coloured. Price 12. Me, boards. The plan of this work is to render the Moience of Botanical Ar rangement, as well as the general Structure and Anatomy of Plants, accessible, and in every point eligible for young persons of either sex, who may be desirous of inaking this elegant and use Science a part of thcir education of amusement,

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