Annual Reports of the War Department, Том 1,Део 4;Том 4

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1901

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Страница 293 - ... any person whose ticket or passage is paid for with the money of another, or who is assisted by others to come, unless it is affirmatively and satisfactorily shown, on special inquiry, that such person does not belong to one of the foregoing excluded classes...
Страница 114 - After peace is established, all our efforts will be directed to Americanizing ourselves; to cause a knowledge of the English language to be extended and generalized in the Philippines, in order that through its agency the American spirit may take possession- of us and that we may so adopt its principles, its political customs and its peculiar civilization that our redemption may be complete and radical.
Страница 397 - That no sale or lease or other disposition of the public lands or the timber thereon or the mining rights therein shall be made: And provided further, That no franchise shall be granted which is not approved by the President of the United States, and is not in his judgment clearly necessary for the immediate government of the islands and indispensable for the...
Страница 90 - ... continuously in the war, but who do so with intermitting returns to their homes and avocations, or with the occasional assumption of the semblance of peaceful pursuits, divesting themselves of the character or appearance of soldiers — such men, or squads of men, are not public enemies, and therefore, if captured, are not entitled to the privileges of prisoners of war, but shall be treated summarily as highway robbers or pirates.
Страница 481 - ... any of its authorized officials, boards, agents, or attorneys, whereby money is to be paid, directly or indirectly, out of the revenues of the city to such person or firm...
Страница 479 - Adopt such other measures to prevent the introduction and spread of disease as may, from time to time, be deemed desirable or necessary.
Страница 98 - The Filipinos have never been dismayed by their weakness, nor have they faltered in following the path pointed out by their fortitude and courage. The time has come, however, in which they find their advance along...
Страница 481 - Every officer of the municipality shall, at the expiration of his term, deliver to his successor in office, who shall receipt for the same in duplicate, all property, books, and effects of every description in his possession belonging to the municipality or pertaining to his office.
Страница 99 - I cannot refuse to heed the voice of a people longing for peace, nor the lamentations of thousands of families yearning to see their dear ones enjoying the liberty and the promised generosity of the great American Nation.
Страница 479 - ... and collect rents therefor; to regulate the construction, repair, and use of hydrants, pumps, cisterns, and reservoirs, and to prevent the waste of water.

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