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A SELECTION of the LIVES of PLUTARCH ; abridged for the Use of Schools. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. &c. Price 6s, bound, and containing Accounts of the most illustrious and estimable Characters of Antiquity.

Religion and morals. TRUE STORIES, or, Interesting Anecdotes of Children: designed, through the Mediuin of Example, to inculcate Principles of Virtue and Ploty. Price 28. 6d. bilg.

TRUE STORIES; or, Interesting Anecdotes of Young Persons : designed, through the Nedium of Example, to iaculente Principles of Virtue and Piety. By the Author of " Lessons for Young Persons in humble Life," &c. In 19m), 4s. 6d, bds.

LESSONS for YOUNG PERSONS in HUMBLE LIFE; calculated to promote their Improvement in the Art of Reading, In Virtue and Piety, and particularly in the Knowledge of the Duties peculiar to their stations. 8d Edit. Price 48. boards.

A FRIENDLY GIFT for SERVANTS and APPRENTICES; containing the Character of a good and faithful Servant, Advice to Servants of every Denomination, Letter from an Uacle to his Nephew, on taking him Apprentico: and Anecdotes of good and faithful Servants. By the Author of " Lessons for Young Porvops in humble Lite." Price ud.

ROSE and EMILY; or, Sketches of Youth. By Mrs. ROBERTS, Author of " Mental Telescope.” 18mo. 58. Od, bds.

PITY'S GIFT: a Collection of Interesting Tales from the Works of Mr. PRATT, Third Edit. Price 3$. bound.

MATERNAL INSTRUCTION; or, Family Conversations on moral and interesting Subjects: interspersed with History, Biography, and Original Stories. Designed for the perunal of Youth. By ELIZABETH HELME. Third Edit. Iu lamo. Price 1s. 6d. bds.

The PATERNAL PRESENT, being a SEQUEL to Pery's Gut: chiefly selected from the Writings of Mr. PRATT. Second Edit, with ii Wood-Cuts. Prices, bound.

SERMONS for SCHOOLS: containing one for every Sunday in the Year ; and also for Christma--Day, Good-Friday, Easter-Sunday, and Fant-days; of Lengths and on Subjects adapted to Young Persons of either Sox: welected and abridged from Horne, Blair. Gisborne, Zollikofrir, Paley, Porteus, Jortin, Enfield, Horsley, Seed, &c. &c. By the Rev. s. BARROW. Price 18. bound and lettered.

SCRIPTURAL ESSAYS, adapted to the Holidays of the Church of England; with Meditations on the prescribed Services. By Mrs. WEST. In : vols. Tamo. Price 12. bds.

'The DUTY and BENEFIT of a DAILY PERUSAL of tho HOLY SCRIPTURES in FAMILIES. By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author of an English Graminar, &c. Price 18. sewed.

HINTS on the SOURCES of HAPPINESS. Addressed to her children by a Mother. Author of " Always Happy," *u. Iu a Vols. 19mo. Price 135. Boards,

The POWER of RELIGION on the MIND, in Retirement, A Miction, and at the Approach of Death: exemplified in the Testimonies and xperience of Peravne distinguished by their Grentness, Learning, or Virtue. By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author of longlish Grnminar, &c. Sixteenth Edit. lemo. Price bs bound, or in Avo. 128. boards.

A SELECTION from BISHOP HORNE'S COMMENTARY on the PSALMS. By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author of au lgglislı (raininnr &c. In I vol. 1910. Price Ds. bds.

The HISTORY of all RELIGIONS, with Explanatione of the Doctrines and Order of Worship, as held and practised by all the Denominations of profesying Christiane: containing inuch Tuformation on Biblical Liternture, at this Day unknown. By JOHN BELLAMY. Second Edit. In 18.no. Price 6s, and in 8vo. fine Paper, 108. Gd, bds.

Arithmetit, 1500k-keeping, General

Science, ec. The ARITHMETICIAN'S GUIDE; or, a complete lixercise Book, for the Use of public Schools and private Teachers. By WILLIAM TAYLOR, Teacher of the Mathematics, &c. Price 8. bound.

An INTRODUCTION to PRACTICAL ARITUMETIC, in Two Parts, with various Notes and occasional Directions for the Use of Learners. By THOMAS MOLINGUX, many Yenro Teacher of Accounts, short-band, mud the Mathematics, at the Free Grainmar School at Macclesfield. Eighth Edit. in imo. Part I. Price N. 6d bound. Part 11. Tbird Edit. Price 9. ad.hd.

The ARITHMETIC of REAL LIFE and BUSINESS, alapted to the practical Use of Schools, including a complete Reformation of all the l'ables of Weigling and Measures the Calenlation of Annuities, Leaser, Estates, Liven, Stocks, Ex. clianges, &c.; and more numerous Exnmples tinder every Rule tban are to be found in any other Book of the Klud. By the Rev. J. JOYCE. Closely printed. Price 38.0d. bound

A KEY to DITTO, for the Use of Teachers; to which is subjoined, a Bystem of Mental Arithmetic. Price 88.6d.

In the Key to JOYOU'N ARITHMETIC, is given a new and very usefu Discovery, by means of which all sume in the First Rules of Arithmetic, simple or compound, may be examined at a glance of the Eye.

The MERCANTILIC LETTER-WRITER: or, COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENT: containing Series of Lettere on Business ; comprebending almost every Subject which occur in the counting - blouse, for the Uge of Commercial Schools. With an lutioduction, containing Remarke on the style and Manner of Mercantile Letter Writing. By JAMES MORAISON, Accountant, Master of the Mercantile Aendeiny, Leeds; and Author of the Commercial Arithiquetic, Elements of Book-keeping. Dearly really

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The BLEMENTS or una and DOCBLE EYTRY, 2,5 reaged acum' tren Schoels. To w Accounts with care per

A CONCISB VTBM 1 ht". METIC, Atapted 3 reika Price is d. bou.

A KBY to MORRIS NETIC, in Viscare tion of every Westen 12 ftres prisiug a System *** Practice By JAMES

Tbe FIRST ELEVEN the TEACHERS 2 E LA * bos, in Izelve senes Waiting Master, lirienspez

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SYSTEMATICS INSTRECTION Koowledge By ze and the Ben by Lawry. At


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The POWER of RELIGION on the MIND, In Re. tirement, Adiction, and at the Approach of Death; exemplined in the Testimonies and idxperience of i'erens distinguislied try their Greatness, Learning, or Virtue, By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author af dugland Grammar, wc, Sixteenth Edit, tamo. Price bo, bound, or in yo, 1.8, boards,

A SELECTION from BISTOP HORNE'S COM MENTARY in the PSALMS, By LINDLEY MURRAY, Author of au lieli Grainmar me, in i vol. 1:400, Price fubdo,

The HISTORY of all RELIGION%, with Explana. tions of the soetrines and Order of Worship, as held and practised by all the Denominations of professing Christians containing med Information on Biblical Literature, at this Day unknown. By JOHN BELLAMY, Second Edit. in Izing. Price 66, and in Sydhe fine l'aper, 108, 64, bds.

Arithmetit, 1300k-keeping, General

Science, c. The ARITHMETICIAN'S GUIDE, or, a Com. plete Exercise Book, for the Use of public schools and pivni Teachers, Hy WILLIAM TAYLOR, Teacher of the Mathematics

An INTRODUCTION to PRACTICAL ARITIME TIC, in Two Parts, with various Notes and oceasional Dires this for the Use of learners, Ry THOMAS MOLINEUX, inany Year Teaeher of Accounts, Bhort-hand, and the Mailematis, ut il Free Orainmar School at Macelesfield, Eighth Edit, in mo, l'art i. Mee 28,64 bound, Part 1, Third Edit, Prime 2, nd, id.

The ARITHMETIC of REAL LIFE and BUNINKA, adapted to the practical Uwe of Schools, including # complete ieturination of all the Tables of Weighis and Measures as Calentation of Annuities, Leaseh, Entales, Livet, Suks, kas change, me, and more numerous itxamples under every Rule than are to be found in any other Book ofinis kindBy the l**, J. JOYCE, Closely printed, Price: $6,64, bound

A KEY to DITTO, for the Use of Teachers to whien is suljoined, a Bystem of Mental Arithmetie. Price 64.

in the KEV to JOYEN ALTIMETIC, is given a new and very useful Discovery, by means of which all ums in the first flules Arithmetie, simple or compound, may be examined at a glance of the lye,

The MERCANTILE LETTER-WRITER , or, COM. MERCIAL CORRESPONDENT 5 containing a series of Letters Business campwebanding alineat every butujet which onun in the t'nunting-simuse, for the use of commercial school with an intinduction, containing Remuoko in the style #ud Manner Mercantile Lelder-WritingBy JAMES MONILISON, A CUI Master of the Merramie Academy, Leeds i and Author of the commercial Anittuenes Elements of Boub-keeping Milily reundy,

The ELEMENTS of BOOK-KEEPING, by SINGLE and DOUBLE ENTRY; comprising several Sets of Books, arranged according to present Practice, and designed for the Use of Schools. To which is annexed, an Introduction on Merchants' Accounts, with engraved Specimens. By JAMES MORRISON. In Nvo. S&. half-bound.

A CONCISE SYSTEM of COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC, adapted to modern Practice. By JAMES MORRISON, Price 4s. 64. bouud.

A KEY to MORRISON'S COMMERCIAL ARITHMETIC, in which are given the Mode of Arrangement, and Soluttion of every Question and Exercise proposed in that Work, coma System of Mercantile Calculation, according to Modern

. The FIRST ELEMENTS of ARITHMETIC: or, the TEACHEIL'S and SCHOLAR'S ASSISTANT, practically arranged in Lessons, and expressly designed for Classes; comprise ing the Four Simple Rules, vta. Ajdition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division, COMIMNED INTO ONE NUM, ud taught IN ONR OPERATION, in 'Twelve Series. To which is prefixed, the introductory Rules of Numeration and Notation. By GEORGE REYNOLDS, Writing-Master, Christ's Hospital. In lamy. Price as. vid. bound.

A FAMILIAR INTRODUCTION to the ARTS and SCIENCES, for the Use of Schools and Young Persons; containing a General Explication of the Fundamental Principles and facts of the Sciences; divided into Lessons, with Questions suhjoined to each, for the Examination of Pupils. By the Rev. J. JOYCE, A4thor of Scientific Dialogues, &c. Second Edition. In 19mo. Price 68. boards, with Plates by Lowry.

SYSTEMATIC EDUCATION, or ELEMENTARY INSTRUCTION in the various Departments of Literature ani! Science, with Practical Rules for studying cach Branch of useful Knowledge. By the Rev. W. SHEPHERD), the Rev. J. JOYCE, and the Rev. LANT CARPENTER, LL.D. Second Edition. In thick Vis. Svo. (closely printed, and illustrated with nine Plates by Lowry, &c ) Price 17. 18. od. boards.

An INTRODUCTION to the THEORY and PRACTICE of PLAIN and SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY, and the Stereographic Projection of the Sphere; including the Theory of Navigation; comprehending a Variety of Rules, Foranular, &c. with their Practical Applications to the Mensuration of heights and Distances, to determine the Latitude by twn Altitudes of the Sun, the Longitude by the Lunar Observations, and to other important Probleias on the Sphere, and on Nautical Astronomy. By THO. MAS KEITH, Private Teacher of Mathematics, In svo. Priee 118. boards. Second Edition, corrected and improved. The ELEMENTS of PLANE GEOMETRY:

containing the first Six Books of Euclid, from the Text of Dr. SIMPSON, Bmeritus Professor of Mathematics in the University of Glasgow, with Notes, Critical and Explanatory. To which aro added, Book VII, including several important Propositions which are not in Euclid ; and Book VIII. consisting of Practical Geome. try; also Book IX. of Planes and their internections; and Book X. of the Geometry of Solids. By THOMAS KEITH. in $v0. Price 108, 6d. boards.

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