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temporal splendor and empire; kings were anciently anointed, and the meek and lowly Jesus on their induction into office; of Nazareth was far from an. so the Son of God, the great swering their fond and vain im Prophet and Priest, and King of aginations of the Son of David. Zion, was 66 anointed with the Having heard from his disciples oil of gladness above his fellows." the opinions of the people, our He received the Spirit with. Lord proceeded in bis inquiry. out measure ; and in him it

He saith unto them, But pleased the Father that all ful. whom say ye that I am 2»' This

ness should dwell. By way of was the point chiefly in view. It eminence, therefore, he is call. was not so much to the various ed The MESSIAH, The CHRIST, opinions of others, as to their THE ANOINTED. This is the own opinion of him, that he had pame by which he was distin. respect; and his intention was guished in the ages before his to bring them to an explicit advent; the name by which he avowal of their faith.

was designated in ancient proph. And Simon Peter answered ecy and promise ; and the name and said, THOU ART THE Christ, most commonly given by the THE SON OF THE LIVING God. Jews to the great Deliverer, for A glorious confession this; and whom they had been so long happy indeed it is for all, who and so ardently looking. in truth and sincerity, and with

Notwithstanding the errone. correspondent affection and con. ous notions and expectations fidence can make it.

entertained among the Jews, it Peter was a man of a ready

is a fact not to be disputed, and forward spirit, and on him that the better, the more spiritit very commonly devolved to ual part of the Jewish church, speak in behalf of the twelve. who were waiting for the conso. It was thus on the present occa- lation of Israel, were accustom. sion, It was not in his own be. ed to contemplate, the expected half only, but evidently also in Messiah, as a person or being behalf of his fellow disciples, truly divine : the Son of God in that he made this confession, such a sense as no mere creature which it was the intention of could be. our Lord to have thus made; By “the Word of God," so and to this confession they were often mentioned in their Scrip. all considered as giving their tures the ancient Jewish Para. consent.

phrasts, almost invariably, un.

the Christ, derstood the Messiah ; by the THE SON OF THE LIVING God." Angel of the Lord," or This was an explicit acknowl. Angel Jehovah;" who, so of. edgement of Jesus in his true ten appeared to the patriarchs, character, both in

his mes. they understood also the Messi. siahship 20d in his divinity. ah; and to this glorious person, Christ, in Greek, and Messiah, in they allowed all the characters Hebrew, are one and the same of the Divinity. Nay, they even pamc, or names of the same im. found proofs of the divinity of port; and both signify Anointed. the Messiah in many passages of As prophets, and priests, and the Old Testament, which have


66 the



It wa

for a

not, by Christians, been usually ion of Peter and his brethren, , alledged for this purpose. This, this memorable occasion; did our limits permit, might be and with this confession shewn at large ; but it may here Lord was well pleased. suffice to refer the reader to the 66 And Jesus answered, and first book, of Dr. Jamieson's said unto him, Blessed art thou, excellent - Vindication of the Simon Burjona, for flesh und Doctrine of Scripture, and of blood hath not revealed it unto the Primitive faith."

thee, but my Father which is in With perfect safety, then, it Heaven. may be affirmed, that a belief in In this beatitude, so gracious. the divinity of the Messiah was ly pronounced by the Savior, the true, the orthodox, and es. much, very much, was implied. tablished faith of the ancient It is implied, that Jesus was in. Jewish church.

deed all, which Peter acknowl. divine Savior, a Messiah, in. edged him to be ; and that the vested with all the glories of the faith, which in his own behalf, everlasting God, that the faith. and in behalf of his fellow ful of ancient ages looked ; and disciples, Peter had so amply in such a Messiah, in such a Sa. confessed, was the true faith, vior only, did they rest their in contradistinction to all eternal hopes.

Hence, when

the diverse opinions of the peo. Peter confessed, " THOU ART ple.

No blessing was pro. THE MESSIAH, THE SON OF THE nounced, no plaudit was bestow. LIVING God” he, indubitably, ed, by our Lord, on those, who acknowledged Jesus in his di. supposed him to be John the vine character, or according to Baptist ; nor on those, who supthe true and established faith of posed him to be Elijah ; nor on the ancient church. His con. those, who supposed him to be fession then amounted to no less Jeremiah. Their opinions of than this : Thou art the Messi. of him were not correct; their ah, the expectation of ages; the faith in him was not genuine. Seed of the woman, graciously But on Peter who acknowledged promised in Paradise, to bruise him to be the Messiah, the Son the serpent's head ; the angel of the living God, according to Jehovah in whom the Patriarchs the ancient faith of the church, trusted ; the hope and the Sa. he pronounced a divine bene. vior of Ísrael in times of trouble, diction. to whom all the prophets gave " Blessed art thou, Simon witness; the Lord, whom all Barjona.He was blessed be. the faithful hare sought, and the cause he had that knowledge of Messenger of the covenant,

in the Messiah, and that faith in whom they have delighted; the him, with which eternal life was Son of David and of God, then, as it still is, certainly con. divinely annointed as king uponnected ; that knowledge and the holy hill of Zion, and as the that faith, which were not the Redeemer and Savior of the result merely of human reason, world ; the mighty God, the but of the gracious teaching of everlasting Father, the Prince God. The great truth, con. of peace. Such was the confess. tained in his confession,, was not revealed to him by flesh the glory of the only Begotten and blood,” but by God him. of the Father, and his heart was self.

brought gratefully to receive and Men may have, indeed, a trust in lim. This Jesus under. speculative knowledge of Jesus, stood him to express in his con. and an bistorical faith in him, as fession, and therefore pronouncthe Messiah of ancient promise, ed him blessed. and the Son of the living God, " Flesh and blood hath not without the saving influences of revealed this unto thee; but my renewing grace. An orthodox Father, which is in Heaven." creed in the head is no certain In this, at the same time that proof of correspondent affection our Lord expressed to Peter in the heart. The evidences of his most gracious approbation; the messiahship and divinity of he reminded him also of his en. Jesus were amply exhibited to tire indebtedness to sovereign the Jewish people; and by those grace, for all that, in which he evidences, without any thing was made to differ from those, special from God, some, it may who had no true faith. With be, and even many, were con- all his faith, and all his blessedvinced that he was the Messiah ; ness, he had no reason for boast. but in this case, their faith stood ing. In himself he was only not in the power of God, and Simon Barjona, or son of Jonas, was not that which is unto sal. in no degree distinguished by vation. With Peter however, any human advantages; and it it was otherwise. Not only behoved him to remember the had he witnessed the miracles rock from which he was hewn, and heard the discourses of Je- and the hole of the pit from sus, and in them seen abundant which he was taken ; proof of his messiahship and dia fully to ascribe it to Him vinity ; but he had been favored hath mercy on whom he will also with those divine influen.

" that he was what ces, by which his mind was enlightened with spiritual views of (To be concluded in our next.)

and grate


have mercy,
he was.




To many of the professors of terest the hearts of men. christianity, ignorance and in were they considered with that se. consideration prove the principal rious regard which is due to them, occasion of eternal ruin. If it is reasonable to conclude, that, the great truths of the gospel in many instances, such views of were clearly understood, they their certainty, excellence, and eould not fail, one would think, importance would open on the to gain the attention, and to in mind, as might effectually lead,

A man

through the divine blessing, to young profligate must suffer ma. vital piety and eternal life. But ny a pang, before he can effect. there are many who know not ually silence the voice of that in their day the things that be- unwelcome monitor in his own long to their peace; and there breast, which remonstrates are also many, who, though not against his conduct, and tells altogether unacquainted with the him he is wrong. And when truths of the gospel, yet never

he does succeed in fortifying reflect upon them with serious. himself against reflection and reness of mind, nor apply them morse, how fatal the victory faithfully to their consciences which is thus obtained! It is and hearts. Thus the design of the victory which a man obtains the gospel is frustrated ; and

over his

own conscience ;-& thoughtless souls perish for ever. victory, which produces at most

This fact is too obvious to be the delusive peace of a moment, denied ; and its consequences are

and which seems to render the so inexpressibly fatal, that it loss of the soul for ever, ine. must be deeply deplored by vitably sure. every mind which fcels at all The character then to which alive to the great concerns of the present observations are ad. the glory of God, and the hap- dressed, is neither that of an inpiness of immortal souls. fidel, nor a libertine.

It is not improbable that this may profess in general a regard paper may fall into the hands of for religion, and maintain a charsome individual, who is deeply acter externally decent and reimplicated in the charge of in. spectable, and yet be included consideration. It is not neces.

in the number of those who con. sary to suppose that this charac- sider not with practical attention, ter is connected with avowed the interesting truths revealed infidelity, or open profligacy of in the gospel. Engrossed from conduct.

If any man allows day to day, in the various pur. his mind to rest in a settled dis. suits of ambition, of business, or belief of christianity, while he has of pleasure, no time is reserved never paid any attention to the for sober reflection. The cir. subject, nor examined those evi. cumstances of the condition, in dences on which the laims of which the individual is placed, the gospel to a divine origin and the influence of the examare founded, that man must be ples with which he is surround. self.condemned; his conduct is ed, may be unfavorable to seri. inexcusably criminal ; and, if ousness; and by the effect of thereexists a bare possibility that habit, the mind seems, at last, the christian religion is true, it to lose the power as well as the is marked with absurdity, pro. inclination, of fixing its thoughts portioned to the magnitude of on any object, beyond the busi. the interests at issue. It is not ness or gratification of the noeasy for a man, till after he has ment. long been inured to habits of In order to rouse men from vice, to indulge in open immor. this fatal inconsideration, it is ality, and at the same time avoid difficult to offer any thing new, reflecting on his conduct. . The more impressive,

than has

are the

been frequently urged by faith- er tribute of affection and grati. ful ministers, and by serious tude. The conscience recogni. writers. But this paper may

zes the will and authority of the perhaps attract the notice of heavenly Lawgiver and Sovereign, some readers, altogether unac. and anticipates the righteous de customed to such admonitions ; cisions of the Supreme Judge. or it may prove instrumental, The truths therefore that respect through the blessing of God, in the character of God, his rela. awakening the attention of oth. tions to his creatures, the condiers, by whom

more energetic tion and duties of man as tho and persuasive addresses have subject of his government, our been disregarded or forgotten. true happiness, and prospects for

Inconsideration is highly ir- futurity, undoubtedly demand rational, and unworthy of the our pre-eminent regard. To dis. nature of man. -Brutes which regard these great objects is un. are not endowed with reason, worthy

worthy of a rational being. and discover no sense of moral The man who does so, debaset obligation, fulfil the law of their his nature, and reduces himself nature when they yield to the to a level with the beasts that inpulses of instinct and appetite; perish. and are liable to no blame, when How worthy, then, of the suthey raise not their views above preme attention of all to whom the earth on which they grovcl. they are made known, 6 But there is a spirit in man,

and peculiar discoveries of christian. the inspiration of the Almighty ity! The views which they un. hath given him understanding.” fold of the majesty and benigoiReason and conscience are essen. ty of Jehovah, of the character tial to his nature. These noble and state of man as a fallen and faculties were not conferred in ruined creature, and of his revain ; but were designed by the covery by the mediation of JeCreator to be exercised about sus Christ, evidently possess suitable and worthy objects. a transcendant importance.— While we continue in this world, The doctrines of salvation are the ordinary affairs of life must not taught in the forms of ab. necessarily engage a certain pcr. stract science. They are deliv. tion of our regard. But there ered in terms level to the plain. is nothing connected with the est capacity. And for the most world and time, that is entitled part, they are founded on cer. to appropriate, cxclusively, the 'tain well known and undoubted whole attention of man. The facts; a circumstance, which faculties of the mind themselves gives great additional interest to indicate the objects to which the sublimest truths, and serves they ought chiefly to be directed. to carry them with more evi. The understanding is qualified dence and power to the underto rise to the contemplation of standing and the heart.-In the the great Creator, and to the whole of this wonderful plan, perception of his incffable beau. the love of God shines with sur. ty. The heart is capable of passing splendor. In the un. feeling the attractions of divine speakable gift of his Son, the love, and of returning the prop. love of God was manifested in all

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