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MICHIGAN.- Laws of the Territory of Michigan, with marginal notes and

an index; to which are prefixed the ordinance and several acts of Congress relating to this Territory. Published by authority. Detroit,

1820. 517p. -- Laws of the Territory of Michigan, comprising the acts of a public

nature, revised by commissioners appointed by the first legislative council and passed by the second council; the acts and resolutions of the first and second councils; and the acts, now in force, adopted by the governor and judges of the territory; together with the declaration of independence, the constitution of the United States, and certain acts of Congress relative to said territory. Published by authority. Dotroit, 1827. 709p.

Laws of the Territory of Michigan, condensed, arranged, and passed by the fifth legislative council, together with the declaration of independence, the constitution of the United States, the ordinance of 1787, and the acts of Congress, relative to said territory. Published by authority. Detroit, 1833. 623p.

Some of the acts of the Territory of Michigan, with the titles and a digest of all the acts of the said Territory, now in force, March 20th, 1816. Detroit: printed by Theophilus Mettez, 1816. 138+6p.

Acts of the Territory of Michigan, adopted by the legislative board since July the third, 1821. Published by authority, Detroit, 1824. 40p. - Actes, relatifs aux townships, aux grand chemins, aux elections, &c. Publiés conformement à certaines resolutions, passées pendant la seconde session du second conseil legislatif du Michigan. Detroit, 1827. 69p.

Laws of the Territory of Michigan, 1806-35. (Reprinted), Lansing, 1871-84. 4v.

NOTE.:- The first volume contains: Woodward code, 1805; Cass code, 1816; code published in 1821 ; laws compiled by legislative board in 1824; acts of Congress affecting Michigan Territory, 1815-22; laws, etc., published by legislative council, 1825. Succeeding volumes contain reprints of all laws passed

by the Territorial legislature, 1806-35, not included in v. 1. Acts, 1824, 1825, 182, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1834, 1834-35, Aug. 1835, 1837–38, 1839, 1841, 1842.

Journal of legislative council of Territory of Michigan, 1824, 1825, 1827, 1832, 1834.

House journal, 1841. -- House documents, 1841. - Constitution.- Herziene grondwet van den staat Michigan, aange

nomen in de conventie van den 15 Augustus, 1830. The revised constitution of the State of Michigan (in Dutch and English), adopted in convention, August 15, 1850. Translated by G. Van de Wall. By

authority. Holland, Hawks and Bassett, printers, 1851. 59p. WISCONSIN.— Statutes passed at sessions commencing in November, 1838,

and January, 1839. Albany, 1839. iv +457p.

WISCONSIN.- Revised statutes passed at a session of the legislature com

mencing January 10, 1819; with an appendix. Southport, 1849. xiit 899p.

Laws, 1836, 1837-38, 1838-39, 1839-40, 1840-41, 1841–42, 1842-43, 1843-44, 1815, 1846, 1847, Oct., 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850.

Journals of the council, 1836, 1837–38, 1838, 1839, 1839-40, Aug., 1840, 1840-41, 1841–42, 1842-43, 1843-44, 1845, 1846, 1847, Oct., 1847,

1848. -- Journals of the house, 1836, 1837-33, June, 1838, Nov., 1838, 1839,

1839-40, Aug., 1840, 1810-41, 1841-42, 1812-13, 1813-41, 1845, 1846, 1847, Oct., 1817, 1819.

House journals (state), 1848, 1819, 1850.
Senate journals, 1848, 1819, 1850.
Constitutional convention, journal, 1846. 506p.
Constitutional convention, journal, 1847-48. 678p.

Ohio Newspapers.
Canton.- Ohio Repository and Stark Co. Gazette (w), Aug. 28, 1829.
CHILLICOTHE.- Fredonian (w), July 22, 1808.
-- Friend of Freedom (w), Feb. 4, 1824.

Supporter and Scioto Gazette (w), Oct., 1821-Jan., 1822.

Weekly Recorder (relig.), v. 1-4, July, 1814-July, 1818. Indexed. CINCINNATI.— Christian Journal and Religious Intelligencer (w), July,

1830—July, 1831.
- Spirit of the West (w), July 26, 1814.

Standard (w), Presb., v. 1-3, Sept., 1831–Oct., 1834.
Daily Times, April - Oct., 1811.
Western Christian Advocate (w), Meth. Episc., May, 1831-March,
1844. Indexed. ov.

Western Spy (w), July, 1814-Dec., 1822. 5v. - Whig (w), April 20, 1809. CLEVELAND. - Axe (w), April – Nov., 1840. - Family Visitor (w), v. 1-4, Jan., 1850-May, 1853. 2v. COLUMBUS.- Columbus Gazette (w), 1821-23, 4 nos. - Ohio Monitor (w), June, 1819-Oct., 1824. 2v., (incomp.). KIRTLAND.- Olive Branch (m). Mormon. v. 1-2, Aug., 1818—June, 1850.

Indexed. LEBANON.- Western Star and Lebanon Gazette (w), Feb.-Oct., 1828.

Partly indexed. LONDON.- Madison Patriot (w), Nov., 1833---Aug., 1831, 4 nos. MARIETTA.-- Western Spectator, Oct. 30, 1810. Mount PLEASANT. – Weekly Historian, Oct. 6, 1823. - Philanthropist (w), Oct. 24, 1817. New LISBON.– New Lisbon Gazette (w), March 12, 1924. OBERLIN.-- Oberlin Evangelist (bi-w), May, 1845—Dec., 1851, scat. nos.

PORTSMOUTH.— Scioto Telegraph (w), March 4, 1820.
St. CLAIRSVILLE.-- Ohio Federalist (w), Jan, 18, 1816.
SOMERSET.- Perry Record (w), Sept. 2, 1825.
STEUBENVILLE.- Western Herald and Steubenville Gazette (w), Oct. 27,

Nov. 9, 1821.
XENIA.— Greene County Torchlight (w), Sept., 1838-Sept., 1840.

Illinois Newspapers. Chicago.— American (w), Aug. 30, 1839; Aug. 2, 17, 1842. - Chicago Democrat (w), June 4, 1835; 1812-5, 5 nos. - Prairie Farmer (m), v. 6-15, 1846-55. Indexed. GALENA.— Galenian (w), 1834-35, 7 nos. — Miners' Journal (w), Sept., 1829–Dec., 1830. - Northwestern Gazette and Galena Advertiser (w), Nov., 1834-Aug.,

1848, 4v. - Semi Weekly Galena Jeffersonian, Oct., 1845-Jan., 1847. St. CHARLES.— Prairie Messenger (w), July 16, 1646. VANDALIA.-- Illinois Intelligencer (w), 1821-22, 4 nos.

Indiana Newspapers. New HARMONY.- New Harmony Gazette (w), v. 1, Oct., 1825-Sept., 1826.

Michigan Newspapers. DETROIT.- Detroit Daily Advertiser, March-June, 1840. — Detroit Gazette (w), April, 1818—May, 1819, 9 nos.; July, 1819–

July, 1828. 6v.
- Detroit Journal and Advertiser (s-w), Jan. 28, 1834.
- Detroit Journal and Courier (d), Jan. 22, 1839.

Michigan Herald (w), Sept. 20, 1825; Jan.-Oct., 1828, 5 nos.
GRAND RAPIDS.- Times (wi, April 18, 1837.
NILES.— Niles Gazette and Advertiser (w), Sept., 1835-Sept., 1836.
- Niles Intelligencer (w), Feb., 1838-March, 1841. 2v.

Wisconsin Newspapers.
BELMONT.— Belmont Gazette (w), Oct., 1836-April, 1837.
BURLINGTON (Iowa). — Wisconsin Territorial Gazette and Burlington Ad-

vertiser (w), July, 1837--May, 1838.
ELKHORN.– Western Star (w), 1849-50, 16 nos.
FOND DU LAC.— Whig (w), Dec., 1816--Nov., 1847.
- Wisconsin Republican (w), July 2, 1849.
Fort WINNEBAGO.- River Times (w), July, 1850--Sept., 1853.
GENEVA. 2 Wisconsin Standard (w), July 7, 1849.
GREEN BAY.- Advocate (w), 1846-51, scat. nos.

Intelligencer, Dec., 1833-March, 1836.
Republican (w), Oct., 1813–-Nov., 1844.
Wisconsin Democrat (w), 1837-39, scat. nos.
Wisconsin Free Press (w), Jan.- March, 1836, 8 nos.

KENOSHA. – Kenosha Telegraph (w), June, 1819-1850.
LANCASTER.-- Grant County Herald (w), March, 1843-50.
MADISON.- Tri-Weekly Argus, Oct., 1947–March, 1848.
- Campaign Express (w), Oct.—Nov., 1848.

Madison Express (w), Dec., 1839–1852.
Tri-Weekly Express, Dec., 1817--Feb., 1848.
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Wisconsin Democrat (w), 1846--Jan., 1851.

Wisconsin Enquirer (w), Nov., 1838--June, 1843. MILWAUKEE.- Milwaukee Advertiser, July, 1836--March, 1841.

Commercial Herald, July, 1843-44.
Courier, March, 1841--1847.
Courier (d), March --July, 1846; Feb.--May, 1847.
Daily Commercial Advertiser, 1850, scat. nos.
Daily Sentinel and Gazette, 1846, 1847, 1848.
Daily Wisconsin, April--Dec., 1848, 1849, 1850.
Weekly Wisconsin, June, 1847--Nov., 1849.
Democrat, Aug., 1843--Feb., 1844.
Gazette (d), Nov., 1845-Feb., 1846.
Sentinel (w), 1838--May, 1845; Jan., 1816--Aug., 1847.

Sentinel (d), 1845-50.
MINERAL Point.– Democrat, April--Dec., 1845.
--- Free Press, July, 1838--March, 1841.
-- Tribune, Sept., 1847-51.
-- Miners' Free Press, July, 1838--March, 1841.
PLATTEVILLE.- American, 1845-47.
Porosi.- Republican, Sept., 1847-1818.
PRAIRIE DU CHIEN.- Patriot, 1846-51.
PRAIRIEVILLE.-- Freeman, Nov., 1846-48.
Racine.- Argus, March--Oct., 1838.
SHULLSBURG.– Telegraph, 1849.
SOUTHPORT. — American, June, 1843-44; 1848–49.
WATERTOWN.- Chronicle, 1817-51.
-- Rock River Pilot, Oct., 1847-48.
WAUKESHA.– Democrat and Chronotype, 1848–51.



It is certain that the theory of an evolutionary method of some sort in the universe has taken fast hold upon thinking men. Especially is this the case as regards the life of man upon our planet. I shall not enter into the relation of man's structure and life to the structure and life of other animals, but simply point out the fact, in passing, that all that great array of sciences which have been brought to bear upon the history of humanity, from the earliest prehistoric times in which we can trace man by his works, show evidences of his upward evolution. You need hardly be reminded that, from the rudest stone implements of the drift, down to the time when recorded history opens with the general use of iron, we see everywhere the proofs of this evolution from lower to higher: evidences that man is not a "fallen being," but a risen being.

But, while a quiet evolution is easily seen in the long series of ever-improving implements, laws, policies, ideas, and institutions, a more violent process is no less evident. More and more it becomes clear that the same law of evolution extends even through national catastrophes. The old doctrine of everrecurring cycles of national birth, growth, and death, — the doctrine of national catastrophes without any effect, save possibly to point a moral or adorn a tale, — has virtually disappeared; more and more it is seen in historic times, as in prehistoric, that there has been not only an evolution, quiet and gradual, but also an evolution in which not only each nationa struggle but every national catastrophe is a part.


*Biennial address before the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, delivered in the First Congregational Church, Madison, Tuesday evening, February 9, 1897.

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