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Makes people live after they are dead.

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Duty done has the same effect with this difference: it is within your reach.

You can live during all the lives of your children and their children's children, through suitable insurance on

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" It is entitled to the literary right of way." >

Rev. Thomas S. Hubert, Cleveland, Tenn. MAGAZINE which, not by mere lists of

ample extracts from the best that is going. keeps within its readers'view the whole cur reni of literature; both the literature of the hour and that of the deeper tide of enduring authorship.

It is devoted to imaginative literature bul the literature of information as well; the current literature of the sciences, the arts, the induse tries, and the home and family,

Current Literature draws from all sources, ephemeral and standard home and foreign, net overlooking that unceasing product of the daily press, which is an important voice of the times, and which, when culled from the mass of ephemeral matter accompanying it, justly deserves a medium of public presentation less limited and less perishable i an the daily news paper.

That is what Curront Literature is designed to do. Subscribe to it-$3 a yoar.

Current IIterature, now in its oth year, should be on every literary table. We will send a sample copy to any address if this advertisemeot is mentioned. Otherwise enclose 25 cents for the current number.

your life.

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Not as costly or troublesome as the average of other investments.

Full information free.

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...Penn Mutual Life


The Current Literature Pub. Co.

•.. , 65 Líborty St., N, Y.

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921 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa.


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26,499,822.74 EXCESS, 32 % BASIS,


GAINS: 6 Months, January 10 Juls, 1899.
In Assets,

Increase in Reserves, (both dep'ts),

1,478,549.62 Premiums, interest, and rents, 6 months,.. 3,782,423,85

J. G. BATTERSON, President.

S. C. DUNHAM, Vice-President. JOHN E. MORRIS, Secretary.

H. J. MESSENGER, Actuary. E. V. PRESTON, Sup't of Age

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Edited by HENRY B. WHEATLEY, F. S. A., London.

“THE ONLY COMPLETE edition of the Diary, which preserves the notes of Lord Braybrooke, adis others of equal importance and

RESTORES SUPPRESSED PORTIONS OF THE TEXT, in amount nearly one-fifth of the whole.


ESSRS. CROSCUP & STERLING COMPANY announce for immediate

publication, in conjunction with the holders of the copyright, an

entirely new and unabridged edition of the Diary of Samuel Pepys, as edited by Mr. Wheatley, a work so well known through earlier, though incomplete editions to all lovers of curious and instructive books.

ILLUSTRATIONS of persons and places mentioned in the text will form a conspicuous and valuable feature. Of these there will be nearly sixty full page plates, inclusive of maps, plans, and facsimiles, gathered from the most authentic sources.

The work will be issued in 18 volumes, printed from a clear, Roman face type upon a superior laid, deckle-edge paper specially manufactured for the edition.

It will also contain, in addition to the Diary, a paper on the London of Pepys' time, a discriminating collection of what may be called Pepy. siana, an exhaustive index, and a large amount of other interesting matter. He severe morality of Evelyn, a contemporary Diarist, would have

suppressed much of what his friend set down without scruple or

comment, but the picture thus presented of the Court of Charles II. and of the manners of the time, would have been less lively and less true. We have no other book which gives so life-like a picture of that extraordinary state of society which fell under the author's observation, and it throws a most unexpected light upon the history and manners of his profligate age. Writing for himself alone, he chronicles with ludicrous naivete all the minutiæ of his domestic affairs, and of the dress, manners, and social amusements of the world he lived in. King, statesmen, courtiers, players, actually live again in his pages, and Pepys' own character-an interesting compound of shrewdness, vanity, worldly wisdom, and simplicity--infinitely enhances the piquancy of the revelations.


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“This will hereafter be regarded as the only edition of Pepys, all others being but so many incomplete apologies for the real thing."- boston Courier. “This edition will necessarily supplant all former editions of this famous work.”

-N. Y. Home Journal. “Pepys was content to write himself down as he really was-time-server, snob, libertine, the average sensual man-and the result is a priceless human document that will be perused for all time."- Boston Beacon.

Special Terms are offered to advance subscribers, full particulars of which, with full spectus, will be mailed free to any address.

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