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french Language. GRAMMATICAL EXERCISES upon the FRENCH LANGUAGH, compared with the longlish. By NICHOLAS HAMELA A new Artition, with great improvementa, &#.

AN UNIVERSAL FRENCH GRAMMAR, being an necurate System of French Accidence and Syntax, ou an impo Plan By NICHOLAN TLAMEL, A new Edition. Prioa 4.

CLEF, ou THEMES TRADUITS de la GRAM. Martt de NICHOLAS MANEL, d'apres l'Edition stéréotype, in Taing. Price ##. bound,

The WORLD in MINIATURE : containing a eurious and faithful Account of the Situation, extent, Productions, Government, Population, Dress, Manners, Curiosities, *, of the utterent countries of the World, Corapiled froin the heat Authorities. A Root particularly useful to Students in toography History, and of the French Language. Hy NICHOLAS HAMEI: fried 4. hd, bound.

INTRODUCTION au LECTEUR FRANCOIS, ou, Recueil de Pieces choises, avec l'explication des Idiotinines et des thrases dimiles, qui s'y trouvent. Par LINDLEY MURRAY, in iuo. Price dead, bound.

LECTEUR FRANCOIS; ou, Recueil de Pieces, en Prove ot en Verse, tiréer des inpilleurs Horivains, pour servir a perfectiunier les jeunes Gens dans la Lecteura elendre leur Connolange de la langue Français et a leur inculquer des Prins

Vertu e de piele, Par LINDLEY MURRAY, Puuret Edition. Price 5s, bound,

A SEQUEL to the EXERCISES of Chambaud, Ilamel, Perrin, Wano trocht, and other Qrainmara, being a 's 6tical Guide to translate from English into good frenets, on a new Plan, with Grammatical Notes. By , H. POPPLETON, tu inch Pried me buud.

A KEY to POPPLETON'S FRENCH EXERCISES being a Translation of the various txercises contained in that Hook, in mo, *. ad bound.

A KEY to CHAMBAUD'S EXERCISES : being a correot Translation of the vario Exercises contained in that Book, Hyld, s, VOISON, Pourth Edition. Price 4*, boyud,

An EXPLANATORY PRONOUNCING DICTION, AR Y of the MENCIT LANQUAGE, in frenela and Engliati wherein the exact Nound and Articulation of avery Syllable are distinctly marked (according to the method adopted by Nir. Wats ker in his l'ronouncing Dictionary); to which are fixed, the Principles of the French Pronunciation. Hy L'ARBN TARDY, laia Master of Arts in the University of Paris. A now tdition, revise in vino. Price in, bound,

RULES for PRONOUNCING and READING the PIENOIT LANGUAGE. Hy the itev. ISRAEL WORLEY, 8e and bdition, In 12100, Priee 2. bound.

A DELECTUS of SENTENCES and PASSAGES from the most esteemed French Authors. Designed to facilitate a Knowledge of the French Tongue. Arranged under the several Heads of the Parts of speech. Together with promiscuon l'amenges and Idiome. By the Rev. ISRAEL WORSLÜY. Second edit. In 12mo. Price 18. bound.

Latin Language. WARD'S LATIN ACCIDENCE. Price Is. bound. WARD'S LATIN GRAMMAR. Price 98. 6d. bound.

EXERCISES to the ACCIDENCE and GRAMMAR ; or, an Exemplification of the several Moods and Tenses, and of the principal Rules of Construction, consisting chiefly of Moral Sentences, collected out of the best Roman Authors, and trane lated into English, to be rendered back into Latin, the Latin Words being set in the opposite Column, with Reterences to the Lariu Syntax, and Notes By W. TURNER, M. A. Price 38. bouwd.

TERMINATIONES et EXEMPLA DECLINATIONUM et CONJUGATIONUM ITEMQUE PROPRIA QUA MARIBUS, QUÆ GENUS et AS IN PRÆSENTI, Euglished and er plained, for the Use of Young Graminarians. Opera et studio CAROLI HOOLE, M.A.E. Col. e Oxon Scolarchiæ olim Rotweramienris egro Hoor. In 18mno. Price 18. od.

LATIN PROSODY MADE EASY. The Third Editlon, enlarged, materially improved, and accompanied with the Poetical Treatise of Terentianus Maurus, de Metris. By JOHN CARBY, LL.D. In 19ino. Price 18. boarde.

SCANNING EXERCISES for YOUNG PROSO. DIANS, containing the first two Epistles from the Electa ex Ovidio, scanned and proved by the Rules of the Eton Grammar, aud interspersed with occasional Remarks. By J. CAREY, LL.D. Price is bound.

An ALPHABETICAL KEY to PROPRIA QUE MARIBUS, QUÆ GENUS, and AS IN PRÆSENTI, contaiuing all the Examples declined and translated, with the Rules quoted under each, and numerical References to the Contents. A new Edit. By J. CAREY, LL.D. In lemo. Price 38. bound.

The KTÓN LATIN PROSODY, illustrated with English Explanations of the Rules and Authorities from the Latin Poets. By J. CAREY, LL.D. 19mo. Price 18.6d, bound.

A METRICAL GUIDE to the right Intelligence of Virgil's Versification. By J. CAREY, LL.D. iwino, 18. 6.

The LONDON VOCABULARY, English and Latin, designed for the Use of Schools. By JAMES GREENWOOD, forinerly Sur-master of St. Paul's School. Revised and arranged syntematically, to advance the Learner in Scientitio av well as verhal knowledge. By NATHANIEL HOWARD. A new Edit. in Simo. Price 18. od. bound.

INTRODUCTORY LATIN EXERCISES to those of CLARKR, ELLIS, and TURNER. Dexigned for the younger Classes of Learners. By NATHANIEL HOWARD. Price ws. od.

MAITTAIRE'S CLASSICS. C. J. CESARIS COMMENTARII, 19mo. 58. Od. C. NEPOS, 12mo. Price 18. 6d, bound. SALLUST, 12mo. Price 98. 64. bound. VIRGIL, 18mo. Price 98. 6d, bound. OVIDII EPISTOLÆ, Ismo. Price 38. 64. bound. MUSÆ ANGLICANÆ, 9 vols. 12010. Price Ts, bd.

Greek Language. WARD'S GREEK GRAMMAR. Price 28. 64. bd.

A GRAMMAR of the GREEK LANGUAGB, on a new and improved Plan, in English and Greek. By JOHN JONES, Nember of the Philological Society at Manchester. Third Bell Price 6s. 68. bound.

DELECTUS SENTENTIARUM GRECARUM ad Usun TIRUN UM ACCOMMODATUS, cum Nolulis et Lexie, ou the Plan of Dr. Valpy's latiu Dilectus. In temo Price **

INTRODUCTORY GREEK EXERCISES, to those of leidson, Dunbar, and other ; arranged under Nudeln, fo 1-**** the Learner, By NATHANIEL HOWARD, Ia Dona . BA.

A VOCABULARY, English and Greek, arranged stematically, to advance the laroer in scleutide as well ** verbal knowledge. For the Use of Schools. By NATUANIEL MOWARD, $$. bound.

GREEK EXERcises, in Syntax, ellipses, Dialects, Prosody, and Metaphrasen (after the manner o. * Clarket 4 Mau's Introduction to the weaking of Latiu,) adapted to the tar mars of Eton, Weltenhall, Moore, Bell, and Holmes, "To Wh', ** prefixed, a concise but coinprehewive Syntax. Hy the Rev. WIL. LIAM NEILSON, D. D. Minister of Dundalk, Ireland. Puerta Edition. In I vol. *vo. 5. boarsts, and with the Key, s.

GREEK IDIOMS, exhibited in select Passages from the best Authors, with English Notes and a paralag Index To which are added, Observations on some litions of the trees Langunge. By the Mov, W. NEILSON, D.D. M.R.I.A la sv. Price be bound.

MAITTAIRE'S CLASSICS. HOMER, 18mo. Price 78. bound. GREEK TESTAMENT, 12no. Price 4s, bound.

Orographp. Au EASY GRAMMAR of GEOGRAPHY, being an Locroduction and Companion to the larger Work of the same

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Author, published under the Title of " Geography on a popular Plan," and esteenied the most practical Work of the Kind extant. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH. Sixtieth Edition, Illustrated with Maps, &c. Price 38, fid. in red.

GEOGRAPHY on a POPULAR PLAN, for the USE of SCHOOLS and YOUNG PERSONS; containing all the interesting and amusing Features of Geographical Knowledge, and calculated to convey Instruction by means of the striking and pleasing Associations produced by the peculiar Manners, ('ustoms, and Characters of all Nations and Countries. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH. A new Edition, considerably enlarged and improvod, illustrated with upwards of Sixty beautiful Engravings, representing the Dresses, Customs, and Habitations of all Nations, with numerous Maps, &c. Price 158. bound and lettered.

A COMPENDIUM of GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools, private Families, and tipse who study this neces. sary Science. Ry RICHMAL MANGNALL, Author of Historical Questions." In 19ino. Price 9s. bound.

PINKERTON'S SCHOOL ATLAS; containing 21 Maps, neatly coloured. Price 1?s. half-bound.

A NEW TREATISE on the Use of the GLOBES; or, a Philosophical View of the Earth and Heavens; comprehend. ing an Account of the figure, Magnitude, and Motion of the Earth; with the natural Changes of its Surface, caused by Floods, Earthquakes, &c. designed for the Instruction of Youth. By THOMAS KEITH. Price 6s. boards.

Au INTRODUCTION to the GEOGRAPHY of the NEW TESTAMENT; comprising a Summary Chronological and Geographical view of the Events recorded respecting the Ministry of

our Saviour: with Questions for Examination, and an accented Index; principally designed for the Use of Young Per sons, and for the Sunday Employment of Schools. By LANT CARPENTER, LL.D. With Maps. Fourth Edit. Price 4s, boards.

INSTRUCTIVE RAMBLES through London and its Environs. By Mrs. HELME. Fourth Edit. Price 48.64. bd.

A SKETCH of MODERN and ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY, for the Use of Schools. By SAMUEL BUTLER, D.D. Hend Master of the Royal Free Grammar School of Shrewsbury. Fourth Edit. In 8vo. Price ss, boards.

OUTLINE MAPS of ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY, printed on Drawing Colombier, Price 108.6d. being a Selection from D'Anville's Ancient Atlas, intended as Practical Exercises for the Pupil to fill up, and designed as an Accompaniment to Dr. Buthor's Sketch of Modern and Ancient Geography.

TRAVELS at HOME, and VOYAGES by the FIRESIDE; for the Instruction and Entertainment of Young Persons: in 5 vols. 18mo. (containing Europe, Asia, Africa, and America). Price 158, half-bound.

GEOGRAPHY for YOUTHI, adapted to the different Classes of Learners. By the Rev. JOHN HARTLEY. In Rama, Third Edit. Price 4s. 6d, bound,

Distoru. HISTORICAL and MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS, for the Use of Young People; with a Selection of British and General Biography, &c. By RICHMAL MANGNALL. Fourteenth Edit. Price 58, bound.

An ABRIDGMENT of UNIVERSAL HISTORY. Adapted to the Use of Families and Schools, with appropriate Questions at the End of each Section. By the Rev. H. I KNAPP, A, M. In I vol. 12mo, Fourth Edit. Price 5s, bound,

LETTERS on FRENCH HISTORY, from the Earliest Period to the Battle of Waterloo, and re-establishment of the House of Bourhon; for the Use of Schools, By J. BIGLAND, In 12mo, Price 6s. Bds,

LETTERS on ENGLISH HISTORY, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Battle of Waterloo ; for the Use of Schools. By J. BIGLAND. in 12ino. 63. Bds.

UNIVERSAL HISTORY, in Twenty-four Books, Translated from the German of JOHN MULLER. in 8 vols, avo. Price 11. 168. bds.

This Work is not a mere compendium of Universal History, but contains a Philosophical Inquiry into the Moral, and more espe. cially the Political Causes which have given rise to the most innportant Revolutions in the History of the Human Race.

A SKETCH of the HISTORY of EUROPE from the Year 1784 to the General Peace in 1814, By JOHN BIGLAND, In 2 vols. Syo, Second Edit. Price Il. Ss.bds.


The NEW PANTHEON ; or, an Introduction to the Mythology of the Ancients, in Question and Answer. Compiled principally for the Use of Females. By W. JILLARD HORT. Fifth Edit, enlarged. With Plates. Price 5s.6d. bound and letterad.

The HISTORY of ENGLAND, related in Familiar Conversations, hy a Father to his children. Interspersed with moral and instructive Remarks and Observations on the most leading and interesting Subjects. Designed for the Perusal of Youth. By ELIZABETH HELME. Third Edit. In 9 vols, ano. Price gs. bound, with Frontispiece,

A CONCISE VIEW of the CONSTITUTION of ENGLAND. By GEORGE CUSTANCE. Third Edition, improved and enlarged. 8vo. Price 108, 6d. bds.

Biography. The BRITISH NEPOS; consisting of Select Lives of the illustrious Britons who have been the inost distinguished for their Virtues, Talents, or remarkable Advancement in Life. Interspersed with practical Reflections; written purposely for the Use of Young Persons, on the obvious and important Principlethat Example is more powerful and more seductive than Pretept. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D). Thirteenth Edit. Price 58, bound

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