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intense interest, the magnificent scenery of the Western World, my attention was directed rather to the study of man than of nature; and especially to the manners, customs, and institutions of a country, respecting which I had read such contradictory accounts. Conscious, therefore, that the following Letters will be found deficient in information on many of those points which a professed traveller might be expected to elucidate, I am yet tempted to believe, that as some part of the country through which I travelled, and some of the Indian tribes which I visited, are little known in England—and that as an intimate and extensive intercourse both in Washington and in the commercial cities, afforded me a very favourable opportunity of forming an estimate of American society and manners—their publication will not be without interest to some of my countrymen.

If the statements which I have made, and the impressions I have communicated in the following Letters, (which have no pretensions

whatever of a literary nature,) shall contribute, in the slightest degree, to dissipate error and prejudice; to cherish those more liberal and friendly feelings, which are at length beginning to subsist between England and America -and which it is most important to the general interests of humanity, should ever connect two countries standing in such an interesting relation to each other, and the world at large,—I shall derive from the reflection, a purer gratification than any literary distinction could possibly impart.

LIVERPOOL, Ist May, 1824.

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Voyage—Passengers_Occupations at sea--Arrival at New York... 146


Washington-Visit to the Secretary of State, Secretary of the

Treasury, and Secretary at War-Drawing-room at the Pre-

Society of Washington--Senate and House of Repre-
sentatives—Congress Visit to Mount Vernon-Colonization



Journey from Washington to the South-Mode of Travelling -

Alexandria Fredericksburg Richmond Face of the Country
-Log-houses_Black Population-Petersburg–Taverns_Cul.
tivation of Tobacco Land Proprietors in Virginia Oak and
Pine Lands__Raleigh – Fayetteville -- Clearing of Land.
Girdled Trees Pine Barrens Collection of Tar and Tur-
pentine-Frog Concerts-Swamps_Arrival at Char ston 18_42

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