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“What happier dawn of being than to meet

Matins and Vespers here with punctual feet ?
What happier close, than here in peace to lay,
Wearing the white robe still, th' exhausted frame,
And so, through life, Heaven's garb and speech assay ?”

(Lyra Innocentium, p. 280.)

HE parish church of All Saints at Hursley seems to have
been, (as Mr. KEBLE himself often used to say,) at least,
the fourth building upon the same, or very nearly the

same, site.

At the time of Mr. KEBLE's induction to the living there existed a church which had been erected in the years 1752 and 1753, of the tower of which a print is given in Mr. Marsh's “Memoranda,” where it is described as consisting of a “nave and two aisles," and as being

exceedingly neat, light, and airy." The accompanying woodcut was engraved from an accurate working drawing of this old church, in the possession of Sir William Heathcote, Bart., for whom it was made, and who kindly lent it to be copied in perspective for this book. It is not

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needful to add a further description of this building, as its character is so well shewn in the engraving.

To the devout mind of the Author of “The Christian Year” this

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erection was very unsuitable for the public service of God, therefore he soon set about to construct a worthier place; nor was he long in accomplishing, with great success, this important object.

Those who remember the church at Hursley twenty or thirty years ago, as represented in the accompanying woodcut, will find little vestige of that building in the present magnificent structure, which cost £6,030, and will hold 520 persons. The red brick walls, low tower, and high

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