Acts and Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1870

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Страница 33 - and denominations, demeaning themselves peaceably, and as good citizens of the Commonwealth, shall be equally under the protection of the law; and no subordination of any one sect or denomination to another shall ever be established by law." [ART. XII. In order to provide for a representation of the citizens of
Страница 7 - exercise the legislative and judicial powers or either of them: the judicial shall never exercise the legislative and executive powers, or either of them: to the end it may be a government of laws, and not of men. . . , ,. T
Страница 2 - constitution of civil government for ourselves and posterity; and devoutly imploring his direction in so interesting a design, do agree upon, ordain and establish the following Declaration of Rights and Frame of Government, as the CONSTITUTION of the COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS. PART THE FIRST. A Declaration of the Rights of the Inhabitants of the
Страница 3 - man, family or class of men: Therefore the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity and happiness require it. VIII. In order to prevent those who are vested with
Страница 165 - corporation under the name of [here the name of the corporation shall be inserted,] with the powers, rights and privileges, and subject to the limitations, duties and restrictions which by law appertain thereto. Witness my official signature hereunto subscribed, and the seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hereunto affixed
Страница 23 - governor, for the time being, and all the magistrates of that jurisdiction, were, with the president, and a number of the clergy in the said act described, constituted the overseers of Harvard College: and it being necessary, in this new constitution of government, to ascertain who shall be deemed successors to the said governor,
Страница 27 - Massachusetts Bay, and usually practised on in the courts of law, shall still remain and be in full force, until altered or repealed by the legislature ; such parts only executed as are repugnant to the rights and liberties contained in this constitution. VII. The privilege and benefit of the writ of habeas
Страница 2 - the manner and season most agreeable to the dictates of his own conscience ; or for his religious profession or sentiments ; provided he doth not disturb the public peace, or obstruct others in their religious worship.
Страница 24 - public and private charity, industry and frugality, honesty and punctuality in their dealings; sincerity, good humor, and all social affections, and generous sentiments, among the people. CHAPTER VI. OATHS AND SUBSCRIPTIONS ; INCOMPATIBILITY OF AND EXCLUSION FROM OFFICES ; PECUNIARY QUALIFICATIONS
Страница 237 - made into butter or cheese, without giving notice at the time to the person to whom such milk is sold, offered for sale, or delivered, that such cream has been removed, shall be punished by a fine of not less than twenty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars. Approved

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