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its completion should be such as to dies ; the coast of the Mediterrawarrant this application of the funds nean; to Quebec, Halifax, and Prince of the Society.

Edward's Island, in North America; The preceding details compre- to the West Indies and Spanish hend the result of the more impor. Main; to Gibraltar ; to the Cape of tant Foreign transactions of your Good Hope ; to Madeira ; and to Committee ; and what further re. Stockholm. Your Committee will not mains connected with this subject detain the Society by a specification may be more briefly mentioned. of the number of copies sent to each

The Society will recollect the in. particular place, as it will appear in structions given to Dr. Knapp, and the Appendix to their Report. stated in the last Report, to send a Your Committee, having been innumber of Bibles and Testaments for formed that there were many refu. the use of the German Colonies on gees from Finland at Stockholm, who the Wolga. It now remains to re- had no means of procuting the New port the arrival and distribution of Testament in their own peculiar diathem. A Correspondent of your lect, directed a number to be pur. Committee, who undertook a labori. chased for their use ; and have now ous journey for the purpose of con- the satisfaction to report, in the veying them to the place of their des. words of their correspondent, that tination, and who himself distribut they were received by them with in. ed a considerable number of copies, describable joy. speaks of the joy and gratitude with It may also be proper to notice the which they were received. The safe arrival of the Bibles and Testa. most judicious precautions were ments sent by your Committee to adopted by him, that they should be Steniack in Nova Scotia, for sale or given free of all expense, and to distribution, as connected with the those only among the poor who could intelligence, that the recommendation read." In each copy distributed by of your Committee to form a Bible the Correspondent alluded to, the Society in that province has been following inscription was inserted adopted ; and that measures are now by him :-"This Bible is the pre- taking for carrying it into complete cious Gift of the English Bible Soci. execution. ety ; never to be sold, but to be made (To be concluded in our next.) a good use of.”

After the preceding detail, the At a meeting of The Bible Society Members of the Society will be much of Massachusetts, July 13, 1809, the gratified in learning that a further following officers were elected, viz. supply of Bibles and Testaments bas William Phillips, Esq President; Mr. been required for the use of the Ger- Samuel H. Walley, Treasurer; Rev. man Colonies on the Wolga. Your Joseph S. Buckminster, CorrespondCommittee have accordingly directed ing Secretary; Rev. John Pierce, Re250 copies of each to be sent from cording Secretary; and Rev. John Halle.

Lathrop, D.D. Rev. Joseph Eckley, The types and paper presented by D.D. Rev. James Freeman, Rev.Eli. the Society to the Missionaries at phalet Porter, D. D. Rev. Abiel Karass, for an edition of the Scrip. Holmes, D.D. Rev. Thomas Bald. gures in Turkish, have escaped the win, D. D. Samuel Salisbury, Esq. casualties to which they were so pe

Hon. William Brown, Francis Wright, culiarly exposed, and have also reach- Esq. Hon. Isaac Parker, Hon. Peter ed the place of their destination. C. Brooks, John Tucker, Esq. Joseph

Copies of the Scriptures, either in Hurd, Esq Dr. Redford Webster, whole or in part, granted by your Samuel Parkman, Esq. Joseph May, Committee for the accommodation of Esq. Mr. Joseph Sewall, and Henry their countrymen in distant lands, Hill, Esq. as Trustees. or of foreigners, have been very

They have been sent for INSTALLED over the Congrega. sale, or gratuitous distribution, as tional Church and Society of the might be expedient, to the East In. North Parish in Thomastown, the


Rev. JOHN LORD. Introductory Charge by the Rev. Mr. Johnson, of prayer by the Rev. John R. Cutting, Belfast; Right hand of Fellowship by of Waldoborough ; Sermon by Rev. Rev. Thomas Cockran, of Camden; Fosiah Webster, of Hampton, N. H. and concluding Prayer by Rev. Henry from 1 Tim. iii. 16. Inducting prayer True, of Union. by Rev. Jonathan Huse, of Warren ;




and opposing the execution of the Reports of Cases argued and ad. writ of arrest, issued out of the Dis. judged in the Supreme Court of the U. trict court of Pennsylvania ; in the nited States, in the years 1807and1808. case of Gideon Olmsted and others, Vol. 4. By William Cranch, Chief against the surviving Executrices of Judge of the circuit court of the Dis. David Rittenhouse deceased. By trict of Columbia. Flatbush, N. Y. Thomas Lloyd; the arguments of I. Riley. 1809.

Counsel, and charge of the Judge An Oration, pronounced at Water- revised by each, respectively. Phila. town, July 4th, 1809. At the request delphia, P. Byrne. 1809. of the Republicans of Watertown, American Ornithology, or the Nat. and the adjacent towns, in commem- ural History of the Birds of the Unit. oration of the anniversary of Amer- ed States, comprehending those res. ican Independence, by Timothy Ful. ident within our territory, and those ler, Esq. Boston, J. Belcher, 1809. that migrate hitherfrom other regions,

The Mystery of Godliness, a Ser. among which will be found a great mon, delivered at Thomastown, number of land and water birds hithJune 15, 1809, at the Installation of erto undescribed, &c. &c. By Alex. the Rev. John Lord, to the Pastoral ander Wilson. Philadelphia, Brad. Office in that place, by Josiah Web. ford and Inskeep. 1809. ster, Pastor of the Church in Hamp- The American Register, or Gen.

Newburyport, Thomas and eral Repository of History, Politics, Whipple. 1809.

and Science, part 2, for 1808. Phil. An Oration, pronounced July 4th,

adelphia. 1809. 1809, at the request of the Selectmen The New York Medical Repositoof the town of Boston, in commem. ry, No. 48, completing the second oration of the anniversary of Ameri. hexade. E. Cotton, agent, Boston, can Independence. By William Tu. 1809. dor, jr. Esq.Boston, J. Belcher, 1809. The Letters and a Sermon of the

An Oration in commemoration of Rev. William Romayn, M. A. to a the anniversary of American Inde- friend on the most important relig. pendence ; delivered in Boston, July ious subjects, during a correspon. 4th, 1809, at the request of the Bun. dence of twenty years. N. York, J. ker Hill Association. By William Shedden. 1809. Charles White, Esq. To which is Letters supposed to have passed added, an Introductory Address, by between St. Evremond and Waller, David Everett, Esq. Boston, J. Bel. To which is prefixed a biographical cher, 1809.

sketch of St. Evremond, Waller, and A Report of the whole trial of several of their cotemporaries. By a Gen. Michael Bright, and others; be. gentleman of Baltimore. Baltimore, fore Washington and Peters, in the Cole and Thomas. 1809. Circuit court of the United States,

A practical Essay on the Analysis in and for the District of Pennsylva- of Minerals, exemplifying the best nia, and in the third circuit; on an methods of analysing Ores, Earths, indictment for obstructing, resisting, Stopes, Inflammable fossils, and Min

cral substances in general. By Fred. University of Edinburgh, &c. Philaerick Accum, teacher of Practical delphia, F. Nichols. 1809. Chymistry, Pharmacy, and Mineralo- The Life of Petrarch, collected gy. First American, from the third from Memoires pour la vie de PeLondon edition. Philadelphia, Kimber trarch, by Mrs. Dobson. The first and Conrad, and B. and J. Kite, 1809. American, from the seventh London The United States' Spelling Book,

Edition. Embellished with two with appropriate Reading Lessons. handsome engravings. Boston, FarBeing an Easy Standard for Spelling, rand, Mallory, and Co. 1809. Reading, and Pronouncing the En. Considerations on the Nature and glish Language, according to the Efficacy of the Lord's Supper, by the Řules established by John Walker, Rev. Vicesimus Knox. To which in his Critical and Pronouncing Dic, are added, Prayers composed and tionary. By sundry experienced used by Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Teachers. Pittsburgh (Penn.) Za- New York, J. Shedden, 1809. dok Cramer. 1809.

Reports of Cases argued and deterStatement of Duties on American mined in the High Court of Chanceand other produce imported from the ry in Ireland, during the time of Lord United States into Great Britain, Redesdale. First Volume. Containagreeably to the provisions of Acting the Cases from the Beginning of 48th, Geo. III. cap. 85. N. York, E. Easter term, 1802, to the end of EastSargent. 1809.

er term, 1804. By John Schoales, and Select Reviews and Spirit of the Thomas Lefroy, Esq. Barristers at Foreign Magazines, No 7, and Vol.2, Law. N. York, I. Riley. 1808. for July, 1809. ByE.Bronson, and oth- The Works of the Rev. Jonathan ers. Philadelphia, Hopkins and Earle, Edwards, Minister of the Gospel in and Farrand, Mallory, and Co. Boston. Northampton, Massachusetts, and af

Reports of Cases argued and de. terwards President of the college in termined in the Supreme Court of New Jersey. In 8 volumes. WorAppeals of Virginia: with Select cester, Isaiah Thomas, Jun. 1809. cases, relating chiefly to points of Letters from a late eminent PreJustice decided by the Supreme

late to one of his Friends. First Court of Chancery for the Richmond American Edition. Boston, Mun. District. The Second edition, re- Francis, and Parker. 1809. vised, and corrected by the authors. A Farewell Sermon, preached Vol. I. By W. W. Hening and Will. May 28, 1809, at Newark, New Jer. jam Munford. Flatbush, N.Y. I. Ri. sey, by Edward D. Griffin, D. D. ley, 1809.

Second Edition. Thomas and Whip.

ple, Newburyport. 1809. NEW EDITIONS. A General View of the Doctrines of Christianity; designed more es

WORKS PROPOSED. pecially for the edification and in- A. Finley, Philadelphia, proposes struction of families. Boston, Has. republishing a History of the Apostings, Etheridge, and Bliss. 1809. tles and Evangelists, writers of the

Memoirs of Mrs Elizabeth Carter, New Testament. By Nathaniel by the Rev. Montague Pennington,

Lardner, D. D. M. A. Vicar of Nathborn. Boston,

E and E. Hosmer, Albany, propose 0. C. Greenleaf. 1809.

by subscription, a work entitled the Reliques of Robert Burns, consist. Testimony of Christ's Second Ap. ing chiefly of Original Letters, Po. pearing; containing a general state. ems, and Critical Observations on ment of all things pertaining to the Scottish Songs, now first published faith and practice of the Church of by R. C. Cromeck. Philadelphia, God in this latter day. Published Bradford and Inskeep, and 0. c. by order of the Ministry in union with Greenleaf, Boston. 1809.

the church. Elements of General History, an. Ezra Sargent of New York, and cient and modern, By Alex. F. Tyt. Munroe, Francis, and Parker, of ter, late professor of History in the Boston, propose to republish


Universal Biography, containing amples, consisting of familiar and a copious account, critical and commercial phrases. historical, of the life and char. Hopkins and Earle, Philadelphia, acter, labors and actions of em- propose to publish immediately inent persons of all ages and coun. Helps to Composition, or Skeletons tries, conditions, and professions, ar- of Sermons. By the Rev. Charles aanged in alphabetical order. By J. Simeon, M. A. in 5 volumes, 8vo. Lempriere, D. D. Author of the Munroe, Francis, & Parker, of this Classical Dictionary.

town propose to print a third edition John Morgan, and Thomas S. Man. of the plays of William Shakspeare: ning, Philadelphia, propose repub- with notes by Samuel Johnson, Aishing Dr. Johnson's Dictionary of George Steevens, IsaacReed, andother the English Language, in 2 vols. Annotators. Thework willcontain the quarto,into which will be introduced same number of pages as the Second Mason's Supplement, and Walker's Baston Edition of Shakspeare's Plays, Pronunciation.

in nine duodecimo volumes, fine wove Mathias James O'Conway, Phila paper. The volumes will be published delphia, proposes to publish by sub-monthly, bound in extra boards, scription, a Practical Anglo Spanish at one dollar per volume. Those Grammar, wherein will be exhibited who subscribe for eight copies, the whole variety of Spanish Con- and are accountable for the pay, struction, illustrated with copious ex- will be entitled to a ninth set gratis.


DIED at Keene, (N. H.) on Sat- sylvania, he settled in the practice of urday 13th of May, 1809. DANIEL medicine at Portland; but soon relinNEWCOMB, M.D. late of Boston, quished that place for the metropolis. aged 24.

The death of this He removed to Boston during the young man, science and religion January of 1807. Here he had de. unite in deploring. His father, the termined to wait, resting entirely Hon. Daniel Newcomb of Keene, upon his personal merits and exer(N. H.) early inspired his son with a tions for an introduction to the practaste for letters, and formed his mind tice of the healing art. His mind be. to usefulness. Strength of intellect gan to turn upon religious concerns and independence of character were more than it had done, soon after he his most distinguishing traits from came to Boston ; although he had the schoolboy to the bachelor of arts. ever been distinguished for correctHarvard University admitted him ness of conduct and an integrity ney. among her alumni, when he was but er to be scrupled. He began to reeighteen years old. The interval be. alize that his hopes for salvation must tween his leaving the university and rest on a different basis than his the dayof his death was whollydevoted own merits or exertions, that the dyto the profession of medicine. Such ing love of a crucified Redeemer was was his industry, and so judiciously his only safety, and that he must directed were all his labors, that few cheerfully take up the cross, and obey young men in this part of our coun. the gospel. Of these sentiments and try have made so much progress to. principles he made public profession. wards usefulness and eminence in the The symptoms of consumption first same space of time as had Dr. New- appeared about two years before his comb. After having availed himself death. Notwithstanding his debility of the first advantages afforded by our and expectations of soon leaving this country to the medical student, and world, like the sincere Christian and received the degree of Doctor in the calm philosopher, he doubled his Medicine at the University of Penn- diligence to be found doing when

his Lord should come. He not only whole sickness, his mind continued faithfully attended those, who resign unimpaired. Religion and science ed their health to his skill, but he buoyed up his sinking spirits. The was active in storing his mind with Bible and Euclid* made him forget all knowledge suited to extend the for a while his pains, and he died as sphere of his usefulness. While he he had lived, the humble and intellisaw the king of terrors aiming at him gent Christian. the fatal blow he collected the mate. rials and wrote a Dissertation on Can. * During his last illness Dr. Newa eer; which the Boylston Medical comb read the principal part of Euclid's Committee of Harvard Universityhon. Elements of Geometry,

is that he ored by awarding to it the premium; might,as he used to express it, "prebefore the completion of which he serve his mind free from impair, and was forced by his disease to leave leave the world with his reason un. Boston for the country. During his clouded."

DIED, on Friday, the 28th inst. the REV. JONATHAN FRENCH, pastor of the South Church in Andover, in the 70th year of his age, and 37th of his ministry

HEAV'N gives us friends to bless the present scene;
Resumes them, to prepare us for the next.
All evils natural are moral goods ;
All discipline, indulgence, on the whole.
None are unhappy; all have cause to smile,
But such as to themselves that cause deny.
Our faults are at the bottom of our pains ;
Error, in act, or judgment, is the source
Of endless sighs : we sin, or we mistake,
And nature tax, when false opinion stings.
Let impious grief be banish'd, joy indulg'd;
But chiefly then, when grief puts in her claim.
Joy from the joyous, frequently betrays,
Oft lives in vanity, and dies in woe.
Joy, amidst ills, corroborates, exalts ;
'Tis joy, and conquest ; joy, and virtue too.
A noble fortitude in ills delights
Heav'n, earth, ourselves ; 'tis duty, glory, peace.
Affliction is the good man's shining scene ;
Prosperity conceals his brightest ray ;
As night to stars, woe lustre gives to man.
Heroes in battle, pilots in the storm,
And virtue in calamities, admire. YOUNG,

Errata. In the present volume, page 17, for muy read svi Page 66, in a part of the impression there is an error in the Hebrew words; it should

יהוה ודקנו read thus

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