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A case

For as Mediator he is also a man, the name of the government on sustains a different character, or the terms mentioned, and be office, and acts in a different ca. their surety for the repair of pacity from that of our offended damages, and their future obedi. Sovereign. And through his Me. ence, and so persuades them to re. diation we address ourselves to turn to their duty and accept God, especially to the Father, the offered act of grace. who is considered as represent. like this, though but a fiction, ing and sustaining the majesty, may show that a person may at and maintaining the rights of the the same time be a party injured Godhead.

and offended, and a mediator. God's ways are not as our ways, Though rebellion be an offence nor his thoughts as ours, but against every orderly citizen, and high above them. We should especially those who have gov. not imagine that his ways and erning authority, yet this hinders dispensations are conducied ex. not but that one of them may act actly according to the model of as a mediator to make reconcilhuman trausactions. And yet, iation between rebels and the even among men, it is common for government, and so with himself, one to sustain different capaci- as a citizen and an officer of it. ties. Yea, a person who has When man became a sinner, been jointly aggrieved with oth Christ, though as God he was ers, may act as a mediator to justly offended, yet was author. make reconciliation, and obtain ized, as God-man, to mediate a satisfaction for the wrong or of. reconciliation.

And it is by his fence. Suppose a number of mediation that we are restored subjects should rebel against the to the favor of the godhead. Jawful authority of the govern. Nor does this imply that he is ment, and commit acts of hostil. reconciled, but only that he is ity, this would be an injury, and willing to be reconciled in an just offence to the several individ. honorable way. uals of which the state consisted. It is further objected, that the Suppose those who hold the gov. human nature of Christ, though erning authority are willing to personally united to the divine, pardon the rebels on terms hun. cannot upon our principles, be orable to the government; but an effectual mediator, because, as guardians of the rights of the according to us, it has not suffistate, and the individuals belong. cient knowledge of the state, the ing to it, and the authority of its secret thoughts and desires of all laws, they will not do it unless men. the offenders will subinit, and I shall only reply, we know damages be repaired, and suffi. not how far these things may cient security for good behavior made known to Christ, as man, in future be given. Suppose one

in consequence of the personal of the highest rank in the gov. union with the divine nature. ernment should be authorized to We do not, however think that mediate a reconciliarion with the the human 'mind of Christ is omrebels on these terms; and in niscient.

But that Christ has pursuance of the design of his all that knowledge, with every mediation offers them pardon in other qualification requisite in

be and separ


as far





an effectual Mediator, westedfast. we shall either at length find our ly believe. However we do not way out, or the grace of God think the mere human nature, working on our hearts by means considered abstractly,

of those truths, which we hold ate from the divine, would be will, as an antidote, check the sufficient to execute effectually malignant influence of those er. the ofice of mediator, though we rors into which we have incau. should suppose bim to know all tiously fallen, so that they shall . the wants and desires of men. not prove fatal.

A scorner It is the

person, who is God and seeketh wisdom and findeth it Dan, through whom we have access not. But the Lord will guide to God. This we think sufficient the meek in judgment, and teach in reply to so slight an objection. the meek his way. I have

proceeded, A Christian of the Old School.

was intended, in defence of the divinity of our blessed Savior. I have not aimed to adduce all the arguments which might be improved LIFE, in support of this great article of our holy faith But I have en.

A fragment of a real correspondence, deavored to exhibit as plain- .

MY AMIABLE FRIEND, ly, succinctly, and fairly as I could the main scriptural grounds YESTERDAY I had the pleasure of this doctrine. Though all of receiving your last letter, for the objections to this doctrine which I sincerely thank you. have not been considered, yet I Much I feared, that my

freedom can say with truth, that none and plainness would give you of. have been passed over because fence, and that you would deign they seemed too hard to be an. no reply. Often have I swered. How much weight thought of writing to you, and and pertinency there is in what often have I desired an undis. is here offered, every one, who turbed interview, most affection. will take the trouble to peruse arely to pour out all my heart. and consider it, will judge for Now am I ready to tell you all. himself

, and may the Lord give my hopes, all my doubts and us to understand all things. If fears. But what will it avail? we duly attend to the Scriptures I am not insensible, that with. of truth, with a good and honest out God's blessing all my enheart, holding fast the form of deavors will

prove fruitless. sound words therein delivered, However weighty and judicious with faith and love, humbly seek.' my words might be, before the ing of God that wisdom which passions of the heart they would is the principal thing, he will, I resemble feathers in the wind. trust, lead and guide us into all If deluded, you are building truth, so far as the knowledge of your hope on the sandy foun. it is needful for us.

If through dation of self righteousness, I weakness or inadvertency we

know it is not in my power to should for a while, be bewilder- undermine you. The Searcher ed in the crooked ways of error, of hearts, alone, can do it; yet


lf we

he may be pleased to use me as price of infinite value, so they a humble instrument. Consider. are no longer their own. ing the acquaintance I have been have the Spirit of Christ, with. providentially led to cultivate out which he will not acknowl. with you, and with which you edge us to be his friends, we shall have been pleased to favor me, I feel it our privilege and delight, have deemed it my duty to ada unreservedly to devote ourselves dress some thoughts to you, up

to his service. We shall feel an on this all important subject. interest in his interest,

and our Under the guidance of the Holy selves honored in the advance. Spirit, taking the infallible stan. ment of his glory. Permit me dard of the divine word for our to offer, as other reasons for rule, there is no danger of being making religion the great busi. too critical in self examination. ness of life, the rapidly evanesIf our hope be, indeed, founded cent state of our probation, and upon the Rock of Ages, the the eternal, unalterable condition more evidence we can obtain of of our future existence. the fact, the greater will be our To be indeed born again, to spiritual satisfaction. Should be translated out of darkness into it be founded on the sand, truly God's marvellous light, to be deit is important, that we know it; livered from the dominion of sin for delusive hopes prevent our and Satan, and brought into the obtaining the co

one thing need. liberty of the children of God; ful ;” and therefore, notwith. to be united to the adorable Imstanding the partial and tempora. manuel, by a living faith, to have ry pleasure they may afford, his Spirit dwelling within us,

and should be immediately renounc- thus to be made alive from the ed, as fatal to our happiness. dead; is a blessed attainment,

“But why so much ado about but perhaps, not so easy, as you religion ?" And why, especial. suppose. This is the pearl of ly, do I address so many search. great price;" (the treasure hid in ing inquiries to one of an amia. the field;" the one thing needble, un blemished moral charac- ful;” the good part, which ter? My dear friend, if ever we shall never be taken away.” should be so happy, as to arrive Those who are thus made new at the heavenly world, do you creatures, evince their change of not imagine, that we shall there heart, by supreme love to God, judge it an object, which was for his own sake; by a pecul. worthy of most diligent pursuit? iar affection for all who bear his Should we fail of eternal life, spiritual image; by a regard to (awful thought!) and sink down the divine law, in its spirituality, to the pit, shall we not then la. purity, and extent; by an acqui, ment, but to no purpose, our escence and delight in the gospel negligence in this deeply inter, method of salvation ; by taking esting business? In religion, we pleasure in the service of God, have to transact with a God, and placing a great value upon great and glorious, who is jeal. divine ordinances ; by renouncous of his honor, and will noting the world with its vanities, give his glory to another. As and making the kingdom of Christians are bought with a the great object of pursuit. By

Let your

these evidences, upon which I giving the supreme place in your might largely expatiate, prove affections, to the Chief among yourself and know your own ten thousands, you must delight heart. You speak of satisfac. in making all your worldly haption and delight in religion. Ex. piness subservient to his will, amine the nature of these emo. and promotive of his declarative tions; and decide for yourself, glory. whether they arise from self righ- Do you indeed love Jesus, is teousness, or from evangelical the great question ; for in him is humility.

manifest all the fulness of the Undoubtedly, many who have eternal godhead. If you love never felt their need of the phy- him, you will not place supreme sician of souls, experience a self delight in those things, on which righteous felicity in the perform- he poured contempt. Can one ance of religious duties. There in an elevated station, surround. is, indeed, a genuine satisfaction, ed by all worldly allurements, arising from a sense of the super. be a meek and lowly follower of lative excellenee of religion, in a crucified Savior ? With God, itself considered, which can no it is possible.

Such instances where else be found. When we have been exhibited ; but alas, are savingly enlightened, we ne. how rare! may you, my friend, cessarily abhor ourselves, as exhibit, in a conspicuous manner, did the pious Job. I hope your such an example. consolation from religion is of a light shine. substantial, scriptural nature ; Before I conclude, I will but remember, it is one thing to briefly suggest another rule of have complacency in the holy trial. Such as have tasted that character of Jehovah ; and a the Lord is gracious, are never widely different thing, to rejoice satisfied with present attainments. in a character falsely attributed If you have once tasted, you will to him. I hope you possess a hunger and thirst after righteous. holy taste : and if you are thus One glimpse of divine glo. highly blessed, the pleasures of ry will make you beseech God, time and sense, will become com. like Moses, to manifest himself paratively insipid. As your spir. clearly. itual taste, or relish for holy Next to closet devotion and things prevails, so in a propor communion with your own heart, tionate degree, will your sensual let me recommend a lively intera tastefor thevanities of lifesubside. course with the Lord's people. If you place your affections on If you are alive, this will afford things above, you must necessa. you pleasure. They will know rily be taken off from things be. you, and you will experience low. If you are suitably engaged with them a secret union of heart, in the pursuit of holiness, all Remember the choice of Moses, that does not in some manner ad. and the account of Ruth's cleav. vance your eternal interests, will ing to Naomi, David commends become contemptible. No man the society of the excellent of can serve two masters. Your the earth, and declares all his de. heart must not be divided be- light to be in them. tween God and the world ; but Will

you once more be please





ed to reply with freedom, and were a poor, perishing sinner, let me know whether you can dependant entirely upon the sov. patiently peruse what I write. ereign mercy of God in Christ. May our gracious God have you I fear your education is your re. continually in his holy keeping, ligion, and that you have never From your affectionate friend, experienced that change of heart,

2. figuratively expressed by the new

birth, without which it is in the nature of things impossible to en. ter the kingdom of heaven. I

fear that instead of renouncing MY DEAR FRIEND,

your own righteousness, and de. I thought I would forbear; pending wholly on the righteous. and had almost promised myself, ness of Christ, you only look to that I would give you no farther him, to supply your deficiences. trouble : but I know not how to But you must know, my dear forbear. Your soul is precious, friend, that Christ will be a whole and I fear you are still out of Savior, or no SAVIOR, He will Christ. Might I be instrumen. have none, or all the glory of tal in bringing you to a saving your salvation. One spark of acquaintance with him, how ex- religion, of the genuine kind, ceedingly, would it rejoice my will secure to you eternal life. heart, and what mutual endear. But should you possess as much ments would it occasion for ever. as Saul of Tarsus, before Jesus You will think me uncharitable, appeared to him on his way to and contracted in my sentiments; Damascus, and of as good a qual. but I beseech you, hear me, con. ity, you would still remain in sider what I say, and compare it the gall of bitterness and bond with the infallible rule of the of iniquity. The love of Jesus Scriptures. And may the good must enkindle in your breast a Spirit of God, enlighten your hallowed flame, and then you mind, and communicate a humble, will not be ashamed of the cross penitent disposition. Then you of Christ. But did you ever see will not be offended with me, for Jesus ? Is he precious to you, as my freedom.

That you have a he is to all who believe? Is he considerable share of religion, of the chief among ten thousands, a certain kind, I am fully per. and altogether lovely? He is suaded ; and perhaps it is as good not except you have felt youras it can be, without partaking self a perishing sinner. I have of an evangelical nature. Do not the least expectation of donot misunderstand me. I do not ing you good, unless God opedetermine absolutely, that yours rate by the influences of his is not of the right kind. I only Spirit ; and should he be propi, express my fears. This I would tious, we shall both be prepared do with the most tender solic

to give him the glory. itude for your immortal wel. Love God, and be not of. fare. I fear then, you have nev. fended with the plainness er been sluin by the law, brought of your

affectionate friend off from self dependance, and been made to realize that you

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