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by their friends, and introduced in every kind of knowledge and into his presence-upon those he improvement. By the greatest put his hands and blessed them. care and patience, must he be in. Both were welcome to Jesus, and structed and improved. Disci. engaged his attention and regard. pline roots out the noxious

Since Christ has removed to the weed.--Instruction nourishes the invisible world, the command- useful plant. Instruction with. “ suffer the little children to out Discipline, is throwing seed come to me,” suggests ideas on ground where the pernicious somewhat different, although in weed is permitted to grow luxu. effect the same, which receive va. riant-and Discipline without rious modifications, according Instruction is as ineffectual; it to the progress made in life, un. may root out the weed, but it til that limit be passed which endangers the grain.-Let the marks the term, by which child. sons of Abraham instruct their hood is prescribed.

children with authority and care, Let the infant be devoted to they shall receive pleasure in the divine mercy and care.- them, for Christ loves those who Christ the unspeakable gift of in their youth, are brought up God, is the Savior of the child, in his service, and marks them and of the parent; both have out for future honor. been considered in the covenant This world is a nursery, where of grace, and provision has been seeds are sown, and plants are made for the renovation and hap. raised, but they are brought to piness of both; of this baptism maturity in other ground—when is an expressive emblem. When our children whom we devoted a parent gives himself first to to God; over whom we watched; God, and then his child, this sol- whose instruction and improve. emo act becomes highly benefi. ment we anxiously studied; when cial—the parent hereby renews such are cut off in youth, what his own profession of faith and shall we conclude?—That our obedience, and lends his child, labor has been in vain, and our as Samuel was lent, all the days hopes all disappointed.-By no of his life, to the Lord.

-Let us rather concludeBy Baptism, children are ini. that our labor has been effectual, tiated to Christ's family-By a and our hopes completely realizreligious education, they are ed. The plant is removed from formed to the dispositions this nursery, where our expecta. and conduct, becoming in the tions from it might all have been high and honorable station blasted, to the paradise of God which they fill. Let them be above, where it flourishes, and brought upin the nurture and ad. shall for ever flourish, in the monition of the Lord, which in. highest maturity. clude, the one, all the branches "Of such is the kingdom of of discipline-the other, all the God,”-remarkable assurance. branches of instruction. Is fol. It means such as these belong ly bound up in the heart of a to Christ's kingdom on earth, child ? the rod of correction must and are the heirs of heaven. drive it from him. Is man born Their simple and modest appear. like a wild ass's colt? Deficient ance, their meek and innocent




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conduct, their teachable temper religious impressions, and some. and indifference to the things of times give evidence of a disposi. life, are worthy of imitation; tion and conduct, which the nay destitute of a character in spirit of Jesus alone could in. which these qualities principally spire, appears to me plain from prevail, you are none of Christ's the affecting narrative, which disciples--but the expression has suggested these reflections, seems immediately to intimate, and will I hope be read with in. that into the kingdom of heaven terest and advantage. these children themselves are received. Christ views them with delight, as osiers which are easi. ly bent; as wax susceptible 'of CHARLOTTE Lenox, was a any impression, and he has left daughter of Robert Lenox; Esq. it in charge with parents to give of New York. The family are the osier the proper bend, the

numerous and promising and wax a good impression. The enjoy advantages which few en. directions on this subject are joy. The manner in which the plain, urgent, and express, re. Lord's day is improved by all peated again and again, in the its members I state with pleasure

, holy scriptures-when followed, not doubting but to this, under the parent may be assured of the the blessing of God, may be as. approbation of his Savior, who cribed the religious impressions will reward his obedience, the which have supported some of reward sometimes is—The child them in the most trying moments. is taken from him—The world The family assemble in the has a thousand charms adapted morning to hear the word read, to the corrupt inclinations nat. and to join in prayer. Public ural to us all. Some minds from worship during both parts of the their Constitution are more ex. day is regularly attended. The posed than others. It may be evening hours are sacred to in in pity to mankind in general, struction at home. Private du. and perhaps in some instances, ties are not absorbed in public it may

be the reward of the dili. duties, each has its time, which gence, and answer of the prayer in pleasing succession, dispose of the pious parent, for the wel. the mind for serious impressions, fare of the child-that such a and render them deep and lasting proportion of the human race A day thus spent is happiness are cut off in early life. But be beyond what the sensualist can this as it will-since children are boast, and it is attended with an capable of being members of enriching blessing. Thus happy Christ's kingdom on earth, and was the family of my friend, afterwards of admission into the when I saw them. They were heavenly kingdom, let parents all in health, and tasted the dodo every thing in their power to mestic cup overflowing with prepare them for heaven and good. A few short weeks and let them rejoice when their Sav. a bitter cup went round. "Al. ior is pleased to take them to ethea,” a young lady of eighteen, himself.

whom none saw without being That children are capable of pleased; with whom none col.

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vərsed without being charmed ; cup my father giveth me, shall I
whose amiable manners concil. not drink it : Not my will, thing
iąted the affection of all; was be done."
the boast of her parents, but her The little Charlotte had en-
days were numbered. She took twined herself by a thousand
her leave of mortal things, and charms und the beart. Her
left her friends in tears, her dis position

sedate and parents in an agony of grief. thoughtful, beyond what at her

Aflictions seldom come alone, time of life, is usual. A famil. the wound inflicted by this stroke iar anecdote gives insight into still bled, when the heart receive her character.

Some time ago ed a new wound from a stroke I was supping with the family equally heavy, and equally se- when the family were alone. The vere. Such the steps of provi. conversation was cheerfui, but dence, they are wise, although innocent, The children took to us a great deep. Joseph is their part; it was indeed a feast bot, and must Benjamin also be of love, Alethea, described a taken from me ? Should nature party of pleasure, many of them agonize, faith acknowledges, that had shone in sprightliness and the Judge of all has done right. garety, one of them, whose disa

That our sufferings are not tinction was not of this kind, singular, although it cannot was pleasingly but with perfect throw off the burthen, yet it innocence, spoken of by Alethea, may ease its weight. The rever. who concluded a striking picture, end Dr. Hunter, of London, declaring with a smile, "For all looked round on a family he had the world she is like our Char. raised with care, and beheld them lotte.The characteristic of the filling with honor and ability, child is marked, in this aneca stations of usefulness and profit dote with a strong hand. Frio. in different parts of the world, olous and showy traits attract the he reaped the fruit of many pain- inconsiderate, but traits, in which ful hours, when that fruit grate. solidity and thoughtfulness apful to a parent, as the fruit of pear, stamp a value on the char. paradise, was suddenly destroy- acter. ed. One son died in the East, What may be expected of a and another in the West Indies ; child twelve years old 2 Little a third died at home; a daughter generally may be expected, and also, the joy of his heart, at the little is 'realized; but the present moment too of her entering life instance is an exception. The with the fairest prospects, fol. child was sick unto death. She lowed her brothers to the tomb. was a child indeed, but her words These events succeeded in quick and conduct were the words and succession.

conduct of mature years, and of The thunder roared in repeat- a mind exercised to godliness. ed peals. A firm mind was shak. Take them from the pen of a en, and knaved with grief, but sister, and their father has as. it bowed in silence, having learn. sured me that “the description ed of Job to say,

Though he is not by any means high colore slay me, yet will I trust in him, ed.” and of a greater thau Job, “The She appeared to have seria VOL. II. Nema series.


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I am

ous impressions of her dissolu. it ever appeared more evident. tion for several days before it She embraced her parents, sis. happened, which was on Satur. ters, and brother, this others day morning at twelve o'clock, might have done, but she felt ar the 16th of May.On Thurs. interest in the meanest domestic, day she asked her father the and in all her acquaintance though hour, she was told it was twelve absent ; she looked to heaver o'clock, on repeating the ques. where she was hastening as the tion some time afterwards, she seat of blessedness, and desired was told it was one. She said, and prayed, that they might all

one hour nearer my end, attain the same happiness, and and during the intermission of in that thought her own arose the violent paroxysms, she was to its full completion. The world generally in prayer with some never kindled such a flame, it of the family, praying that the descended from above, to refine Lordwould have mercy upon her, the soul, that pure and spiritual though a little one, and that he it might immediately be united would forgive an infant sinner.” to angels, and to the spirits

That the world lies in wicked. made perfect. ness is too evident for the boldest " She wished to see a child to offender to deny, but a sense of whom she was much attached, the malignity of sin, which de. who had been at the same school praves our nature, and renders with her, and being sent for told us a prey to sickness and death, her that she had been ill, and is peculiar to those who have suffered a great deal since they received the spirit of grace, he had parted, but that was nothing; draws the soul to God for relief, that they had their little quar. and teaches us to number the rels, but she hoped that God hours' as they pass, that they would forgive them both, and may be improved, providing for mind, Frances, said she, mind eternity, under the direction of your duty to God, say your that spirit this child is seen to prayers morning and evening on act, she needed help, and applied your knees, and then you

will with the certainty of receiving die as I do. Come and kiss me, help, to her, heavenly Father.

may God bless


and On the morning of her death, meet in heaven." she took leave of the family one Well, may we believe that by one, embracing them, praying when the gospel shall exert its the Lord to bless and have mercy full energy, it will eradicate en. upon them, and hoped she might mity from the heart, men shall meet them all in heaven. She no more bite and devour one then called for all the domestics another, but live in unity as and prayed for them in the rame brethren, over this babe that manner ; she begged that her gospel had an entire influence, friends whom she could not see, who shews in her dying hour what might be told that she prayed all would be, were all Christians. for them, and wished to meet 6 She asked all the family to them all in heaven.

come close to her, and prayed The spirit of Jesus is a spirit for them, that the God of Abraof love, and I question whether ham, the God of Isauc, and the

may we

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God of Jacob, your God, my cry. How I wish you could all God, every person's God may die with me, it is so sweet!” bless you. If I hade enemies

6. After she was unable to may God forgive them ; I would speak, her father prayed with her even pray that the Almighty for some time, and desired if she might forgive Satan if possible; understood what he said to and 0, God! forgive an infant squeeze his hand, which she did sinner. I know that thy Son immediately, he then said repeat same down from Heaven, and your last prayer once more, she died on the cross for my sins, it lifted up her eyes to heaven, was God, for the Faiher, the and said Lord Jesus-po more Son,and the Holy Ghost are one,

could be understood, although there are not three Guds, but her lips continued to move. one God. I am now going to 66 This was all done without meet my Savior in Heaven, to shedding one tear, on the contrary meet the disciples of Christ, her countenance shone like that my beloved sister Alethea, and of an angel, and had something iq all my friends who have gone be. it supernatural. fore me.

6 She was a most affectionate The presumption of those who child and sister, and in the course deal dampation with a lavish of her life never gave pain to any tongue, when others come not one, but was beloved by every up to their standard, is checked person that knew her. She bad by a babe, who far from think. a strong and a discerping mind, ing harsbly of any, was anxious cultivated far beyond ber years, that the mercy on which her own extremely warm in her friend. hopes rested might extend to allo ships which she formed with dis. An infant tongue proclaimed the cretion and judgment. In short Godhead of the Son-an infant she was a woman, and scholar in beart committed its eterpal safe. miniaturebut Christian ty into his hand, and thereby grown to full maturity. She exposed the insult offered to his has left a blank in our family character, by those who degrade and affec!ions which can him to a mere man. The thought be filled up with a lesson to of meeting the disciples of her us all to go and do likewise." Lord, and all her departed Some question the truth of friends, her sister in particular, christianity and its good tendency, put ber all on fire to be gone to God himself is pleased to plead a better world, and to join au its cause, and to give them in. innumerable company of hap. struction, but as the pride of the py immortals.

heart must be reduced, an infant Having gone through this is his advocate, in whom we see scene uçhich occupied a consider. both what christianity is and to able time, and feeling her.elf what it tends.

It is a living exhausted, she finished by say. principle laying the guilty crea. ing-Lord Jesus receive my ture in the dust, and exalting Spirit.

the Creator. The mysteries of Seeing her friends very much the Godhead io as far as they efected she said, why do you are revealed, Hash with such evi,



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