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7 50

& c 30 Rec'd of Rev. Mr. Saunders, from two Ladies,

1 Rev. Mr. Tompkins, from Ladies in Haverhill

10 16 From the W. Parish in Bradford ;

15 48 Rev. Peter Sanborn from Reading

7 36 Rev. Isaac Bremen in cash

8 82 do. Dr. Doddridge's Rise and Progress, Haweis'

Sermons, and three Pamphlets
Rev. Mr. Goffe, from Ladies in Sutton,

3 58 A Lady

52 A Lady

60 Rev. Elijah Parish, D. D.

10 62 Rev. Mr. Litchfield, from three Ladies

3 38 Mrs. Fear Crocker, N. Bedford, from Ladies

13 50 Ladies in Newtown from Rev. Mr. Greenough's parish 3 75 Rev. Mr. Burr, of Sandwich

6 63 Rev. Mr. Barker, of Middleborough James Baker, Dorchester

9 502

15 74 Mrs. Whitney, Lunenburg

6 245 Rev. Mr. Chapin in Milford

1 50 A gentleman a friend to missions

1 Deacon Thayer in Braintree

2 50 Rev. Dr. Hopkins, Salem

4 Rev. Mr. Cleaveland, Wrentham

3 ditto from a female do.

1 Mr Jonas Jenkins, Scituate

52 A Lady in Jefferey

3 A Lady in Framingham

2 Rev. Ashael Huntington, Topsfield

19 50 Ladies in Hingham

1 4 A Lady in Boston

10 Two Ladies in Wrentham

14 Mary Green, Carlisle

50 Number of Ladies in Boston

In Bibles from a number Ladies in Boston $20. - Total $339 9 N. B. The total amount of the Collections, received by Mrs. Simpkins in seren years is more than three thousand dollars.


CORRESPONDING SECRETARY OF gents to distribute the Bibles furnishTHE PHILADELPHIA BIBLE SO- ed by the Society, among the desti. CIETY, TO THE REV. DR. MORSE. tute in various parts of the country.

Philadelphia, June 30, 1809. In our own city applicants for biRev. Sir,

bles are very numerous, many of whom The extent to which Bible Societies are of that class of society who might maypromote the bestinterests of man- find a temporary privation of the Scripkind, it is impossible from present ex- tures, an irretrievable loss. I mean perience to calculate, as the scene en.

the young larges every day before the eyes But our experiment affords a very of the observer. Our most san. imperfect view of the magnitude of guine calculators acknowledge, that this enterprize, when compared with they had no anticipation that the ap

the prodigious view exhibited by the plications to our society for Bibles, fifth Report of the British and Foreign would have been so numerous as we

Bible Society. You have that report: find them. At every meeting of the when it was read at the last meeting Managers there is some new call

. of the managers it excited astonishPrisons, Hospitals, Frontier Settle. ment, but let it speak for itself. I ments, Indians, People of color, are cannot avoid remarking however, to be supplied with Bibles. The that it is matter of religious gratitude Missionaries employed by various re- as well as of benevolent pleasure, to ligious societies, and other public spir. see the wealth of this world diverted

55 41




into a channel so pure and so bene- and by making men and Christians ficial to man.

better acquaintedwith each othersvisI may inform you that we made ap. tues will tend to harmonize Society. plication to receive a part of the very Accept, reverend Sir, the consid. Kiberal donation of the British and For- eration with which I am yours. eign Bible Society to ours, in French, .

JAMES GRAY, Cor. Sec. Welsh, Gaelic, and German Bibles, and New Testaments. The Com

FIFTY REPORT OF THE COMMITmittee of that Society ordered the


BRITISH books to be delivered to us, at the


FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. cost prices, which has greatly enhanced the value of their original do

Your Committee have now to report nation. We have received also an

to the British and Foreign Bible Soaccount of the prices of the different ciety their proceedings during the. editions of the Scriptures, published

fifth year of its institution. by that Society, from their bookseller. In conformity to the arrangement It was intended as a basis for calcu. usually adopted, your Committee will lation : and we find from it, that we

first advert to their Foreign Connexshall be able to furnish ourselves, at

ions : and, although their corresleast with English Bibles, on better

pondence has been circumscribed, terms here than in London.

At our

in some degree, by the unpropitious commencement, we were necessita.

state of affairs on the Continent, they

have still sufficient documents to ted to purchase Bibles ; but the Managers always looked forward to prove the continuance of the deep ina time when they would print their

terest excited, in various parts of Bibles : and in order to render their Europe, by the establishment of the editions as cheap as possible, they

British and Foreign Bible Society ; have turned their thoughts towards

and of a zealous and successful cothe stereotype printing. Accord. operation with its endeavors to proingly their Treasurer was directed

mote the circulation of the Holy at the last meeting, to ascertain Scriptures. through his correspondents in Lon

From the Bible Society at Basle a don, the price of a set of stereotype single letter only has been received, plates for the Bible. The state of

dated October, 1808; the contents of our funds, indeed will not permit us

it, however, are interesting and imto attempt stereotyping the Scrip- portant.-This letter expresses the tures at present, but in the mean

most cordial and grateful thanks to time we may ascertain facts and

this Society, for the assistance afmake computations.

Perhaps the

forded by it in promoting an edition stereotyping of the Bible, may be

of the German Bible by standing made a business of concert among

types ;-it contains information that the Bible Societies, in this country.

the New Testament, which, some In that issue the execution of the

months before, had issued from the object may not be long delayed. The

press, had received the fullest appromultiplication of copies of the Scrip

bation of those to whom it had been tures and the dispersion of them

sent; together with an assurance, through society cannot fail, as moral that the Old Testament would be means, to do some good; and let us

completed by the end of the year ; trust the blessing of God will never

and further, that the demands for be detached from his word. Let us

this Bible were so numerous, that it hope also that while party spirit, is

was expected they would exhaust the exciting every sect to too high an

first impression. The Basle Society, estimate of its own merits, and too accordingly, look with confidence to low an estimate of the merits of all the hope of being soon enabled to other sects, extinguishing Christian proceed to a second and third edicharity, and kindling hostile feelings; tion. Bible Societies, by calling the atten- The following intelligence, which tion of all to the Scriptures alone, is also stated in the letter from the by engaging in a common enterprize Bible Society at Basle, will be heard those most prone to sectarian strife, with interest:First, That a com

pany of active Christians in Basle had their earnest wishes to be enabled to determined to print an edition of the print the Scriptures in the Polish diNew Testament, for the benefit of alect. They lamented, at the same the Grison Mountaineers, who have a time, the absolute insufficiency of peculiar dialect ; with an intention their funds for this undertaking; and that it shouid be gratuitously distrib. the very scality supplies received uted, or sold at a very cheap rate. during the preceding twelvemonths, This work will be peculiary accepta precluded all hope of any considerable to the Grisons ; as the former bie addition to them, in a country la. editions of the New Testament have bouring under general and severe become so scarce among them, that

distress. a copy of it is rarely to be procured, Your Committee, equally con. and only at a very exorbitant price: vinced of the utility of an edition of Secondly, That they had supplied the the Polish Bible, and of the impossiProtestants in different parts of the bility of its being undertaken with. interior of France with a considera- out the assistance of the British and ble number of French Bibles at re- Foreign Bible Society, have cheerduced prices ; and that the returns fully supplied a fund for this purof such sale had enabled the Basle

pose, by three successive Donations, Society to undertake a new edition amounting in the whole to 8001. Of of the New Testament in French. this sum 600l. have already been reIt was their wish to have printed the ceived by the Society at Berlin ; who, whole Bible, but their exertions to encouraged by this liberal grant, deprocure funds for this purpose had termined to increase their impresshitherto proved unsuccessful. Your ion from 5,000 to 8,000 copies of the Committee, however, hope, that the Polish Bible entire, and 2,000 extra supply of a set of stereotype plates, New Testaments ; and had entered now preparing by their directions, into engagements with a printer to and intended for the use of the soci complete it by Midsummer 1810. ety at Basle, will materially assist The estinated expense of this work the accomplishment of so desirable amounts to nearly 1,4001. sterling. an object.

Your committee have next the satThe progress which had been isfaction to report the establishment made in printing the Bohemian Bible of a new Association at Stockholm, at Berlin, was noticed in the last under the sanction of the King and Report of your Committee. They Privy Council, with the designation are now authorized to announce the of the “Evangelical Society. The completion of it, in a mode which object of this Institution is two-fold has obtained the decided approbation --ihe circulation of the Scriptures, of very competent judges. It will and the distribution of Religious be no less satisfactory to the Society Tracts ; but, by a fundamental rule to be informed, that the rapid circu- of the Institution, each object will lation of this work has greatly ex- have its separate fund, and a distinct ceeded the expectations of the Bible account of its income and expendi. Society at Berlin. It was finished ture, which will be submitted annu. only at Michaelmas, 1807 ; and, al. ally to the public. The corresponthough the Protestant Congrega. dence of your Committee will consetions using that language, in Bohe- quently be confined to that part of mia and Silesia, do not exceed fifty, its object which assimilates itself to the whole edition of 3000 copies (92 their own. only excepted) had been sold, or From recent inquiries it appeared, gratuitously distributed, within a pe- that the poorer classes in various riod of fifteen months ; and the Ber

parts of Sweden, were in great want lin Society express great regret, of Bibles : and the Society ai Stockthat the edition was not more exten- holm had in consequence proposed to sive.

print an edition of the Scriptures in The notification of the completion the Swedish language ; but the limof the Bohemian Bible by the Com. itation of their means 'obliged them mittec of the Society at Berlin was to confine their intended operations, accompanied with an expression of in the first instance, to the New Tes


tament. Some donations had indeed their aid would be further enlarged, been received by them; and more in proportion as the Philadelphia Sowere expected: but, as from ciety extended the sphere of its opethe pressure of the times, and the rations. impoverished state of the country, By late intelligence from Philadel. they could not entertain the smallest phia, it appears, that the Society conexpectation of procuring, for some sidered itself sufficiently advanced years, the types requisite for this to be enabled to order a supply of limited undertaking ; your Commit. Bibles and Testaments for distribu. tee have been induced to authorize tion. For this purpose, copies were the Committee of the Evangelical So. required in Welsh, Gaelic, French, siety at Stockholm to draw for the and German ; and, as these could sum of 3001., in aid of their fund, for not be procured within the U.ited the express purpose of printing States, your Committee have directthe Swedish Bible on standing ed them to be furnished at the cost types.

prices. Intelligence has been very recent- Your Committee are now enablect ly received from Sarepta, by which to state the result of their communi. it appears, that the Ministers of the

cations with Bengal.

The intelliUnited Brethren, encouraged by the gence of the supplies granted by the grant of 600 rubles, and a promise British and Foreign Bible Society, of further assistance from this Soci. for the purpose of aiding translations ety, had actually proceeded, in com- and publications of the Scriptures in pliance with the recommendation of the various dialects of the East, aryour Committee, to commence the rived most opportunely, and animat. Translation of St. Matthew's Gospel ed the hopes and endeavours of into the Kalmuc language : and your all concerned in this desirable under. Committee entertain a confident ex- taking. It was intended to appropectation, that these pious laborers priate the amount of these supplies will not desist from their work, till to the expense of preparing and printthey have completed the translation ing editions of the Gospels in Malayof the New Testament.

alim, Chinese, Persian, Hindostanee, Nothing more strongly marks the Bengalee, Mahratta, and Sanscrit. general approbation of the principle of these versions, some had previ. of our Society, and the beneficial in- ously issued from the Missionary Auence of its example, than the es- press at Serampore, independently tablishment of similar Societies in of the aid of this Society ; others are distant parts of the globe. It is printing ; and all are in a state of with much satisfaction, therefore, preparation. Of the Gospel in the your Committee report that, in ad- Chinese character, a specimen has dition to the Associations already been received by your Committee ; produced, both in Europe and Asia, and the execution of it appears to be a Bible Society has been formed in

much superior to any that, under Philadelphia, for the immediate pur: present circumstances, could be pose of distributing the Scriptures made in this country. in Pennsylvania, and in those por. It was not to be expected that tions of the States of Jersey and Del. works of such magnitude (not to aware which are contiguous to Penn. mention the expectation of a further sylvania ;” but with an ulterior extension of them) could be underview of producing similar establish- taken without a very considerable ments throughout the several States

and increasing expense. Your Comin the American Union. To promote mittee, on receiving the above intellithis undertaking, the assistance of gence, immediately resolved to apthe British and Foreign Bible Socie. propriate, for three successive years, ty (to whose example and efforts the an annual sum of 1,0001.; and they Managers expressly attribute its ori. have taken steps to obtain from their gin) was urgently solicited; and Correspondents in India, such further your Committee did not hesitate to information on this very interesting grant it, by a donation of 2002.; ac- subject, as will, they irust, enable companied with an intimation, that them, in their next Report, to afford

VOL. II, Nero Serieis.

M м

full satisfaction to every friend of the have further to add, that 775 SpanInstitution.

ish Testaments were distributed to Under this head it remains only the prisoners of that nation, at Ports further to notice, that the supply of mouth, previous to their return 500 English Bibles and 1,000 English to Spain, and most gratefully receiv. Testaments, consigned by your Com. ed. mittee to India, had proved most With respect to the Italian New seasonable and acceptable ; as sev- Testament, your Committee have eral of the Chaplains on the estab. most satisfactory assurances of the Tishment in Bengal had expended practicability of beneficially distrib. large sums in providing Bibles and uting it, in Malta, Sicily, and Italy, Testaments for the use of the Brit. in all which places an anxious desire ish soldiery and other European's to possess it has manifested itself : there. Your Committee, impressed and 500copies have been already conwith this consideration resolved to signed to the care of a respectable grant a further supply of English Bi. Correspondent at Malta, on whose bles and Testaments to the same zealous services every reliance may amount as before.

be placed. It has been the invariable object of The object of your Committee, in your Committee not only to supply printing Dutch and Danish editions of the want of the Scriptures whenever the New Testament, was, to supply it has been stated actually to exist, the prisoners of war of these counbut to provide new editions for cir- tries, and the Danish and Dutch cokculation whenever they could foresee onies in the East and West Indies, the probability of doing it to advan. now under the British government. tåge, as far as a prudent management For the immediate supply of the of the funds of the Society, would ad. Dutch prisoners, your Committee mit. Under the influence of these deemed it expedient to direct the considerations, editions of the New purchase of a considerable number Testament in Spanish, Portuguese, of Bibles and Testaments already and Italian, have been published. printed. Other editions in Dutch, Danish, The number of Portuguese at and modern Greek, are now in the Portsmouth and other parts of this press.

country, together with the facilities The Members of the Society will now afforded for communication with récollect the remarkable instances Portugal and the Portuguese Islands noticed in the Third and Fourth Re. and Colonies, suggested the deterports, of the ready disposition evinc- mination to print an edition of the ed by the Spaniards to receive copies New Testament in their language for of the New Testament. The acci. their use. dental arrival of a Spanish frigate, With respect to the edition of the during the course of last year, afford. New Testament in Modern Greek, ed a proof, no less gratifying, of the the prospect of an extensive circula: same disposition. The earnestness tion of it is very encouraging, parwith which the men of the ship so- ticularly among the Greeks dispers. licited copies, the joy expressed by ed throughout the Turkish empire, their countenances and actions in re. and a large population of the same ceiving them, and their immediate people at Smyrna, amounting to fifty application to the perusal of them, or sixty thousand families, amongst afforded unequivocal demonstration whom scarcely a single copy of the of the high value which they set up- New Testament was to be found. on the gift. Several of the officers This work will have the advantage of the ship, and about 300 of the of a correspondent original Text in men, were present at the distribu parallel columns. tion ; and the Priest of the frigate Your committee have also taken himself sanctioned it, byacceptingtwo measures for printing, in the North copies of the New Testament for his of Sweden, 5,000 copies of the New own use, and by recommending the Testament in the Lapland language ; perusal of it to the men.

and 2501. appropriated to this object On this subject your Committee will be remitted, if the prospect of

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