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Страница 37 - Geometry, including properties of straight lines and planes, dihedral and polyhedral angles ; of projections, of polyhedrons, including prisms, pyramids, and the regular solids ; of cylinders, cones, and spheres ; of spherical triangles, and the measurement of surfaces and solids.
Страница 13 - ... part and parcel thereof, purchased by said University, and paid for by the state under and pursuant to the provisions of this act, shall be by the board of trustees of said University, or its successors, granted and conveyed to the people of the State of New York by a good and sufficient deed of conveyance, without further price or consideration therefor, and the same shall thereupon be and become a part of the forest preserve.
Страница 12 - Every deed or conveyance of lands acquired under the provisions of this act by said university shall contain in the habendum clause thereof a condition and covenant that the same and the title to the land conveyed therein and thereby is taken by the grantee therein named, the Cornell University, under and pursuant to the provisions of this act, and shall also contain an express covenant running with the land and binding upon said university that the same is conveyed for the uses and purposes in this...
Страница 29 - University are authorized and empowered to create and establish a department in said University to be known as and called the New York State College of Forestry, for the purpose of education and instruction in the principles and practices of scientific forestry.
Страница 36 - It is believed that the power of translating at sight ordinary nineteenth century prose can be acquired by reading not less than four hundred duodecimo pages from the works of at least three different authors.
Страница 34 - ... have charge of the public interests of the State with regard to forests and tree planting, and especially with reference to forest fires in every part of the State." In 1893 the number of the Commissioners was increased to five, with additional powers as to acquisition and lease of lands, and especially the specific power, with certain restrictions, " to sell the standing spruce, tamarack and poplar timber, the fallen timber and the timber injured by blight or fire.
Страница 39 - ... in a year. Expenses in the College Forest, including board, lodging and laundry, may be kept within $6.00 a week. PLAN OF INSTRUCTION. The Regular Course leading to a degree of Bachelor of the Science of Forestry, is a four year course, and is intended to prepare men fully to take charge of forest estates, private or state, to advise in administration of such estates, and prepare working plans for the same, to take charge of land and timber departments, and finally to teach the science of forestry...

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