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W E must not forget that the liber

ties accorded us by our form of government, place upon us the gravest responsibilities.

Peace and order, security and liberty, are safe so long as love of country burns in the hearts of the people.

Liberty does not mean lawlessness. Liberty to make our own laws does not give us license to break them.

Liberty to make our own laws commands a duty to observe them ourselves, and enforce obedience among others within their jurisdiction.

Liberty is responsibility, and responsibility is duty. That duty is to preserve the exceptional liberty we enjoy within the law, and for the law, and by the law.





The Peril in The Labor Situation

and The Way Out*


(University of Denver)

(Editor's Note:-In a letter, accompanying the following article, the author thus explains his thesis and his own attitude towards it: I come to the study of all problems from the stand point of the Constitution of the United States and the Scriptures. I have carefully studied at first hand the closed-shop problem both in the United States and in Europe. To me it is the most un-American institution upon our shores, and as such it is a real menace. The peril is that, in the mind of the average uninformed citizen, the labor union and the closed shop are one and the same thing. That is of course absurd. Labor unions, when properly conducted, are all right, but the closed shop is all wrong. If the more thoughtful people will take pains to make this clear, and to point out how un-American the closed shop is, it will be for the highest welfare of both labor and capital.)

* * * * The history of mankind has been a story of extremes. In the great temples of Buddhism one will see Buddha seated with folded arms quietly dreaming himself away into Nirvana, while not far off the followers of another faith will be torturing themselves on beds of spikes, hoping by this means to reach the desired haven. In one epoch women will be wearing trailing dresses which send a cloud of dust heavenward as they pass, and in the next they make disclosures unknown in a preceding period. The same is true in politics, in industrialism, in social manners and customs and with capital and labor. It seems to have been difficult for men to “strike the happy medium.” From the Constitutional Review

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