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SIONARY ? Was it visionary the notes, and tune anew their for the apostles to leave their “harps of gold.” “Glory to country, and go through the God in the highest; and on world in the character of mis. earth peace; good will toward sionaries2 No. It is the GRAND men,” DUTY of christians, and ought

Christian, is it so? Go to your to be the GRAND BUSINESS of closet ; fall on your knees; and, their lives, TO PROMULGATE THE

if never before, pray for the poor Since, then, we have heathen. Pray for the few, who but a few days to spend in this have left all to carry them the world—a few days in which we news of a Savior: Pray that can show our love to Christ and more missionaries may be sent immortal souls ; let it be the forth. And whenever you have earnest inquiry of our hearts, a view of Jesus, and have been

shalt we do for the poor weeping over the scene of his dy. heathen.

ing love; whenever your souls Young men, whose souls are are melted into pious tenderness fired with divine love, forsake and turned to heavenly joys, Oh, your friends and native land. forget not to pray for the poor Forsake all for Christ. Go heathen. into the destitute regions of the earth and spend your days in winning souls from pagan dark. ORIGINAL LETTER OF DR. WATTS ness to your dear Savior.

TO MRS. SEWALL OF BOSTON. Parents, give up your sons to

Newburyport, April 20, 1810. this glorious work. Part with them to meet no more in this Sirs, If you think the following extract

is worth preserving, please to let it world ; but in expectation of a have a place in the Panoplist and Misglorious meeting amidst the con. sionary Magazine, which will gratify a

constant reader of that useful publicagratulations of thousands saved


B. by their preaching from a heathen land. Christians, sleep no Dr. Cotton MATHER was my

Awake, arise, and unite yearly correspondent and I la. in this all important work. ment the loss of him ; but, the Methinks the call is heard. The loss you have sustained is of a christian world is rising. See. tenderer and more distressing The negro slave raises his chain. kind, yet let us see whether there cd arm; a tear rolls down his are not sufficient springs of con. sable check, and he blesses God, solation flowing all around you who brought him to “ America to allay the smart of so sharp a land." The tawny Hindoo, sorrow; and may the Lord open weeping, says to the European, your eyes, as he did the eyes of " you cannot talk our language; Hagar in the wilderness to espy but we see, that all our hearts the spring of water, when she are one."

The Japanese calls was dying with thirst, and the to the native of the polar circle, child over against her ready to 66 It is Jesus Christ that makes expire. Have you lost two love. us all brothers and sisters.”! The ly children? Did you make them song of praise ascends from all your idols ? If you did, God parts of the earth. Angels catch has saved you from idolatry.



If you did not, you have your might have derived from them in God still, and a creature cannot maturer years ? But, madam, do be miserable who has a God. you consider sufficiently that The little words my God, have God has taken them away from infinitely more sweetness than the evil to come and bid them in my son, or, my daughter. Were the grave, from the prevailing they very desirable blessings ? and mischievous temptations of Your God calls you then to the a degenerate age. My brother's nobler sacrifice. Can you give wife in London has buried seven up these to him at his cail ? God or eight children, and among delights in such a sacrifice. Were them, all her sons. This thought they your all ? So was Isaac, has reconciled her to the provi. when Abraham was required to dence of God, that the tempta. part with him at God's call. tions of young men in this age, Are you not a daughter of Abra. are so exceeding great, and she has ham ? Then imitate his faith, seen so many young gentlemen his self-denial, his obedience, of her acquaintance so shameful. and make your evidences of such ly degenerate, that she wipes her a spiritual relation to him shine tears for the sons she has buried, brighter on this solemn occasion. and composes her mind to pa. Has God taken them from your tience and thankfulness, with arms ? Had you not devoted one only daughter remaining. them to him ? Shew then, madam, Perhaps God has by this stroke the sincerity of your heart in prevented a thousand unknown leaving them in the hand of God.

Are your sons dead ? Do you say they are lost ? Not But are all your mercies dead out of God's sight and God's too ? A worthy husband is a world, though they are gone out of living comfort (and may God your sight and our world. All preserve and restore him to you live to God. You may hope the with joy.) Food, and raiment, spreading covenant of grace has and safety, peace, and liberty of sheltered them from the second religion, access to the mercy, death. They live, though not seat, and hope of heaven : all

Are you ready to these are daily matters of thank, complain that you have brought fulness. Good madam, let not forth for the grave ? It may one sorrow bury them all. Show be

so, but not in vain. They that you are a christian, by shall not labor in vain nor bring making it appear that religion forth for trouble, (i. e. for sor- has supports in it which the row without hope) for they are world does not know. What the seed of the blessed of the can a poor worldling do, but Lord and their offspring with mourn over earthly blessings de. them. This has been a sweet parted, and go down with them text to many a mother, when comfortless to the grave. But their children are called away methinks christian should lift betimes. And the prophet Jer- up the head as partaking of high, emiah has very comforting words er hopes. May the blessed Spirit to allay the same sorrows, Chap. be your comforter. Endeav. xxxi. 5--17. Did you please or, madam, to employ yourself yourself in what comfort you continually, lest a solitary and

with you.

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inactive frame of mind tempt you oftener than I do, but oth. you to set brooding over your er pressing duties forbid it. I sorrows and purse them to a should feel more anxious to dangerous size.

Turn your write, did I not know that your thoughts often to the brighter religious advantages were now scenes of heaven and the resurrec- very great. When I think of tion.

the place where you live, I am You know madam the great ready to think myself in a dry and blessed God had but one and thirsty land where no water son and he


a sacri. is. Yet even here, God is do. fice and devoted him to a bloodying something for Zion. Some death, out of love to such sin. are borne down under a sense of

as you and I. Can you their sins, and some are rejoic. shew your gratitude to God in ing in the Savior of sinners. But a more acceptable manner, than why, my dear sister, why do I by willingly resigning your two write this news to you ? Zion's sons at the call of his providence? interests do not lie near your This act of willing resignation heart. You have no part nor turns a painful affliction into a lot in this matter. What though holy sacrifice. Are the two dear. thousands of poor, wretched, est things torn from the heart starving sinners are flocking to of a mother ? Then you may Jesus, the friend of singers : you ever sit so much the looser to are unconcerned, not knowing this world, and you have the that you are indeed friendless,and fewer dangerous attachments to helpless. Like the heath in the this life. Tis a happiness for a desert, you know not when good christian not to have the heart cometh ; like the dry bones in strings tied too fast to any thing the valley, to which ministers beneath God and heaven. Hap. may prophecy ; but in vain, py the soul who is ready to re- till that almighty voice, which move at the divine summons. called Lazarus from the tomb, The fewer engagements we have call them also from the dead. on earth, the more we may live

O how dreadful to live in a above, and have our thoughts land of divine influences, and re. fixed on things more divine and main unmoved : to stand by the heavenly, may this painful stroke side of others, who have God be thus sanctified and lead you for their portion, while we have

to God.-Forgive the nothing ; no God, no arm on freedom of a stranger, madam, which we may lean; to be in who desires to be the humble and the same house with those whose faithful servant of Christ and eyes are fixed on heaven, while souls. ISAAC WATTS. we can see nothing before us but Mrs. SewALL of Boston.

the darkness of the grave upon London, Nov. 7, 1728. which no light will ever rise,

or the still more dreadful dark. ness of the infernal abyss; to

be in the same bed with one April, 1810. whose heart swells with the It would give me much pleas. cheering hope of eternal bless. ure, my dear Sarah, to write to edness, while we have no ex.






pectation beyond the present sinner live? My trembling heart life but that of eternal wo! Yes, responds, O Lord God, thou O my sister, two shall be in one knowest. Breathe upon this bed; one shall be taken, and slain. the other left. You are asleep, Believe me, dear Swhile many others are awake. you share in the kind. You are dead, while many are

est wishes of my heart. alive. Awake thou that sleep

S. T. H. est, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. No longer stay out of the king. A DIALOGUE dom, while others are pressing into

SALVATION. it. No longer be satisfied with earth, while heaven is to be ob. Minister. Good morning, tained. Shall this perishing earth, neighbor Roberts, I am glad to which God gave us only to lodge see you, for I wish to converse in for a night, be chosen for our with you upon the subject of lasting abode ; and that too in my sermon yesterday. view of the certainty of univer. Roberts. Good morning, Sir, sal death. Shall the Son of God I indeed had the curiosity to go descend from heaven to die for and hear you preach yesterday, you; and will you not regard a thing I do not often do, for I him? What must be the doom am more attached to a different of those, who, fearless of the ter. system of doctrine. rors of the law, and regardless M. So I supposed, and it is of the invitations of the gospel, on that very account, that I wade through the blood of Christ wish to see you! I know the to destruction. O my dear Sa. kindness and benevolence of rah, be anxious to obtain the your disposition, and it astoo, purchased salvation.


you can believe gaged to secure an unfading the gloomy doctrines of Cala Lay down the weapons

vinism, which chill me with hor. of your rebellion, repent of ror. your sins, and by faith, rest R. You will not find me an on a crucified Savior. Precious

experienced disputant; but I Savior ! A Savior from sin, and am ready to state to you and de. from death. Make him your fend the articles of my belief as

Enter into this chamber, well as I am able ; and if, as and shut the door, before the I think, truth is on my side, it storm of divine wrath come. need not shrink from scrutiny.

Be en


My soul longs for your sal. You call the doctrines of Cal. vation. But when I remember

vinism gloomy. What if I should your advantages; that you have call your doctrines pernicious lived where the Spirit of God and ruinous to the soul? Would has been poured out, have been you not remind me, that assertion the child of prayer, have had ought to pass for nothing unless line upon line, and precept attended with proof? Let us not upon precept; my heart trem. then deal in bare assertions nor bles with fear for you. When call each other names, but en. I aşk myself; Can this dead deavor to come at the truth,



M. This is what I want. said, that God does not will that Well then, you heard me ex. any should perish, or suffer pound the words, God is not perdition, (for my minister, willing that any should per- who knows Greek, tells me that ish, but that all should come to these words are derived from the repentance.* If the Almighty same root, and denote the same wills, that all should come to thing) and now you say, he does repentance, will not this most will, that the ungodly should certainly be the eveni?

perish, or be punished for a R. That is true ; but do you time ? Here you are point understand the meaning of the blank against yourself! word in this place ?

- M. What I intended was, M. That is the way with you that God does not will the eterthen, is it? When a word in its aal damnation of any

individual. obvious import, comes directly

But he does will the against your doctrine, then you perdition of the ungodly, for he must give it a new meaning! This will punish them, and he does is fine business indeed !

not will that any should perish; R. Let us look into this and perdition and to perish have matter. What do you suppose precisely the same meaning, just is meant by the term all in the as in English, destruction and to verse you preached upon ?

be destroyed are the same. Here M. I suppose it means all is will against will! He wills a mankind without exception and thing and he does not will it ! without distinction ; for this is M. That can't be indeed. its plain meaning.

It must be, that he does not will R. So that the ungodly are the thing in the same sense in included in it as well as the both cases. godly?

R. Pray what difference can M. Undoubtedly.

What then is the mean. M. Difference enough, as I ing in the second verse before will show you. When it is said, this, of the perdition of ungodly God wills to punish the ungodly, men, which is most expressly that only expresses the certainty asserted ? Does it mean, that of the event; but when he wills they shall be saved?

that none shall be punished, it M. Why, as to that it does

means they shall not be damned. pot mean it exactly-it means, R. Dear sir, you have shown that they shall be punished for a no difference in the use of the time.

word, for according to your ex. R. Perdition means punish- planation a certainty is implied ment for a time! But do you in both instances. think, that God wills this pun. cannot show any difference, ishment for a time?

while you retain your unscripM. Yes, most certainly, for it tural scheme, and yet you are is one of the methods of his love, forced to admit a difference. I it is discipline preparatory to sal- might retort upon you your own vation ?

language, “ This is the way R. Bat have you not just with you, is it ?" &c.

But * 2 Pet. iii. 9.

perhaps you will be ready to

you make out ?

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Indeed you

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