Dædalus, Том 48

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American Academy of Arts and Sciences., 1913

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Страница 38 - THE wisest man could ask no more of Fate Than to be simple, modest, manly, true, Safe from the Many, honored by the Few ; To count as naught in World, or Church, or State, But inwardly in secret to be great...
Страница 38 - Kings and ambitious noblemen have in other lands and other times been patrons of learned societies and have provided sumptuous accommodations for them. Our house is believed to be the only abode of a scientific society built by a member of the body and devoted to the unrestricted uses of his fellows. If Agassiz had lived to see the completion of this house,- it is safe to say that neither his name not his features would have appeared upon these walls. What his singular modesty would have forbidden...
Страница 29 - If we can say that we now know the physical and biological conditions of the great ocean basins in their broad general outlines — and I believe we can do so — the present state of our knowledge is due to the combined work and observations of a great many men belonging to many nationalities, but most probably more to the work and inspiration of Alexander Agassiz than to any other single man.
Страница 710 - ... cum semel institerunt vestigia certa viai, sic alid ex alio per te tute ipse videre talibus in rebus poteris caecasque latebras insinuare omnis et verum protrahere inde. quod si pigraris paulumve recesseris ab re, 410 hoc tibi de plano possum promittere, Memmi : usque adeo largos haustus e fontibu...
Страница 379 - Thus : 4 1. Through two points one and only one line can be drawn. 2. Two lines intersect in one and only one point, except that 3. Through any point not on a given line one and only one parallel (non-intersecting) line can be drawn. 4. The line shall be regarded as a continuous array of points in open order. 6. In regard to congruence or "free mobility" it is important to proceed more circumspectly than did Euclid.
Страница 709 - ... tolleret a terris procul et consurgeret aer. nam sua cuique locis ex omnibus omnia plagis corpora distribuuntur et ad sua saecla recedunt, umor ad umorem, terreno corpore terra crescit, et ignem ignes procudunt aetheraque aether, donique ad extremum crescendi perfica finem 1116 omnia perduxit rerum natura creatrix ; ut fit ubi nilo iam plus est quod datur intra vitalis venas quam quod fluit atque recedit.
Страница 823 - Records the names of the Fellows by whom the successful nominees were proposed. He shall send the Report of the Nominating Committee in print to every Fellow having the right to vote at least three weeks before the Annual Meeting. See Chap, iv, art. 3. In the absence of the President and of the Vice-Presidents he shall, if present, call the meeting to order, and preside until a Chairman is chosen. See Chap, i; chap, ii, art. 7; chap, iv, art. 3, 4, 5; chap, x, art.
Страница 710 - ... verum animo satis haec vestigia parva sagaci sunt per quae possis cognoscere cetera tute. namque canes ut montivagae persaepe ferai naribus inveniunt intectas fronde quietes, 406 cum semel institerunt vestigia certa viai, sic alid ex alio per te tute ipse videre talibus in rebus poteris caecasque latebras insinuare omnis et verum protrahere inde.
Страница 393 - These considerations suffice to show that if r and r' are two vectors, and if rr and r'«r' have the same sign, the vectors are of the same class, but if rr and r'.r' are of opposite sign, r and r' are of different classes. We have here a marked departure from Euclidean geometry, in which the inner product of a real vector by itself is always positive. We are now in a position to complete the definition of the inner product by stating that the product is a scalar, and that the product of a vector...
Страница 442 - Stokes's theorem states that the line integral of a vector around a curve is equal to the surface integral of the normal component of the curl of the vector over any surface spanning the curve, with proper regard to sign. The ordinary statement is which in our notation becomes and may be transformed by (35) into fdt-t = - ff(d*

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