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Elected Professor of Poetry, 1831.
Wrote“ Christian Year," 1819 to 1827.
Held the College Offices of Junior and Senior Treasurer.
Married at Bisley on October 10, 1835.

First entry in his hand in East Leach parish register of baptisms, October 29, 1815 ; of burials, April 9, 1816.

First entry in his hand in Burthorpe parish register of baptisms, September 10, 1815 ; of burials, January 31, 1816.

First entry at Southrop in his own hand, May 4, 1823; last entry, August 8, 1825.

First entry at Coln St. Aldwyn's :-baptisms, April 28, 1816; burials, January 5, 1816; marriages, December 1, 1816.

Last entry at East Leach, July 1, 1828 ; Burthorpe, August 14, 1825; Colne, June 9, 1835.

Instituted to the Vicarage of Hursley, March 9, 1836.

At Hursley, first entry of baptism, October 2, 1825, “ JOHN KEBLE, Off & Min."

Then follow entries signed “J. KEBLE" to 20th October, 1826.

January 17, 1836, “JOHN KEBLE, Off& Minister," (in Mr. Christie's writing, he being then Curate).

February 19, 1836, “ JOHN KEBLE” in his own hand.
Then on March 20, 1836, “JOHN KEBLE, Vicar.”

His last signature in Baptisms was, November 27, 1864, “ J. KEBLE,” which was his usual signature in registers.

His first entry amongst the burials is on October 2, 1825, “ JOHN KEBLE, Off8 Min."

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His last as Curate, October 27, 1826, “J. KEBLE."

Then we have one, November 18, 1835, not in his own writing ; and December 21, 1835, “ J. KEBLE ;” and April 1, 1836, “ J. KEBLE, Vicar.”

His last occasional duty at Hursley was the marriage of Miss Richards (the Curate's eldest daughter) to Philip Dacres Adams, Esq., on the 3rd of October, 1865.

The last time that he preached in London (or indeed, it is believed, anywhere out of his own church) was on the occasion of a Harvest festival at St. Bartholomew's Church, Cripplegate, on the feast of St. Michael and All Angels, 1864: he then remarked that he thought he should never preach in London again.

The last time of his preaching at all was on the 27th of November, 1864, (being Advent Sunday,) when he preached in his own church, in the morning on St. Matt. xxi. 9, and in the afternoon on Isaiah ii. 5; the Lord Bishop of Brechin, and the Ven. Archdeacon Sir George Prevost, Bart., being present at both services.

On the St. Andrew's Day following he catechized in church in the evening service, and on that same night had his seizure.

On the 8th of October, 1865, he celebrated the Holy Communion at 7 A.M., and read the First Lesson at morning, and the Second at afternoon service. This was the last Sunday of his being at Hursley. On the Wednesday in that week he went with Mrs. KEBLE to Bournemouth, where he died on the 29th of March, 1866, and was buried at Hursley on the 6th of April following.

“ Calm be his sleep.”


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(Inserted by permission of the Author.)

ONE to thy long, last home, thou Christian Bard,

Whose hallowed harp hath sung The Christian Year!

On earth thy minstrelsy had high reward,
Higher awaits thee in a higher sphere.
The Saviour's sacrifice, which thou didst sing

With a most holy praise upon this earth,
Now to thy spirit doth redemption bring,

Freed from the sin-stains of man's mortal birth;
Sweeping thy golden harp before the Throne,
Where Angels and Archangels hear and know its tone.

Oh! what a glorious, what a heavenly sight,

When man's immortal soul has burst the clay,
And borne on angel-wings to realms of light,

First sees the dawn of an eternal day :
First sees, with eyes freed from all earthly scales, ,

First feels with Faith, where doubt no more is found,
The everlasting glory that prevails,

Amidst the hosts of Heaven, all marshalled round;
While seated on the right hand of God's throne
The blessed Saviour there doth His redeemed own.


“To thee by high prerogative were given
The fairest, noblest gifts of favouring Heaven,-
A spirit to love's fountain ever near,
Quick understanding in God's holy fear,
As instinct first, by heavenly flame refined,
Thy love glowed purely to all human kind.”

(Kilvert's Remains, p. 31.)

*HE following list of the works of the Rev. JOHN KEBLE,

has been chiefly furnished by a friend, to whom Mrs.

KEBLE supplied a greater part of it (nearly in the order here given) on August 11, 1862. It must not be taken as a complete list; but it is believed to be correct as far as it goes.

“The Christian Year,” 1827, of which ninety-nine editions were published up to Jan. 1, 1867.

Poems in Lyra Apostolica, marked y.
Ode on the Installation of the Duke of Wellington. 1834.
Tracts for the Times, Numbers 4, 13, 40, 89.
Sermon preached and printed at Brighton on St. Luke x. 20.

Two Sermons preached at St. Barnabas, published by Cleaver (one on Song of Solomon iii. 1.)

“ The New Assertions of Our Lady :” a Sermon in Mr. Watson's series.

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