Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1812
Some vols. include supplemental journals of "such proceedings of the sessions, as, during the time they were depending, were ordered to be kept secret, and respecting which the injunction of secrecy was afterwards taken off by the order of the House."

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Страница 185 - United States of America in Congress assembled, two thirds of both houses concurring. That the following article be proposed to the legislatures of the several states as an amendment to the constitution of the United States, which, when ratified by three-fourths of the said legislatures, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of the said constitution,
Страница 395 - United States. I lay before Congress a report of the. Secretary of" the Treasury, containing a statement of proceedings under the act to regulate the laying out and making a road from Cumberland in the state of Maryland to the state of Ohio. JAMES MADISON March
Страница 185 - state shall by its legislature be divided into a number of districts, equal to the number of representatives to which such state may be entitled. Those districts shall be formed of contiguous territory, and contain as nearly as may be an equal number of inhabitants entitled by the constitution to
Страница 8 - may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on the President of the United States and inform him that a quorum of the two Houses U assembled. and ready to receive any
Страница 79 - Mr. Williams, from the committee on that part of the President's message which relates to military affairs, presented a bill supplementary to an act making provision for arming and equipping the whole body of the militia of the United States, and for classing the same,
Страница 303 - commissioners appointed in pursuance of the act entitled " An act for an amicable settlement of limits with the state of Georgia, and authorizing the establishment of a government in the Mississippi territory, in obedience to the provisions of the act supplemental to the last mentioned act;
Страница 9 - on the part of this House, to inform the President of the United States that a quorum of the two Houses is assembled, and ready to receive any communications he may be pleased to make to them. Mr. Dawson, from the joint committee
Страница 14 - at London was, at the same time, authorized to agree to an armistice founded upon them. These terms required that the orders in council should be repealed as they affected the United States, without a revival of blockades violating acknowledged rules ; and that there should be an immediate discharge of American seamen from
Страница 131 - United States be, and he is hereby requested to cause to be laid before this House a statement of the amount of merchandise or other articles purchased for and furnished the Indians, by the superintendent of Indian affairs in the Indiana territory, subsequent to the
Страница 280 - Ordered, That a message be sent to the Senate to inform them that this House is now ready to attend them in opening the certificates and counting the votes of the electors of the several states in the choice of a President and Vice President of the United States, in pursuance of the resolutions of the two Houses,

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