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In venturing upon a second edition, the artist has endeavoured to make an improved selection of objects to be represented, introducing the addition of a few woodcuts. It has been thought better to include more representations of places connected with the later life of the revered author of "The Christian Year," at the sacrifice of some of the views of his birthplace. Bisley also has now a place in the book, such as it well deserves, being connected with a most important event in his life, and being the home of his only and very dearly-beloved brother, by whom he was greatly influenced throughout life. The writer of the notes has also ventured to add a few incidents connected with the sojourn of his revered and lamented friend at the places which he visited for his dear wife's health, or for his own, and has attempted, towards the end of the short memoir, to state briefly and impartially the facts relating to an alteration in the Hymn in “The Christian Year” for the Gunpowder Treason, giving a few extracts from Mr. KEBLE'S work on “Eucharistical Adoration,” touching upon the doctrine on account of which the change was made. It was at one time under contemplation to present the reader with photographs of Torquay and Penzance, but it has been thought better to confine the views to places more intimately connected with


They, who in this world of sorrow

Seek for God's life-giving Face,
Something from the next shall borrow,

Loving God's own hiding-place;
Like Angels who around in stillness steal,
And God Himself who loves unseen to work our weal.”

“But when, over life's short fever,

They who many turn to good,
Like stars shall shine for ever,

Bright, eternal brotherhood ;
Building their houses in that City free,
Which God Himself shall gird with immortality.”

(The Baptistery, p. 186.)

[blocks in formation]

Full many an age preserved from harm,

Concealed on earth it lay: Time could not mar its deathless charm,

Its power could ne'er decay.

A Pilgrim meek, of downcast eye,

“Commercing" with the ground, Saw it in his humility :

The Lyre of Heaven was found !

He seized it glad; he tuned each chord,

True melodies to give :
His song was “ever of the Lord,”

And so shall ever live.

But closed is now his “Christian Year,”

Come his Eternal Day:
Peace to our Pilgrim Poet dear,
And thanks to God alway.

J. F.

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